Timeless Entries

This page is for wonderful bits of information, quotes, and videos, which we don’t wish to ever forget!  They can be humorous, like the screaming nutters worshiping their trees, or a quote from someone, like Obama saying it’s irresponsible and unpatriotic to run up debt.  Or Hank Johnson worrying about an island capsizing.  It doesn’t have to be videos, in fact, I’ve prefer the page not get loaded up with them.  Special quotes from climate nutters are especially encouraged.  They can be positive bits, as well.

Why it took so long to get the bomber.

74 Responses to Timeless Entries

  1. About time! just kiddin

  2. suyts says:

    And, they call Repubs Xenophobes. Look what the Dems elected instead a of bright and able Hispanic!

  3. kim2ooo says:

    Sorry for the UTube but this needs to be here.

  4. philjourdan says:

    We are doomed. There is no hope left for America.

    On the other hand, you get to see what your 3 clowns look like in real life.

  5. PhilJourdan says:

    BREAKING NEWS – the DOJ has released George Zimmerman’s gun.
    Unfortunately, it was in a shipment to Mexico.

  6. Larry Fields says:

    Unintentional environmental humor:

    “We [humans] hunted the dildo to extinction.”

    Yes, a talking head actually said that on CNN.

    Watch the short video here.

    Hat-tip to tiki god.

  7. DirkH says:

    Study about gun ownership rate for European countries and US – versus homicide rate.

    Click to access Vol30_No2_KatesMauseronline.pdf

    I’m putting this here because it is a very readworthy text.
    A few things I learned from it:
    -Germany is rather well armed (30 guns per 100 residents; vs 45 for Switzerland and 90 for USA)
    (granted, in the case of Switzerland it’s automatic rifles)
    -Germany has a very low murder rate (along with other European nations that are similarly armed, like Norway with 39 guns/100 residents)

    About the UK (you might remember the scourge of New Labour in the 90ies):
    -“On the other hand, the
    same time period in the United Kingdom saw a constant and
    dramatic increase in violent crime to which England’s response
    was ever‐more drastic gun control including, eventually, banning
    and confiscating all handguns and many types of long guns.
    Nevertheless, criminal violence rampantly increased so that by
    2000 England surpassed the United States to become one of the
    developed world’s most violence‐ridden nations.
    To conserve the resources of the inundated criminal justice
    system, English police no longer investigate burglary and “minor
    assaults.” As of 2006, if the police catch a mugger, robber,
    or burglar, or other “minor” criminal in the act, the policy is to
    release them with a warning rather than to arrest and prosecute
    ” (Keep in mind that that was under New Labour so it might be different now)

    • philjourdan says:

      As of 2006, if the police catch a mugger, robber, or burglar, or other “minor” criminal in the act, the policy is to release them with a warning rather than to arrest and prosecute them.”

      So that is where Obama got his immigration policy from.

  8. philjourdan says:

    Picked this up from WUWT:

    agnoiology [ˌægnɔɪˈɒlədʒɪ]
    (Philosophy) Philosophy the theory of ignorance

  9. philjourdan says:

    Our friend(?) has this to say about Obamacare:


    Those not buying health insurance could be denied entrance to emergency rooms in the event of an accident.


  10. philjourdan says:

    Just came across this over at WUWT:

    2 [bar-uhk] Show IPA Australian, British .
    verb (used without object)
    1.to shout boisterously for or against a player or team; root or jeer.

    So our English and Aussie brothers are way ahead of us, but we had to elect one to find out.

  11. DirkH says:

    Just watching this

    Very long 10 part video lecture about the ins and outs of MB Jihad in USA. (Civilization Jihad)
    Leninist tactics; as usual the universities are infiltrated so expect extreme desinfo about Islam from them.

      • DirkH says:

        They missed ole religion-destroyer Voltaire:
        “”But that a camel-merchant should stir up insurrection in his village; that in league with some miserable followers he persuades them that he talks with the angel Gabriel; that he boasts of having been carried to heaven, where he received in part this unintelligible book, each page of which makes common sense shudder; that, to pay homage to this book, he delivers his country to iron and flame; that he cuts the throats of fathers and kidnaps daughters; that he gives to the defeated the choice of his religion or death: this is assuredly nothing any man can excuse, at least if he was not born a Turk, or if superstition has not extinguished all natural light in him.” – Referring to Muhammad, in a letter to Frederick II of Prussia (December 1740), published in Oeuvres complètes de Voltaire, Vol. 7 (1869), edited by Georges Avenel, p. 105″
        (find “Evolving views of Islam and its prophet, Muhammad, can be found in Voltaire’s writings. ” on the page and hover mouse over the [37] source link)

  12. DirkH says:

    18th Century Taxidermy Unkind to Noble Lion
    Warning. Remove beverages from keyboard before clicking.

  13. DirkH says:

    How Bad Science and Big Business Created the Obesity Epidemic
    Interesting recounting of the scientific fraud behind the US food pyramid, the obesity epidemic and cholesterol lowering drugs. Detailed analysis of the tricks of the fraudsters and the complicit media.

    David Diamond, Ph.D., (neuroscientist) of the University of South Florida College of Arts and Sciences shares his personal story about his battle with obesity. Diamond shows how he lost weight and reduced his triglycerides by eating red meat, eggs and butter.

  14. DirkH says:

    Just found the makers of the DREAM act.
    has a subsidiary
    They’re behind it. They have an office in Brussels. Just trying to find out whether these apparatchiks even think about Islam/Sharia/Islamization, and whether they’re also controlling the Eurocrat islamization policies.

  15. DirkH says:

    “A stupid person that the Lord used”, in his own words.
    Mosab Hassan Yousef – Son of Hamas leader becomes a Christian
    80minutes, MUST SEE

  16. J Sue says:

    Praise God! I find it very interesting that more and more Muslims are coming to the Lord in very miraculous ways. Our time on the earth appears to be coming to a closure very soon.

    • DirkH says:

      A normal collapse of a non-working system. That’s why they punish apostasis with death – (now WHY would an allmighty god need to do that?) – they fear the competition that much.
      They’re losing Africa. Evangelicals bring 6 million people to Christ each year, godspeed to them!

  17. philjourdan says:

    This is old, but I think topical in light of the recent spat with Appell – http://thebreakthrough.org/archive/climate_mccarthyism_part_i_joe

    McCarthy did not act alone, nor does Romm. Appell is his apprentice.

  18. philjourdan says:

    You have GOT to read this! http://climateaudit.org/2013/10/21/nick-brown-smelled-bs/

    The rot is not only climate deep.

    • suyts says:

      Yes. Have I mentioned that at one time my father was once the most senior behavioral science specialist in the Army? That claptrap, which started decades before that, is why I’m here.

      Even in the 70s, my dad could and did on frequent occasions dissect Freudian psychology. How it was wrong and what was right which could be gleaned from it. He used to, on occasions of imbibing, share it with me. Mostly because I was one of the few people who had a rudimentary understanding of what he was telling me. He was taught Freudian psychology as if it were gospel. By the time I was of the age of early comprehension, it was falling out of favor. All of this, he knew from the beginning. But, the lessons learned were lost upon the “cranks”, but, not upon the lunatics.

      The same advocacy which propelled Freudian psychology to prominence is the same which denigrated it. Which is the same which drove the “acid rain” stupidity, which is exactly the same which drives climate alarmism. All of it has small truths to it, but, projects larger lies. As is the state of climate knowledge the same is for psychology. I can go into detail about the Id, the Ego, and the Super Ego. It’s been falsified, but, holds as much validity as current psychology. Look at Lewdy and the drivel he gets published. Ask yourself, why? We know why. You know why, I know why. Subconsciously, every cogent person in the world knows why.

      Phil, no one will remember, but, this is the good fight. We are the giants among men. We all know the gravity. We’re here to fight the good fight. Our names will be written in sand, but, the ideas ….. this will be our legacy.

  19. Latitude says:

    I keep forgetting to do this….

    Why our tide gauges are wrong


  20. philjourdan says:

    Herding skeptics is like herding cats.
    herding leftist progressivists is
    like herding sheep.

    – Beth Cooper: http://judithcurry.com/2013/10/24/liberal-denial-on-climate-change-and-energy/#comment-403750

  21. DirkH says:

    Gotta dump this here.

    Domestic violence and homelessness

    Manifesto of a the late Thomas Ball, self immolator (2011); he analyses the VAWA (violence against women act) and its consequences for the destruction of the Middle Class and the rise in homelessness.
    As he states in his manifesto you find NO NUMBERS on the cases of domestic violence. Funny isn’t it.
    VAWA and the Feminazis behind it require as many arrests as possible; and arrest should always be the preferred measure – to get the people into the machine to grind them up.

    Very interesting is his discovery of the rulebooks by states and PD’s that direct this “War On Domestic Violence” response.

    On my hunt for numbers I found this pro-VAWA site with an interesting statistic – looks like one PD chief doesn’t play ball. The site is fuming; but just look at what difference one sane PD chief can make.

    This whole strategy plays out in Europe with slightly different symptoms; as we’re generally arresting nobody; but of course we also have a huge machinery of counseling and whatnot that needs fodder, and a Feminazi movement behind it.

  22. DirkH says:

    Brainwash: The Gender Equality Paradox

    Norwgian comedian Harald Eia interviews Norwegian Gender “researchers” (sociologists), then biologists in Norway, England and California, then confronts the Gender “researchers” with the biologist results.

    Norwegian, English subtitles, 38min

    (“Brainwash” seems to be an entire series from him)

  23. philjourdan says:

    Another libtard realizes the truth about Obamacare

  24. DirkH says:

    Dr. Ben Carson- Achieving Total “HEALTH”
    Talks about his life and everything and does so in a very entertaining way.

  25. philjourdan says:

    This was sent to me by my Uncle. I thought CD and AAM would get a kick out of it.

    ‘Twas the night they’ll remember – Chuck Porretto 12-01-2013 –

    ‘Twas the night after Auburn
    and all through the land,
    not a “Roll Tide” was uttered
    by a Crimsom Tide fan.

    They used to be boisterous,
    they used to be loud,
    they used to be boastful,
    and cocky and proud.

    But they lost all their swagger,
    they lost all their swing.
    For one little second
    had changed everything.

    The score it was even.
    The clock had run dry.
    When Nicholas Saban
    then started to cry.

    He demanded a second
    be put on the clock.
    The worse that could happen?
    A miss or a block.

    But fate it is fickle,
    and greed has a price,
    and what happened next
    just wasn’t too nice.

    The previous kicks,
    wide left and wide right.
    So he put in a rookie,
    ’twas not very bright.

    The kick was a boomer
    of 56 yards,
    but the extra yard needed
    was not in the cards.

    And back in the end zone
    a lone Tiger stood.
    He caught that ol’ football,
    he caught it real good.

    He started to run,
    he heard the cheers grow.
    The Crimson Tide offense?
    Too fat and too slow.

    One hundred and nine
    he ran for a score.
    If needed he could have
    run one hundred more

    The crowd it erupted
    while storming the field.
    The Crimson Tide’s season
    was settled and sealed.

    A cry of “War Eagle”
    soon echoed the plain.
    Nick Saban’s expression
    was one of pure pain.

    And up in Ohio
    they shouted “Go Bucks”
    For it gave hope to all
    well except for the Ducks.

    And in Tuscaloosa
    you could hear a pin drop.
    And in Tallahassee
    a tomahawk chop.

    For the night after Auburn
    the Tide does not roll.
    The new boss in town
    wears garnet and gold.

  26. philjourdan says:

    Remember that “haters” article from the WaPo last month? Scott Rasmussen had an enjoyable take on it. For your reading pleasure: http://www.rasmussenmediagroup.com/column/washington-post-says-disapproving-congress-means-youre-hater

  27. philjourdan says:

    from your favorite stalker:

    DavidAppell TeaPartyGeezer
    • 4 days ago

    So, your argument that CO2 is a trace gas is clearly bunk.


  28. philjourdan says:

    From a commenter on WUWT explaining warm water sinking: http://wattsupwiththat.com/2014/01/28/bbc-meteorologist-met-office-global-forecasts-too-warm-in-13-of-last-14-years/#comment-1552829

    A WUWT commenter some months ago explained the phenomenon of hot water moving downwards:
    “Immaculate Convection”.

  29. philjourdan says:

    “When Muslim terrorists threatened to make their presence felt at the Olympic Games in Sochi, Obama quickly responded by sending men, equipment and warships, to help beef up Russian security. I’m sure that somewhere, Ambassador Chris Stevens was musing, ‘Instead of diplomacy, I knew I should have taken up figure skating.'”

    Columnist Burt Prelutsky

  30. philjourdan says:

    “Negotiating with Obama is like playing chess with a pigeon….the pigeon knocks over all the pieces, shits on the board and then struts around like it won the game.”

    Vladimir Putin

  31. philjourdan says:

    … For Those of You Who Can Never Think of Anything to Contribute to Blog Comment Threads…

    “Every day millions of lesbian polar bears are dying because of Israeli apartheid policies and what do you people like you do? Nothing?! Because you don’t care do you? Raaaaacist Rapists!!”

    Working “Hillary” into the comment will count for extra credit and be left as an exercise for the student.

    (Sent to me by a friend).

  32. DirkH says:

    Sheep protest.

  33. philjourdan says:

    When I profiled Michael Mann for Scientific American, he said he thought it would eventually be illegal to deny climate change. I had doubts about that, but maybe.


  34. philjourdan says:

    Your tips thread is gone, but you really need to see this Story – http://freebeacon.com/blog/koch-brother-donates-money-to-hospital-liberals-protest-not-a-parody/

    h/t Joanne Nova.

  35. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Our friend Dave Appell has been busy again.

    The Silence of the Civil War

    Follow Blair’s link to Steyn…our Dave has cried in anguish that no one is reading his blog, then went on an epic rant. The putdown is pretty fine too. Heh!

    Given how many hours of my life I’ve spent logically presenting data to David, which he’s ignored, I find it pretty funny. Although I’m a little sad that he just cannot get himself to recognise that his positions are wrong in logic and in science.

  36. philjourdan says:

    Just saw this link over at Steve’s blog – http://ai-jane.org/bb/thread-3546-post-243291.html#pid243291

    Holy Crap (as the poster said). Your stalker is thinking of a long walk off a short pier!

    Ya think he is pajama boy in disguise?

  37. philjourdan says:

    Steyn just did a baby Huey on Mann! He lawyered up with some of the biggest! http://www.steynonline.com/6201/what-kind-of-fool-am-i#.UzDxUaaDiXs.twitter

  38. Me says:


    It’s not a very long vid but you can see what this was about here and scroll down.


  39. philjourdan says:

    That one should be paired:

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