The Class Warfare Of The Occupy Movement


So, it turns out, some of the 99% think they’re better than some of the 99%.  Or, maybe they’re the 98% which equally hate the 1%s on both end of the spectrum. 

But, it’s more likely they’re a bunch of hypocritical leftist children whose parents are sending them money to stay away from them.  Probably because the children remind the parents of what a miserable job they did of raising their children. 

Now, sure, clearly the people they’ve ostracized are couple of cards shy of a full deck, I mean, they’re calling their camp RomneyVille as if Romney has done something to put them in this position. 

But, watch this and then think of what sort of people the anarchists (read communists) are. 

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30 Responses to The Class Warfare Of The Occupy Movement

  1. Me says:

    See there are people that need it and there are those basement dwellers, 😆

  2. leftinbrooklyn says:

    ‘But, it’s more likely they’re a bunch of hypocritical leftist children whose parents are sending them money to stay away from them.’


    ‘Romneyville’….yeah, of course it has everything to do with the choices Romney’s made in his life, and not the choices they’ve made in their own…it just couldn’t be their own fault. People have been running from their problems since there’s been people, now thru social networking, they can run from them together.

  3. Hopefully America is not heading into another Great Depression. But economists that have been right about economic events in the past, like Jim Rogers, Marc Faber, and Peter Schiff, are saying a second great depression is about to happen–worse than the first.

    Jim Rogers

    • suyts says:

      Well, we’re certainly on the wrong trajectory. But, I think we can avert the impending catastrophe. The first step has to be to get that lunatic out of office. The second step would be to hold team Romney to their word and start getting our energy sector moving. These are the two most important steps. We, of course, also have to limit the spending growth to less than federal revenue growth. And we need to do something about the federal reserve. It’s an insidious machination.

  4. Peter Schiff, we will default through inflation

  5. Also, the Christian prophets are saying a very bad economic time is coming to America, very soon:

    The video also has a dream from a rabbi of a second, greater, great depression

  6. The prophets I am linking have a very good track record for accuracy in the past. Like Jesus said, “if you don’t believe what I am saying then believe my works”, i.e., his track record.

  7. Foreclosure bottom not hit yet:

  8. One more:

    These videos are NOT talking about the end of America. But some very difficult times it will have to go through

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  10. philjourdan says:

    There is a reason the KKK supports OWS. The rich kids of OWS remind me of the hippies who use to think it was cool to wear Nazi uniforms while protesting the war. They never realized how stupid they appeared.

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