More Bullshit From Government Sponsored Propaganda Outlet, NBC Says 2/3 Americans Support EPA’s CO2 Mandate!!!!


This is beyond stupid.  A blatant, and obvious lie.  Even if the verbiage of the question is entirely errant and grossly misstates the thoughts (it does), the results are simply not believable given the answers to previous questions in the poll.

So, NBC has put out results of a new poll.  They simply aren’t credible.  No rational person could believe these results to be true. 

It’s a bag which is too mixed.    You can find the poll here.

Much of the poll is something one would expect.  To start, the demographics are reasonable, but, I think the Hispanics are slightly underrepresented.  That really shouldn’t make any difference to what I see as errant.

To start with, the poll asks the question if they think the nation (US) is heading in the right direction or not.  63% say we’re going in the wrong direction. 

It asks about president Zero …. only 41% approve of the job he’s doing.  Incidentally, nor not, the poll also asks about Hillary.  Only 44% are positive or very positive about Hillary.  Given those statements, one can get a sense of what the people being polled are like, right?

The poll even asks this …….



More respondents think our government is doing too much, already. 

So, we’re polling a group of people who do not like Zero.  They’re not big fans of Hillary, either.  Half of them say our government is doing too much already. 

But, then later, the NBC poll shows us this ….



Ehh……. yeh, but, no.

More than half then approve of the EPA proposal even if it means higher utility bills?  2/3 support the EPA’s CO2 emissions limits? 

These results are simply not congruent.  It’s bullshit.  It’s propaganda. 

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13 Responses to More Bullshit From Government Sponsored Propaganda Outlet, NBC Says 2/3 Americans Support EPA’s CO2 Mandate!!!!

  1. kim2ooo says:

    CNN – Erin… Hillary’s Tool gets schooled

    • suyts says:

      LOL, Erin is too slow for Cruz.

      • Me says:

        More like her career depends on this to spin. And the media didn’t ask those questions is pretty much a failure on their part or deliberate action not to ask their wannabe leaders to be that they want. But they have no problems asking the ones the they don’t like difficult questions to trip them into saying anything they can use against them. Disgusting, but I wouldn’t expect anything less and it’s pretty much the same up here.

  2. philjourdan says:

    The disconnect is the implication his rules would do anything and that there is a problem in the first place. That is why they call them push polls. It is already pushing the agenda.

  3. leftinflagstaff says:

    NBC will probably be the first channel they turn off to save on utility bills.

  4. kim2ooo says:


    Q13 In this year’s election for U.S. Congress, do you feel that your representative deserves to be reelected, or do you think that it is time to give a new person a chance?
    Deserves to be reelected ………..
    Give new person a chance ……..

    Not sure ……………………………..

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