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The Difference Between Moore And Franken Demonstrated!!!!

Moral relativism and “whataboutism” is too prevelent today.  Of course, it’s intentional.  It usually has to do with a letter behind the name of the person.  Today, it’s the favorite game from the people on the left to bring up … Continue reading

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Six Years Ago, Today …… Remember when?  I do.  Now, of course, the data has entirely changed.  Still, it is what is was, or, some such.  They lie, they continually lie, even after they’ve been caught at continually lying.  And, still, a huge amount … Continue reading

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USA Today Shows Us A Possible Modification Of The AR Type Weapon Used In Texas Church Shooting!!!!!

This is a real Tweet from USA Today ……  it also shows other potential scary “modifications” such as attaching a sling to it. My thanks to Ashley Rae ✔@Communism_Kills for bringing this to our attention!

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