Why I Don’t Blog Much Anymore ……. Things Like Salon And More

No, I just don’t have it in me, at this time.  I might sometime in the future, but, now ….. it’s just not there. 

In my estimation, a blog post should be informative, and should offer a perspective of intellectual origin.  That is to say, you take some current event or utterance, give some background and/or insight, and then, your own unique perspective, then, let the people discuss, and hopefully come to some right and proper conclusion.  Sometimes, you don’t even have to write anything, the  notions are perfectly inferred with the right audience.  Every day, there are countless things to write about … but, more and more, there’s simply the perfect inference which needs not stated or written.  It’s disheartening.  It’s vacant. 

Here’s an example of what I’m talking/writing about ………


One of the problems I have is that I have always been instructed that “hating” people is wrong.  And, it’s true.  Hating people is wrong.  It’s okay to hate their ideas and their actions, but, it’s not okay to hate the people.  Love the people.  Show them, correct them, love them. 

There’s nothing I can write or say in this example ….. nothing proper, anyway.  Every part of my being tells me the person who wrote this incredibly ignorant Tweet is a horrible person and a horribly stupid person.  I used to say “they can’t possibly be serious, they’re just trolling or something”, but, these imbeciles are serious.  And, they are seriously hateful.  You see, the intent of such notions are to break businesses, break capitalism, break Western Civilization.  They possess the selfish notions that one is deserving simply because of their hateful existence. 

I’ve never figured out the end view these people possess, or, if they possess one at all.  Perhaps, they are all simply first order thinkers.  Maybe there are a few second order thinkers pulling their chains.  But, that would then ignore their vileness, their repugnancy.  —– No one can possibly this stupid.  This has to be of intent.  It must be of intent.  There’s no getting around such insipid stupidity.  Sure, first order thinkers are being played by second order thinkers, but, there is most certainly “intent”.  It’s what got us “maternity leave” to begin with. 

There’s nothing more to say, except, they’re coming for you.  We let our educators be indoctrinated by the communists.  We let the communists educate our children.  And, we paid for it all because it was “for the children”.

We’ve gone so horribly wrong that we’re now going force children to go to bathrooms which are occupied by men pretending to be women.  Somehow, the world perceives this as “hating” if you are opposed to such lunacy.  It is as if we are suppose to suddenly ignore the nature of some men, knowing there are more than just a few with a proclivity towards sexually abusing children.  —–  This is madness. 

It’s not so much that they’re coming for “you”, personally.  They’ll probably let you die, as soon as possible.  But, it is for yours, that they are coming.  Your children and your grandchildren, and your great-grandchildren —- they’ll have them, or kill them.

What are you going to give them or leave them that they won’t take?  Even your thoughts and hopes for them will be taken. 

There is nothing, beyond Divine intervention, I can see which would thwart this mass of madness coming upon us.  There’s nothing I can offer.  There’s no amount of intellectual argument which stops this madness.  There’s no embarrassment nor shaming which will stop this stupidity.  Consider the “Salon” imbecile who tweeted such stupidity.  Twitchy and millions of others noted the stupidity.  But, we all know this will not cause any reflection nor thought by the author, nor the other minions of imbeciles who believe the same idiocy.  I’m sure it will be law about the time we raise the minimum wage for the 70th or 80th time we raise the minimum wage, thinking, once again, that we’ll somehow fix something when we raise it. 

Well, sure, there are things I can offer as to the way things should be, but, that’s only ever going to be play-pretend.  The stupid is too massive, too overwhelming.  There’s nothing to fix, nor discuss, it’s simply massive and vile stupidity which we’re confronted with.

The only thing I know to say and advise is to get on your knees and pray to God!

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Thank You, Texas Governor Greg Abbot!!!!!


This was covered at Twitchy, but, I thought I’d pass it along, anyway.  I’m heartened by the fact that we still have servants and leaders who are God-fearing people.

From Twitchy ……..

A troll said something awful to Gov. Greg Abbott about ‘God’s plan.’ Here’s his beautiful response

This has to be one of the best Twitter conversations we’ve seen in a long time, made even better that it’s from one of our favorite politicians, Governor Greg Abbott of Texas.

It all started yesterday after Abbott posted this meme of Uncle Sam with his head bowed in prayer asking God to “please save this land from those who seek to destroy it.” Nothing wrong with that, right?

Pray as if everything depends on God. Work as if everything depends on you. Let’s work together to fix America. pic.twitter.com/TiQRJFpvop

— Greg Abbott (@GregAbbott_TX) April 26, 2016

Wrong, according to “Halley the Heathen” who asked the governor, “if your god is real, then you will be able to get out of your wheelchair right now and run a marathon.”

@GregAbbott_TX if your god is real, then you will be able to get out of your wheelchair right now and run a marathon.

— Halley the Heathen (@HalleyHeathen) April 26, 2016

What an awful person, but Governor Abbott took the high road and hit back with this beautiful statement:

That’s not God’s design. I’ve won races that people with legs could never run. God’s plan is bigger than walking. https://t.co/isxaipmUoo

— Greg Abbott (@GregAbbott_TX) April 27, 2016

Thank you, brother, thank you!

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Happy ANZAC Day!!!!


Well, I thought it time to write another post.  But, today, I couldn’t possibly write one without first paying my respects to our allies. 

Of course, I can’t possibly properly eulogize the brave souls who fought alongside our warriors.  They need no eulogy.  Their character, ability, and spirit are legendary. 

I personally haven’t interacted with any of the soldiers.  But, I can tell you, my dad, a career soldier, did serve with Aussies and New Zealanders.  He held them in very high regard as soldiers, and people in general. 

So, today, I think it’s appropriate to commemorate and celebrate the noble souls who fought with us toward our common causes.  While I pray such common causes would never again be necessary, we are honored that they did, and that they will should such a need ever again arise. 

A salute of respect and admiration is all that I can offer. 

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Here’s Hoping Obama Will Try To Intervene In The Brexit Discussion!!!!!


I think this would just about seal the deal. …….

‘Monstrous interference’: UK pols furious at Obama’s plan to intervene in EU debate

President Obama looks set to wade into the contentious debate in the United Kingdom over whether or not the nation should remain a member of the European Union – and some Brits are angry at the president’s intrusion into a delicate UK issue ahead of a major vote.

Obama will arrive in London late Thursday for a three-day trip. On Friday he will meet Prime Minister David Cameron — who is reportedly keen to get Obama’s backing ahead of the June 23 referendum, in which Britons will choose to remain or leave the European Union. ……

You can read the rest at the link.

I can’t imagine anything more offensive to a people than to have some meglomaniacal idiot come over and try to tell people from a different land what they should and shouldn’t be doing.  Especially some a$$-clown like Obama.  Everything he touches turns to $hit! 

Because I’m for nations being independent, being able, as a people to pursue their own goals and act in the interests of their own people, rather than being subjects of distant and undemocratic bureaucracy, I’m completely in favor of a Brexit.  Indeed, I believe humanity in general would benefit if the EU were to be dismantled.  Certainly, Western civilization would significantly benefit.  So, I’m very keen to have Obama go tell the Brits what they should be doing.  That should push the vote to the side of a Brexit! 

Next, while he’s in Europe, I’d like him to go to Germany and Sweden and lecture them about welcoming the poor invaders refugees.  Especially invaders refugees from the places in the mid-East where he’s wrought nothing but chaos and destruction …. places like Libya, Syria, Egypt, Iraq ….. well, okay, the entire mid-East/Muslim world.  He should also swing by France, Belgium, The Netherlands ….. etc….. , and tell them these invaders/refugees are mostly harmless.  I can see this working beautifully!!!!! 

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Tonight, New York!!!! New York!!!!

Keeping with my GOP presidential nomination obsession, (Some obsessions are good to have!) I thought I’d jot a few notes about what’s going on tonight.

Tonight is the New York primaries, for both the Repubs and the Dims. 

The Dim side is boring.  I think Hillary will take it ….. I mean through the popular vote statewide and in most districts, but, it won’t matter much because they have a lot of super-delegates, so, even if she loses, she’ll win.  Besides, it doesn’t matter which wins the Dim nomination, both will evoke nausea thinking that so many Americans actually voted for either.  It’s like the Dims intentionally picked the two people most likely to elicit a recoil/gag reflex from normal Americans.  

The interest should be focused on the GOP nomination. 


Tonight, it isn’t a question of if Trump wins, but, by how much.  He’s taken a drubbing over the last few states.  I understand he shook up his campaign.  He hired a couple of long-time GOP operatives (read “establishment) people to finish the deal.  We’ll see how that works out.  I’m not too sure.  Conventional wisdom warns us against changing horses in mid-stream.  Sure, his team let Cruz close the gap by quite a bit, but, ….. well, Wyoming for instance ….. Trump doesn’t resonate with the people there.  Trump doesn’t do well in the Plains states and the Western Plains.  So, I don’t know what the expectations were.  That said, him being shut out in Wyoming does indicate a weakness in the staff he had overseeing the effort (non-effort).  Colorado also demonstrated the same weakness.  So, perhaps it was time to change.  Perhaps it’s too late.  We’ll just have to wait and see. 

But, again, tonight the question is by how much does Trump win. 

For people wondering …… NY’s GOP system of awarding delegates is sort of proportional …. sort of.  If a candidate gets over 50%, then the candidate gets all of the delegates ….. by district.  They do award 14 delegates by the statewide vote.  And, it too, is proportional, unless someone gets over 50%, then all 14 go to the candidate.  As to the various districts …… it’s the one with the most gets 2 delegates and the second place candidate gets one.  All total, there are 95 delegates up for grabs in the GOP NY race. 

Now this may seem unfair to people, but, it is what it is ……

For Trump to be seen as being successful in NY, he’s going to have to get over 50% of the state vote.  He’s also going to have to succeed in most of the voting districts.  In other words, even if the Donald gets ….. say ….. 50 delegates, and Kasich and Cruz split the rest, it will be deemed as an embarrassment for Trump. 

Here’s what team Cruz’ and team Kasich’s strategy has been in NY, as far as I can determine ……. they are focusing on particular voting districts where they can do well, rather than trying to win over the state.  The outcomes of each district will answer a particular question I’ve had.  ……..  The smart way for both team Cruz and team Kasich would be to collaborate.  Kasich and Cruz are pretty much at the opposite ends of the spectrum for the GOP.  Kasich could resonate pretty well in a lot of places in NY, but, those places Cruz probably can’t.  And, the reverse is also true to a smaller extent.  If they were able to collaborate, then, they should have focused on separate districts and not compete with each other, thus lowering Trump’s margin of victory and saving precious resources.  Did they?  We’ll see. 

From what I can tell, team Cruz is doing something I think is pretty clever.  Rumor has it they’re going to hardened left districts.  You see, you don’t have to win over the leftists, you just have to win over the very few GOP people in said districts.  In New York’s primary, each district has the equal amount of delegates awarded.  So, let’s say Harlem makes up nearly one voting district.  Then all you have to do to get the 3 delegates from Harlem is to convince the 3 remaining Repubs to vote for you.  Forget about Statin Island, which will overwhelming go to Trump….. there are thousands of Trump-type GOPers there.  Win the Repubs in Harlem!  Take them to diner and win 3 delegates! 

On the other hand, if Trump is able to win big in NY, and get ….. say ….. over 70 of the delegates, it will be seen as a huge win for Trump, and will make his magic number quite a bit more manageable.  But, while we’re here talking about magic numbers, let me make this prediction …… Trump isn’t going to make it, it’s going to be a contested convention.  I think tonight will go a long way towards my confidence in the prediction.  If he wins big, as I described, I’ll probably rethink my prediction.  We’ve other large contests ahead, the biggest being Cali, but, before Cali, much of what will happen will be predicated on what happens tonight. 

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More Proof Of Our Civilization’s Impending Doom!!!!!

University Students Are Unable to Read a Whole Book


It’s over folks.  We’re done.  Doomed.  Fine.

University students are increasingly unable to read a whole book as they simply don’t have the concentration spans required, nor are they able to understand complex, nuanced arguments, academics have said.

Lecturers at leading British universities are having to actively encourage students to read beyond the set texts, and have noticed that students are increasingly unwilling to read whole texts. They say they believe internet culture is to blame, as young people nowadays are used to receiving arguments in the form of 800-1000 word articles. Anything beyond that, they say, is now proving too challenging.

“Incoming undergraduates have had their attention habits fashioned in a totally different world than that of those who are teaching them,” Tamson Pietsch, fellow in history at the University of Sydney told Times Higher Education (THE).

“This can lead to a clash of expectations and also of abilities on both sides of the equation. In many ways, incoming students absorb information quickly, they understand the power of images, and are adept at moving between different types of sources and platforms. They are perhaps less used to concentrating for long periods of time and working through the nuances of an argument developed over the course of many pages.”

Jenny Pickerill, professor in environmental geography at the University of Sheffield, said of full length books: “students struggle with them, saying the language or concepts are too hard.

“I recently had a student suggest an alternative book for a module I am teaching which they found easier to engage with. It was a good book, but it was not really academic enough and I am still unsure if that matters or whether I should be recommending more readable books.

“There is currently a disjuncture between the types of reading we want students to engage with and the types students feel able or willing to do.”

Jo Brewis, professor of organisation and consumption at the University of Leicester says she would like to see students reading more as “it would enable them to make more considered arguments in their coursework or examinations, and to demonstrate to us as assessors that they have considered the debates and controversies in the literature and arrived at reasoned conclusions on that basis”.

However, she concedes that, rather than pushing her students to fulfill those expectations, she accepts that “recommending whole books would be rather daunting” for them and therefore tends not to do it.

Indeed, her confession suggests that internet culture may not be totally to blame; it seems that students may be being let down by the poor expectations of teachers and lecturers themselves.

Now, because I don’t like to quote entire articles, I would stop here and encourage the reader to read the rest, but, there are some stunning revelations afterward ……

Staff at the THE have suggested that sixth form teachers ought to hand their students a recommended reading list for the summer before university as a way to ease students in to the rigours of reading long texts, and they asked a number of academics for suggested titles.

Kenneth Grahame’s whimsical children’s tale The Wind in the Willows (1908) was among the books suggested, as were liberal and feminist titles such as Danielle Allen’s Talking to Strangers (“it speaks directly to the current refugee crisis in Europe and failures to recognise the claims of others,” said its nominator), and Marilyn French’s The Women’s Room (1977).

More modern titles included Owen Jones’s The Establishment: And How They Get Away With It (2014) and Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything: Capitalism v’s The Climate (2014).

Balzac’s Old Goriot (1835) and Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations (1953) also made the list, but were dismissed as too challenging by Geoff Barton, head teacher a large comprehensive in Suffolk, who was asked to comment.

Balzac was deemed “utterly unreadable” by Barton, who prides himself on the school’s track record of getting students to university, while Wittgenstein was considered “woefully worthy”. To the latter he added: “Before university? Come off it.”

You see, even if the instructors are able to get the students to read a whole book, the selections they’ve accepted simply means the students would then have their small minds full of claptrap.  There’s no way to win in this scenario and teach the children something worthwhile and useful. 

Personally, I believe this is a result of universities simply accepting everyone to attend.  Thus, there are lower quality and lower intellect students, on average.  Rather than simply failing the students, the expectations and standards are lowered, providing a huge disservice to the students actually capable of learning and reading a whole book. 

But, this is where we’re at.  Don’t think for a second this is unique to the U.K.  It’s all over western civilization.  We’ve doomed ourselves. 

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Cartoon of the Day!!!!!


For the life of me I can’t imagine why people think it would be okay for transvestites to hang out in the woman’s latrine.  It’s not okay.  It’s sick. 

Just because a guy wants to wear a dress doesn’t mean he’s not a sexual predator.  Indeed, it’s an open invitation to sexual predators and a plethora of other sick and demented lunatics.  Don’t believe me?  Just Google “pee cam”, and go to the sites. 

I think people are about to see some “Macro-aggression” when all of this is said and done.  Mine will probably start with some pinhead advocates of this idiocy and depravity.  

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US Politics Update!!!!!!


Well, I haven’t written a piece in a while, and thought it time.  It is time, but, I’m a bit uninspired, as of now.  Most of my thoughts are directed towards work problems, rather than national or international.  And, most of the national and international problems have already been covered here, at Suyts. 

Lately I’ve been amused/bemused by the coverage of the two presidential nomination races.  Yes, there are other parties in the US, no, they don’t matter.  And, they won’t.  But, that’s for later. 

Most of the focus is on the Republican race.  This is for various reasons, but, it’s amusing/bemusing, just the same. 

There have been recent events at the state level regarding the Republican nominating process, some questioning the democracy of it.  All of the media seemed to happily highlight these events while barely noting the Dims’ process.

Here’s some humorous irony.  The Democrats ……..


Without the super-delegates, this would be a most interesting horse-race, with about a 54/46 split between the candidates.  But, the Democrats actually eschew democracy in any real form, be it direct or representative.  As it stands now, with about 2/3 of the states done, Hillary only needs just over 600 more delegates to win the nomination, while Bernie needs more than twice that amount.  It appears the Democrat nomination process is simply a formality they go through.  It’s nice that they have it, because it causes them to spend money they would otherwise use in the general election.  Repubs should thank them for it. 

As to if I have a preference of one over the other ….. well, if the American people are stupid enough to elect a loud and proud socialist, then, I say let them have one.  All over the world for nearly 100 years we have countless examples of the misery and harm done to people worldwide by socialist regimes.  It boggles the mind that anyone could consider it a viable economic/political thought.  It’s the ultimate in sophistry.  But, that’s just hypothetical.  The Dims aren’t going to allow the open socialist to win (this time).  They’ve already picked the semi-closet socialist. 

It’s interesting.  With all the fervor and energy coming from the Sanders campaign, I wonder how many will just sit the general election out if when Hillary wins the Dim nomination?  A significant amount, I would imagine.  I’ve read some comment dialogues between Hillary and Sanders supporters.  It is very much like reading comments between Trump/Cruz/Establishment supporters.  The vitriol is out of hand in both. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about vitriol in comment sections. 

But, this is a new dynamic in American politics.  <——- MARK THIS!!!!!

I have openly stated that I will not vote for Donald Trump.  But, my reasoning and rationale is entirely different than what we are all about to experience. 

The old notion was that the parties have their primaries and then nearly all of the party voters coalesce around the candidate which was victorious.  People, that’s simply not going to happen this time around. 

It’s probably too late to go read, now, for those who haven’t read this.  Mostly because of the common association dynamic …… people tend to associate with people they relate to.  So, for example, you will find fewer and fewer Cruz supporters commenting at Breitbart.  There are still some.  But, when you read the comments, you absolutely know the animus created won’t allow most of these people to ever come to an agreement with the antagonist. 

I think this will adversely effect the Republican party more than the Democrat party, but, human nature is human nature.  One can’t constantly go around demeaning, attacking, belittling a candidate for months on end, and then suddenly become their supporter simply because the party they belong to picked the wrong person.  Human nature doesn’t allow for that.  Sure, there will be a lot of the “lesser of two evils” people still participating, but, not to the extent we’ve seen in the past. 

You see, this is the age of new media.  Most have Facebook, Twitter, …… whatnot.  And, they have comment sections.  The very nature of such is given to hyperbole and vitriol.  The more bombastic the more effective and noteworthy, the more “followers” and “friending” and whatnot.  But, if it’s on your Facebook/Twitter, etc …. for months on end, and even if you’re a regular commentator at a site, then, you can’t suddenly switch and start supporting the very person you called a demon of all sorts.  It’s just not going to happen for most people participating in such behavior. 

Unless there’s a 3rd party, which probably isn’t going to happen, we’re going to experience some very low voter turnout.  Republicans are enjoying a much larger turnout increase than the Dims, for the primaries.  I honestly don’t know how that’s going to translate in the election.  The Sanders people are going to be butthurt.  They’re going to be mad.  But, they are Dims and Socialists, so, appearing hypocritical is less of a hurdle than for most Repubs. 

But, then, Trump supporters are going to be butthurt, as well. <—- MARK THIS!!!!!

More on the amusement/bemusement ……….

So, the Republicans in Colorado had their ….. non-caucus/non-primary the other day.  Cruz won big there.  Why?  Because the Cruz campaign understood the rules which have been there since before the campaigns started.  Trump and supporters have attempted to cast team Cruz as doing something untoward for cleaning their clock in Colorado.  Which, I thought was silly.  It’s like an admittance that Cruz and team have a command of the English language while Trump and team don’t.  <—— That’s a hard sell for an anti-immigrant candidate.  But, I digress.  Colorado isn’t the only place team Cruz has clowned team Trump.  It’s happened very frequently over the last couple of weeks.  That is to say, for the most part, team Cruz has been very effective at getting the delegates elected that they wanted elected, with the exception of Michigan, mostly because team Cruz hurt team Kasich’s feelings.  But, Michigan is probably an aberration.  The reason I say/write that is because of this …….

The Texas Tribune’s Patrick Svitek posted an excerpt of a memo from the John Kasich campaign to supporters where it’s argued that Kasich still has a shot in Pennsylvania because the state awards its delegates “proportionally by congressional district.”

That’s a great theory, governor … but it’s not true: ……

You see, with the exception of just a few delegates, Pennsylvania’s process is similar to Colorado’s.  It’s the delegates who get elected which matter.  Indeed, Penn has more than twice the delegates Colorado has.   While it appears that Trump will carry the popular vote among Repubs in Penn, Cruz appears to be about even with Trump in potential delegates ….. from what people can garner, as of now. 

And FWIW, Kasich is barely competing for delegates anyway:

.@kerpen @PatrickSvitek has the Kasich campaign even provided a delegate slate for PA?

— Joel (@CommodoreBTC) April 10, 2016

@CommodoreBTC They have two guy leaning their way, one of whom is unopposed. I’m keeping a running chart here:https://t.co/E0ZeI7dCOq

There’s proportional, and then, there’s proportional.

For a brief review, there are a couple of different meanings to “proportional” in this regard.  Some states award delegates proportional to the statewide vote.  Others allocate a certain amount of delegates proportional to the statewide vote, but, also award delegates proportional to the votes per congressional district.  One of the two biggest prizes left do this, that is to say New York and California.  In New York, there’s a 50% trigger, that is if someone wins 50% of the state, then, they get all of the delegates the state awarded to the state-wide vote, but, not the individual congressional districts.  In New York, the congressional districts also have a 50% trigger, specific to the voting in the specific congressional district. 

Cruz is going to lose the NE horribly, by the voting.  His delegate pickup will out-perform the actual votes.  I can almost guarantee you team Cruz already knows the districts they can’t win, and the districts they can win, that is to say, districts in which they can keep Trump under the 50% trigger.  Oh, yeh, Cruz wasn’t campaigning in New York, today.  He was in Cali.  In Cali, they do it different.  It’s winner take all …… according to district, for the most part.  Like New York, they award some delegates by the state-wide vote, but, also by congressional district.  But, it isn’t proportional.  Whoever gets the most votes, wins all of the delegates. 

Why are congressional districts important in this regard?

The Congressional District thing is vitally important – like New York, California has a bunch of CDs that are absolutely dominated by Democrats, which means that the few Republicans that are there have a lot more bang for their delegate buck than in other CDs.

So, will some heavily weighted Democrat congressional districts in New York and California, let’s say, predominately Hispanic or more specifically Cuban, tend to lean more towards Cruz or Trump?  Well, as far as I can tell, it’s about even, until you realize team Cruz knows where to focus and team Trump doesn’t.  Then, it’s not even. 

Each state in the US is unique.  Each state has their own view of how people should be elected and nominated.  It’s part of the reason why it is called a “state” rather than a providence or some such.  They have their own vision, their own way, and their own rules.  Learning said rules, to me anyway, would have seemed prudent, wise, and dare I say, smart. 

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Goodbye, Merle. Thank you so much!

I can’t really write too much about Merle.  Nothing would do him justice for the music the man gave us. 

I guess the best I can do is post a song or two which many may haven’t heard.

This one, I used to like to play …..  I think I’ll go over it a couple times tonight.


This next one was his first hit.  It was written by Liz Anderson, Lynn’s mom.  Story is that Merle had to be coaxed into listening to some of her songs she wrote.  He figured it would be boring …..  he ended up recording several hits she wrote.  Lonesome fugitive was another she wrote.

In many of Merle’s songs, you can hear a pretty voice singing harmony ….. that would most likely be Bonnie Owens, once married to Buck Owens, and was one of Merle’s wives. 

Well, I’m just going to listen to the hundreds of hits Merle gave us, and drink a lot of beer.  I really doubt we’ll ever see or hear another like him. 

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Bold Suyts Primary Prediction!!!!!!


I actually had in mind to write about a different topic.  But, I’ve been fighting with my PC, so time is an issue.  I notice the amount of comments in my last post are getting lengthy, so I thought I’d give us another to comment on.  I’m hopeful I’ll have time to engage a bit more in the near future.  I picked this topic because it would be the easiest to write about.

So, Wisconsin is having their primaries tomorrow.  While most of the recent polls have Cruz up pretty big in Wisconsin, the latest one has Trump up big. 

From RCP …..


So, what to believe?

Well, here’s what I know.  Trump had a horrible week last week.  It started with a new video and charges filed against his campaign manager.  Upon reviewing the video, yes, dude did grab the female reporter and move her.  That said, it’s pretty petty, from what I can see to file charges. 

Trump also had an amazing bit of babbling stupidity when discussing abortion.  He went from seemingly advocating punishment of the women who do have abortions (which no pro-life movement I know of advocates) to then stating the medical professionals should be punished if it were against the law, to stating that the current abortion laws are in place, and advocates leaving them as they are.  It’s sort of like he’s not really against abortion, but, more for punishing people. 

Later in the week he decided to demonstrate his foreign policy acumen, or lack thereof.  He floated the idea South Korea and Japan should probably weaponize with nuclear weapons.  Well, why not?  Right?  North Korea and China both have them, why not more?  This is actually a legitimate discussion to have, but, not in the convoluted manner Trump presented in. 

The US must decide if they want to continue to provide military support for other nations and regions in the world.  But, we have to understand what is likely to occur if we withdraw from the many regions we are in.  In the case of South Korea, a war would most certainly break out between the North and South.  The distrust between Japan and China is as strong as its ever been and a much more antagonistic relationship would then develop.  China is aggressively expanding their military presence in the Pacific.  Many Americans would say “who cares?”  —– it’s not an illegitimate thought.  Why should we care if a small peninsula of the same people becomes one nation?  Worse case scenario is that we have to start making our own tennis-shoes in the US again.  And, what of Japan?  Is their existence as a free state beneficial to the US?  The Philippines?  Taiwan?  But, if we allow these nations to come under the influence of a nominally Communist China, our stature among the nations will surely significantly diminish.  Many will say, again, “who cares?”  Well, then, you lose your influence.  We would lose our ability to shape things and events to the advantage of the US.  And, then, too, there is the humanitarian consideration.  Make no mistake, should the US withdraw our military support of various nations, their lives would forever be changed, and for the worse. 

Powerful nations don’t do the empire building they once did, it’s passe.  Well, at least not like they used to.  They don’t have colonies, they have influence and puppet regimes. 

In my own writings, I’ve advocated the dissolution of NATO.  I still call for it, today.  NATO is an old entity built to stop communist aggression in Europe.  It’s mission, it’s original mission is no longer necessary.  But, for now, it wouldn’t be prudent to dissolve NATO.  We have to wait and see what the various nations will do in regards to the EU.  Europe as one, has enough resources to provide for their own defense against an aggressive powerful nation, such as Russia.  However, were the EU dissolve, then, before we withdraw from, or dissolve NATO, some common defense pact and ability to substantially react to a threat must be in place before that happens.  I am a bit of an isolationist, but, the reality is we must not have a ‘rest of the world’ which is antagonistic to the interests of the US.   In other words, yes, withdraw, but, ensure something is up and functioning to fill the vacuum, else, something much worse will surely fill the vacuum.  I don’t believe arming every little nation with nuclear weapons is a very good idea.  In fact, its an incredibly stupid idea, which, would have ruined any politician’s career, except for Trump.  The reason why is simple and easy. 

The only thing we know for sure about the future is that things change.  Things always change.  We don’t know how their going to change, but, we know they will change.  Sure, I would trust Japan with a nuclear weapon, as they are right now.  But, we absolutely do know that Japan will not be the same as they are right now.  The same for South Korea.  And, if we should arm South Korea, why not Greece, or Italy, or Spain? —- For those who don’t know, Greece is about to become a property of Turkey if something doesn’t change quickly.  Maybe we should give some nukes to Albania?  Or, perhaps a better example would be Yugoslavia.  Things change, they always do. 

So, here’s my bold Suyts prediction.  The latest poll which has Trump up by 10 is a one-off.  After the week he had, even most Trump supporters must be having second thoughts if they were aware of any of this.  Trump almost always polls better than the actual results, whereas Cruz almost always does better than what the polls indicated.  I think Cruz takes Wisconsin with near or more than 50% of the Republican vote

We’ll see!

Oh, I would have had a different post, but, I just now got my internets back on!  On this PC, I use an old USB Netgear wireless NIC.  It was a bi*ch to get it to work on Win 10.  It was new when Win Vista came out.  Well, Netgear finally came out with an update which “fixed” some of their Win 10 issues.  So, I let it automatically install.  It promptly killed my network connection.  I tried to run it in “compatibility mode”, but, to no avail.  I rolled back the driver, no avail.  I tried to connect using different settings, but, the damned thing wouldn’t even see my router.  So, I had to do a system restore …….. I won, but, it ate up a lot of my time. 

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