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Now, riot, sue, and protest!!!!!!!

In other news, I think Trump just won North Carolina ……..

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Shots And Chasers!!!!!!

I’ve got a few pages up that I that would be good for posting, but, just haven’t gotten around to it.  Well, as disjointed they may seem, here they are!



Trump: “Now the cars are made in Mexico, and you can’t drink the water in Flint”

— CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) September 14, 2016

Little Chaser …..

2015 motor vehicle production
China: 24.5M
USA: 12.1M
Japan: 9.3M
Germany: 6M
S Korea: 4.6M
India: 4.1M
Mexico: 3.6M

— Scott Lincicome (@scottlincicome) September 14, 2016

So, yes, it’s a great line that has a grain of truth & will resonate, but it’s simply wrong. In other words, classic Trump.

— Scott Lincicome (@scottlincicome) September 14, 2016

Bigger chaser …….

Ford shifting all U.S. small-car production to Mexico

The fact that we’re losing auto production to Mexico is irrefutable.  The fact that the “American” companies are moving jobs there to sell those very same cars to the US is simply unacceptable. 

Here are the cold hard facts.  In many ways “American” companies enjoy many extravagances most other nations wouldn’t imbue.   While Ford didn’t receive the “bailout money”, they did and still receive some other generosities.  It wasn’t Mexico who bailed out the US auto industry.  It isn’t Mexico who provides competition protection for the US auto industry.  For instance, when a nation engages in unfair practices against an American industry, it’s our government who provides the arguments in the WTO and the various other bodies.  But, their headquarters are only in the US.  Or, in the act of moving from the US.  If Ford doesn’t want to build small cars in the US for US consumption, then they can go screw themselves. 

I challenge any diehard “free trader” to argue how good it is for the US to have a cheaper car to buy while we have less workers with gainful employment here.  This isn’t good for America nor the American people.  If they wish to move to Mexico, then, out they go, and let Mexico worry about them.  All the while they can pay a tariff for the ability to access the largest market in the free world.  More on this later …..

Shot ….

Hispanic activist Tony Yapias has been a vocal opponent of Donald Trump, as evidenced by this story from June:

Yapias, the director of Proyecto Latino de Utah, said Trump’s rhetoric is contributing to hatred against Latinos, so the advocate organized the rally against the front-runner Friday night. Yapias said the rally — attended by about 150 people, mostly of Hispanic descent — was about showing Trump that Latinos in Utah will not put up with his hate speech.

Tony’s brother James Yapias called for Trump to apologize to “all of our children” for referring to Mexicans as rapists and criminals during the campaign.

Chaser ……

From Fox 13:

Well-known Hispanic activist Tony Yapias was charged with rape after he allegedly assaulted a woman who ended their four-year relationship a few months ago.

Yapias, 50, known as Adolfo Tony Yapias-Delgado, was formally charged in the 3rd District Monday with rape, a first-degree felony and evidence tampering, a class A misdemeanor.

Yapias is the director of Proyecto Latino de Utah.

The Davis County Attorney’s Office is handling the case.


Look, I’ve loved ones who are Hispanic.  I can’t count the people I know who are Hispanic.  They are people like any one else.  There are good ones and bad ones.  Trump’s argument is that we shouldn’t simply let anyone in who wants to be in.  Why in the world would anyone argue against stopping rapists and drug dealers and human traffickers into this country.  Are all illegals rapists and whatnot?  Of course, not.  Most are trying to escape such animals.  Why let the rapists, human traffickers, drug dealers, and murderers in?  I believe, as Yapias demonstrates, we have enough, already.

Shot ……

Trump to make statement on ‘birther‘ controversy| …

Chaser ……

This morning, the press was informed that Donald Trump would address the “birther” issue, so the media showed up in droves to cover his speech. However, Trump had a few other things to get out of the way first:

Trump: I’m gonna discuss the Birther thing.
(media sets up cameras)
Trump: Nah, just kidding, here’s 8 straight hours of folks praising me.

— jimgeraghty (@jimgeraghty) September 16, 2016

Trump opening the mic to war heroes to talk about a real & serious issue: national security. Media got punked by pushing silly birther issue

— Katie Pavlich (@KatiePavlich) September 16, 2016

Trump starts off with a riff on how great Trump hotel in DC is. The complete fusion of his business and his campaign.

— Chris Cillizza (@TheFix) September 16, 2016

Nicely done, Donald.  Nicely done.  Media is madz!!!!!! 

Addendum:  I had thought to write a post about the recent polls and Trump’s surge.  But, in view of this weekends events of the stabbings in Minnesota and the bombs in the east, the would be dated. 

I had also a thought to try and elucidate on the various polls and their methodologies.  Not all of them do it the same.  In fact, none of them do it the same!   It’s pretty maddening.  But, by the same token, I couldn’t tell you which one is better than the other.  There are exceptions.  Some are just awful.  Almost all of them are weighted in some way or another.  That is to say, the polls don’t entirely trust the respondents.  For instance, let’s say you’re a young, uneducated Black man.  You’re polled, and you state that you certainly will vote, that you’re registered as a Dim, but, fully intend to vote for Trump.  It will not be entirely reflected in the poll.  Why?  Because history has demonstrated that young Black men tend not to vote, if they do, they typically will ultimately pull the trigger for the Dem candidate.  The same can be said for Hispanics.  Old White guys, OTOH, are believed in such instances, even if they really have no intention of voting.  Why?  Because they typically do.  So, all polls are skewed/weighted to the direction of what history has told us about the various demographics of the vote. 

I would, and have, railed against such skewing/weighting.  The problem being the last two elections demonstrated that there is some validity in such skewing/weighting of the polls.

Lat, this is why the LA Times poll doesn’t make any sense. 

Further, one should take great caution into reading of any poll concerning “minorities”.  The sample data simply isn’t large enough.  A typical poll polls about 1000 people.  Depending upon the geography, Blacks make up a small percentage of the population.  A true poll would poll people consistent with the population makeup.  So a poll of 1000 people would poll about 100-150 Black people, about 200 Hispanics …. and about 50 Asians.  The LA Times does about 3000 people, so triple that.  Are 450 Blacks indicative of the whole in the US?  I don’t care how random you are, it’s simply not.  It’s beyond irksome to me, to begin with.  The polls treat these people as homogenous.  They’re not, nor more than White people are homogeneous. 

For the polls, I look at it as giving a sense of direction, while realizing there are ceilings and floors.  Yes, in a sense, that is “weighting”, as well.  But, let’s not kid ourselves.  We all know, without a shadow of a doubt, the floor for Hillary isn’t as low as the floor for Trump.  Why?  Because the Dims could run Hannibal Lector/Jeffory Dahlmer and still a good 50% of the Dims would vote for him.  It isn’t that way for Repubs.   So, for any Repub, especially so for Trump, the floor is lower than Hillary.  But, then, there’s the “enthusiasm” factor.  People can tell you that they support one or the other.  But, there’s no real way to gauge their enthusiasm.  A Lib media type recently made this observation …….. (paraphrasing)  Trump supporters will turn out hell or high water.  And, I firmly believe that.  Will a Hillary supporter if it’s raining?  Will they stand in line for her?  Not like Trump supporters do for Trump.  This has already been demonstrated.   

After this weekend’s events, I firmly believe the race is Trump’s to lose.  As I stated earlier, the debates will tell the tale.  The Dims have made a fatal mistake in painting such a horrible caricature of Trump that all he has to do is appear like a human being, capable of grasping concepts.  Then, he wins.  IOW, they set the bar so low he can’t help but look better than they projected.  All he has to do is to do it. 

Sometime later, I’ll give a states breakdown, because it isn’t popular vote which matters.  It’s the states. 

That’s all I got for today!  What do you think?

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NFL Week Two Predictions!!!!!


Well, last week wasn’t bad for a first week slate of predictions.  9-6 by my count, as I don’t predict the Thursday games.  Now, there’s just a little more clarity, and we can hope to improve on the percentage of the ones we get right. 

(1-0-0) 49ers

(0-1-0) Panthers  I think SF’s undefeated run ends today. 


(0-1-0) Cowboys

(0-1-0) Redskins  Well, last week I picked the Cowboys and got burnt.   The reason why I picked them is because I thought the coaches would do a better job handling the rookies in their backfield.  To be sure, Elliot is a talent.  But, he’s a rookie with a rookie handing him the ball.  I would have thought this would be a fine time to insert someone with experience in the backfield……. Alfred Morris.  Unless the coaches do that, each week the rookies will learn something new the hard way.  They just haven’t seen enough to have a good chance at winning.  They both did well in taking care of the ball, but, they didn’t produce.  I don’t think there’s a drop-off in talent between the Giants and the Redskins.  Indeed, I think the Redskins are better than the Giants. 


(1-0-0) Bengals

(1-0-0) Steelers  This will be one of the games to watch!  Williams will be starting at RB, again.  I can’t help but wonder what his career stats would look like if the teams would have just gone with him.  He lights it up for the Steelers every time he starts for them!  It’s a great matchup.  I’m going with the home team. 


(0-1-0) Saints

(1-0-0) Giants  This one’s hard for me to pick, so, I’m going with the home team, again.  Expect to see an aerial show.  Keep an eye on Victor Cruz.  It looked like Manning was comfortable throwing to his once favorite receiver.   


(0-1-0) Dolphins

(1-0-0) Patriots  Well, the Pats once again showed that they can win without Brady.  A tough start for my Fish.  But, if they can play this one close like they did with Seattle, then, we’ll know they’re a pretty tough team. 


(1-0-0) Chiefs  What a comeback win the Chiefs had last week!  They can’t be asleep for the first half in this one.  I don’t think they will be.  I’m going with the Chiefs, but, expect a hard fought battle in this one!

(1-0-0) Texans


(0-1-0) Titans

(1-0-0) Lions  Detroit is pretty tough at home, and their offense seems to have improved over last year. 


(1-0-0) Ravens  The Ravens looked good last week, and the Browns looked like the Browns.  RGIII got hurt and they’ll have a different QB starting behind center, again. 

(0-1-0) Browns


(1-0-0) Seahawks  Given last weeks performance of the Rams, this should be a yawner. 

(0-1-0) Rams


(1-0-0) Buccaneers

(0-1-0) Cardinals The Cards lost a close one against the Pats.  The Buccs aren’t in the same class as the Pats.  Expect a fired-up defense and a smoother offense from the Cards. 


(0-1-0) Jaguars  This one is hard for me to pick.  The Chargers lost in OT, after blowing a huge lead.  This coincided with the loss of their stud receiver.  So, I don’t know what kind of offense Rivers will lead today.  So, I’m going with the Jags.

(0-1-0) Chargers


(0-1-0) Falcons

(1-0-0) Raiders  While I wasn’t entirely impressed with their performance last week, they did manage a win, and I still believe the Raiders will be vastly improved over last year.  I don’t think the Falcons have the horses to win this one. 


(0-1-0) Colts

(1-0-0) Broncos  Well, the Colts are still looking for a defense.  The new Bronc QB seemed very capable last week.  Denver is very tough in Mile-High, so, I’m going with the Broncs. 


(1-0-0) Packers  Well, Bradford is starting for the Vikes, today.  I don’t think it’ll make any difference.  AP looked terrible last week.  Until he gets rolling the Vikings don’t look to win many games.

(1-0-0) Vikings


(1-0-0) Eagles 

(0-1-0) Bears  This is another game I can’t really pick.  I don’t think either team is all that good.  So, I’m going with the home team. 


 (1-1-0) Jets 37 Heh!  Ryan vs Ryan and it was an offensive game!  Fitz is showing himself to be a very good QB, and the Forte acquisition looks pretty smart. 

 (0-2-0) Bills 31

Well, that’s all I have for the NFL.  What do you think?

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What He Said!!!!! A Repost Of An Article ……. How To Flip Never Trumpers


There have been a few occasions where I’ve practically begged the Trumpers to change their arguments towards the never Trumpers.  Given a couple of recent comments from a couple readers I thought this was timely.

Now, of course, I’m exaggerating, but, not by much ……. what a never Trumper reads when a typical Trumpster is trying to convince the never Trumper to change their mind …….. “You suck.  I can’t believe you’re going to help Hillary win the election and destroy our country!!!!”  Sure, there are other words thrown in, but, that’s what the never Trumpers read/hear when confronted by a Trumpster.  Oddly, this doesn’t appear to be a successful tact in convincing people to vote the way you wish them to vote.

Luckily, there’s a Townhall article to help the Trumpsters in their efforts.

Ten Tips for Getting NeverTrumpers on the Trump Train

For NeverTrump Republicans, Election 2016 presents nothing but intolerant options.

Hillary Clinton is corrupt and stiff.

Gary Johnson is marginal, but libertarian.

Jill Stein is a true believer (albeit a socialist).

But Donald Trump? He’s a boorish, opportunistic, alt-right hatchet man ready to make deals and ruin our country!

Well …

What can we do to get the conservatives who still call themselves #NeverTrump … to vote for Trump?

I get where they’re coming from. I was not a Trump supporter during the primary. He was not my sixteenth choice for president (I was never going to pull the lever for Jim Gilmore, Lindsey Graham, Jeb Bush, George Pataki, etc), but Donald Trump hovered towards the middle of the pack for me. Now he’s the top dog.

With less than two months left before Election Day, here are 10 tips for getting NeverTrumpers in your circle of connections on board.

1. Do not shame NeverTrumpers with arguments like: “If you don’t vote for Trump, then you are voting for Hillary.”

Look, it’s not their fault that the front-runner candidates are Clinton, Trump, Johnson, and Stein. If they choose not to vote, they are choosing not to vote. How can anyone accuse a NeverTrumper of voting for anyone?

It’s a losing game to push conscientious voters to do something that would violate their conscience. A vote for Trump has to look like something they want to do, a decision that will further their underlying long-term goals.

Besides, I know about facing two unpalatable choices. In California, Prop 14 has created top-two jungle primaries, which has left me choosing between left-wing Democrats.

I chose not to vote. Part of the voter franchise is the right not to vote! So, forget the “You’re voting for Hillary” rant.

2. List for NeverTrumpers the net positives about Trump’s campaign.

One distinct positive about Trump is his outreach and support for the Remembrance Project. Why not rely on this connection to get friends on board?

Trump brought immigration to the forefront, along with a searing focus on national sovereignty, security, and sanctity. The Remembrance Project is a hard-core non-profit demanding secure borders and a policy that puts Americans first. We need to feel pride in our country. We needed a healthy dose of nationalism in this country once again, and Trump doled out the treatment.

Donald Trump was the only candidate who responded to the group’s pleas.

He knows the parents who lost their beloved children to illegal aliens. I came face to face with this horrific destruction in June, when an illegal alien named Johnny Sanchez set fire to an abandoned Los Angeles warehouse and killed five Americans.

Today, it’s clear to me that Trump means to win and to govern.

I shared this connection with a staunch NeverTrumper, a famous and well-respected conservative. He conceded the value of Trump’s cherished respect for those families.

3. Show how Trump has hastened the much-needed demise of destructive political correctness, and has some solid conservative ideas.

Let the NeverTrumper know that it’s okay, even respectable, that they have not been vocal Trump supporters.

Anyone can look over my previous articles, blog posts, letters, and recordings.

I wanted anyone else but the Trump a rodeo clown, a Democrat, everything but presidential material.

Give me some credit. I never thought he was racist.

He was funny, if not un-serious.

At least at the outset.

I am supporting Donald Trump, not just because he is the Republican nominee, and not just because he has the best (and getting better) chance of defeating the corrupt and crooked Hillary Clinton.

I like his policies on taxes, military, and the Second Amendment. I liked his list of potential Supreme Court nominees. I do not believe he poses a pre-eminent threat to conservatism, either.

He is an invigorating tonic for public discourse. I didn’t have a big problem with an undercard and mainstream debate. I did object to 10 people competing for attention on one stage. But that’s a major media problem for another team. During the earlier debates, presidential candidates savaged Hillary Clinton and each other as well as the media.

4. Yes, you can trust Trump to govern as a conservative.

He has sacrificed business contacts. His image, his brand has endured an unprecedented assault from the left, from the media, from every special interest and big government establishment front out to get rich at everyone else’s expense. And he has made the left-wing “mainstream media” look like the bought-and-sold corrupt frauds that they are. The outreach to the Remembrance Project has not brought him free press, either.

5. If your NeverTrumper was a Carson supporter, point out Carson’s endorsement and leadership in the Trump campaign.

6. If your NeverTrumper is a Cruzer, acknowledge that Cruz had every right not to endorse Trump. Share your appreciation for Cruz’s efforts in the U.S. Senate, like fighting for free Internet and defunding sanctuary cities. Tell him that you hope Cruz gets re-elected to the U.S. Senate and runs for president in eight years.

7. If your NeverTrumper is a Johnson supporter, ask him to explain that Libertarian candidate’s support for a carbon tax, Obama’s executive amnesty, and wavering on religious liberty. Ask him—but do not argue—to explain why Johnson boasts about agreeing with Bernie Sanders 73 percent of the time.

8. If your NeverTrumper is—God forbid—voting for Jill Stein, walk away. Rejoice that Hillary Clinton has lost another LIBERAL voter.

9. Talk about all the swing states. Clinton is now plummeting, and Trump is ascending. Trump is gaining in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, and Florida.

Trump has already sewn up Iowa and North Carolina, too.

10. Tell them how Donald Trump is continuing to savage Clinton’s corruption, health, and integrity without holding back. NeverTrumpers want a conservative fighter. Show them how Trump is taking down the Democratic nominee and the party with her.

These are the ten ideas that worked with me.

Let’s get more conservatives on board and Make America Great Again!

Accentuate the positives.  This is how you convince people.  When discussing this issue with people of a conservative bent, never, never, never, use the argument that if they don’t do something you want them to, that the world will come to an end.  That argument doesn’t work when the left tries it on these people, there’s no reason to believe it will work when you try it on these people, either. 

At any rate, I thought I’d share this article because of where the article came from.   Townhall has definitely not been on the Trump train, yet, they are conservative.  And, now, you have this from them.  The worm is turning. 

For some reason, this post reminds me of a song ………..

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Pneumonia? Uhmmm, No! Hillary’s Coughing Fits!!!!


Just thought I’d pass a little thought on.

Today, now that the world knows Hillary has pneumonia, they seem to think this is the cause of her chronic cough. 

Now, she may, or may not have pneumonia, but, I can 100% guarantee the supposed pneumonia isn’t the cause of her chronic cough.  Nor is, I’m fairly certain, the excuse that it’s “seasonal allergies”. 

Here’s why.

Now, if the poor girl has had pneumonia since January, she first needs to fire her doctor.  He’s doing it wrong!  Secondly, she needs to check into a research hospital to figure out why she’s still alive! 

Now, as to the seasonal allergies ……. what “season” lasts at least 9 months?  Now, there are seasonal allergies.  The pollens of various plants pollenate at different times.  Trees, grasses and weeds, in that order.  There are also psuedo-seasonal allergies.  For example, one can be allergic to molds found in homes and not be symptomatic during the Spring,  Summer, and Fall because they’re outside most of the time, but, in Winter, we tend to stay inside more, thus increasing the exposure to the allergen.  The same for dust mites, if one has an indoor pet.  Further, I seriously doubt it’s an allergy at all.  It strikes me that one with Hillary’s resources, she could find out what she’s allergic to and eliminate her exposure to the allergen. 

What is it, then?  I’ve no idea.  It seems to be a chronic non-productive cough.  That’s not enough information to even take a wild guess.  But, we can rule out pneumonia and we can rule out allergies.  

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NFL Kickoff!!!!! My Brilliant Week 1 Predictions!!!

Well, it’s finally here!  And, if you’re like me, it isn’t a moment too soon!  Let’s get right to the predictions!

(0-0-0) Packers

(0-0-0) Jaguars  I expect the Jags will be much improved from last year.  The Pack don’t typically start off hot, so, I’m going with the Jags.  This should be a great game if you like a lot of offense. 


(0-0-0) Chargers

(0-0-0) Chiefs  The Chargers always seem to play the Chiefs pretty tough.  But, I see KC challenging for the division this year, and I don’t see it with the Chargers. 


(0-0-0) Raiders This will be interesting to me, because, I see the above mentioned division title to be a race between the Raiders and the Chiefs  …… that was before the Denver win on Thurs.  As we go into the season I see their division as the strongest division in the league.

(0-0-0) Saints


(0-0-0) Bengals  You know, it seems like every year I hear about how the Jets are going to be much improved over the last year.  Blah, blah, blah……..  Cincy takes this one.

(0-0-0) Jets


(0-0-0) Browns  This is probably a case where my heart is leading my head, but, watch RGIII!  Word is that he’s got it together in Clev.

(0-0-0) Eagles


(0-0-0) Vikings  This is an interesting game to watch.  Hometown hero Shaun Hill is starting at QB for the Vikes.  (Sam Bradford will take over later, and work as QB until he gets hurt again, and then Hill can finish up for the Vikes.)  The Titans are supposedly much improved, we’ll get to see how they are against a tough defense and AP.

(0-0-0) Titans


(0-0-0) Bears

(0-0-0) Texans  Honestly, I’ve no idea how the teams are going to work out this year.  No one really does.  But, I’ll take the Texans on this one.


(0-0-0) Bills

(0-0-0) Ravens  Again, I’ve no clue.  The Bills are supposedly improved, but then, the Ravens are supposedly, as well.


(0-0-0) Buccaneers  Atlanta folded last year.  I’ll pick against them until they show me something different. 

(0-0-0) Falcons


(0-0-0) Dolphins

(0-0-0) Seahawks  My fish open against a tough opponent, one of the class teams in the league.  We’ll see how the new coach approaches this game, but, I think the Hawks will get this one.  (But, watch Tannehill and Arian Foster!)


(0-0-0) Giants 

(0-0-0) Cowboys  There are a lot of people very optimistic about the Cowboys this year.  I’m not.  In fact, if it weren’t for them playing the Giants, I’d be picking against them.  They have a rookie QB and a rookie starting at RB.  Both are about to see something they’ve never seen before.  I think, though, at least in the start of the season the ‘boys would be well served to interject Alfred Morris quit a bit at RB.  He looked good in pre-season and Dallas could use some experience in the backfield. 


(0-0-0) Lions

(0-0-0) Colts  Well, if you like passing, you’ll love this game.  My prediction is that nearly 100 passes will be thrown in this game.


(0-0-0) Patriots

(0-0-0) Cardinals  Game of the week!!!!  This should be a great one to watch.  No Brady in this one though, so it may not be such a great game to watch.  We’ll see.


(0-0-0) Steelers  The Redskins are suppose to be greatly improved this year.  They’ll have to show me. 

(0-0-0) Redskins


(0-0-0) Rams  Eh, ……. well, who cares? 

(0-0-0) 49ers


 (0-1-0) Panthers 20

 (1-0-0) Broncos 21  I know it’s only the first game of the year, but, I’m already rethinking how Denver will be playing this year.  I had them fading a bit.  I don’t know, now ………


Well, those are my picks for this week.  What do you think?

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Sigh …… “Leadership”, Dumbasses To The Left And Dumbasses To The Right

the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country: “the leader of a protest group” synonyms: chief · head · principal · commander · captain · superior ·


I was going to put up some snarky photo-shop pic, but, I thought, what the heck?  This is a pic from a recent meeting of the two heads of state.

Some fallout against Trump, last night, was that people seem to think he “praised” Putin by saying Putin is a better leader than Obama.  Today, Pence doubled down and stated, “I think it’s inarguable that Vladimir Putin has been a stronger leader in his country than Barack Obama has been in this country”.  Now we have people’s heads aspinning!!!!   

To this, my mouth is left agape.  I’ve thought about how to form these statements to make people understand what is being stated and what isn’t being stated. 

Now, I’m going to have to reduce my verbiage as if I’m talking to one of my grandchildren.  For most regular readers here, please don’t take offense. 

Being a good, effectual, and even “strong” leader doesn’t mean your are a nice person, or even a good person.  It simply means one is a good, effectual, strong leader. 

When Trump, Pence, or anyone else for that matter describes someone as a good leader, or a strong leader, they are referencing their capabilities to lead.   Both Trump’s and Pence’ statements are ….. well …. inarguable!!!!!  That doesn’t mean they think Putin is a swell fellow, it means they believe him to be a much more effectual leader than Obama.  By any measurement of leadership, he is.  Putin remains popular among his people, he has united them in the cause of Russia.  He projects strength.  Contrast this to the divisive nature of the Obama administration, to the weakness Obama projects. 

Can anyone imagine Putin going to foreign soil and calling his Russian citizens “lazy”, as Obama just did?  You see, that’s not what leaders do.  You extoll your charges!  If correction is needed to don’t broadcast it to the world, and you definitely don’t criticize your charges to other parties!  If words and actions mean anything, and they do, then one knows that Putin is dedicated to the cause of Russia and the Russian people.  We may disagree with the way he goes about his leadership, I certainly do, but, it is unquestionable that Putin puts the causes of Russia above all else.  Obama, OTOH, has left millions of Americans wondering if he even likes us or this nation.  I’m pretty sure Zero has a great disdain for many of us.

You know who are some of the people world history regards as great leaders?  People like Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, even Ghangis Khan, in many, many ways can be regarded as a great leader.  I could name countless more, and we can all argue each effectiveness and debate various metrics of the people listed, but, I really, really, really hope I don’t need to beleaguer the point. 

You know something else which strikes me?  Both leftards and supposed conservatives alike seem to have forgotten that long ago time when George Bush and Vlad Putin had a decent relationship.  Why?  Because they had a mutual respect for each other and each other’s perspective.  Vlad didn’t play with George because he knew George didn’t play.  George didn’t play with Vlad because he knew Vlad doesn’t play.  Vlad clowns Zero at every turn. 

One of the things mentioned as people recoil to the concept that Putin is a better leader than Zero is the Ukraine/Crimea debacle.  I find this particular line pretty interesting.  As reader may recall, I adamantly opposed the Russian actions in this regard.  But, their actions are understandable. 

To quickly recap the events.  The West, (with the US’ knowledge, encouragement, and aid) was responsible for the ouster of a democratically elected head of the Ukraine.  He was pro-Russian.  Corrupt?  Perhaps.  But, we inserted a pro-European Ukrainian head of state, who seems no less corrupt.  There are millions of ethnic Russians in the Ukraine.  There is a military port Russia uses in Crimea.  It’s their only military port which is ice-free year around. 

Again, I thought there were much better ways to resolve this issue, but, I understood Russia’s actions.  If one can’t understand a nation acting in the interests of said nation, then, you’re probably not going to vote for Trump anyway.  But, there’s the explanation of someone asserting that Putin is a better leader than Zero.  Vlad puts his country first, Zero insults the American people. 

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Trump In Hostile Territory, Tonight!!! Tonight, The Run For POTUS Begins!


Well, I’ve got to say this comes at a most appropriate time.  While this isn’t a debate, per se, it is a head-to-head discussion of sorts.  Known Clinton supporter Matt Lauer will be asking questions of the candidates, separately, at different times.  Supposedly, the questions will be chosen from questions from our people in the military.

There will be other chances, but, one can never again make a “first impression”, and this is Trump’s opportunity to make a first impression with millions of Americans.  He has fortuitously won the coin toss and has elected to go second in the Q&A sessions. 

The timing of this event can’t be more spectacular for both candidates!!!!!  Trump has pulled to a virtual tie in the polls and seemingly has the momentum.  (Yep, I was right about the Mexico visit!)  But, tonight, all of that can change.  This is a grand opportunity for both candidates.  Hillary wants to stop the bleeding, and Trump wants to use tonight as a vault to continue the momentum and leave Hillary in the dust. 

But, both have huge risks in front of them, tonight.  For those who believe this isn’t a huge risk for Trump, I would refer you to a few quotes from recent interviews of Trump.


And ……


If Trump comes anywhere close to babbling like the above word salad, he’ll lose every bit of momentum and then some.  His answers need to be clear and concise.  He needs to stay off tangents unless he’s going to pivot the conversation. 

For Hillary, the risks are even higher because she’s burdened by higher expectations in this arena.  She’s the former SoS.  She should know more about foreign issues and our military than Trump.  She also has to make it through without NBC being forced to cut the air in order for people not to view one of her frequent coughing fits. 

All that stuff before today?  It doesn’t really matter, unless both come off equally inept.  Even if they both come off equally informed and grasp the issues well, then it’s a win for Trump. 

I’d go on, but, I think I’ll wait to see what happens tonight!

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I Think Trump Just Won The Presidency …….


This meeting just destroyed 90% of the talking points against Donald Trump. 

You can read the details about the meeting just about anywhere.  While nothing great was stated, Trump looked presidential.  He didn’t look unstable.  The general characterizations of the meeting between the president of Mexico and Donald Trump were positive by both. 

If….. and this is a big if, but, if Trump can manage to keep said appearance of being presidential, then, he just won.

The talking points by the Dims are that Trump is unstable and incapable of dealing with other national leaders and can’t act diplomatically.  He just nailed that characterization to the wall.  Indeed, there will be nothing but “but, but, but …..” from the left over this meeting.  It’s hilarious!  Already, look at the leftist media!  They’re focused on the fact that they didn’t discuss who would pay for the wall!!!!!  I just checked ABC, NBC, CBS, all make it a point/headline that it wasn’t discussed!

Pro tip …….. when Trump says he’s going to make Mexico pay for the wall, he didn’t say Mexico would cut the US a check for it.  They’ll pay for it by the reduction in capital outflow from the US to Mexico.  In this manner they won’t just pay for the wall, they’ll also help pay down the debt of several US states. 

Ear perk!!!………  all of the above LSM lunatics and the Mexican president made mention of a long past debunked lie …… that is to say the mention of weapons flowing from the US to Mexico.  The overwhelming amount of arms coming to Mexico (to the drug cartels) is from Asia.  Watch this idiocy become a babbling point of the left ….again.

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Your Intellectual Betters!!!!!!!

This is oldish, but, hilarious.  I’d forgotten about it, but, something recent caused this to be recovered, though, I can’t remember what.  I’ve had it up on my browser for a few days, and need to make room for other stuff, but, I couldn’t close it without sharing this beaut with the readers!


Joyce Carol Oates is a prominent leftarded writer and former noted educator

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