Once, Twice …… Third Times A Charm!!!! Must See Video!!!!!!

Okay, so, I dislike posting videos here.  I do it when I believe they’re worthwhile.  For the most part, if I am going to post a video, I like it quick and short.

This one isn’t.  It’s about 1/2 hr.  I don’t like to watch videos that takes up so much time, so, I don’t like to ask other people to lose their time in such a manner, either.

This video has been recommended to me by a couple of people on FB.  I didn’t watch it and had no intention of watching it.  Then, I saw Delingpole pushing it on Breitbart.  So, I said to myself, ‘okay, but, it better get on with it in the first couple of minutes or, I’ll just close it.’ …….. I paused it to get another beer.

Interestingly, each one recommending the video had a different take-away.  It is an interview of a man I’m not familiar with, Jordan Peterson, with a rather hostile interviewer, some woman I’m not familiar with ….. but, they seem to be Brits, so, that probably explains it.

At any rate, here’s a taste of what Delingpole had to say about it ……

If you loathe the cant, self-righteousness, and stupidity of the regressive left, then you’ll love this train wreck of an interview. It’s the most satisfying piece of poetic justice since the Comet came unstuck in that tunnel in Atlas Shrugged.

Newman set out to ensnare and destroy someone whose politics she found objectionable — but ended up being hoist by her own petard.

But this interview, I believe, is much more than just a conservative “lol and share” moment. I think it marks a pivotal victory in the culture wars — an incident in which the weaknesses of the regressive left have never been more cruelly or damningly exposed. So I want to examine in more detail why.  ……

You can read the rest at the first link.  Here’s the vid, enjoy!!!!

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19 Responses to Once, Twice …… Third Times A Charm!!!! Must See Video!!!!!!

  1. TG says:

    I watch Jordan Peterson on his visit to the UK only yesterday on u tube, he is a true Canadian hero that no snotty nosed Liberal could never get the better of. She was truly taken to the wood shed – and ended up being hoist by her own petard.
    So lovely, so right!!!

  2. TG says:

    Watch how she sputters to a confounded stop. It really is lovely to see her knocked of her little cocksure podium, the doubt hits her like a lightening bolt – was she enlighten?

  3. Latitude says:

    Good timing….it’s CCed so i watched it last night. Peterson is considered an “expert” by both the left and right….even though he’s left….I would call him realistic left
    She’s trying to corner him….and he ends up cornering her on every trick she tried

  4. Latitude says:

    This mess with the CIA and FBI is going to get very interesting, They are both in a big legal mess right now.
    Looks like they both were so cock sure that Hillary was going to win…and their schemes to make her win……they would never get caught
    Trump has two more years for sure for all this to play out

  5. philjourdan says:

    The beauty of it is he is left wing! But not PC. It is worth the time. (I have already seen it).

  6. leftinflagstaff says:

    I have a Lib friend back in Boston who’s exactly the guy this Peterson talks about. Trump-triggered to the point of self-caricature. I got the full rant the other day.

    One thing that gets me is, the ‘rest of the world is laughing at us’ line. How low must one’s self-esteem be, to worry so deeply about even the idea of what a foreigner, that you’ll never meet, thinks of you?
    That’s not healthy at all.

  7. Lars P. says:

    Just stumbled upon this post related to the subject.
    It was really surprising for me to see where reality lies, separated from what is been commonly accepted:

  8. Me says:

    Well equal work means equal pay! And just because of team work depending on the situation I don’t want to do my job and then have to help women to do their job because they aren’t physically able. And yes there are exceptions, just like there are exceptions everywhere weather it be race or creed.

  9. Lars P. says:

    Well this is old but it is so nicely illustrating modern feminism: feminism 2.0 poster pictures:

    Swedish feminist government showing it to Donald and the western patriarchy – the small picture.
    The same meeting islam a week later.

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