THIS BULLSHIT HAS GOT TO STOP!!!!! Tuskegee Airman Robbed And Carjacked On Same Night!!!!!! ….. In St. Louis!!!!!!



What The F*ck!!!?????!!????!!!????

Elderly Tuskegee Airman has car and cash stolen while lost in St. Louis

ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – A 93-year-old Tuskegee Airman had his car stolen and was robbed in two separate incidents on Sunday night.  The robbery happened Sunday at McPherson and Sarah in North St. Louis

Police say the victim got lost while driving to his daughter’s home Sunday at around 11:30am. The 93-year-old man pulled over to call his daughter. A man approached and entered the victim’s vehicle. The suspect took cash from the victim’s pant pocket. Then the suspect then got into another vehicle and left the scene. The victim lost sight of the older model black four door vehicle near the intersection of Walton and Page.

The victim drove to the intersection of Walton and Page. The elderly man got out of his car and asked two black males for help. They got into his car and drove away.


St. Louis, MO Police


Thanks to an alert citizen, the car belonging to the 93-year old victim taken on 8/16 was just recovered in the 1200 block of Bayard.

3:16 PM – 18 Aug 2015

Now, I’ve no doubt the animal bastards had no idea the man was a Tuskegee Airman.  And, it doesn’t matter.  The fact is that they did this to a 93 y/o man, that matters.  The fact that is was a Tuskegee Airman demonstrates the animals have no thought, and, no limits on who they would inflict their depravity on. 

Hands up don’t shoot?  It seems there are more than one who need shot like the dogs they are!  The pigment of the skin doesn’t matter.  This is how some animals were taught to treat a 93 y/o man?  In the US? 

SOBs need to give these bastards up!  This sort of behavior must not be allowed in a civil society.  Allowing this depravity makes one as bad as the perpetraitors (intentional). 

The bitches want to tear up and burn up St. Louis and Ferguson?  This is how they treat our elderly?  This is how they treat our heroes?  I say perhaps it’s time for God to judge St. Louis as He did Sodom and Gomorrah.  Useless POSs! 

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6 Responses to THIS BULLSHIT HAS GOT TO STOP!!!!! Tuskegee Airman Robbed And Carjacked On Same Night!!!!!! ….. In St. Louis!!!!!!

  1. Latitude says:

    repeat:….Our inner cities have become their own countries…with their own rules, morals, laws

  2. DirkH says:

    No go areas like in the EU. The West gets brought down to the level of the 3rd world. The chaos that USA inflicts on the 3rd world is coming home to the core of the Empire.

    The Left will be annihilated as they demand ever more multiculturalism. That is the only positive aspect of it. Encourage them to make ever wilder claims of how good multiculturalism is.

    • Jim Masterson says:

      The chaos that USA inflicts on the 3rd world is coming home to the core of the Empire.

      Almost the same quote as Jeremiah Wright (and Malcolm X): “America’s chickens are coming home to roost.”


    • gator69 says:

      The US inflicting chaos on the 3rd world…

  3. gator69 says:

    The suggestion by a prominent Black Lives Matter activist that he was the victim of a racially charged mob beating is not supported by witness statements, a police report or details provided to TheBlaze by the detective who was assigned to the case.

    Well-known Ferguson activist Shaun King has on multiple occasions recounted the story of a brutal 1995 assault he says took place during his sophomore year at Woodford County High School in Versailles, Kentucky.

    Writing in his self-help book “The Power of 100!,” King implied he was the victim of a racially motivated attack by a gang of more than two dozen students who relentlessly beat him until he was a “bloody mess on the floor” and “physically ruined.”

    King wrote that he had been “harassed almost daily by a growing group of self-proclaimed rednecks” before a mob one day swarmed around him and “started punching him from every angle,” stomping on his “broken body” with “steel-toed boots.”

    In at least two media profiles, the incident is described as a hate crime.

    Rebel magazine wrote that King was “savagely beaten by a dozen self-described ‘rednecks’ in one of Kentucky’s first registered hate crimes.” Forbes magazine’s profile said that “as a fifteen-year-old he was beaten so badly in what was one of the first registered hate crimes in the state.”

    King wrote that his injuries forced him to miss more than a year of school and required several surgeries. “Needless to say, my body never fully mended,” he added.

    But claims of King being the victim of a brutal racially charged mob beating are heavily disputed by documents reviewed by TheBlaze, as well as by details provided by the detective who worked the case. Some of these details were also reported in a July story published in the conservative Daily Caller, but TheBlaze has gathered additional information that further disputes King’s claims.

    The police report and witness statements from the incident characterize King’s injuries as only “minor” and make no mention of a gang assault, but suggest it was rather a one-on-one fight over a girl.

    “His description of his injuries are different from what I observed,” former Versailles detective Keith Broughton told TheBlaze. “Keep in mind I didn’t see any X-rays or anything taken, but when I interviewed him and saw him in the emergency room he was not beaten to a pulp. His injuries appeared to be minor to me.”

    “He had an abrasion on his face. He complained that he had some rib pain. But he was able to talk to me and describe to me — he talked to me and told me what happened. I do not recall anything mentioned about a gang assault because obviously I would have noted that in my police report,” Broughton continued.

    “All of the witnesses described it as a one-on-one fight. Now there was a crowd gathered around, but I assume they were just watching the fight. Only Mr. King and the individual that assaulted him were involved in the altercation,” Broughton added.

    The detective’s description matches several witness statements made about the incident.

    “There was no help involved in the fight and that is a fact,” wrote one individual, whom TheBlaze has chosen not to name because the person was a minor at the time of incident.

    “I didn’t see what happened to Shon [sic] when he hit the floor, but I do know no one else touched the boy but [redacted],” echoed another. “It was one on one.”

    The statement given to police by teacher Theresa Epperson seems to support this claim as well. When she broke up the fight, Epperson reported only taking two students to the office: the assailant and King.

    Moreover, three of the statements provided to police indicate the assault was over a dispute King had with a girl. The girl, whom TheBlaze has chosen not to name because she too was a minor at the time of incident, told authorities that the fight was a result of King confronting her over $8 she allegedly owed him after knocking over his bag and breaking a CD two weeks prior. She said King initially told her she wouldn’t have to pay him back because it was an accident, but that two weeks later, he confronted her and asked for the money immediately.

    The assailant, the girl’s ex-boyfriend, told police the incident stemmed from King demanding the money. Another individual made the same claim.

    “The reason I hit Shawn [sic] is because he pushed my x-girlfriend up against the wall yesterday and threatened to break her neck over $8 dollars she owed him and I care for her and she was scared yesterday because she thought he was going to hurt her and I didn’t want to see her get hurt,” the assailant, who was cited with fourth-degree assault, told police. “I know it was wrong but I couldn’t stand him threatening a girl like that.”

    There is more at the link, including copies of the police report. Ferguson is a part of St Louis, and like many cities in the US, St Louis has an inner city culture that is rotten to the core. There is zero honor in these folks.

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