John Kerry — Lying Or Simply Too Stupid For His Post? US Duped Or Intentionally Lying??



There’s a story, and a back story here. 

Secretary of State John Kerry opened his speech Friday by describing the horrors victims of the chemical weapon attack suffered, including twitching, spasms and difficulty breathing. Attempting to drive the point home, Kerry referenced a photograph used by the BBC illustrating a child jumping over hundreds of dead bodies covered in white shrouds.

Now, this is a problem.  The problem is that the BBC, being a typical member of the propaganda outfits for statists, called the Main Stream Media by some Lame Stream Media, by others, lie.  The BBC, CNN, NBC, ……. and on and on…. they lie.  Especially when it comes to conflicts in the Mid-East.  You cannot trust their images.  Green Helmet guy taught us that. 

Here’s the story about the BBC’s usage of the picture above ……

By marcodilauro on June 9, 2012 in blog

BBC mistakenly runs dated Iraq photo to illustrate the syrian massacre

Somebody have been using illegaly one of my images for anti syrian propaganda on the BBC web site front page

On Sunday May 27 at 0700 am London time on of my image which I took in Al Mussayyib in Iraq on March 27, 2003 which caption is below was front page on BBC web site illustrating the massacre that happen in Houla the Syrian town and the caption and the web site was stating that the images was showing the bodies of all the people that have been killed in the massacre and that the image was received by the BBC by an unknown activist. Somebody is using my images as a propaganda against the Syrian government to prove the massacre.

Al Musayyib, Iraq – May 27, 2003. An Iraqi child jumps over a line of hundreds of bodies, in a school where they have been transported from a mass grave, to be identified. They were discovered in the desert in the outskirts of Al Musayyib, 40 km south of Baghdad. It has been estimated that between 10,000 and 15,000 Iraqis had been reported missing in the region south of Baghdad. People have been searching for days for identity cards or other clues among the skeletons to try to find the remains of brothers, fathers, mothers, sisters and even children who disappeared when Saddam’s government crushed a Shi’ite uprising following the 1991 Gulf War.

“I was surprised to see my image, which was captured in Iraq in 2003, used by the BBC in their recent article around the Syria massacre in Houla. It was reported that the image was captured and sent in by an activist; however this is not the case. I took the image in 2003, when working on a story titled Iraq, the Aftermath of Saddam, which can be viewed on my website:

Below are all the links of different media which have been talking about the issue.

Thanks and best regards

Marco Di Lauro

Photographer Reportage by Getty Images

Okay, the photographer is being way to generous to the BBC, in my estimation.  At the very least, it demonstrates that the BBC is sloppy and unable to properly vet their information.  They are not a news source, but a source of propaganda. 

But, now, what does this say about our Secretary of State, John Kerry?  At worst, this is an unconscionable and deliberate act of deception attempting to sway opinion and garner support for the US to bomb and kill people. 

At best, this demonstrates the State Department’s inability to make proper discernment about what is and isn’t happening in Syria!  He has zero credibility! 

You can read more about it here.

US’s Kerry caught using fake photos to fuel Syrian conflict

And copy and paste the urls above into your address bar.  On a related note.  Did you know other than using pictures from past wars our proof also includes 100 YouTube videos? (h/t Dirk)

“Proof” Assad Used Chemical Weapons Is One Hundred YouTube Clips: Full Report Attached

What the hell?  Is Susan Rice going to make another tour of the LSM outlets?

Look people!!!  Images and videos from that region are notoriously inaccurate and/or staged.  Do not let our government lie to us! 

My thanks to Kim for  this information. 

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77 Responses to John Kerry — Lying Or Simply Too Stupid For His Post? US Duped Or Intentionally Lying??

  1. DirkH says:

    “Okay, the photographer is being way to generous to the BBC, in my estimation. At the very least, it demonstrates that the BBC is sloppy and unable to properly vet their information. They are not a news source, but a source of propaganda. ”

    I would go so far as to say that they are a lazy sloppy lard arsed propaganda sweatshop.

    This is just getting better by the minute.

    My GPS works again. Looks like the US destroyer crews are busy sunbathing.

  2. Anything is possible says:


    Got any pictures we can use to help justify the Syria thing?

    Cheers, John.

  3. kim2ooo says:

    Here’s the thing… My government is asking me to approve war actions.

    They lied about the picture. It was used deliberately – without vetting it.
    They stated inflated numbers.
    They don’t KNOW who the hell fired the gas.

    • kim2ooo says:

      If you want me to approve a war act – AT LEAST HAVE INTEL FROM SOURCES OTHER THAN CNN -BBC – etc

      • kim2ooo says:

        Creeps you have NSA – IRS snooping on everything I type – it looks like you’d use other than CNN – BBC

        What’s that saying about NSA?

        • DirkH says:

          Yeah, I’m a little disappointed by this stupid youtube stuff as well; one would expect a professional empire to deliver at least some forged “intel dossier” or something.

          They’re so lazy it beggars belief. Can’t they do anything right.

    • DirkH says:

      “They don’t KNOW who the hell fired the gas.”

      You really think so? 😉
      They know exactly.

  4. You guys are the liars. Kerry never referenced that specific photo, he referenced bodies in white shrouds. There’s more than one picture of dead bodies in white shrouds, geniuses.

  5. kim2ooo says:

    Mr Kilgore: Can you tell me if this is correct?

    WATCH THIS [ Paying attention to the body count by Kerry ].

  6. kim2ooo says:

    Mr. Kilgore???????????????????

    • DirkH says:

      links back (over TWO stages) to
      notice the photos of Obama vs Mussolini side by side. Ouch.

        • DirkH says:

          Yikes. On the same page:

          “”On Memorial Day, 2008 (the then Senator Obama) told a group of veterans in Las Cruces, New Mexico his uncle fought during WW II and was part of the American Army that liberated the Nazi death camp in Auschwitz Poland:
          “I had a uncle who was one of the, who was part of the first American troops to go into Auschwitz and liberate the concentration camps, and the story in our family was …””

          Well, shouldn’t surprise me. Maybe SOP for history-rewriting leftists.

        • DirkH says:

          Auschwitz, like all other extermination camps, is in Poland, which did get “liberated” by the Red Army.

  7. David says:

    Ok have read on the issue. I see…
    The rebels need US intervention. The last thing Assad wants is the US military involved against him. Evidence balance here strongly points to the rebels.
    Kerry, as far as I know, did not specifically identify the rows of dead being jumped over by a child, which the BBC apparently falsely used. I have not seen what Kerry was refering to if it was not the BBC mistake. I have seen a photo of a row of dead, but not rowS of dead as shown in the BBC 2003 photo, falsely attributed to the current Syria situatuon. Bottom line, Kerry and the whitehouse could clear up this comment of Kerrys in a second if they have a different photo, that really is from the current situation, which matches his statement. (This administration does not like to clear up controversy) Evidence is somewhat neutral here, but if Kerry does not clear up, then it weighs against him.
    Most of Kerrys comments are assertions without evidence. (Not helpfull for his case) Where is the time stamped photos of the missels being fired, and landing? Where is the intercepted Assad communication? Evidence ofjust assertions is weak.
    There are many on the ground rumors of rebels making a mistake, of Saudis being involved. (Weak, but not supportive of Kery.

  8. DirkH says:

    “Kerry referenced a photograph used by the BBC illustrating a child jumping over hundreds of dead bodies covered in white shrouds.”

    I counted the bags in the photo, roughly, and they are at least 130. How many are outside the scope of the photo is unknown.
    Wikipedia says the UN says there were 108 people killed. The article mentions lots of allegations from one side or the other.

    Even the photo itself, or the UN account, are false; which one is unknown.

    Lies heaped upon lies; recyclied by the BBC, recycled by Kerry.

    • kim2ooo says:

      Obama, and his administration haven’t figured out yet…. AFTER the lies / stalling of Benghazi – It sunk their ship of credibility. They need HARD evidence.

      • DirkH says:

        Propaganda is a statistical business. You want to crowd out the truth with a flood of lies. You want to numb the population with an incessant torrent of fabrications. The BBC and all other media don’t care about the truth making the rounds amongst a fringe of the population; they want to control the masses because that’s what counts in a democracy controlled by propaganda.

        See what I have put in Tips&Notes; the account of Amber Lyon, ex CNN journo.

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