Left Redefining Words Again …… Alt Right!!!!!!


“Alt.” is an abbreviation of the word “alternative”.  Alternative —–


  1. (of one or more things) available as another possibility: “the various alternative methods for resolving disputes” · synonyms: different · other · another · second · possible · substitute · replacement ·


  1. one of two or more available possibilities:  “audiocassettes are an interesting alternative to reading” · synonyms: option · choice · other possibility · substitute · replacement

“Right”, in this case is used to describe a part of the binary political spectrum. 

Now, I’m a proud member of the Alternative Right.  The people of the left don’t get to define me, or anyone else.  They’re incapable of doing so, and, have demonstrated this time and again. 

When I say I’m part of the Alt Right, it means I believe there is a better alternative to the McCains, L. Grahams, Rubios, McConnells, Ryans, etc ……  While I happen to be a nationalist, and, most would describe me as being Caucasian, I don’t really identify racially.  I am a member of and advocate for the human race.  I don’t believe, nor, am I aware of any associates or friends who believe, that this nation should only be inhabited or led by one race or another. 

The left is incapable of comprehending people opposed to their idiocy without trying to define them and put them in one imaginary box or another. 

You don’t like Hillary?  You must be a sexist!  It doesn’t matter if you believe she’s a criminal, apparently, gender is more important than character.  It doesn’t matter if you thought her policies sucked.  It doesn’t matter if you assessed her performance as SOS and found her incredibly wanting.  You must be a sexist if you didn’t support her. 

OTOH, if you supported Trump and actually building the wall, which has already been passed by congress, then, you must be a racist!  Jobs for you and your people taken by illegals?  So what?  You’re a racist!!!!  The illegal drugs and human trafficking?  Well, yes, it’s completely demonstrable and has been proven, over and over again, but, only racists believe it to be true!  Concerned that our southern border might be an avenue for terrorists? ——-  Proof that you’re a racist!!!!!! 

Yes, I’m a nationalist.  I believe in all things our government does, the interests of this nation and this nation’s people should always come first.  I also believe that in the names I mentioned above, and many more, on the so-called right, do not put the interests of the US first in their various advocacies.  So, yes, I’m very much pro-Alternative Right

I know this will be incomprehensible for the people of the left, but, I also despise racism of any sort.  I am very much pro-immigration —– of the legal variety, and, if we can be reasonably sure the immigrant can be a contribution to our society, rather than a threat or detriment to our society. 

I believe there is an alternative to being a war-monger, to running up a debt we can never repay, to open-ended and unfair trade agreements, and to capitulating to the left at every turn.  There is an alternative. 

Lastly, there’s an alternative to letting the left define me. 

Keep it up, ladies and snowflakes, and you’ll have another flame-thrower in the White House after 8 years of Trump. 

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74 Responses to Left Redefining Words Again …… Alt Right!!!!!!

  1. 100% My only add: your argument for legal immigrants is probably a mute point. Find it difficult to believe they’ll ever again not be a detriment. Somewhere, will be a current citizen who needs that job, opportunity, and or resources.

  2. daveburton says:

    That’s not what alt-right is. Here’s a good explanation:

    An Actual Conservative’s Guide To The Alt-Right: 8 Things You Need To Know

    One other thing I’ve noticed about the alt-right is that they strongly resemble leftists in several respects:

    1. They tend to be angry, rude and vulgar.

    2. They really don’t care what is true. It’s not so much that they are unable to learn and understand the truth, it’s more that they prefer their confusion to reality. If they hear or read something which is consistent with their preconceptions, they believe it. Evidence is largely irrelevant.

    3. That makes them suckers for paranoid conspiracy theories. Just like leftists, they are inclined to believe that diseases like HIV and Ebola are human-engineered, government plots, that the moon landings were hoaxes, that a secret cabal of Jewish bankers runs the world, that vaccines and fluoridation are gov’t conspiracies to poison us, that 9-11 was an “inside job,” and so forth.

    This person is either leftist or alt-right, it’s impossible to tell which:

    • Latitude says:

      Dave…you completely missed Jame’s point

    • suyts says:

      Dave, Mike Knowles doesn’t get to redefine words or define me, either. Note the title ….. An Actual Conservative’s Guide….. ….. the fact is, there are many people who don’t wish for an alternative. Or, that if there be an alternative, the alternative must be some horrible people. Are there people searching for an alternative to the present day status quo who fit into the characterization Knowles laid out? Sure. But, then, that kinda lumps in TEA Party people, Palin supporters, Trump supporters, and conservative libertarians into that same group. Which is larger, do you suppose? The kooks or rational people who realize that most people in positions of power are not acting in the best interests of the people? This is the word play these people are up to. They don’t get to define the people of the Alt Right, the people of the Alt Right get to. They don’t get to define what “alternative right” means, the dictionary covers it quite nicely.

    • I’m glad Dave doesn’t get to define me either. Except maybe as a guy who helped his ‘better’ Conservatism stay relevant.

    • dirkhblog says:

      Thanks for the Info, dave. You’re right. We’re angry and vulgar. Because it works.

    • Me says:

      WOW Dave, Ron Paul Supporters, Digging back to the good old days and trying to make it relivant today? That Knowles guy wouldn’t be an AGW alarmist now would he? And then yer Knowles guy should as should yourself take a step back and try to figure out what side yer on! Cause ya both lost in my determination of how things went down! Wouldn’t suprise Me if ya both voted Hellary the way yer are talking.

      • Me says:

        And Now I think about it, I dealt with Mike Knowles on Tony’s site way back, and he was one of them alarmist dicks!

      • daveburton says:

        Okay, so the video is a bit dated. I didn’t put the title on it, “Me.” The old Ron Paul people ended up divided between Trump and Johnson, but I suspect they mostly broke for Trump.

        Here’s a more recent video of alt-right people, having a meeting:

        If those are real conservatives, I’m the Pope.

        • DirkH says:

          Hey anyone can call himself Alt Right. If Spencer actually calls himself that. We know the liar press does, but it’s just a good method of slander.
          I know that Vox Day calls himself Alt Right. But you wouldn’t try to knock down Vox Day because it wouldn’t work out well for ya.

        • Me says:

          listening to the MSM too much Dave and the leftist as well with their labels! If you can’t tell the difference they you are one as well! It’s funny you keep comming out with some crap like you posted and it is realted to the vid I posted at the bottom! And in case you didn’t notice, re-read the post James put here and deal with it if you think everyone that is alternative to the right the media portrays are all the same! Alternative Right is to some of the political right that seem more leftist than they want everyone to believe and people ase sick of it! What is is you call them RINOs but then go in a tangent just like the LSM and put out their leftist agenda labeling! Now I wonder why that is? Most likely your butt hurt! And look at the Vid I posted at the bottom or continue be butt hurt! LMAO!

        • Latitude says:

          It’s kinda scary….watching all these people spin out of control

        • Me says:

          Yeah it is, when we see what they are doing when things doesn’t go their way, but we have to all comply when it goes their way! I don’t like these neo nazi types any more than they do, and there is a difference in who supported who as in Robert Byrd and how Hellary said he was her mentor and a group that voted with their ties that the LSM wants to put everyone all in the same basket! Then if that is the case the LSM isn in the came basket as that person that was Hellarys mentor! So if they want to play guilt by association then so be it!

        • Me says:

          Then they should be telling about the Soros ties to Hellary, and the jewish folks that were outed at that same meeting! Yeah look it up!

        • Me says:

          I don’t know what that was about but from what I have seen it doesn’t look good! and then again you know how Soros works!

        • Me says:

          So Dave you have been outed and that is the best ya can do? LMAO! And you did it to yourself! You know that! Right?

        • Me says:

          Ya see, it is going down! all the stuff is going to be out there!

    • dirkhblog says:

      I only now checked out the video Dave linked.
      “This person is either leftist or alt-right, it’s impossible to tell which:”

      Well it sure is possible: The video and the article linked in the video say it’s a Ron Paul supporter so he/she is not Alt Right. Alt Right was not in existence during Ron Paul’s presidential run. The term was not invented.

      So what Dave really wants to say is, Leftists and alt Righters are so stupid they spray the sky with vinegar – and uses a video about an insane libertarian to prove his point.

      Because YOU are NOT stupid, Dave, right?

  3. Latitude says:

    Spot On!!

    I’m in the “encourage them to do more” camp right now…
    for all the obvious reasons

    The kids really don’t know any better, their babysitters for their entire life have been coddled…so they teach them to be coddled. Their teachers have the union…the ones that don’t have to toe the line to keep their jobs and get in….their professors have tenure..the ones that don’t have to toe the line
    All they know is coddle works and they teach them that….

    But that’s the democrats base now! The national democrat party is going to get pulled so far left they are going to need hazard lights to find them.
    …and what do they have? Debbie Wasserman Schultz?? Al Frankin?

    ..don’t be one bit surprised if they run Howard Dean in four years

    • suyts says:

      Dean won’t be far enough left to run. ….. If I had to bet, Warren will be their ticket in 4 years.

      • Latitude says:

        Dunno….it’s a cycle political parties go through….republicans didn’t run a far right candidate…they tried republican lite with McCain…..then tried some hybrid with Romney
        ..that’s the catch 22 democrats are in now
        Their base is going to want a far left candidate….they know they can’t win with that….so they will try some liberal lite….and do the same thing republicans did….lose their base and lose the election

        I just hate it when it comes around and bites them in the butt like this…….snark

      • philjourdan says:

        SHe is as old as Hillary. I think her ship has sailed.

  4. philjourdan says:

    I am not surprised the MSM is trying to stigmatize the “Alt Right”. They had almost completed their acquisition of the “right” as defined by the Republican party (which has NEVER been the right, but more right than the democrats), and when the conservative rebellion sprang up (actually before the defeat of Mitt Romney in 2012 – as the conservative base stayed home that election), they had to trot out the same old “racist, misogynist, homophobe” labels once again to de-legitimize them. Of course the “Alt Right” is angry – most would be if they had not had representation in a long time – and with their continued slurs against them (ala Deplorables, and the standard -ists), they spurred them to action.

    So the Media and the left have to attempt to deligitimize them (as they did with the Tea Party) so that they have a compliant and sheepish opposition, ala the Washington Generals/Republicans.

  5. Latitude says:

    hysterical…..elections have consequences!!

    Trump Says Ford Called to Say It’s Keeping SUV Plant in Kentucky


    • Latitude says:

      Did you see in the news that the government is going to be investigating all the hate crimes…
      …the Trump supporters committed!!!!!

      • Me says:

        No, but it wouldn’t supprise me. Now they will have to wonder what will happen to them after Jan 20th if they do this, because what goes around comes around and if it’s laws broken then so be it, and the focus will be on all the left that did the same and more!

      • DirkH says:

        Lat, word is that some unhinged Leftists now put on a MAGA cap, draw a knife on some hispanic to prduce the right kind of news.

        • Me says:

          And no doubt, the LSM will do their thing and report it as the story they like to see reported! After all everyone went through, suddenly when there is someone they don’t like that they would make this a pillar of their story, just because! Now the trust In the MSM is Historic, I doubt they will try, but let them try, Because there are alot that knows the difference. And the blame will be pointed at the usual suspcets!

        • Latitude says:

          I know Dirk…I’ve seen those in the news…..also the ones that admit to the police they made it all up
          the “news” doesn’t even bother to post a retraction…

      • philjourdan says:

        Short investigation.

  6. Do you remember “Bush Derangement Syndrome?” It seems that just Bush 43’s existence as President was enough to drive liberals/leftards loony toons. We may have to add “Trump Derangement Syndrome” to the mix. LOL!


  7. Me says:

    Yep, the LSM is going full batshite crazy with labeling now they are in free fall so they create the Alt-right narrative as Nazis and the like, while ignoreing their own, until they do it on their show! LMAO!

  8. Me says:

    It is what it is! Every one has some racism in then, and if they say they don’t they are lying Hypocrites! They all have their opinions, everyone does! Now this Nazi Shit has to go, whther it’s some right pricks or the left pricks and cunts trying to do the same. After all everyone has seen from the lsm and this is still nothing that they wouldn’t do to push blame! That is what they are.and if by chance it is what it is! fucking take them and jail them! That shit is over and done with!

    • daveburton says:

      Liars say, “everyone lies!” Racists say, “everyone has some racism in them!”

      The most deadly lies are those told to oneself: things like, “everybody does it,” or “I couldn’t help myself,” or “So what, I’m only human.”

      It’s how people avoid coming to grips with their own failings. They excuse themselves, in their own minds, and to others, by declaring that they’re no worse than anyone else.

      There’s an element of truth to that. It is true that we are all sinners, and we’ll never rid ourselves of every failing. You can always think of someone who is more messed up than you are, too.

      But the first step to improvement is admitting that you have a problem. If, instead of repenting, you excuse your character flaws by pretending that they are universal, you’ll never improve.

      When my grandfather was 94 years old, dementia set in, and progressed to the point where he didn’t know his own family. He became short-tempered and frustrated, and he began to do something he’d never done before: he began to cuss.

      It shocked my grandmother. I remember what she said. She said, “I didn’t think he knew those words!”

      Think about that.

      My grandparents were married for nearly sixty years. In all that time, until the very end when he lost his mind, my grandfather never failed to tame his tongue. He never treated his wife with anything less than perfect respect and courtesy. He never let his wife hear him cuss. Not even once.

      Even in my grandparents’ day, such men were rare. These days they are even rarer. How many wives, these days, could say of their husbands, “I don’t know whether he knows those words?”

      So don’t ever let someone get away with saying that self-control is impossible. I know otherwise. I’ve seen it. I grew up with it.

      • Me says:

        Bwaaahahaha! too funny ROTFLMAO! So when do you admit?

        • Me says:

          Ya know you have beed caught out RIGHT! LMAO! so you may as well go all out leftest now! 😆 Like ya would!

      • Me says:

        And also, not that you would attack anything I said above but you diddy not notice Me comment here until I brought it to your attention, and suddenly wanted to attack Me choice of words I rarely use! LMAO! Not that I don’t use them but rarely use them here! So my being triggered is triggering you! Too funny! PS I try not to use the language that was ingrained into Me from the military! It isn’t nice and I agree with you on that, but rioting and burning things isn’t as offencive I guess? Diddy not see you critising them actions???? Yet???? LMAO!

        • Me says:

          Or maybe you will when the Right are so pissed that they can’t take it anymore and then we will see your words!

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