Independent Corroboration of 3 1/2 Years Dropping Sea Levels!

Both Envisat and Jason I have been showing dropping sea levels for about 3 1/2 years now.  Envisat has been showing the drop much longer.  Jason II also shows a drop. 

image   About the graph:  Neither data set has any of the insidious additional values assigned to the sea levels.  Envisat had more data points, so for clarity I removed some to have them more closely match Jason I in time.  Vertical axis is in decimeters(for some silly reason I didn’t correct that.)  A value of 3.5 was added to each data point for Jason I data for clearer viewing.  Data was obtained here. (Click on “Download the data” button.)

Next time you see a group of whinebags having a pity party about the sea levels, laugh at them and show them this. 

If and when you do, some other whinebag may complain that the seasonal signal wasn’t removed.  And it wasn’t.  Here’s why.  This is the total Envisat record with the seasonal signal removed. 


This is Envisat without the signal removed. 


What’s the problem?  Envisats data starts 2003.976717 and it ends, 2011.791182.  There shouldn’t be any seasonal signal to adjust.  The end nearly completes the annual cycle, which coincides with the start of the record set with 8 full cycles!  And, yet, they add 0.07 mm/yr. 

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15 Responses to Independent Corroboration of 3 1/2 Years Dropping Sea Levels!

  1. Mark T says:


    You know the whinebags will say 3 years does not a trend make.

    Anyway, keep fighting the good fight. I enjoy reading your comments at WUWT. Happy New Year.


    • suyts says:

      Thanks Mark! Will do. And you have a Happy New Year as well! The decline in sea levels was just a poke at the whinebags, and, yes, they will say that. But, what I thought was more interesting was the seasonal adjustment. There really shouldn’t be one this time of year given the start time of the data set. There should be at least one more value to input, but I don’t see it making up for the 0.07mm/yr adjustment.

  2. Dave says:

    As always a good post and good news.
    Wishing you a very happy new year.

    • suyts says:

      Thanks Dave!. I’ve got about 8 minutes, here. Here’s to the hope the new year brings us. My very best to your and yours and hoping you have a happy new year and a great year to follow!

  3. Accelerating sea-level rise frequently leads to decades without any rise. that’s what acceleration is all about.

    Anyway, merry New Year and all that mushy stuff. I hope that extra day of Obama we get this year doesn’t drive me around the bend.

  4. GregO says:

    This sea level thing just isn’t working out for the warmists. Bummer. For them.

    • suyts says:

      No, it isn’t. 🙂 But, they’ll be adjusting soon, I’m sure. And this is the damnedest thing about the climatological groups who muck with our numbers. When the veracity of them are in question, you can’t use them for anything else to expand the knowledge base. For instance, they keep jacking with the sea levels and temps, so, we can’t know how much more moisture the atmosphere is holding or if its holding more or not. We don’t know how much thermal expansion, or the opposite, is occurring, because these agenda driven maniacs.

  5. kelly liddle says:

    Fish stocks will decline and the world is going to starve with these falling sea levels.

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