Week 11 NFL Predictions!!!!!!

So, about last week ……… did I ever mention that I hated parity?  I didn’t do very well, but, maybe this week I get back on track.

(4-5-0) Steelers  Speaking of getting back on track ……  The Browns should eventually win a game this year.  But, prolly not today.

(0-10-0) Browns


(5-4-0) Ravens 

(8-1-0) Cowboys  This should be a great test for the Cowboys’ dynamic rookies.  The Ravens have a rock solid defense.  Unfortunately for the Ravens, they don’t have much of an offense, while the ‘boys defense has been surprisingly effective this year.  Look for a score of something like 20-10 Cowboys. 


(2-7-0) Jaguars

(5-4-0) Lions  So, just prior to writing this, I clicked on MSN’s predictions.  I got the giggles.  Here’s one of their predictions …. “4. Jaguars declaw Lions after Blake Bortles throws four touchdowns” While it’s entirely possible Bortles does throw 4 tds, that won’t be enough to win at Detroit. 


(5-5-0) Titans  An interesting matchup, but, I think the Titans are playing much cleaner football, right now. 

(4-5-0) Colts


(4-5-0) Bills 

(3-5-1) Bengals  This is another one which is tough to call.  If the Bengals are going to make a run at the playoffs, they need to get started, right now.  The loser of this game would put themselves in a huge hole to get to the post season.  I think Cincy takes this one …….. maybe.


(4-5-0) Buccaneers

(7-2-0) Chiefs  The Chiefs just don’t look as dominate as the 7-2 record would indicate.  I expect today will be no different.  And, I expect the results to be no different.  They’ll get another W, today.


(2-7-0) Bears

(6-3-0) Giants  As the Cowboys tear up the league, it’s gone little noticed that the Giants remain within striking distance.  They’ll remain so after this week.


(4-4-1) Cardinals  Boy, you almost want to pick a tie in this game.  While the Vikes are reeling with a 4 game losing streak, the Cards haven’t been all that impressive ….. but, they are 3-1-1 over their last 5.  OTOH, the Vikes play better at home.  Both teams have quality defenses.  I don’t really know how to pick this one, but, if I had to bet, I’d bet on the Cards.

(5-4-0) Vikings


(5-4-0) Dolphins  My fish are red hot!  It’s like they suddenly discovered they could run the football! …… I would have considered this pick a bit more, but, the Rams are going to start rookie Jared Goff.  Sorry coach Fisher, not everyone can be Dak, or even Wentz as a rookie in the NFL. 

(4-5-0) Rams


(7-2-0) Patriots  Well, you have to play the game.  SFs only chance is that if NE completely forgets they’re there to play a game.  Brady and co. must be licking their chops at the prospects.

(1-8-0) 49ers


(5-4-0) Eagles

(6-2-1) Seahawks  I’m a little scared about this pick, because, MSN also picked the Hawks!  The Eagles are a good team.  Not great, but, good.  Seattle is at home where the play very well. 


(4-5-0) Packers

(5-3-1) Redskins  It’s beginning to be a long season for the Pack fans, and, it’ll probably be longer after today.  I’m not saying Rodgers can’t get it done today.  But, the Redskins are riding pretty high, right now, being 3-1-1 over the last 5 games. 


(6-3-0) Texans

(7-2-0) Raiders  This will be the game of the week!  Two playoff hopefuls squaring off!  The Raiders are only 2-2 at home, but, the game is being played in Mexico.  I’m going with the Raiders because I believe they have more weapons at their disposal than the Texans. 


 (4-6-0) Saints 20

 (4-6-0) Panthers 23  The poor Saints lost another close one.  The Panthers seem to be gaining momentum.  But, Newton is still way off the mark. 

Well, that’s how I see it.  What do you think?

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12 Responses to Week 11 NFL Predictions!!!!!!

  1. Latitude says:

    Well thank God…at least the polls weren’t rigged….

    Hidden Ipsos Poll: Public Strongly Backs Donald Trump’s Plan To ‘Pause’ Legal Immigration

    WordPress is still playing games with Breit bart links and won’t post them….copy the link and paste in your bar…the space will disappear


  2. The ‘Boys might have a long-term ‘triplets’ like I enjoyed with Peyton/Edgerrin/ Marvin.

  3. Phooey. My brother is a Ravens’ fan, so I was rooting for them. Your ‘Boys are really getting to be a problem. (I don’t understand why the local radio station had the Bills-Bengals game on. The Ravens-Cowboys game was more appropriate to the Seattle region.)

    The Seahawks aren’t going to be #1 seed with Dallas winning all their games. (Congrats with the win, however.)


    • suyts says:

      The Ravens came to play, and, I think the Cowboys didn’t have a very good game plan in the 1st half. I’m kinda hoping they’ll lose one before the playoffs, so they won’t be too cocky. They’re a really good team, but, they still have work to do.

  4. philjourdan says:

    YOu did better. But KC losing was my surprise of the week. As you said, Parity does screw up picks, so the rest of the winners were not surprising. We will see how tonight goes. The first half of the season was the easy part for the Raiders. The last half is where we find out how lucky they are.

    • suyts says:

      Yeh, a little better. And, yeh, they better bring their A game to this one.
      The KC game was a huge surprise to me. Everyone’s a Chief’s fan around these parts, but, they don’t want to talk about the game. 🙂 ……. or, they just hate on the QB, Alex Smith.

      • philjourdan says:

        I have always like Alex Smith. If not for Carr, I would love for the Raiders to have him! I know this article is old, but that was some game this weekend! I was hoping for a tie, but a lucky bounce.

        I am still picking KC to win the Division. They have the tie breaker over the rest of the Division and are only one game out.

      • suyts says:

        LOL!!! I’m still tired from the KC/Denver game! Did it seem to you the last few play calls for the Denver offense were the exact opposite of what they should have done? And, yeh, quite a week of football!

        • philjourdan says:

          If Denver had won, no one would be asking that question. But yes, the play calling was strange to say the least. Sometimes it is better to be lucky (KC) than good.

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