China Vs The US! Annual GDP Growth Rate

For more than a few years, well before Donald Trump became president, I’ve told everyone that our (the US) competition with China isn’t something to be feared, nor is it inevitable that we’re to lose the competition. We could easily win if we so chose to do so. But, for now, I’m just checking out this new blog writer and my new MS Office!

I figured, though, if I’m going to do a test page, it may as well be useful. Let’s see how the US and China’s economies have done in recent times, shall we?

Okay, well, cool graphs, I guess, but a little awkward to look at. At any rate, above we can see a slight decline in the annual growth rate for the US. (It has noticably increased since the recession, but, Biden will correct that shortly.) However, when one looks at China’s …. you don’t really need the trend line to see. Let’s look at it in another manner …..

Sources for the data are linked below.

Now, mind you, China lies about its GDP and growth rate, so this is all acedemic, anyway. The next four years, though, will probably tell a different story for the US.

China GDP Growth Rate 1961-2021

U.S. GDP Growth Rate 1961-2021

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14 Responses to China Vs The US! Annual GDP Growth Rate

  1. philjourdan says:


    The democrats made sure we would lose the race. While we were killing small business and putting more in poverty, China Chugged along knowing the fatality rate was really only .26% Or less. While Whitmer, Coumo, Murphy and blackface Northam were sending the grim reaper to a bountiful harvest in the nursing homes, China was quarantining the sick and the vulnerable and forcing the rest to produce. A perfect scenario with a stooge as head of WHO that covered for them as they released a virus onto the world.

    Welcome back. But this is not a brave new world. This is Dictatorship 101, and soon to be in all Chinese.

  2. Jim Masterson says:

    Gas prices going up. Geee, I wonder why?


    • philjourdan says:

      Keystone Pipeline cancelled? Federal Drilling Cancelled? New Fracking restrictions?

      My only question is how stupid are Biden’s 60 million voters? The other 20 million are the fraud.

      • Jim Masterson says:

        It was a rhetorical question, but you always have an interesting reply.


      • suyts says:

        Phil, they’re pretty stupid ….. well, many are simply malicious and despise us.

        • philjourdan says:

          Most are pretty stupid and malicious and despise us. Then there are the useful idiots (some rank and file). Then the purely malicious and evil – that would be the democrat politicians

        • philjourdan says:

          BTW – It is good to see you posting. Even if infrequently. Lots has happened that we should catch up on. Besides the stolen election and the death of Dr, Williams and Rush Limbaugh. Other than going stir crazy because I have been M-WFH for now over 12 months (to flatten the curve), we are doing surprisingly well. Approaching the magic 65 (but of course will continue to work for another 3 years at least), and also missing out on the stimulus (you know what business is doing very well in these lockdowns besides undertakers? Bankruptcy firms – and my wife works for one).

          I work for a company that sells “Intelligent” Information (information reformulated for business to make informed decisions upon). So when things are bad, they want us more. So we had a record breaking profit year as well (reflected in our bonuses – the senior leadership shares the wealth).

          Bummer that I am only going to give them 3 more years.But I want to enjoy some of my retirement (why I have no idea since I already said I was going stir crazy WFH!)

  3. Hi Suyts,

    I sent you an email, looking for that Excel file you did a couple of years ago where you plot GISS on a regular thermometer scale…I’ve been looking for it, but can’t find it. May have been lost in a disk crash.

    I’d greatly appreciate it if you could send again.



    • suyts says:

      Wow! Now this is a blast from the past! I’ll look for your email. I’ve actually been thinking of updating the graph. My hard-drive has crashed as well, so I’ll have to recreate, but, I don’t think it’ll be a big chore. I’ll get with you as soon as get it done!

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