Dossiers, Memos, And Referrals!!!! OH MY!!!!!!


I really don’t have much to say about this stuff, at this point.  But, I do think reading other people’s perspectives may be beneficial.

The reason I don’t have much to say is because information is still flowing in.  For people following this issue, I won’t have many revelations, and for people who haven’t followed this issue, they will be incredulous.

Personally, I’ve followed this issue (issues) fairly intently.  So much so, before the memo was released I told my son-in-law and daughter just about exactly what was going to be in it.  The crimal referral by the Senate was a bit of a surprise for me, but, again, it didn’t contain much that any one following this issue didn’t already know.  Still, there are some thoughts to be shared …….

Let’s start with what we do know …..

We know the DNC paid for the Trump dossier.  We also know the FBI/DOJ used the dossier to gain a FISA warrent on Carter Page.  We also know some people working at the FBI and the DOJ were vehemently anti-Trump.  Given the texts of these people, we see that they acted, at times, in the interest of their chosen party rather than the interests of the people of the US.  Oh, yeh, we also know the people who applied for the FISA warrent knew the DNC paid for the dossier and knew that nearly all of the dossier was bogus.

Now, as far as criminality, I believe some laws were broken here ….. the potential punishment?  I don’t know that, yet.  I’ve not bothered to look them up.  There is much more to come ….. maybe.

Already, there are too many angles to look at, too many issues at hand. 

Here are some thoughts …….

So, the FBI and the DOJ were worried about some people in the Trump campaign were acting in coordination with Russia?  Okay.  Here’s something no one has bothered to ask …… what did our NSA and CIA have to say about it?  Why haven’t they been asked?  I believe we’ll find Carter Page was working with our intelligence agencies. ….. if anyone were to ever ask and get a real answer.  And, as is obvious to anyone looking, the warrent was simply a ruse to spy on the Trump campaign.  Given the FISA warrent, if there was any “collusion” we’d already have the evidence there was collusion.  This is real simple stuff. THEY WERE SURVEILLING MEMBERS OF THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN!!!!  If there was any collusion we would have already seen it.

But, that’s the rub.  Look, this issue goes way beyond any collusion idiocy, which, btw, isn’t against the law.  Now, if the Trump campaign asked the Russians to hack the systems they supposedly hacked, and the Russians did at the behest of the Trump campaign, then, yeh, that violates the law.  But, I don’t believe anyone seriously regards this as a possibility …… no one sane, at least.

The problem is, we’ve become exactly what we were not suppose to be.  You can call it “deep state” if you will, I suppose it is apt.  The fact is, the very nature of a government job lends itself to leftardism.  I can imagine, regardless of the government job, one would feel like they are doing a great service to America.  That, we somehow can’t do without them being our benefactor.  Couple that with the inability for us to fire said public “servants”, and what you will get is a group of people believing they are our rulers, rather than servants.  Let us also acknowledge that regarless of who we hire, they will be partisan in one form or another.  Clearly, there are partisan actors engaged in attempting to thwart the current president.  You and I are paying them, and there’s not a damned thing we can do about it ……. right now.

Let’s not kid ourselves.  Yes, the president can fire the people appointed to their jobs.  However, the president cannot fire the people beneath the appointed positions, because of idiotic agreements already made.  The appointees are entirely dependent upon the people they can’t fire.  This is terrifying!!!!!!!

Congress can give light to this issue, but, they can’t put people in jail.  That would require the very people who are in the spotlight, the very same who refused to charge/investigate the weaponized IRS.

In spite of the dimmest of light shone on this issue, I have little hope that congress has the ability or the will to fix this mess that has become our federal government.  We, as a people must do this.  Yet, we won’t/can’t because we are divided politically.  Our only hope is the judicial branch ……… which, as we recollect, got played by issuing the FISA warrent to begin with.

People, if nothing else comes of this, it should be apparent to any American citizen that we have a lot of work to do if we are to save the notion of this Great Expirement. 

How ironic is it that a comic strip would give us guidance ….. “We have met the enemy and he is us.” 

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9 Responses to Dossiers, Memos, And Referrals!!!! OH MY!!!!!!

  1. TG says:

    Excellent summation and I believe it 99.99% – combined with late breaking news and whats coming this is scary entertainment on steroid. But what a price, to USA and freedom loving people the world over!
    Democrats and lefty’s are the slimy enemy’s of all that is good!

  2. leftinflagstaff says:

    ‘Yet, we won’t/can’t because we are divided politically. ‘

    Only the won’t part. We’re just comfortable pretending politics is really the roadblock. Giving us our ‘can’t’ excuse, to not do what was always going to be required by Americans some day. The only influence our current politics should be having, is to let us know it’s obviously time.

    There’s nothing a people with 300 million guns ‘can’t’ do.

  3. philjourdan says:

    That “comic strip” dates you. Not many remember Pogo. Although many probably have heard the quote.

    I am like you on this. I did not wait with baited breath for the Nunes memo. And I was shown to be correct. It merely stated what was generally already known. I did not expect much more than that. But it was stated by Congress which now moves the supposition into the field of known information.

    Each day brings out more revelations and more evidence. And it keeps getting closer and closer to Obama. This is not an accident. I think it is a planned action. And Trump is behind the plan. for those whining about Sessions being a “do-nothing”, they are missing the forest for the trees. Sessions is doing a lot – just not in the headlines. Which is exactly what Trump wants. It is easy to defend against the enemy you see. It is a lot harder against the enemy you do not. So while Trump distracts the YSM and democrats with his tweets and Mueller (and I think that is why Trump has no problem keeping him around), Sessions quietly goes about building an ironclad case.

    That much is obvious. To some. But it is being missed by the left. Trump’s feeding their TDS is the distraction.

    So invest in popcorn futures and sit back and enjoy. Watergate was not exposed in a day. And this is bigger than Watergate.

  4. cdquarles says:

    Yep, Phil, yep. Plus, what far too many ‘know’ about Watergate just isn’t so. Watergate, in part, was the Left’s revenge against a man who mostly agreed with their premises; but nailed one of their hero’s spies. The Left just couldn’t have that.

  5. Latitude says:

    These worms have gotten away with everything so far….it’s obvious what they did was illegal and obvious they knew it…..I’m not holding my breath to see any of them go to trial much less be convicted….somehow they will find some peon to hang for it and that will be the last we hear

    Makes me physically sick……….

  6. cdquarles says:

    On the brighter side, remember “We can’t drill our way out of …….”?, well there’s this:

    Of course we could have drilled our way out. Heck, we could have busted OPEC when it was first born, had the Powers That Be done that instead of shackling production by continuing oil price controls far beyond a reasonable expiration date (should have been Jan 1946 at the latest). Why? Thank the dominant premises of leftists, who have been TPTB since Teddy R, Woodrow W and Teddy’s cousin Franklin.

    • Lars P. says:

      Well, it is not all the way out yet.
      “We’re not a net exporter of oil yet. We’re still importing, on net, about four million barrels a day.”
      Whilst consumption may decline and production stay steady there are some caveats I keep on reading on various sites:
      – shale oil production is thought to decrease significant after first 2-3 years from same wells – in contrast with ‘normal’ production
      – the sweet spots are already taken, what is left are harder nuts to crack with less goodies inside
      What is true is that currently the significance of imports is small for the US.

      we could have busted OPEC when it was first born
      Not sure if the shale revolution could have happened earlier as it requires a high control of the wells that I understand could be achieved only with the new computer technology.

      Whilst I think the non-biotic theory of oil & gas is the right one (see Titan – I keep on giving this example when talking with leftards and ask them when did the dinosaurs fly over there), it is still true that the cheap oil is mostly gone and what comes is not so easily extracted.
      Also would think that there is still more to come from older wells but at smaller output (see continuous oil production). A certain ‘peak oil’ will come as our consumption is above what the Earth naturally produces, oil price will gradually go higher in the next decade and be partially replaced with methane.

      • Mark Luhman says:

        The were drill the Bakken horizontality in the 1980s they were fracking at that time to. The problem is you need oil prices over 27.00 a barrel to make it pay. There two other similar formation under the Bakken they have not really tap either of them. Add in the oil and oil shale the exist on Federal lands four Million more barrels a day is not a problem. The larges know untapped oil field is on the east coast of Florida. The larges know oil shale deposits are on Federal land in the south west Wyoming, north west Colorado, and eastern Utah those shale deposits are thousands of feet thick, unlike the Bakken that runs from ten to a couple hundred feet thick. God only knows what we have on the east cost, since Pennsylvania was the first they found oil in the US.

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