Comedian Paul Rodriguez Doesn’t Understand Environmentalists …. But Is Beginning To Understand Leftards


So, I’ve read this at Breitbart …


Comedian Paul Rodriguez says he isn’t against fish or the environment. But the veteran comic has had enough of environmentalists who push their pet causes to the detriment of the working man and woman.

Like, for instance, his own mom.

Rodriguez lamented how his mother’s small farm in Fresno is suffering due to government-mandated water restrictions during an interview with Carl Kozlowski on the Grown-Ass Men podcast.

“Environmentalists have gone too far,” the comedian says. A California region he called the “bread basket” of the world now suffers from an irregular water flow. It’s not Mother Nature’s fault but regulations meant to protect certain fish that end up putting pressure on hard-working farmers, he says.

“We need to build a dam … but the environmentalists won’t let you,” he says. “I believe human life is more precious than these fish.”

“We’re willing to meet [environmentalists] half way, but they’re not,” he continues. “They’re not living in the real world … we’re simply saying there’s mom and pop [farmers] with 100 acres … they want to continue to farm. It’s an honorable thing to do. Why cut them off?”


Paul, just think about it for a minute, and it will dawn on you what they’re advocating.  You see, Paul, the lunatic environmentalists hate farmers the most.  So called humans which call themselves environmentalists are really, if they were to be honest with us and themselves, are misanthropists.  That is to say, they hate humanity.  Who feeds humanity?  Farmers.  They don’t give a damn about the fish.  They use it as an excuse to harm humanity. 

Would a damn kill all of the fish they’re claiming to protect?  No.  But, if it did, would the world stop turning?  Nope.  Would some ecological disaster occur if the fish died?  Nope.  But, if we build a dam, then the farmers could grow crops to feed humanity.  Worse, if you build the dam properly, it could generate electricity, which is becoming a pricey commodity in Cali.  This would elevate much more pain for humanity and actually cause *gasp* prosperity!!!  So called humans which call themselves environmentalists would loathe such an outcome. 

Rodriguez also had this to say ….

Rodriguez, who says the radical Earth First! group threatened his life for speaking out on this issue, also bemoaned how our culture protects President Barack Obama from legitimate disagreements.

“Mr. Obama is difficult to criticize without being accused of being some kind of a bigot,” he says. “He’s not prepared for the job.”

So, Paul, at least, understands this much of the leftwingnuts.  It’s how they try to insulate themselves from criticism.  This is why they’re so invested in victimhood.  If they are all victims of something … racism, sexism, or something, then they paint any legitimate criticism as illegitimate, based on the victim status of their champion or cause.  The so-called humans which call themselves environmentalists are a wing of the leftarded wingnuts.  They claim victim status for mother Gaia or some such idiocy.   

You’re right, it’s weird that even though Zero has been president for 6 years, he still doesn’t know how to president. 

And, how, he’s become an international embarrassment.  Here and here.

Personally, I’m in favor of an Constitutional Amendment.  I’d call it the Zero Amendment, where a sitting president can be removed simply for gross incompetence.  Sure, Zero has committed enough violations to US law to warrant removal, anyway, but, I think his incompetence to shine the light for a need for an alteration to our Constitution. 

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20 Responses to Comedian Paul Rodriguez Doesn’t Understand Environmentalists …. But Is Beginning To Understand Leftards

  1. Latitude says:

    the fish remined me of that fish, somewhere in England I think, that they relocated further north
    remember that one…..of course all the fish died the first hard winter

    dams don’t stop the water flow, if they built a dam, they could not only control the water better for the fish, they would have water for irrigation

  2. Jason Calley says:

    ” I’d call it the Zero Amendment, where a sitting president can be removed simply for gross incompetence. ”

    How about removing Congressmen, Senators and sitting Judges for the same reason? As you know, yes, it is already possible to remove a President — but not by anything that We The People can do. Same with Congressmen, Senators and Judges. How? The other politicians have to do it! Is this a crooked system, or what? Once it gets a critical mass of crooks, the only way to remove the crooks is if the other crooks want him out. I like the Zero Amendment, but it has to be done in such a way that we citizens enforce it, without any of the politicians involved.

    My dream amendment? No elected official is allowed any form of body guard, shielded vehicle, or body armor. Personal weapons, sure… I support the Second Amendment, but none of that other stuff for them. That’ll focus their ethics.

  3. philjourdan says:

    Rodriguez spoke out a couple of years ago – same subject. I guess the he is still trying to get the MSM to carry the story.

  4. leftinflagstaff says:

    We’ve always had an amendment for removal. The 2nd. Incompetent leadership is a threat to liberty as any other. It’s not what the Constitution lacks. It’s what we lack.

    • leftinflagstaff says:

      “Stopping just short of full-blown psychosis, the high priests at the AMA also proclaim that
      ‘patients deserve medical care that is appropriate to their birth anatomy even if they self-identify as the opposite sex.’ That is, the patient is one sex officially; however, the patient is also not that sex but rather the other sex. Doctors will need to sharpen their doublethink skills.”

      And sharpen their litigation skills.

    • suyts says:

      Too stupid for me not to post on! Thanks Kim!

    • cdquarles says:

      I am not surprised. They sold out just as our British cousins did as an institution. It took longer, that’s all. I wonder how many of the 800,000 or so MDs and DOs are members these days. Local medical associations do not have to affiliate with the ‘mother ship’ any more, I think.

  5. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    I’m sorry I can’t think of another thread to put this in: billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s business website is now telling Americans how to maximise their Social Security payments:

    How to Boost Your Social Security Check by 76%

    The world is mad. This works really well until the geese are so plucked that they no longer produce eggs that social security recipients can steal in more effective ways. One would think a business website should be telling American’s how to make money in business, not how to better suck the Federal teat.

    • cdquarles says:

      He he he. Personally, I doubt that those things work for most ‘recipients’; but would work in certain circumstances. The same issue exists within the VA and DoD systems. What you can get (especially for DoD and VA) is highly dependent upon what rules you fall under.

      Regular Social Security depends heavily on when you apply. The earlier you apply the lower your payment (logical in terms of an annuity). With married people who both worked, you can apply for benefits based on your own or your spouse’s, depending. Sometimes you are better off not pulling both from the higher earner or the longest earner. Divorced spouses can draw from their ex if the divorce was not too far in the past (120 months).

      SSDI likewise has a ton of quirks. Fall into the ‘wrong’ bucket, you will find yourself on Supplemental Security Income (this one is welfare as it comes from regular taxes, not the payroll ones) and that one is far smaller than if you actually qualified for full SSDI based on having put into the system for 40 quarters consecutively (that might have changed). SSDI rules change pretty much with each Congress. The flip side of SSI is that you are automatically Medicaid eligible, whereas the full SSDI may not be eligible for either Medicare or Medicaid. SSDI comes in two forms: closed period = temporary disability and full, permanent disability. The latter form becomes Medicare eligible after a 24 month waiting period. The whole system screens by waiting periods. They figure if the applicant can live and wait a minimum of two years while the paper work goes on (most will be rejected initially, since the automatic accepted conditions are blindness, renal failure, loss of limbs, or permanent paralysis of two or more limbs), then they really are disabled. Sure, it can be gamed and has been gamed with some getting prison time for it.

      So, to review. SS was ‘sold’ as insurance with an account that was ‘yours’. Long ago the Supreme Court ruled that no ‘recipient’ has an ownership right to the ‘Trust Fund’ proceeds. Social Security is the worlds biggest Ponzi scheme. Ponzi and Madoff were small fry in the big pond of corruption.

      • cdquarles says:

        Oh yeah, an early death terminates the ‘benefit’ in perpetuity. So, get it while you can and help crash the system. Who is John Galt?

        • philjourdan says:

          Define early death. IN reference to my previous comment, my mother field against my step father after his death.

        • cdquarles says:

          Die before age 62 and have no spouse/dependents and the benefits for that account die right then, unless it has changed.

        • philjourdan says:

          Gotcha – yea, that was how they figured it was going to work. Most people WOULD die before drawing any (or very little). Then the actuarial tables changed.

      • philjourdan says:

        God CD! No wonder there are lawyers to figure out this crap! I am glad my wife is in the legal profession (albeit not in SS law) as she will be able to get us some good contacts when we reach that point.

        But I have to correct you on one point. The limitation is not 120 months for a divorced spouse. I know. My mother and step father divorced in 1978. She never remarried, and forgot about it until 3 years ago. She checked, and yep! She could draw on his as well. I am not sure there is a time limit after the fact – as long as the spouse does not remarry (that is why I celebrate 2 anniversaries – one when I got married, and one when my ex did!) For the record, the ex got married less than a year after our divorce (she had him in the wings), but tried to drag the divorce out because (drum roll) the voluntary payments I was making to her were not Alimony. But within 6 months of having to file tax returns on the Alimony, she married her lover.

    • philjourdan says:

      They have a lot of sites like that. The one I have seen (ad) around here states that under Obama, Welfare has gone up by 30%, but SS payout has barely gone up 1% per year.

      • cdquarles says:

        I’ve heard those ads as well. They’re partially true, if you look at things like AFDC or whatever they call it now versus regular social security monthly payments.

        Food stamp recipient population grew dramatically since the ’08 crash and the changes O decreed. That naturally will increase the payouts, even if the per-capita ones don’t increase as dramatically. I don’t have the numbers at hand, but a rough guess says that the elderly population drawing regular Social Security has not increased nearly as fast. SSDI has grown, too; and probably faster than regular retirements but less than food stamps (there is some double counting there as SSI folk pretty much automatically get AFDC/Medicaid, etc.

        That reminds me, remember the roughly two year pipeline in SSDI, so I’d expect the growth to begin or has begun to tail off, particularly if the economy really is getting better (/sarc). My guess is that many of the SSDI folk are older than 50 and younger than 62. They’re expensive folk as a group to keep on your business medical group plans. When these folk get laid off and have hefty bills related to the diseases of long life, they find themselves unemployable (meaning the characteristics of the whole subgroup).

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