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Salute Seems Vaguely Familiar

Yep, nothing says “energize” like the prospect of ripping unborn babies out of a mother’s womb. I mean, really.  This is about late term abortion.  While I can’t understand anyone who thinks this should be promoted, I understand people have … Continue reading

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NSA Spying On EU Explained In Terms They Can Understand

It seems our European friends have a case of the madz.  For some reason, they don’t like us spying on them.  Emerging allegations that America’s National Security Agency bugged and hacked European Union offices stoked tension Sunday between U.S. and … Continue reading

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Biden Displays Ignorance And Unbelievable Callousness

Biden: ‘President and I’ Saved Economy Oh, yeh, you sure fixed it, all right.  “With virtually zero support from the Republicans, the president and I have moved the country from the worst recession since the Great Depression to 38 months … Continue reading

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Zero Pledges $16 Billion In Electricity Investment __ In Africa!!!!

But, about half of that is just throwing money away ……. The White House says Obama’s electricity initiative, dubbed “Power Africa,” symbolizes the type of cross-continent ventures the president seeks. Backed by $7 billion in U.S. investment, the power program … Continue reading

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Shock News!!! Globe Has Gained Sea Ice In Last Eight Years!!!!

  LOL!!!  Zero wants to fix this.  source So, how come the cli-sci people haven’t told the world that our sea ice problem isn’t a problem and that total global snow and ice albedo has likely increased over nearly a … Continue reading

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An Alarming Trend In SH Sea Ice!!!!

So I decided to do an annual average of the SH sea ice.  In this case it is from June 30 of one year to June 29 of the next.  I went back to the 2000-2001 year. source Good heavens!!!  … Continue reading

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Zero Places ‘His Press’ In Timeout! ….. For Asking Questions In South Africa

Again, Zero has to remind the media of their place! At his earlier stop in Senegal, Obama apologized to host President Macky Sall on behalf the American media.“Sometimes my press _ I notice yours just ask one question,” Obama said. … Continue reading

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Educate Your Friends Said The Man Who Thinks CO2 Causes Lyme’s Disease

In Saturday’s radio address, Zero urged voters to act, he said: “Educate your classmates and colleagues, your family and friends. ….” Said the man who believes atmospheric CO2 causes asthma and Lyme’s disease. Yes, by all means, climate nutters should … Continue reading

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Gems on the Sword — Are You Listening? — June 30

Guest post by Jeanette Andrade Are You Listening? June 30 Scripture Selection: Psalm 29:3-9;Prov. 30:5; Revelations 1:15, 14:1-2 Food for Thought: Ps. 29:4 The Bible gives great descriptions of the voice of God that proclaim His power beyond measure. His … Continue reading

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Wow ….. They’re Feeding On Themselves…..

Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. attacked after tweeting that Paula Deen should not be destroyed Lotta haters out there. 

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