Eleventh Hour Super Bowl Prediction!!!!!

Well, we’ve covered the NFL all season, so for completion, I’ll make my Super Bowl prediction. 

From all the football I’ve followed and watched this year, I would predict the Panthers winning. 

That said, the path to victory for the Broncos is easily attainable.  They’ve got a couple of fantastic DEs.  What they need to do is hit Newton every play.  If they do that, they’ll win. 

Then Manning factor ……. yeh, he’s not the same as he was.  But, as I watched the last couple of games he’s played, he’s thrown significantly better than he did earlier in the year, and he seemed to be improving. 

So, I’m picking the Broncs!

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Meanwhile ….. Less Than An Hour Away From Me …. SE Kansas Rocks!!!!!!

From Twitchy …

Atheists Bully Small Town to Remove God Bless America Flag, What Happens Next Will Lift Your Spirits


It’s the little stories like this one that help restore our faith in humanity.

For years, a Post Office in the small town of Pittsburg, Kansas has kept a “God Bless America” banner hanging from the side of their building.

Of course, in the age of political correctness, angry atheists aligned with a Wisconsin-based group, Freedom From Religious Foundation, claimed that the banner violated the separation of church and state.

A few days after the banner was forced down, a local business Jakes Fireworks responded by creating 1,200 “God Bless America” yard signs and banners.

They started passing them out at 11 a.m. and finished by 11:45 a.m.

Now residents of the town are saying you can’t drive a block without seeing a “God Bless America” banner or American flag.

Read the rest at Twitchy

Pittsburg (yes, it’s really spelled that way), is really the “big” town in SE Kansas.

I haven’t been big on fireworks in recent years, but, I think the grandkids will enjoy a big bundle from Jakes this year!

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How Low Have “We The People” Become?

My goodness!

So, while reading news about the Iowa caucuses last night, I came across a video which really, really, really, depressed me. 

The video was made for the Cruz campaign, I think.  It shows him winning over a corn farmer in a campaign stop. 

The focus of this post isn’t Cruz, or how good or poor his arguments were (they were pretty good), but, rather, the poor pathetic shlep who believes he’s entitled to our money simply because he’s a corn farmer who chooses to live off of our teets. 


Here’s a fellow from the mid-west.  A farmer.  And, he’s demanding our money so he can continue to help provide the US with a less efficient, incredibly wasteful, more costly fuel.  Why?  Well, he doesn’t explain why he believes he deserves our money, he’s just mad because he heard Cruz wants to do away with his freebee.

Apparently, Cruz gave the boy something to think about.  It’s really pretty funny.  The arguments Cruz presents are good, but, fails to inform the listener of some important facts.  These facts would be in the “all of the above” energy mix Cruz supports, except all without subsidies, is really supporting only the traditional forms of energy.  That is to say, the free markets have already chosen the best and most efficient forms of energy.  Ethanol doesn’t make the cut, neither does wind, neither does solar. 

All of those, wind, solar, and ethanol, are old forms of energy the markets already knew about, knew about their potential, and made the choices already. 

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We Pause From Observing Our Societal Collapse For The Iowa Caucuses


So, today we have the Iowa Caucuses, the first in the nation.  For those unfamiliar, this is part of the process in which the parties pick their nominee for the general election for President of the United States.  Much media and hype is committed to this caucus.

In recent history, the caucuses don’t tell us much for the Republican party nominee.  Since 1976, in elections in which an incumbent president wasn’t running, the Iowa winner went on to win the Republican nomination 2 1/2 times.  I wrote “1/2” because Romney tied Santorum in 2012.  Dole won it in 1996, and Bush Jr. in 2000.  The Dims used to be like that, but, in the recent ones, Gore, Kerry, and Obama have won Iowa and then gone on to win the Dim nomination. 

For the most part what one can read into the caucus is it tells us which candidates need to drop out.  There are exceptions this time around.

IMHO, I don’t think the Iowa caucus is the one to watch this time around, neither is the New Hampshire one.  South Carolina is the one to watch.  It does surprise me somewhat that Trump is doing so well in Iowa.  They’re more rural than most states.  It is even more surprising that Sanders is polling so close to Clinton in Iowa. 

Now, as to weeding out the irrelevant, the Dims basically have a two person race already, and Sanders isn’t getting out any time soon.  With Clinton, she’s out of time.  I believe her support has peaked.  She can only hope the time between now and the nomination doesn’t sap her support so much that she loses the nomination.  I believe it will, barring something massively stupid from Sanders ……. which is by no means a safe bet. 

On the Repub side, the object of the game is to not lose too badly ….. for most candidates.  For Christie, losing badly is a foregone conclusion, and he’s hoping for a good showing back east.  In Iowa, it would be a huge surprise is someone other than Trump, Cruz, or Rubio breaks the top 3.  And, the top 3 should be very close, in which case, all will claim victory and momentum.  Like Iowa is a write-off for Christie, it’s pretty much so in N.H. for Cruz. 

It is the South where it gets interesting for both parties, (Sanders is expected to take N.H.)  With Cruz, Rubio, Bush ……. well, now, it’s the South which will tell the tale for all three.  None of the previously mentioned can win the Repub nomination without the South.  Indeed, they all need both Florida and Texas.  South Carolina will give us some insights as to how well each can do in the South.  At this point, I think Trump has the East pretty much locked up, with Christie as the wildcard in that area, but, Christie needs to do well in N.H. to be seen as a viable candidate.  I think Jeb is done, with most of his support going to Rubio when Bush drops out. 

Those are my thoughts, anyway.  Off to get some popcorn!

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I must study POLITICS and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy


The title is a quote from John Adams, 2nd president of the US.  It is an admonishment which the people of the US have totally disregarded in recent past and the present.  Sadly, many of them actually believe they are studying, but, they’re not …..

So, today from Breitbart we see this.

Quinnipiac Poll: Photo-Finish Between Trump and Cruz in Iowa

Well, I’ve made it no secret as to who I would prefer, and, today, I’ll detail some more.  It seems I’ve, once again, misjudged the American people.  Like many, I supposed that Trump would fade, he hasn’t. 

Now, the reasons why I supposed he would fade differ from most others.  Many thought the American people would reject him based on his own crassness.  It seems to be endearing to many.  Many thought he would utter something senseless and cause a minor scandal to cause him to fade.  I thought the would-be voters would actually look at the man’s actions and advocacy that would cause him to fade. 

Sure, I get the initial attraction …. the in your face, I’m going to say what I want and to hell with political correctness, I get that.  But, that’s personality, not policy. 

Over the course of the last several months people should have tried to dig beneath the surface.  Perhaps some have and simply embrace the things he’s done and his advocacy. 

It is true that I believe the border to be the biggest issue facing the American people today.  But, I also believe there’s more to cover, and more to look at other than a promise to close the border (as we’ve been lied to several times before on this issue).  There are others running in the race who promise to do the same.

I find it fascinating that people believe he’s a Washington outsider, he isn’t.  He’s the embodiment and epitome of crony politics.  He literally brags about how many politicians he’s donated to, he brags about how much influence this has bought him.  I would note that before, during and after the brags he never promises to change that culture in Washington.  It’s just that he brags about advantaging said culture. 

Over the course of the last several months, he’s demonstrated a woeful ignorance and lack of ability to grasp the foreign policy issues we face today.  I seriously and literally doubt that he knows the difference between a Sunni and a Shia. 

Trump has, many times, throughout his career, has used an overgrown powerful government to make his fortune. 

Of course, none of this disqualifies him to run for president, and there’s nothing wrong with citizens supporting such.  It isn’t as if Trump and his supporters are like Hillary and hers.  That’s an entirely different subject of someone embracing lawlessness and their supporters being intentionally blind to it.  And, it isn’t like Sanders and his supporters, with the unicorns and rainbows for everyone mindset with no desire to address reality.  These are different dynamics and not the point of the post. 

What has me baffled are the conservatives.  In many times in the past, I’ve noted two very different types of conservatives; that being fiscal conservatives and moral conservatives.  Both have me very confused.  I happen to be a bit of both, a fiscal and moral conservative. 

I believe the POTUS should be a Christian.  I cannot and will not vote for a person who isn’t Christian.  I understand many don’t feel that way, but, I can’t understand how a moral conservative would lend their support to a person who has stated publically and on more than one occasion that he’s never asked God for forgiveness.  That statement is wholly incompatible with the state of being a Christian.  I cannot and will not support Trump.

One of the biggest reoccurring and rallying themes of fiscal conservatives is a call for a much more limited government.  Our overgrown government has led to a severely bloated budget causing a crippling national debt in which there is no view on ending.  It has also empowered the government so much that nearly every branch and agency seems to be in a competition to see which one is best at stomping the individual and his rights.  From the BLM to the IRS to the EPA and everything else in between seems hell bent on spending our money in a united effort to destroy the individual American. 

And yet, conservatives? both fiscal and moral are flocking to and supporting Trump, a man who has literally used government power to strip people of their homes.  A man who says he’s never occasioned to ask God for forgiveness.  ——-  I can’t explain this.  I’m not sure I want to know why or how this is happening.   

People better start studying their politics and their politicians.  We’re already going through 8 years of some idiot in the office because he was different.  Are Repubs simply going to return the favor? 

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NFL Conference Championship Predictions!!!!!

Well, I’ve missed one game in the playoff predictions, so far.  The Seahawks waited too long before they realized they could play and win against the Panthers.  The hole they dug for themselves was too deep against a quality team.  So, all in all, I’m not feeling too bad about how I’m seeing the playoffs unfold. 

One of the things I like about this year’s NFL playoffs is that these are the regular season champs.  No “Cinderella” team, no one is sneaking in, it’s just the best teams playing the best teams of the season.

This is how I see it going today.

(12-4-0) Patriots

(12-4-0) Broncos  Obviously, these games are suppose to be hard to call.  They are!  I see the Broncs winning, but, that’s only if they understand what they need to be doing against the Pats.  I’ve written this before, and I’ll keep writing it.  The way to beat the current Pats is to put a big linebacker on Gronk and hit him every play.  This is why the Chiefs lost to the Pats.  They let Gronk play.  You can’t do that!  If Denver does that, and if the rest of the team plays to their potential, they’ll beat the Pats.  That said, Brady and Belichek are an amazing duo.  Sure, we all love to hate them, and I’ll be rooting for Manning to get one last win, but, Brady and Belichek always seem one step ahead of everyone else in the playoffs.  Say what you will about deflate-gate and all the rest, it’s about winning and they’ve done it better than anyone else over the time they’ve been in NE.  So, the Broncs need to be prepared for it.


(13-3-0) Cardinals  Well, I picked against the Panthers last week and they won.  I’m picking against them this week, too.  Here’s why ……  At the skill positions, the Cardinals are better than the Panthers.  Sure, obviously Newton runs better than Palmer.  Palmer passes better.  The Cards have 3 running backs better than Stewart.  I’m not saying Stewart isn’t that good, he is a fine running back.  It’s just that the Cards have 3 who are better.  At WR ….. well, there’s no comparison.  The Cards have it all over the Panthers.  I do give the Panthers the edge in the TE position.  But, that brings me to the other half of the team play, the defense.  You win with defense.  Both teams have a very formidable defense.  And, that’s why the Cards will win.  Want to beat the Panthers?  Take Olsen out of the passing game.  Make Newton run and prepare for him running.  If they execute it properly, they’ll win.  For the Panther defense, their task is a little more complicated.  As the Packers demonstrated last week, you can stop the Card running game, but, that comes with a price.  Or, you focus on the passing game, in which the Cards will tax you with their run.  The Pack also played off the WRs last week to stop the deep game the Cards have.  As it turns out, the young group (Fitzgerald excepted) knows how to take the underneath being offered.  This is why I’m picking the Cards. 

(15-1-0) Panthers


Well, that’s how I see it.  What do you think?

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More Suyts Victory Lap!!!! Snow Extent!!!!

One of the many things I’m proud of in what Suyts brought to the table of the climate wars was a pretty regular and realistic discussion of the snow extent. 

Sure, some blogs would make regular posts mocking the “thing of the past”, but, it didn’t seem to me that they showed or discussed much beyond that.  I don’t know why.  This is one of the easiest things to point to which entirely discredits the alarmists memes.  I write “memes” because it dissolves many of their faux babbling points. 


The above is a graph of the North Hemisphere snow extent.  The average snow line, month to month, year to year, has not changed in over 30 years. 

It is impossible for the global climate, as a whole, to have significantly changed over the past 30 years without changing the snow line of the Northern Hemisphere.  Neither the precipitation of snow nor the average temperatures have changed with any significance.  It is impossible to have without altering, in some way, the average snow cover.  Our snow cover hasn’t changed. 

Now, there has been slight changes as to the timing, but, that’s indicative of our climate being cyclical (as most skeptics believe) than anything else.  There’s no getting around the remarkable sameness the snow cover has presented over the last 30 years. 

I think one day, someone will pick up on this and give a coup de gras to the climatards babbling points. 

data for the graph is here.

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Adventures Of A Contract Tech Worker!!!!! ….. And The World We Live In


From time to time I take some small contract tech job.  These occasions never cease to amaze me, mostly from the stupidity of it all, which is probably why I don’t do it full time and travel. 

So, I recently accepted a very small, very pud job to do.  Essentially it is to upgrade some users to new PCs at an office.  I’ve also got to reformat the old drives in the old PCs.  The very notion that there are jobs out there to do this has me worried for the future of humanity.  This particular job has me doubly triply quadruply worried!!!! 

How is it that you can have an office full of PCs (someone had to deploy the originals) and a functioning office with the PCs functioning that you need to contract someone to unbox some new PCs and deploy them?  It gets worse ….. this is a national company with offices all across the country.   It’s even worse than that!  This company is an internet provider!!!!!!  But, they contracted with a company which contracts with a company who contracts with me. ……. and it’s still worth my time to do it!!!! 

I should have known stupid would be stalking me from the moment I agreed to something like this.  And, it did!  Worse, it caught me!!!!  Originally, I was suppose to be there Monday morning.  Alas, there was some confusion.  It was determined that they’d be closed on Monday for MLK day.  The top contractor called me Sunday to confirm that I’d be there Monday ……  Disappointed smile  I told them I thought they were closed for MLK day ….. after a pause the lady on the other end said she was sorry to bother me, and I was right, I was suppose to be there on Tuesday.  So guess what day the office was really expecting me?  Yeh, they weren’t closed on Monday.  That was the other office in the same town.  But, they weren’t closed for MLK day, they’re always closed on Mondays.  Did I mention my wife is the one who roped me into working with these people?  (She was working at the other office in the same town.) 

The instructions provided me were straight forward and simple enough that even a person unfamiliar with PCs could have done the job …… had the instructions actually been for the job I was doing.  The instructions were for deploying Win 7.  Oddly, I didn’t deploy any Win 7 units.  I deployed Win 8 units ……… no, really!!!!  Stop laughing!!!!!  I’m sure there’s a perfectly good reason why large national company wants Win 8 on there PCs!!!  (Note:  Only one unit was a touch-screen). 

For those unfamiliar, Windows 8 was such a horrid release Microsoft upped it’s schedule and not only released Windows 10, but, is giving Win 10 away in an effort to move people off of Win 8 and previous versions.  In other words, Microsoft is looking to kill Win 8 ASAP.  Now, mind you, the office I was upgrading was their advertising office.  These people are not tech workers.  Many of them probably hold their PCs in contempt already.  Now, this internet providing, tech company, if you will, is going to subject their own workers to an operating system that so bad even Microsoft is embarrassed by it. 

BTW, the interface between Win 7 and Win 8 is so different the instructions were rendered pretty useless.  Fortunately, I’m a tech worker, so I can find the crap I need to.

Getting through the showing up a day late, and the useless instructions, I found a different problem.  One of the little chores one has to do to deploy a PC in an office is to make them a member of the network, in this case, it was a domain.  As is typical, all of the necessary software and applications aren’t stored locally, but, on a server.  There are some very viable alternatives to such a setup, but, that’s not what they’re doing.  Oddly, no one ever thought to register the computer names on the domain server ……. the domain server ….. which no one locally has access to.  Oddly, someone did have someone already change the computer names.  No one bothered to write the name changes down, though.  Fortunately, even techs have tech support!!!!  That role was to be filled by the original contractors.  So, I call them and tell them the credentialing isn’t working out ……. silence for a while.  Then, I’m told they don’t have access and that’s someone else’ problem.  I was awestruck!!!!   There is a fortune to be made as being a useless 3rd or 4th party!!!!  You can give useless written instructions, have people show up on the wrong day and be tech support who renders no technical support!!!!  And large companies will pay you large sums of money to do so!!!!!

Sometime late in the morning I got a call from the original contractors …… not to help me with my problem, no, but, to rather screen me to make sure I’m qualified to do the job I contracted to do.  You see, this part of the original contractors thought I was suppose to be there tomorrow.  The screening process is basically asking you if you know how to join a PC to a domain …….. I $hit you not.  I actually took 3 days off of my real job for this BS!!!!  Which I only am working 2 because …. well, someone took Monday off so, everyone is closed on Mondays or something.  How f’n hard would it have been to pick up the phone and ask them?  They certainly could call me and they didn’t seem concerned about asking me inane questions. 

As it turns out, I had to call the tech support people of the company I’m installing the new PCs for and have them register the computer names with the server.    You’d think that would solve all the problems, but, it doesn’t, really.  You see, it apparently takes quite a bit of time to port all of the apps to be useable to the PCs.  I’m suppose to kill their old PCs but, the apps they need to do their jobs aren’t readily available on their new ones.  I don’t know why I think these things shouldn’t be a Charlie Foxtrot every time I do one.  They are each and every time.  And, all of it is senseless. 

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NFL Playoff Predictions!!!


So, I’m a little late for this, but, it’s nbd because the score is 0-0 in the KC/Pat game.

 (11-5-0) Chiefs

 (12-4-0) Patriots  Well, I truly hope I’m wrong and we’ll see.  I give the Chiefs a fair chance at winning the game, but, I give the edge to experience.  I think the Chiefs can win if they get on Brady early and often, and have one of their linebackers hit Gronk on every play.  Macklin is hobbled which is huge.  He stretches the defense when healthy. 


(10-6-0) Packers

(13-3-0) Cardinals  I don’t give the Pack much of a chance against the Cards.  But, again, experience may pay off.  I think the weapons and the defense of the Cards will prove too much for the less talented Packers.


(10-6-0) Seahawks  I don’t think the Panthers have what it takes.  I think the Seahawks will come to the game to play and play hard.  I think Russell has significantly developed over the last half of the season.  This should be an epic game to watch!

(15-1-0) Panthers


(10-6-0) Steelers

(12-4-0) Broncos  If Roethlisberger truly has a torn shoulder I don’t think they’ll make it.  They should just start Jones and prepare in that manner.  It will be very interesting to watch Manning throw.  This game should also be an epic game to watch. 


Well, I picked all the games right last week, let’s see how I do this week!

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It’s Time We Set A Limit!!!! Local German Authorities Set Example!!!!


Anti-Immigration Protesters Send Busload of Syrian Refugees to Merkel’s Office

BERLIN (AFP) –  German local officials on Thursday sent a bus with 51 Syrian refugees on board to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s office in Berlin, in a protest against her migrant policy.

The district administrator behind the road trip, Peter Dreier, said his rural area was buckling under the strain of a mass influx that brought 1.1 million refugees and irregular migrants to Germany last year.

The coach, filled with refugees aged 21 to 45, left the Bavarian town of Landshut around 0900 GMT for the 570 kilometre (350 mile) trip to the capital and was expected to arrive at the chancellory building in the late afternoon.

Local citizens had told him “it’s time we set a limit,” he said on news TV channel N24. “We are trying to help these people integrate. But that won’t work if this year we face another wave of one million, or even more.”

“That’s why it’s time to take a stand, so that politicians change their tune,” he said, adding that he had warned Merkel about his plans for such a journey in a phone call last October.

“Look at what is happening abroad, other EU member countries are turning away from us, it can’t go on like this,” he said.

The head of refugee support group Pro Asyl, Guenther Burkhardt, charged that with the trip, “people are being exploited for the sake of media footage”.

‘Ability to cope’

“This doesn’t solve the problems… this is a stunt that misuses the plight of refugees to send the message ‘We want to close the borders’.”

Dreier said in a statement his district was running 66 migrant facilities, including shelters for unaccompanied minors.

The 51 Syrians on the bus, all of whom had been granted asylum status, had volunteered to join the trip, he said.

It was not immediately clear if the Syrians would stay in Berlin or return to Bavaria.

They were legally free to live anywhere in Germany but now had to find apartments, which would be tough in prosperous Landshut, the district said in a statement.

Speaking to public broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk, Dreier said: “There is no end in sight to the wave of refugees, and our country’s ability to house them in a dignified way is deteriorating rapidly. And I don’t see new apartments being built for the immigrants.”

Merkel has been praised for opening Germany’s doors to those fleeing war and misery, but has also weathered harsh criticism, especially from southern Bavaria state, the main gateway for arriving migrants.

The mood in Germany has darkened further since New Year’s Eve, when hundreds of women were groped and robbed in a throng of mostly Arab and North African men outside the main railway station of the western city of Cologne.

Dreier said that “more and more people have lost confidence, even before the events at New Year’s Eve in Cologne, in their state and its institutions’ ability to cope”.

“If we don’t finally take the concerns and needs of our citizens very seriously, the social peace in our country is at risk.”

In other news ……

German authorities say the country’s economy grew 1.7 percent last year

Now, the 1.1 million refugees and other “irregular” immigrants doesn’t count the “regular” immigrants. 

To the simpleton leftard, or a central banker ….. but, I’m being redundant now ….. this may seem like a good thing.  It isn’t it’s horrible news. 

When simpletons and leftists discuss a nation’s “economy” they are only referencing the GDP.  Now, recall government spending is included in calculating the GDP.  It isn’t as if the refugees have jobs or are bringing any influx of wealth, no, the rise in GDP in Germany is directly related to the care and providing for the invited rapists ….. err, sorry … guests/new citizens. 

In this particular case, the increase in the GDP is reflective of the decrease of wealth and lowering of the standard of living for all people in Germany. 

For people who may have a hard time understanding this concept ….. let’s say we find a poor person who stumbles across us.  We see that they need some food, so we buy them a hamburger.  Our purchase of a hamburger goes to the stranger.  The money spent would add to the GDP of whatever nation you’re residing in.  But, it’s less money in your pocket and you have no tangible return on your investment. 

Now, multiply that by 1.1 million and multiply that by 3 times a day and 365 times a year, plus housing and renovations and all of the other things necessary to accommodate the invaders …ooops, I mean rapists …oops, already did that one …..  guests.  There, you have the 1.7% rise in your GDP.  

Well, Germany today, the US will have to wait until tomorrow. 

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