AHAHHAHAAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Leftardedness On Full Display In Cali!!!!!


You stupid, stupid people.

So California recently passed a hike in the minimum wage for the state ….  (the rest of the nation will soon follow).  This was mostly done by the scumbag unions.

Unions seek exemption from LA minimum wage law they helped pass

Union leaders in Los Angeles are being accused of hypocrisy after being caught trying to exempt themselves from a new minimum wage law they tried to impose on others. 

For months, organized labor went after companies like McDonalds and Walmart, shaming any business that paid the old minimum wage. Carrying signs saying, “We see greed” and “We are worth more,” union members marched outside businesses and appeared at City Council meetings demanding Los Angeles raise the minimum wage from $9 to $15 by 2020. 

“We say, ‘Don’t leave anybody out, don’t cut anybody out, a wage raise for all workers!'” Mary Elena Durazo, the longtime leader of the 600,000-strong Los Angeles County Federation of Labor AFL-CIO, told a cheering crowd of supporters at a recent council meeting. 

Yet after pushing through the new wage law, union officials are asking for a waiver that would allow any company that unionizes to avoid paying the minimum wage. ……

Delicious, isn’t it?  But, it gets better!!!

…… Rusty Hicks — current president of the L.A. Federation of Labor, who replaced Durazo after she left to head a casino-and-hotel worker union — argued, “it is critical that no Angeleno, whether they’re workers or owners of small businesses and nonprofits, is left behind.” 

But Wednesday night, Hicks changed his position, telling the council that workers who collectively bargain for wages below the minimum shouldn’t be penalized. He and labor attorney Margo Feinberg say federal law protects workers who choose collective bargaining. 

“This is a standard clause to protect basic worker rights,” Hicks said in a statement.

Yeh, right …. Real workers …. that is to say people who actually work, instead of union officials, are known worldwide to collectively bargain for wages lower than the prevailing wage.  This, somehow, protects their rights …. right?

Any member of a union which is arguing to be exempt from a minimum wage is a complete imbecile.  But, then, if you unionized while content to be paid minimum wage, you’re a complete imbecile, anyway. 

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6 Responses to AHAHHAHAAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Leftardedness On Full Display In Cali!!!!!

  1. leftinflagstaff says:

    Oh yes, pour that magically – engineered Utopian economy all over me. Like honey.

    Hey. That’s kinda sticky.

  2. Me says:

    The unions used to serve a purpose, now they serv a leader who sells them out and the peons say yeah, can we have some more, and we all do the same when we vote out elite that they chose for us to elect,because if it wasn’t them, we all be some lowlife redneck peice of crap nobodies, and I forgot racist, that lived the life. but we elect a leader for the unions, same discription as earlier, but now he has a silver spoon in his mouth, and some mofia italian custom suit made to fit, why, because favours.
    And now with the shale gas boom and the not OPEC but Saudi fucking over all their other Opec brothers because they can and don’t give a shit about the rest of the Opec nations all of a sudden, but when shit hits the fan expect them brother nations to all support them again, well I hope they under cut the Saudis just because, will they No and you need not know but see the reason for that. KaBooM is most likely what it will be described like, and why will the US do nothing about it? Because Reasons $$$$$.

    • Me says:

      All major sports are fixed but you did win the big game against the odds in hockey, Miracle on Ice, that was special. most times it was our Jr players and your’s too that played against the Europeans Eilte and the Red Army, before they allowed them to play in the NHL. But that’s hockey, everything is fixed, anything with big money attached to it now is fixed.
      The only ones that is being gamed is the suckers and that is us, it always was us and now more than ever more blatent is us. And the worse part is most os us don’t even care we just rage on and carry on.

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