A Most Depressing Map In Two Ways!!!!


I’m going to be much too brief with this post, but, time has gotten away from me and I want to post on a couple of other issues. 

So, there’s this cool interactive map which shows people where the jobs are in the US!

Every Job in America, Mapped

Harvard PhD student Robert Manduca created this cool interactive map which breaks down every job in America by industry segment based on 2010 census data. One dot denotes one job. A red dot indicates a job in manufacturing and trade, a blue dot indicates a job in professional services, a green dot indicates a job in education, healthcare, and government, and a yellow dot indicates a job in retail, hospitality, and other services.
Zoomed out it looks like a map of population density. But once you zoom in, the map reveals the economic identities of American cities. Here are how the jobs break down in various cities around the country: ….

Now, don’t get me wrong, we need healthcare providers, and good (only good!) educators.  And to a much lesser extent, we need government workers. 

But, do you see all of that damned green on our map? 

The reality is, a green dot represents wealth loss rather than wealth gain.  It doesn’t mean we don’t need them, it simply means they’re not engaged in a job which creates wealth.  IDK if a good pixel counter can enumerate which is more, the red, blue, or the green, I suppose I could figure it out, but, I won’t go through the trouble.

The thing is, when green becomes more predominant on this map, then, we’ve lost.  It is mostly the red dots which represent wealth generation.  That is the people who create or add value to a product.  <—– That’s wealth generation!!!!  The rest is pretty much shuffling the generated wealth around, or, extracting it. 

Given the bountiful resources of this great nation, and the availability of workers ….. well, this is depressing.

I’ll tell you something else which is depressing, on multiple levels.  Well, I’ll tell you with a question.  Does anyone know where El Paso is?

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7 Responses to A Most Depressing Map In Two Ways!!!!

  1. Latitude says:

    Went right over my head and stuck to the wall…..

  2. suyts says:

    El Paso is a sprawling metropolis on the US side of the border. Juarez, which is noted on the jobs map is in Mexico.

  3. DirkH says:

    Two nits:
    it says it’s from 2010.
    And, it would be nice to weight it by population.

  4. tomwys1 says:

    Why did Massachusetts get left out – Springfield, Worcester, the Boston suburbs???

    • suyts says:

      I hadn’t noticed until you mentioned it! I can only assume their numbers weren’t readily available. Very strange, though. And, I’m a bit embarrassed that I missed that. My daughter is working in Mass as she studies for her masters at UM Amherst.

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