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Bob Berwyn’s delusions were the cause of his Non-Sequitur

Today, Steve exposed us to more ramblings of our new found friend, Bob Berwyn.  He astutely noted Bob’s non-sequitur about tying avalanches to global warming.  It was a bizarre leap. Being of the curious nature, I decided to pop over … Continue reading

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Warren Buffett is a nice guy.

The other day, Warren Buffett made a big splash in the tax debate by saying we need to stop coddling the super-rich and that they need to pay more taxes with in opinion piece in the NY Times.  He then … Continue reading

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Nietzsche principle in action

Yesterday, as I was perusing Steve’s new site, I saw where, once again, political correctness had run amok against the skeptic camp.  Its latest victim was Dr. Pat Michaels.  Apparently, our friend Joe Romm received a draft of a Forbes … Continue reading

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Well, I’m halfway through another part of my sea-level study and I thought I’d update you all with my progress.  First, some background…… as we saw earlier,   the data which met my first criteria didn’t tell us much.  So, I’m … Continue reading

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The Storm Last Night

  As most of you guys know, I frequent a few CAGW skeptical blogs.  Steve Goddard’s Real Science is one of my favorites.  (Please note, he’s moving to a different address, the link here is for his new one.)  So, … Continue reading

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Obama Thinks It Is Irresponsible And Unpatriotic To Add $4 Trillion In Debt

I saw this at Steve’s site. Our friend AAM tipped it to him.  He wants it to go viral…….. Who am I to stand in the way? BTW, AAM states that it came from this site.

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Count the boats!

This post is for a couple of nice guys at WUWT.  I like them, but I don’t think they appreciate the traffic.  A special thanks to Steve Goddard for showing me this site. Each dot represents a ocean vessel of … Continue reading

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The fair share

This weekend I had a rather pleasant surprise.  A friend of mine dropped by to have a couple of beers and BS.  My friend is a very sharp guy.  He’s one of the best broad base computer techs I know.  … Continue reading

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Well, as progress is still slow with the sea-level study, I thought I’d fill some space by mentioning something that caught my eye recently.  Regular visitors to Climateaudit would have recently seen a post about our dear friend, Dr. James … Continue reading

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Is Arctic ice loss related to temperature in the Arctic?

Well, I’ve hit a slow spot in my sea-level study, so to fill some empty spots on this blog I thought I’d visit everyone’s issue de jour.  ‘Tis the season for the annual horse race all of us engaged in … Continue reading

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