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Well, I’ve had it for a couple of days, but, I thought it needed sharing!

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I Welcome Back The U.K. As A Sovereign Nation!


You people have chosen to be the captains of your own destiny!  Nicely done! 

I have complete faith, that, left alone, the Brits will find their way to being the prosperous, freedom loving, independent nation it had always been prior to its dalliance with globalization.  True, the cards are stacked against them, but, they’ve always been so. 

For those worried that they can’t make it without the EU, I can offer these words of wisdom from one of our most brilliant founding fathers ……

“To be thrown upon one’s own resources, is to be cast into the very lap of fortune; for our faculties then undergo a development and display an energy of which they were previously unsusceptible”  …… Ben Franklin

I suppose I should leave it at that.  But, I won’t.  There are some in Scotland harping about another referendum for their own independence from the U.K.  The Scots overwhelmingly voted to remain in the EU. 

I wouldn’t give it much thought.  By all means, if the people of Scotland believe they’re better off without the people of the rest of the UK, and I would support their endeavor, not that they’d need my support nor care for it.  But, I would point out  a troublesome point.  I don’t believe an independent Scotland would qualify to be part of the Eurozone.  I’m not sure on the larger question of the EU proper, but, without the Euro, Scotland would have a very hard row to hoe, and, still be encumbered by the bureaucracy of the EU.  In my estimation, it would be suicidal for the Scots to leave the U.K., but, I’m all in favor of choosing your own path.  Wales made it clear where they stood. Were it not for London, the vote wouldn’t have been close in England.  An extra bump to the people of Wales.  I understand they were in line for some good freebies from the EU next year, but, still opted out!  Good on you! 

Leftards and globalists worldwide are now $hitting and spinning like no one’s  business!  I think this bodes well for Trump.  And, BTW, it was a brilliant move on Trump to be in the UK at this great moment in history.  The parallels between what’s happening in the UK and the US are unmistakable.  The difference is now that the elite in the UK realize they have to reckon with the proles.  We still have people like Hillary and Obama. 

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Will Britain Become Great Again?


Tomorrow will be a great and terrible day of decision for the people of Britannia.    The question is great and the burden of the vote no less so.  While I’m no Anglophile, I’ve long noted the unbreakable connection between the people of Great Britain and the United States.  In many ways, our fates are connected. 

If I thought the question as to leave or remain in the EU only effected the people of Britannia, then, I would probably not post on the question.  While I wish nothing but the best for our cousins across the pond, if it were only a question of their people then I would wish them well and wisdom for their choice and respect the will of their people.  But, the question doesn’t only effect Brits.  Their answer to the question may very well determine a course for all of humanity. 

As most readers would already know, I’ve nothing but contempt for such an organization as the European Union.   It is an autocratic bureaucracy with no accountability, no democratic representation, and virtually no limits on its authority.  I don’t believe this is what the people of Europe had envisioned when their leaders ushered the EU into existence. 

As I’ve pointed out several times in the past, it’s very existence is contrary to freedom and cannot possibly advance the pursuits of the millions of people it attempts to govern.  The interests of the people of Great Britain are not the same interests of the people of say …… Spain.  Just as the interests of the people of Germany are not the same interests of the people of Greece ….. Austria, Sweden …….. etc……. etc. 

In it’s brief history, the EU has shown nothing but incompetence, corruption, poor decision making, and a remarkable contempt for the will of the various peoples it attempts to govern.  Yet, it seems after each year, more and more power is usurped from the various states to the centralized power of the autocratic bureaucracy. 

I fully believe this is the model for globalists worldwide.  It terrifies me.  If Britain doesn’t stop the EU now, the ever usurping autocratic bureaucracy will continue to grow unfettered.  It will spawn other similar forms of government.  The voice of the individual may very well have their fate sealed with this vote and mankind will usher in a new dawn of Orwellian governance. 

I have come to believe this is why they invited the Muslims to invade Europe.  You see, many coming from such places as the Mid-East refuse to integrate.   They know nothing but autocracy.  These are the sort of people a government such as the EU wishes to govern.  They know nothing of individual rights, refuse to learn from the greatest thinkers which led Western Civilization to such liberties the world has never seen before, and, happily commit violence against people who don’t conform to their way of thinking.  The EU is tired of you proles! 

But, tomorrow, tomorrow!!!!  Great Britain has an opportunity to stop this madness.  I also fully believe if G.B. votes to leave, others will follow and the EU will collapse.  The vote isn’t just for Great Britain, it is for the rest of Europe and the entire Western Civilization and humanity itself. 

On an aside, I would be remiss if I didn’t snicker, sneer, and LOL at one of the bigger arguments the Remain team makes against Leave. …….. trade!

What special sort of imbecile believes that the people of G.B. suddenly forgot how to make trade with other nations without the assistance of the EU?  The great and wonderful history of the British people demonstrates trade has been central and essential since they came into being.  I promise you, the Brits’ trade will thrive better without the autocratic bureaucracy than with.  The Brits would have less restrictions and less trade barriers without the EU.  It’s nonsensical to suggest otherwise. 

If you’re a Brit, please, vote leave!  The world needs you.  Posterity is calling.  Please, rise up and answer the call! 

May God bless the British people with Divine wisdom to answer this great and terrible question. 


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Note To FBI And DOJ —– My God Is Not The Same As What The Muslims Refer To As “Allah”

My God sent his only begotten Son to live as a man, to die for our sins, to defeat death, in order to reconcile humanity with God.  Do any Muslims believe their “Allah” did that?  No?  Well, then they’re not the same and should not be used as a euphemism for each other.

The substitution is as idiotic as substituting “God” for Zeus or Shangdi. 

It’s intentional, insulting, and done to purposefully implicate Christians as complicit in the Orlando mass murder.  

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Breaking!!!!!!! NRA Not Connected To Charlie Hebdo Massacre!!!!!!!!!! ……. And Trump!!!!


I believe this pseudo-Tourette’s syndrome of the left has gone on far enough. 

As humans, our progress completely depends on our ability to view reality.  In this particular case, Dixon Diaz nails it perfectly. 

Of course, we all knew, everyone of us, left, right, and outer-space absolutely knew the first thing out of the leftards’ mouths would be “NRA”.  But, AFAIK, the NRA isn’t active in Paris, nor Brussels, nor London, nor …….

It is, rather, the left’s abject refusal to address reality which is entirely thwarting our progress against Muslim terrorism.  Regardless of what team Trump has to say in response to WaPo, I fully believe Obama, and the left, is complicit in these acts of terrorism.  I have no idea as to the motivation, or, if they are fully aware of their complicity, but, they are complicit.  

This is what diversity without assimilation has wrought.  Diversity without assimilation is what the left celebrates.  It is the most idiotic thought that there is no difference in the value of one culture over the other.  A quick study of history demonstrates some cultures are much more barbaric than others.  Some cultures can change and do advance, while others do not.   The institution of slavery is a great example.  The institution of slavery has been with man nearly since the beginning.  Yet, with very few minor exceptions, it was the Western civilization which ended the practice.  The abominable practice of slavery still exists in Africa and Asia. Still, the left persists in accusing the Western world of the sin of slavery, though, the West were not the first to invent it, but, the first to end it. 

Now, and always, the left are attacking gun ownership.  It is, not ‘as if’, but, is, that the left wants to make more defenseless citizens in the wake of the act of terrorism in Orlando.  What sort of scumbag wants to disarm citizens when citizens are being shot down?  You know, I don’t know that I’m right 100% of the time, but, I do know, and am 100% certain that the best response to being shot at is to arm yourself!  …… Or, call 911 and pray you’re not put on hold and wait for the police to arrive.  Either way ……

We are at a time of crisis, and under attack.  California, Florida, Texas, New York, ……. At what point do the American people start addressing reality?  These events have as much to do with the NRA as the events in London, Paris, Brussels ……….  It’s simply more diversion, delusion, and the abject refusal to address reality. 

I love my fellow citizens more than this.  We can’t do this any longer!  Arm yourselves!  Defend yourselves!  We have a government which is entirely devoted to ensuring that you’re in harms way!  Nay, we have an entire society devoted to such monstrous machinations. 

There’s a lot more to say, and I wish I could conjoin it better, but, the above and much more is the cause of the rise of Donald Trump.  If it wasn’t Trump, it would be someone else.  As regular readers know, I’m no fan.  But, I’m coming around.  Here’s a column from another who isn’t a fan.  But, Trump supporters and anti-Trump people should read it.

So What Difference Does It Make?

It’s a great rant!  It was written before the Orlando massacre, but, it applies today.

It is the left which inhibits us from protecting ourselves, both personally and nationally.  Their rolling outrage machine has rolled upon itself.  Now, we’re confronted with the reality that the left advocacy advocates two dichotomous thoughts.  One can’t get around this one.  They support gay men, and support Muslim immigration, while rejecting assimilation.  It doesn’t work. 

As a Christian, I’m constantly vilified for my beliefs.  Yet, my beliefs don’t compel me to kill homosexuals or people I disagree with, in general.  The left would rather have Orlando than me ….. or you. 


My two cents on the upcoming election ……

I think Trump is going to get a huge yuge rise on this event.  If he was smart, he’d talk about it every day.  But, to be frank, if Hillary were smart, she’d be doing exactly what she is doing  …….. attacking the NRA.  Yes, it’s deflection, but, what else can she say or do?  From Libya to Egypt to everywhere else in the mid-East, Hillary has failed and the administration has backed extremist Muslims.  It’s a fascinating thing, she can talk about experience all she wishes and can claim ……. something, but, if brought up in a debate, she’s crushed. 

There’s much more to say and write, but, I’ll leave it to the able commentators. 

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My Gun Control Post ……

I fully support complete disarmament of Islamic terrorists, both American and foreign born. 

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Today’s Spanish Lesson!!!!!


Translated fully to English, “La Raza Lawyers of San Diego” means, “The Race Lawyers of Saint James”. 

Now, apparently, The Race Lawyers of Saint James don’t wish to be confused with other organizations with the Spanish wording for “The Race”, or, “La Raza”. 

According to various groups going by the name “La Raza” they are not affiliated. 

For me, it’s a matter of little difference.  As far as I can tell, the term “La Raza” is uniquely used to reference Hispanic peoples and referring to them as “The Race”.  Any group using “La Raza” in it’s name is by definition —– racist. 

I suppose La Raza could be appropriately used if referencing the entire Human Race, but, I don’t believe such a case exists today.  The term as it is used today is bizarre, nescience, and idiotic.  Hispanics of Spanish descent are Caucasians just as people in America of other  European descent are Caucasians. 

I hope you all have enjoyed today’s Spanish lesson. 

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New American National Anthem? Lie To Me!!!!!!


I’ve featured this song/video before, mostly because it’s a great song, I really dig the blues style and the guitar playing, the vocals, and well, I think it’s a great song! (The one afterwards, on the mix it pretty darn good, too!)  But, today, I’ve featured it because I think this is what many if not most Americans want —–   They must want it because they not only tolerate it, but, many support the people who constantly lie to us.

It’s too much for me.  But, then, I’m old enough to remember when a person would be forced from office when other people spied on other people and they didn’t do anything about it after they were informed about it.  —– For those too young to know, or ill-informed about it, this is what happened to president Nixon. 

Now, members of the administration who did actually spy on a journalist for possible crime of journalism can aggressively attack said journalist without any repercussions for the spying.

But, it’s not just that ….  The VA scandal, where our veterans are basically killed by bureaucrats and their indifference, we’re suppose to believe our administration is going to do something about it.  Well, they told us they were really, really mad about and promised us they would do something about it ………  I guess that’s good enough for the American people.  There doesn’t seem to be any outrage about it.  Indeed, even one of the people at the heart of the scandal, instead of going to jail and being prosecuted for falsifying records, now stands a good chance at having her job reinstated because our Department of “Justice” has now decided not to enforce a law congress passed to make it easier to fire incompetent administrators.  It seems ….. well,

Lynch stressed in her letter that the DOJ will “continue to defend the vast bulk” of the law, including against Helman’s other legal challenges. But she said the DOJ would not defend the provision that denied Helman an appeal after a judge upheld her removal. …..

….Helman is suing the federal government to win her old job back and as part of that argued the congressional reforms unconstitutionally denied her a step to appeal her dismissal.

It’s weird.  I’ve read the US Constitution many times.  I don’t recall ever seeing a job protected by legal court proceeding, much less an appeal of said court proceeding.  WTF happened to when your boss tells you ‘you’re fired’ means that you’re fired?  I mean, that’s how the rest of us little people live, isn’t it?  Sure, I understand there are some union work places which have their own rules, but, there’s nothing in the constitution which guarantees any of this.  But, that’s okay.  We want to believe our administration is on this VA stuff and our DOJ pursues the laws our congress passes.  Because we want to believe this, we need to be lied to.  Tell me where the justice is for these veterans?  Instead of putting this b*tch in jail, the “people” will try and help her get her job back.  As long as we believe they’re trying, it’ll be okay. 

But, that’s okay, even when we catch them at lying, they admit to lying to us, nothing happens ….. I mean, other than attacking the aforementioned journalist. 

As Katie wrote earlier, the Obama State Department has admitted that it deliberately deleted a portion of video from a 2013 press briefing, at which then-spokeswoman Jen Psaki appeared to confirm to Fox News correspondent James Rosen that misleading the press is sometimes a necessary element of secret diplomacy. That admission seems particularly damaging in light of recent revelations that senior White House national security aide Ben Rhodes intentionally and repeatedly manipulated the media and the public in selling the administration’s controversial nuclear deal with Iran. Obama officials appear to have inaccurately portrayed key elements of the agreement — from the circumstances under which talks began, to its terms pertaining to illegal ballistic missile tests, to the nature of its inspections regime. It seems as though somebody at the State Department realized that Psaki’s answer in late 2013 might fuel the political controversy over Rhodes’ deceitful “echo chamber” strategy, and ordered that the original tape be edited to excise the exchange. When this ex post facto bowdlerization was discovered by Fox News, State lied about it, claiming it was cause by a technical “glitch,” as opposed to an intentional act. (Anyone with knowledge of television editing recognizes a so-called “white flash” edit as anything but accidental).   

I guess some people like being lied to.  The State Dept seems incredibly incurious as to who ordered the editing and doesn’t seem inclined to investigate if similar editing has occurred or not.  But, they’ve assured us that they’re taking steps to make sure this doesn’t happen again.  Lie to me some more!!!!!!  Lie to me!!! 

Speaking of the State Dept and lies, Hillary attacked Trump on his incoherent foreign policy stances.  It’s true, many of his statements seem to indicate he doesn’t have a firm conviction or view.  It’s fair to attack them, I suppose. 

In another America I used to live in, Hillary making a foreign policy speech would have got her laughed or booed off the stage.  I mean, this is the person who guided our foreign policy through one dismal failure after another.  She even managed to state, “ …….  well ……

“There’s nothing I take more seriously than our national security,” she averred, hoping that viewers would simply forget how she knowingly and deliberately compromised our national security with her improper and unsecure email scheme — about which she’s endlessly lied, ……

And yet, a huge portion, if not the majority of the people voting in the next presidential election will vote for her.  She even managed to seemingly take credit for the Iran nuclear deal, which, as mentioned above was built on and sold to the American people by lies.  Only people who like being lied to could possibly advocate putting someone like her anywhere but prison.  But, that was only in the America I used to live in.  Lie to me, tell me everything’s okay! 

Tell me that you’re something you’re not

“My reading of scripture tells me that that [the] Golden Rule is pretty high up there in terms of my Christian belief,” he said during a town hall in Elkhart, Indiana.

Apparently, Zero doesn’t understand what the “Golden Rule” is about

“Do to others what you want them to do to you. This is the meaning of the law of Moses and the teaching of the prophets.”

So, apparently Zero wants people to shove their own ideologies up his a$$ regardless of his feelings or beliefs, or his safety, for that matter.  Good to know …… or, maybe, just maybe, he’s lying to us about his beliefs and understanding of the Golden Rule. 

But, then, this entire issue is based upon people lying to themselves, trying to convince the world that they’re something they’re not.  You can believe you’re the opposite gender that you are all you wish, it doesn’t make it true.  In fact, nothing will make it true.  There’s nothing anyone can do to accommodate that belief to being true.  It’s a mental disorder!!!!  It’s called Gender dysphoria!!!!! Personally, I’d want someone to help bring me to reality rather than play into any delusions I may have.  Instead, the president, and many Americans want to lie to these people with the mental disorder.  Indeed, they’ll participate in the lie. 

For those who may not be versed in reality, gender isn’t a social construct, it’s a biological construct.  It’s science, and human anatomy and physiology.  What sort of dumbass can claim to love and adhere to science but reject basic biology?

They’re lying to us, they know they’re lying to us, we know they’re lying to us, and we continue to accept the lies.  And, we lie to ourselves believing it will get better. 

Until we start to reject the people who habitually, consistently, and continually lie to us, it will never get better.  I suppose, though, there are people who don’t want it to get better.  These are the same people who would take a f’n gorilla over a child’s life.  Lie to me, go ahead and lie to me.  Tell me if that wasn’t your child being dragged around by a gorilla that you wouldn’t want your child safeguarded at any cost.  And, in this case, the call is a simple choice, but, we like to pretend it wasn’t. 

So, in light of these events and a multitude of others, I propose the above song be our new national anthem.  Lie to me!!!!!!

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Well, Yes, If You’re Part Of That Gang Of Pinheads, You’d Be “Rattled”, Too!!!!


So, Zero decided to try and get Donald Trump elected by going overseas and badmouthing possibly the next POTUS. 

Obama: The World ‘Rattled’ by Donald Trump

President Barack Obama admitted that world leaders were “surprised” and “rattled” by the political rise of Donald Trump.

“I think it’s fair to say that they are surprised by the Republican nominee. They are not sure how seriously to take some of his pronouncements, but they’re rattled by him, and for good reason,” he said. “Because a lot of the proposals that he’s made display either ignorance of world affairs or a cavalier attitude or an interest in getting tweets and headlines instead of actually thinking through what it is that is required to keep America safe and secure and prosperous and what is required to keep the world on an even keel.”

Obama made his remarks during a press conference held in Japan at the G7 summit. He said that it was clear that world leaders were paying close attention to the election, because of the country’s position in the world.

“The United States, as I said before, is at the heart of the international order,” he said.

Even countries that didn’t like the U.S., he explained, knew that the world was in trouble if Americans were not providing stability in the world.

“The world pays attention to U.S. elections. They pay more attention to our elections sometimes than we pay to theirs,” he said.

I don’t care if you are for or against Trump.  It doesn’t matter.  For a POTUS to do this, especially on foreign soil is simply wrong.  Whether you like Trump or not, there’s a very real chance he’s going to be the next POTUS ……….. and here, our current POTUS is undermining him.  It certainly demonstrates Zero’s hatred for this nation.  You see, Obama doesn’t give a damn about this nation, nor the state of the nation when he leaves, or what his successors have to deal with in his wake.  He is, once again, putting his leftarded ideology over the good of the nation, and her people. 

Now, it’s easy to see how Zero would have come to this conclusion given the people he’s been meeting with.  Just look at that collection of pinheads!!!!!  Nearly all of them are actively working against the interests of their own people!  ……. I haven’t followed the Italian, so, I don’t know about him.  The Canadian, AFAIK, hasn’t had enough time to do much damage to Canada, yet, but, I’m certain he’s trying.  The rest is simply a group of people who have utterly failed their people and disregard the interests of their own in favor of some idiotic ideology. …… well, okay, I don’t know if Abe is following the idiotic ideology or is just a moron ……. I really can’t tell with him.  Last I checked he was still trying to print money to spur his economy.  The Brit wants the UK to remain in the EU, in spite of the German who wants to destroy Europe using the EU.  The Frenchman is of the same ilk, but, perhaps a more fervent believer in global socialism.   

If someone was to ask me, this is a campaign poster for Donald Trump. 

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LOL!!!!!! You Sing Like A Girl!!!!!!!

Well, I was tickled by this and thought I’d share …..

Gay Men’s Chorus ‘Humiliated’ by Female Voiceover in National Anthem

The San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus is lashing out at the San Diego Padres after the group, standing on the field at Petco Park to sing the national anthem on Saturday evening, was upstaged by a recorded female voiceover singing instead.

In a statement, the chorus said: “What should have been a night of joy and celebration at Petco Park last night, instead turned into a nightmare raising serious questions about homophobia within the San Diego Padres organization and its relationship with the LGBT community.”

The statement continued:

… 100 volunteer singers of the San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus took to the field to proudly sing the National Anthem. Instead, in front of the large crowd gathered for the LA Dodgers game, the San Diego Padres played the recorded voice of a woman singing the anthem.

No attempt was made to stop the recording and start over. No announcement of apology was made to the singers or their friends and families in the stands. No attempt to correct the situation occurred other than to force the 100 men to stand in the spotlight of center field for the song’s duration and then be escorted off the field to the heckles of baseball fans shouting homophobic taunts including “You sing like a girl.”

Well, now, yes, it’s bad form to invite someone to do something if you’re not going to let them do it.  An apology by the Padres has already been issued.

But, the humorous observations that the people heard a woman instead of the male voices they expected is simply funny.  It isn’t homophobic in any manner.  Get a grip, ladies.   

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