Oh FFS!!!!!!! Because This Is Journalism!!!!! To The Fact Checkers, Batman!!!!!!



Sorry for all of this, but, it was necessary to demonstrate the depths our “journalists” have fallen to.

So, the ever pertinent NY Slimes had an article out about Trump …….

At night, Trump moves through the residence in a bathrobe, with Keith Schiller as only aide who occasionally pops up https://t.co/4sFV11e2Jo

— Maggie Haberman (@maggieNYT) February 6, 2017

“When Mr. Trump is not watching television in his bathrobe or on his phone reaching out to old campaign hands and advisers,” they report, “he will sometimes set off to explore the unfamiliar surroundings of his new home.”

For some idiotic reason, people picked up on this.  So much so, … well, I’ll let Twitchy tell this story ….

The detail about Trump wearing a bathrobe so enthralled the media that Press Secretary Sean Spicer addressed it during a brief press gaggle on Air Force One Monday, saying that as far as he knew, President Trump doesn’t own a bathrobe.

Media then goes full stupid and tries to call Spicer out because of the decades old photos (such as the one above) showing Trump in a bathrobe.  (Click on the Twitchy link for examples of members of the media “fact-checking” Spicer’s comment.)

Wha ….. How pathetic and small ….. Who are these …… When were these …….

Truly, the LSM has a mental deraignment regarding all things Trump. 

No one gives two sh*ts about whether or not Trump owns a bathrobe.  A 30 y/o picture doesn’t prove Trump owns a bathrobe today.  Idiots.  It is possible Trump doesn’t keep Mr. Spicer abreast of his private evening attire.   

WTF is wrong with these lunatics?  These people have entirely discredited themselves.  These supposed “journalists” aren’t worthy of a WordPress blog.  They have the mental and emotional capacity of a pre-teen. 

The only redeeming occurrence from all of this mental deraignment is that the people will finally all recognize the LSM is nothing but a collective of leftist hacks pretending to inform, while intentionally misinforming the people.  It’s all but over.  And, from the ashes, something new will come.   

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23 Responses to Oh FFS!!!!!!! Because This Is Journalism!!!!! To The Fact Checkers, Batman!!!!!!

  1. Lance says:

    Shortly after Trump’s win, I saw a pretty funny article that just about sums up the LSM…

    The Pope and Trump are out on Trumps yacht cruising around when the Pope’s cap blows off into the water. They stop the boat, and Trump walks across the water, and picks it up and brings it back to the Pope. Next day, NYT reports, Trump can’t swim….

  2. TG says:

    Lance great joke.
    The LMS are beyond pathetic, I do believe the LMS and the Dimocrats are on the road to oblivion or permanent minority status. I simply watch them to identify the unadulterated bullshit, fake news, constant editing and crude heavy handed massaging of the facts!
    What lying bunch bastards!!!!!

  3. TG says:

    Journalists really are bozos. The public has access to more sources of information than it used to, and people are becoming increasingly adept at recognizing the embarrassing prevalent bias of many media outlets.

    Unless journalists pull up their socks and inject new integrity into their reporting, there may not be much left of the legacy media by the time Donald Trump leaves office.


  4. I was listening to Monday’s Rush Limbaugh (because I wanted to hear what he had to say about the NOAA AGW scandal). Rush played a short clip of Trump’s comments to CENTCOM–it ended with loud cheers from the audience.

    So fast forward to the local Seattle evening news. They commented about Trump’s CENTCOM appearance. They claimed he attacked the MSM without providing “proof,” and never showed the troops cheering Trump’s comments. Yeah, right–no bias there.


  5. philjourdan says:

    This is no surprise. You knew it was going to be that way. They are merely sinking further into irrelevancy.

  6. Breaking: I’m wearing a bathrobe right now. Pictures at 11:00.

  7. Latitude says:

    So on Trump’s facebook page…it’s just pussypussypussypussy

    ..and yet these are the same people that wanted to put a accused rapist and humidor tester back in the white house

  8. dirkhblog says:

    “These supposed “journalists” aren’t worthy of a WordPress blog. They have the mental and emotional capacity of a pre-teen. ”

    Well you and I wouldn’t let them guest write. But, good enough for Jezebel. (A Gawker tentacle that survived its master)

    • dirkhblog says:

      Thinking about it. The Jew who founded Gawker names one of the tentacles Jezebel; which was a goodlooking evil queen famously killed by a Jewish King by throwing her out of a window, then running her over with his chariot.

    • suyts says:

      I used to frequent Jezebel just to see what the militant feminists were up to. They are some very angry people. LOL!!!!! I should pop by and see what they’re saying now!

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