Jason I The Other "Killed" Satellite


Much was made of Envisat’s readjustments and then pronounced death.  Here’s the before and after graphs of such obvious manipulation. 


Four days later they came out with this…….


Oddly, at nearly the exact same time, our Jason I satellite had some obvious difficulties.  Here is the Jason I graph prior to going off the rails…..


Now it looks like this……..


Fantastically, they’re leaving this stuff as actual data.  Jason I went through a couple of episodes where it went into safe hold mode and quit processing data.  Here and here.

They now announced that Jason’s mission has been changed to Geodetic phase.  See here for a wiki about geodetics

After checking the current orbit carefully, the operational team determined that a geodetic mission was still possible.  It was also decided to  preserve all remaining fuel for future station keeping maneuvers which is mandatory in a geodetic orbit. Core payloads were switched ON on May 4th and after some POSEIDON2 radar (PRF) adjustments the mission was resumed on May 7th at 15:12:48 UTC.

Given the reference to the POSEIDON2 radar, I assume they’re still going to try and invent measure our sea levels.  I don’t know why they’d bother.  Jason II is sufficient to lie to the public.  Here’s the latest.


Here’s what it looked like a few months ago…….


You can see some of my posts documenting the alteration of Jason II’s data here for a March post and here for last month’s check. 

The timing of the death of Envisat, the safe hold modes, and the adjustments to Jason II’s data are not just suspicious.  It’s outrageous that they would have us believe all of this nonsense.  Especially when one considers what was occurring right before these malfunctions/adjustments. 

I posted this Dec 31, New Years eve…..Independent Corroboration of 3 1/2 Years Dropping Sea Levels!


And I posted this 6 Full Years of Dropping Sea Level!!  Jan 20. 


Shortly after that, all of this mess started to happen.  I don’t know if Jason I will again start telling us anything about sea levels or not, the details are referenced to a pdf which isn’t available.  But, it doesn’t matter, there’s no earthly reason to believe this stuff.  They post obviously flawed data, I’ve documented their manipulation of the data plots, and the timing on all 3 satellites is such that it stretches credulity beyond the breaking point that all of this would happen synchronously.   

All graphs were either directly copied from Aviso or the data into the graphs I made came from Aviso.  All graphs were made minus adjustment options. 

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7 Responses to Jason I The Other "Killed" Satellite

  1. DirkH says:

    It’s a stupid idea to stick radar altimetry on a surveillance satellite like ENVISAT anyway. Or on its successors, the SENTINEL surveillance satellites.

  2. Keith AB says:

    Jesus James, are you saying these boys are making shit up? Surely not.

  3. Are you trying to give me motion sickness from watching the changes in those graphs?

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