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So, a nationally famous commedianne (Kathy Griffin)thought this was “art”.  It’s actually an expression of her hatred.  As should have already happened, CNN did fire her, as did others.  You know, myself and millions of others across this nation despised … Continue reading

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Time To Stop, Consider, And Reflect

h/t In other news ….. Trump travel ban blocked by Va.-based federal appeals court The egregrious disregard for our citizens, in both respective nations, over the imagined rights (never codified in the US) of foreigners is not only appalling, but, … Continue reading

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Cartoon Of The Day!!!!!!

Most of the readers here have been at this too long to think this is funny.  But, it is real ….. sort of.  The fact is, we still haven’t come up with a way to accurately measure our global temperature, … Continue reading

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Trump Dumps Comey!!!!

Well, this is new.  Trump fires FBI Director Comey ……“Today, President Donald J. Trump informed FBI Director James Comey that he has been terminated and removed from office,” White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said in a statement.  He also … Continue reading

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This Explains It!!!!! Some People Got Beat With A Fugly Stick!!!!!

These are photos of the anarchists arrested in the Portland commie riot, yesterday. Oddly, the word, “Androgynous” comes to mind when looking at some of these photos.  This would explain their unprovoked anger and typical atheism.  But, guys, or gals … Continue reading

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Happy “Peaceful” Commie ….. Uhmm May Day!!!!!

Pic on the right is a traditional way to celebrate May Day, a secular day celebrated for centuries.  The pic on the left is the way communists and anarchists celebrate it today.  It’s from a scene in France where the … Continue reading

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