The Super Bowl!!!! And How It Is Like Our Fight Against The Left!!!!

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Well, I’m late writing this.  But …….

It was kinda nice, watching the Super Bowl as a basically unbiased observer.  Sure, I don’t like the NE Patriots, any real football fan doesn’t like the Pats, other than the Pats’ fans.  I’m a Cowboy/Dolphin fan, anyone else, well, I’m  no fan.  The Falcons so rarely matter, I never really developed a dislike for them.  But, then, there were some of the leftist lunatics mad at the owner, coach and quarterback, because they are Trump supporters, so, that balanced my dislike for the Patriots as a team. 

To be honest, I thought the Pats were going to lose after the last Falcon score.  And, they should have ……. more on that in a bit.

The Falcons started off okay, as did the Pats.  But, it was early.  My perspective of the 1st qrt was that both offenses were feeling out the defenses who were playing really well.  Throughout the 1st half I was struck by the speed and ferocity of the Falcon defense.  Man!!!!  They were flying to the ball and hitting!  Their fantastic offense started to click in the 2nd qrt.  The Pat offense was doing alright, except that they would bog down as they were getting close to scoring range. 

Towards the end of the 1st half is what did it for me ……. look at the player in the lower left.  He had just intercepted Brady and took it for a score!  But, not before he started prancing and showboating before he actually crossed the goal line, giving the Falcons a 21-0 lead.  Then …… then was the moment I want the Pats to win.  And, I also thought to myself, man, that guy is setting himself up for some real disappointment.  He’s in the Super Bowl, playing against a very good team, and a very good coach with an amazing track record ……. shouldn’t be counting his chickens ….  21 points?  Sure, that’s never happened in a Super Bowl, but, it does happen often enough in the NFL, and that’s Brady and Belichick over there.  Sure, I don’t “like” them, but, I sure as heck respect what they’ve accomplished over their careers. 

When the Pats drove for a field goal late in the 1st half, I thought ….. well, this could be a game.   In fact, I was willing to bet it was going to be a good game.  Why?  Because, time is a SOB.  The Falcon’s only had 4 drives in the 1st half.  That’s because of the interception, and the Pat’s late FG.  After the FG, there was only time for a return, and nothing else.  Indeed, their offense didn’t touch the ball for the last 8:55 of the 1st half.  Their 4 drives consisted of 4 plays, 5, 5, and 5 plays.  While the Pats were struggling to put points on the board, their drives were 3, 9, 5, 3, 12, 11 plays. 

Now, the Falcons, on their 2nd possession of the 2nd half did put together an impressive drive of their own, to go up 28-3.  I thought, then, well, maybe that’s too much for even the Pats to overcome.  Brady and team did score a TD on the very next possession, but, they missed the extra-point, and they took a lot of time getting there.  And, the failed onside-kick try all but cemented their demise.  The score was 28-9, with only 2 minutes left in the 3rd qtr.  But, their defense held, and forced the Falcons to punt at the start of the 4th qtr.  Again, the Pats made an impressive drive, only to fall short of the goal line, and had to settle for another field-goal.  But, if you watched for the same thing I was watching, you would have seen it ….. I said to myself, “man, those guys (the Falcon defense) are gassed”.  Even though there weren’t any penalties on the drive you could see their defense simply grabbing the Pats trying to hold on and keep up.  The penalties would come later.  Still, the score was 28-12 and only 9:44 left in the game.  It should have been the Falcons’ game.  All they had to do was ………..

Well, first and foremost, as anyone would tell you, hold on to the ball, don’t turn it over.  And, well, on a 3rd and one, running the ball would seem a better option, especially with the good running game the Falcons have.  But, it wasn’t what the Falcons decided to do.  They would try to pass for the first down.  But, they didn’t get a chance to pass the ball, Ryan was sacked and fumbled in the process.  Now, this wasn’t the dumbest play call in the history of the Super Bowl, that would come later in the game, but, it was a pretty stupid call.  If one is going to pass, trying to gain one yard, then, make it a quick one with a very short drop-back.  Instead, the Pats took the ball, and 5 plays later, they scored a TD and also a two-point conversion, making the game 28-20 with right at 6 minutes left in the game.  That’s when one just knew the Pats were going to win it!

On the Falcons’ very next possession, they put up a very quick drive and was in easy scoring position.  I thought this was “game over”.  All Atlanta had to do was kick a field goal and with 4 minutes left, it would be almost impossible for NE to catch up.  Did I mention that keeping the ball in the field of play keeps the clock ticking and an incomplete pass stops the clock?  At this point, every one watching, even the Falcons knew they had to keep the ball, and keep that clock ticking, and simply score.  Even a field goal would put the game essentially out of reach of the surging Patriots.  And, then, the stupidest play call in the history of the Super Bowl occurred —- another deep drop pass play by the Falcons.  This time, however, Ryan didn’t fumble, he just lost 12 yards.  Making their erstwhile FG attempt much more difficult, but, still very makeable.  (about a 53 yard attempt)  The Falcons then continued with their implosion by a holding penalty, and taking themselves completely out of field goal range.  Still, they had another play, it was 3rd down.  And, they were at the Pats’ 45 yard-line.  A few more yards and they would be back in FG range.  Instead, they tried another pass, and didn’t complete it, stopping the clock.  Had they simply ran the ball, kept the clock moving, or forcing the Pats to burn their time-outs, and kicked the FG, it, most likely, would have been too much for the Pats to overcome.  So, not only did the Falcons fail to kick the easy FG, they also failed to manage the clock.  And, they did this after a 1st and 10 at the Pats 22 yard line.  That’s no easy feat!!!! 

Well, the rest, as they say, is history.  The Pats got the ball back with 3 1/2 minutes left in the game.  I think by this time, every one knew that was plenty of time for Brady and team.  The only question was if they could score another 2 pt conversion.  I’m sure it has happened before, but, I don’t recall another team making 2 2 pt conversions in the same game.  But, the Pats did on Sunday.  Then it came to the coin-toss for the overtime.  BTW, I hate the OT rules.  It seems to me, especially in the Super Bowl, each team should have the same opportunities, it shouldn’t come down to a coin-toss.  I think they should simply play an additional quarter.  If they are still tied at the end, keep doing it until they’re not tied at the end a quarter.  But, the rules in place, or the rules I believe we should have wouldn’t have made any difference in this game.  It was over as soon as the Pats won the coin toss. 

While I’ll never be a Patriot fan, I have to tip my hat to them.  Sure, they had help from the stupidest play call in the history of the Super Bowl, but, they persevered, and then conquered.   They played the game well, showed great composure, overcame adversity, and won against overwhelming odds. 

By now, readers should be seeing some parallels with the recent presidential election.  What were Trump’s odds right before the election?  Consider the bottom two pics above.  Dancing and prancing before reaching the goal line ….. and the figuratively “spiking the football” before the election was over. 

But, as the upper-right pic demonstrates, the election isn’t over for the leftards.  The pic is from the Berkeley riot when the lunatics stopped Milo from speaking.  It seems their outrage knows no bounds.  Smile  Just like it seemed the Falcons were unstoppable. 

You see, we all know there are limits to rage.  Indeed, conservatives know this all too well.  Some leftards are worrying about this, too.  Politico wrote an article fretting about it …..

The Democrats face up to their Trump problem
The base is eager to protest the president, but elected leaders worry about outrage fatigue.

Democrats don’t know how long they’ll be able to keep up the pace of protests against President Donald Trump — and they’re worried Trump and his team are counting on them to run out of energy before the White House does.

Two weeks into the Trump administration, party leaders have already reached a frantic, fevered pitch, throwing around talk of constitutional crisis and raising the specter of impeachment. ……..

Heh!!!  The “specter of impeachment” gives me the giggles!  Pop quiz for the leftards!!!!!  Where do the articles of impeachment originate?  Where would the impeachment be tried?

I really, really, really do hope they pursue this avenue.  It’s called “outrage fatigue”.  After being outraged for extended periods of time, gaining nothing, one simply resigns themselves to not being happy about whatever is happening and goes on about their life as best they can. 

Today, we are in the same position as the Patriots and the Falcons.  The left is exhausted.  This is why you see some of the most inane bs being tossed about.  They’re grabbing at anything they can, just trying to hold on and keep up.  Here are 16 fake news stories attacking Trump and team since he took office.  Mind you, it’s a dated article, it was 2 days ago, I’m sure there are more since.  Their desperation has become amusing.  Better, each time they run with this BS (equate that to a defensive holding call) they lose more credibility (equate that to the offense moving forward from the penalty).  Further, our defense is rested, alert, and able. 

Of course, this is the dilemma for the left.  The right (as we call it) likes to present reasoned and civil arguments, if not dispassionate. That’s what many of us like to do.  The left, OTOH, is almost entirely emotive.  I’m not saying there are no smart and reasoning leftists, there are.  But, that’s just not what they do.  That’s not how they make their hay.  It is, with them, always a play upon the heartstrings, outrage, and emotive responses.  They have no defense, only an offense.  Once the offense is stifled, then, they’ve nothing left. 

Sure, we’ll always have with us the people who bankroll the faux outrage.  But, each day, it becomes more and more obvious to the people.  And, each day, the people become more and more fatigued with the outrage.  At some point in the very near future, if team Trump and conservatives stay the course, most of this noise goes away.  Then, the adults can have a conversation without all that background noise, and we can finally rid ourselves of the left/right paradigm.

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54 Responses to The Super Bowl!!!! And How It Is Like Our Fight Against The Left!!!!

  1. TG says:

    Great write up, I agree the left is in full burnout mode. Oh do I love it! Donald needs to stay the course!

    • Seems the pattern is explode, burnout, rest, comeback crazier. I think they’ve gotten more insane since the sixties. What will 2060 be like. They’ll keep passing it to their children.

  2. Lars P. says:

    Well, you are happy not to have the lunatics in power. Whilst the media is abundant in fake news, telling the truth makes one guilty when the lunatics are in power.
    Sweden has become the world capital of rape, in 30 years the number of rapes raised from about 800 in the 80s’ to 6000 per year now.
    When I read what the cop says:
    Then read what the press says, I am stunned:

    • dirkhblog says:

      Lars, check out Norse News on youtube.
      And no, it’s NOT in Norse!

      • Lars P. says:

        Thanks Dirk!
        Titanic nationalism. that is an interesting allegory

      • Me says:

        And there is an irony behind this! Funny that is has to be in the English language!The other A NO No! So are they saying we have to step up to the plate yet again!!!! If so you need to do your part!

        • Me says:

          Cause we all know it is nit just a white thang but an English thing as well!

        • Me says:

          ….it is not just a ….

        • Me says:

          Some of us know it, Lots of distractions, but in the end is always the English that ends saving the day! Bottom line!

        • Me says:

          And why do you think a TV show like Vikings is aired? In English filmed in Ireland? Cause it is entertaining!

        • Me says:

          I’ll, tell ya, it means nothing, but what we are living in today Ya can look at as the glory of it was but it didn’t last! Now there is a new dawn, fantasy’s are gone! And if we are going to be pussies the English will in the same boat!

        • dirkhblog says:

          Me, English is just the Lingua Franca and it is easy for Germans and Swedes to use. Because it’s a mostly Germanic language just like Norse. We use the Lingua Franca to reach wider audiences and get more opinions from people like you. That’s all.

          Just like when the “Israelites” first wrote down the Bible they used not Hebrew but Greek. (the Septuagint, 270BC)

        • Lars P. says:

          Me, as Dirk explains, norwegian is different to swedish, different to german, different to danish, different to hollandish, different to french, different to finish, different to estinian, different to polish, different to the 28 languages of the european union and so on.
          How best can norwegians talk to all other? The swedes are, or at least the locals were, very well educated with one of the highest number of people who know at least 2 languages, with very good knowledge of english.
          English is now in a similar position as greek was at about 300 BC, as roman was after 100 BC to 400 and even later. The greeks also had their time when they ‘ruled the world’.

        • Me says:

          And now y’all have to speak English, and probably don’t like it, or maybe ya do! But is it funny that both of you say that, that when I hear the common complaints about English, it is that it’s difficult to understand, Well it’s good that you can, and probably because of the English that liberated Europe from that gang of no goods at the time.

      • Lars P. says:

        More about Sweden feminists and Titanic nationalism:

        They brass about Trump but …

        Each time when I see those posing feminists, the thousands of genital mutilations that are forced to girls in the country they rule come to my mind.

  3. >>
    . . . the stupidest play call in the history of the Super Bowl . . . .

    Although the play call was bad, those of us who are Seahawk fans think Super Bowl 49 had some stupid play calls too: “Pacific Northwest: What are we doing throwing at the 1 with three shots to let Marshawn Lynch win the game?!”


    • suyts says:

      Well, true, there are other plays in contention, and that’s 3 of them, but, still …….

      • Latitude says:

        confession….I haven’t had time to read everything you wrote until right now

        You know something?…..damn you’re good! LOL

        I didn’t watch the game….but you’re play by play was as good or better than actually watching it!

        …and you’re spot on again…..I have “outrage fatigue” big time….I’m over it all

  4. philjourdan says:

    I did not watch the game. I did not want to be subjected to politics in it. I heard that they behaved themselves, but then the pre-game hype caused me to tune out. Makes you wonder how many others skipped the game for the same reason.

    But from what I have read, the fix was in. Not as in fixing the game. It is always nice to see your team run away and score fast, but that leaves the defense on the field longer. And they do get tired. Reading the reports after the game, that, as much as Brady, was the reason the Falcons lost. The defense held up their end as long as they could. But the offense did not do their end.

    Just like the election in a way. Kind of surprising that the most conservative team in the NFL plays in the most liberal area. But reality does not have to be believable as it just is.

  5. Latitude says:

    The left is cranking it up…
    ….it’s too much, too little, and too late

    Everyone that hasn’t tuned them out completely… so sick and tired of it all

    It’s been something….constantly…for too too long now…
    Gay rights, BLM, reparations, global warming, politics, what’s going extinct now, who’s lying and who’s telling the truth, which president is bombing or not bombing what, terrorism, globalization, European union, muslims, illegal immigrants, who’s the new crime and rape capital now, economists, liberals, green crap, and jobs….

    GD something all the time….and there’s always someone with their panties in a wad about something

    • leftinflagstaff says:

      Wonder if we’ll ever figure out that we’re the ones allowing them to still have a role in our government. The only reason it continues to be an issue. We’re only required to let them have their free speech, not let gain political power and weaponize it against Americans.

  6. cdquarles says:

    I can’t stand the NFL any more. I am an old Dolphins fan, so I might have paid more attention had the Dolphins done better in the playoffs. A similar thing happened to my Crimson Tide in their championship game. Alabama’s defense got gassed a bit, due to, in part, poor play calling after a key running back was injured. They still had the lead late; yet stupid penalties allowed Clemson to score a late TD. Clemson executed a well designed onside kick … and the rest is history.

  7. dirkhblog says:

    “That’s not how they make their hay. It is, with them, always a play upon the heartstrings, outrage, and emotive responses. ”

    Jordan Peterson says, there are three types:
    -Conservatives. good at sticking to rules. they keep systems running.
    -Creatives. Good at creating new stuff. google engineer types. Typically these orient to the left because they are not content with sticking to rules.
    -over-nurturing mother types. They actually seek out victim groups and actually WANT to help them. This is the core engine of the ill. Also: as over-nurturing mothers they will let their “children” get away with ANYTHING (like feminists letting Muslim immigrants get away with rape and blaming WHITE MALES instead).

    Interestingly MERKEL of the nominally CONSERVATIVE CDU is the LAST type… which explains the self destruction of the party.

  8. Me says:

    Pretty Much! And Bottom line! Conservative, Bottom line!

    • Me says:

      Right??? Just keep hiding it! No, till the Catholic Church was involved! Really!!!! To hell with them!

      • Me says:

        And you have the right to them freedoms, but not the right to abuse and hide behind the authority! And you have the right to associate, ya know to protest! But have the right to mask yourself and beat on someone else! Why aren’t these people masking them selves being arrested at the start?

        • Me says:

          How about the right to see some protester masking all up and when they starts shit that you recorded on camera that you have the right to go and do the same to them that they were doing to someone else???? Poetic Justice Now it would seem!

        • Me says:

          And then them leftards will cry!!! That is vigilante justice err somethang! Really!!! By the same Vigilante actions that they were doing!!!! Fight Fire with Fire!

        • Me says:

          And, I`ll tell ya right now! This is how they are working it. They can`t get the Guns because of the Constitution, they have tried every way they can but they have failed. So now, they are going after religion. I am not religious, but if they can divide on that, then they think they can do the same with the 2nd!

  9. Me says:

    I don’t understand Football, but I understand Hockey, And in Hockey I know how things go, when you have the best players chances are you will win, But not always! But when a sport protects a player and he ends up becoming the best because be has special privileges then there is a problem, Gretzky was one of them in Hockey, Orr wasn’t, Bossy wasn’t, Lemeux wasn’t and he was after Gretzky! It’s a money thing and when people see past the bias they don’t want any part of it anymore! The Montreal Canadiens being the most winning team??? Would have continued if the old rules were in place where they got the primo picks from everywhere else but still no one could touch anyone in their area! 😉 Now they are exposed lets see if their cup winless streak continues!

    • Me says:

      And just like in Football with the quarterback, In Hockey it is the goalie! If you get a very good one he is your best defense! Cause when your goalie does his thing, then the opposition get flustered and the game changes! See Don’t start anything, defense is key!

  10. I. Lou Minotti says:

    Just checking in. From the conversations, it seems like all you folks are doing well! Lord bless.

  11. Me says:

    But I believe in the Country, the Nation we created from pretty much nothing but use the resources we have available to us! That created the wealth and the social and socialist programs we have to be a fall back to help out our own, within our boarders, of our nation that setup our system of governments. And too all the flat earthers out there that think there is more land out there to be discovered, you are morons, this is it, there is no more to be settled, as much as you think there is something more and your religion believes. Reality is the bottom line and as much as some believe literally, you are in for a sad day! Sorry to tell ya, but ya are just that believers! At least dreamers can dream and make things that work, but that is the bottom line and reality is a bitch at times!

    • Me says:

      And then comes the reality of what you believe, and then the nation that was created under where you were born, and the rules from your ancestors that was given onto you to keep what they fought for! Reality is we got what was handed down to us, and it looks like there them SJW types want to give it all away! Maybe the Russians will take it all over, or maybe not? But if it is weak, then the strong will take it away!!!!! Think about that, trust No one, and apparently there are those within selling out. I say what I say i am, and like all to prosper, like the good times. But we can’t give away what we can’t afford anymore. we have to look after our own as other nations have to look after theirs, and then we can share our fortunes to the needy!

      • Me says:

        Until that happens, then the UN that was created by the Allied nations has no say on how the Western nations does their business, but is now controlled by dictatorships with veto powers by certain nations. And we all know how corruption creep can change the way forward! So now the UN is meaningless and a bureaucratic nightmare!

        • Me says:

          Just like Nafta, TPP and the EU! All a legalese throughput!

        • Me says:

          Screwing over every self made worker to work the resources of where they live, with regulations, and to the point of that they can’t even use the resources of where they live anymore without having to submit for a permit or a license to do what they need to anymore. And then we complain that Russia did something when our own are worse?

        • Me says:

          It is fucking disgusting where things are going and then them SJW types want to claim Hitler or the Russians when it is them themselves!

        • Me says:

          But hey, it was a good thing the English saved all yer asses, and let ya all still govern your selves after all the blood we spilled to do so, ya know for freedom!

        • Me says:

          And that was done not once, but twice!

        • Me says:

          but but, what is the saying???? Least we forget!!!!

        • Me says:

          And it makes ya wonder why I run the side like it’s claimed and I do? Wonder why that is?

  12. Me says:

    I. Lou Minotti Or Illuminati ya have no prob chatting with? LMAO! Even when it is in your face? you realize that right?

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