Time To Stop, Consider, And Reflect

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In other news …..

Trump travel ban blocked by Va.-based federal appeals court

The egregrious disregard for our citizens, in both respective nations, over the imagined rights (never codified in the US) of foreigners is not only appalling, but, a breach of the social contract. 

Our respective governments have the moral, legal, and personal responsibility to look after the welfare of our own peoples against foreign aggressors.  To do otherwise is not only a complete regression of the notion of self-rule, but, even steps backwards to, not towards, but, to absolutism. 

The majority of the people in both nations have stated this is a bad idea.  We’ve changed leadership and our course of our nations in elections as a statement of such.  Yet, the will of the people is ignored, and innocents die because of such arrogence. 

The People should not accept such supposed “acceptable collateral damage”.

If we have to remove our judges to have a reasonable immigration policy, then, we should do so.  Waiting for them to die over our women and children is not an acceptable option.

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59 Responses to Time To Stop, Consider, And Reflect

  1. leftinflagstaff says:

    I’m waiting for when a judge commands our military to overthrow every foreign government that has removed their people’s gun rights. After all, our Constitution says we must. Our rights are theirs.

  2. Me says:

    O.T. See when a liberal does it, it’s ok! 😉

  3. Me says:

    This has nothing to do with Me post above. But if you don’t pay your dues, don’t expect to be treated nice. Now what is the chance this person among others there was disrespecting Trump? And Trump knew it? 🙂

  4. Latitude says:

    CDC is telling us almost every week….we have some “new” epidemic going on.
    Diseases and parasites we practically eliminated years ago……but are prevalent in these countries

    Latest I heard was measles and crypto in swimming pools.
    Of course measles from the muslim countries…..and crypto from Mexico and central America.

    Now we’ve got chagas all over this country, something we have never had before, and that specifically is central America.

    Immigrants…the gift that keeps on giving

    • Me says:

      Yep, pretty much! Apparently the latest is Chicken pox, pushing the shingles vacs, I thought all these vacs stopped all this? And if it did then the ones vaccinated wouldn’t have to worry, cause ya know they were supposed to be immune! Liberal logic I guess! LMAO!

      • cdquarles says:

        If only vaccines worked that way. Neither does a natural recovery from infections work that way. What vaccines do is prime your immune system so it will be able to respond faster to a natural infection, due to the previous, but limited, exposure through the denatured infectious agent given in a controlled dose. Thus the natural exposure may not result in the actual disease, or if it does, may limit its duration and effects, including secondary effects.

        Shingles, by the way, is one such secondary effect. The virus is a DNA virus in the Herpes virus family. It has chemicals on its surface that bind to chemicals on the surfaces of ectoderm derived tissues. Those happen to include skin and the nervous system. When the natural immunity from that previous infection wears off, compounded by other stressors, the virus escapes control and you become infectious again. Zoster on the lips gives babies chickenpox. The flip side of that is that for that virus, getting it young is better than getting it later on as an adolescent or an adult.

        Since our herd immunity, today, is not from the wild viruses but from the vaccine viruses, it is important for children to get vaccinated, to prevent a natural infection when the consequences of that are more dire (for 99.99%, the benefits will out weigh the costs), and for people my age and older to get the shingles one, so we don’t give the children chickenpox when the consequences of that are more dire. Of the two, the childhood vaccine is better. As a grandparent, I can avoid my grandchildren easily enough if I do happen to have shingles. The vaccine’s effectiveness in prevent recurrences for me and maybe the neuralgia might not have such a favorable cost/benefit ratio.

        • Me says:

          And yet again with the push of the shingles vacs, we are seeing Chicken pox in our schools? And that has been pushed a for a few years now! Spreading the disease I guess! 😉

        • cdquarles says:

          If you’re seeing chickenpox in the schools, then it is likely the childhood vaccine rates are too low.

        • Me says:

          Yeah, because that has pretty much been eradicated for years until the shingles vac and the newly addition of immigrants! So pick one?

        • Me says:

          Or it could be people going on vacation to some place and bringing it back here?

        • Latitude says:

          childhood vaccine rates are too low……or total lack of

          Chicken pox outbreak puts illegal immigrant facility on lockdown

          The federal government’s new facility to house illegal immigrant families surging across the border has been put on lockdown because of chicken pox, with no immigrants allowed to be transferred in or out, a congressman said this week.


    • Me says:

      Just one thing, with Cryptosporidium, proper filtration is all is needed! 😉

  5. philjourdan says:

    This is why Trump went full bore on Gorsuch. The kangaroos in the 4th or 9th do not matter to the Supreme court.

    • cdquarles says:

      The inferior Federal Courts all exist at the whim of Congress. Congress should impeach these judges or abolish these courts or both.

      Oops, just what Congress has the guts to do that. Too many don’t know or don’t want to live under the rules embodied in the Constitution, as written.

      • Latitude says:

        What I don’t understand is why they are not just completely ignored?
        …they do not have the right to rule on this one way or the other

        • Here in the People’s Republic of Washington State, our illustrious (I’d wish we could recall) Attorney General is causing much of the problem with these rulings against Trump. He’s going to run for our next governor–don’t you know!


        • cdquarles says:

          Problem with that is that ‘contempt of court’ can get you locked up indefinitely. The premise here is, just like that with the junk Congress passes, is that it is presumed to be constitutional, per se, until shown otherwise. Forgotten is that 9th and 10th amendment stuff, Article I stuff, and Article II stuff. Yes, that famous ‘spirit of the law’ premise underlying it all. A. the People are sovereign in themselves *as individuals*, from that “corporations” are lent power. B. The lent power has authority so long as it comports with the written manual and does not violate the individual sovereignty and said individual or corporation has not abused its authority.

          Governments are corporations, just as families and other voluntary associations of individuals are corporations. That’s why corporations have freedom of speech, for if the voluntary association (remember freedom of association) can’t speak; you’re saying that the individual can’t, either.

        • leftinflagstaff says:

          But foreign people are not sovereign here. This about these judges believing they have some of self-determined power to make them so.

        • Latitude says:

          Well exactly….I see it as the judges are declaring them sovereign…when these judges do not have that power

          Might as well move to France and declare I have all the rights of a French citizen….
          …that ain’t gonna work

        • leftinflagstaff says:

          Don’t have to move there. According to these judges, you could declare French Rights from here.

    • suyts says:

      If it gets there, and if they hear it. Precedence has been set.

  6. Me says:

    LMAO! Garry ya lost it there, Ya can believe what ya want, but in the end if you aren’t skeptical and wanting to prove what is right, then it means nothing of what you put out! It is either right or wrong! Not what you believe! Bottom line!

    • Me says:

      And if ya all don’t know what I am talking about, then it is about this consensus of thought! Remember that train of thought with Climate science? Yeah, thought so! Remember what I said about it all? it is a tool used for control? Funny how that hypocrisy works!

      • Me says:

        But you say religion isn’t that way? Really, how about that religion of pieces????? How is that working out???? Lately????

        • Me says:

          Bottom line is the western world was founded under the christian values and tolerance, and it is being used against us. And when I say us, I am talking about our western culture vs theirs. And yes there are bad apples everywhere but more often than not you know where them bad apples are from and the apologist are far to often willing to defend them. It has to stop and stop now! Bottom line!

        • Me says:

          And with all these foreign workers the left keeps touting, is the same with the unions out there. Yes there are jobs harvesting produce that no one wants to do, now if you have to pay them $15 dollars per hour? how does that work to the bottom line of what you pay for that produce???? It may rot or spoil before anyone anyone wants to pay for it, but then someone will automate it their jobs out of existence and that is innovation to keep cost down where people keep buying. Liberals lose yet again but the unions don’t, they keep collecting their dues! 😉 How many big businesses do we see using automated checkouts lately? or keyos touch screens? Jobs lost because mindless labor that used to pay and the government wants to mandate $15 per hour! Unions don’t realize they are cutting their own throat, but if you are at the top then you don’t care???? Untill the dues stop???? but then who knows where the payoff are???

        • Me says:

          And that ultimately ends with trade??? If you think it is unfair then don’t buy\import? Bottom Line! No one is forcing you to buy unless you are getting raped by people in your own country with products that has a monopoly! If they can’t do the same product for the same price then who loses? You the consumer! Bottom line!

        • Me says:

          And what is worse is they buy the products and sell it at the same price where they paid next to nothing for it! And you often see some of the same at a dollar store that a major retailer was selling it at 300 to 500% more??? And you wonder why they are going under???

        • Me says:

          So what does free trade get ya???? In the end law suites for the deal in the end! And here in Canada we still don’t have free trade among the provinces because of taxes! And the one province that don’t want to recognize anything but french authority! But has an uncanny reputation of making Prim-ministers of our country! But they are always ill treated! And hence the dairy trade dispute with Trump lately! And our PM is from where again??? 😉 Ya know Just saying!

    • Me says:


      • Me says:

        Is it truth or beliefs???? Is it fact or fiction?????

        • Me says:

          And remember the only person that can convert you is you! That is all your doing! It is all up to you!

        • cdquarles says:

          Some facts are contingent, so Truth here requires the necessary conditions to be present. Some facts are not contingent. The Truth of fiction resides in that, since fiction does not mean absolute falseness. A myth is a story. A legend is also a story. The story may be absolutely true, contingently true, contingently false or absolutely false. A myth is not the same thing as a lie.

        • Me says:

          Well it is fiction or it is real? Or a fact, not to say that some fiction claimed was a fact that they claimed it! It is fact they claimed it and people believe their fiction as fact! It is or it isn’t true! That twisted rabbit hole can run as deep as Hellarys excuses as to why she lost! But we see everyday we see new ones! Bottom line!

        • Me says:

          Here is a good example, They claim CO2 absorption rate using the UV Spectrum! Testable and provable! Then they build an enclosed space claiming it is identical to another enclosed space as a test and claim it is the greenhouse effect that is happening on Earth???? Well the Earth is not enclosed so all they did was prove that the greenhouse effect was why greenhouses needed ventilation to get rid of heat in an enclosed space! And then at the same time you have that fruit fly guy Suzzi-Q saying to chock your house as in to enclose it to do what again??? Yeah to create a greenhouse like environment in your personal space??? Really??? Like people diddy not know to plug a draft???? But you never heard them telling everyone to fill their homes with CO2, cause ya know Greenhouse effect!!!! And ya know why? Cause it doesn’t matter! Bottom line!

  7. Latitude says:

    Ever notice how democrat politicians go completely off the rails when they lose an election?

    ..in the mean time, Antie Max noticed that no one is listening

    Maxine Waters: American Public ‘Getting Weary’ That Trump Not Impeached Yet


  8. Me says:

    O.T but here it is!

  9. Me says:

    Here we go yet again!

  10. Me says:

    😆 Funny until it hits back! Not the Osama thang, that is what it is, but ya know!

  11. Me says:

    Ya know your title here “Time To Stop, Consider, And Reflect” is something for everyone here. As the fact or fiction thing I was talking about! As you say the unholy one is the deceiver, well how do you know it wasn’t the burning bush for Moses? someone here talking of Kek, or that frog thing, wasn’t that one of the things that made part of the freedom of you know who? Want to talk about the other things??? How about the start? Adam? And then Noah? Later in the story of how everyone came to be from that? Ya want to explain how that is without some wicked ways? Ya want to talk about how slavery was indorced in the same that gave you the ten? Now want to talk about how it is used to control people? And you want to tell Me that is OK? I think in our culture we moved beyond that but it is wrong for revenge to the opposite. Now they are doing the same in reverse all while claiming being wronged! Well when shit hits the fan and it’s coming, only the winners will be celebrating. I am a skeptic and an agnostic and I don’t know but things that are too good to be true often are!

    • Me says:

      Ya see same difference?

      • Me says:

        Or it couldn’t be this guy was larger than life being 6′ 10″ and was a bully like bully’s does now can it be? Only to cower like he said that was reported at a blue curtain so to hide from Trump, cause he diddy not to have some bias err somethang!!!!! Bwaaaaahahahahaha!

        • Me says:

          Guess he couldn’t slam dunk??? or he would have already! Bwaaahahaha Proving white men can’t jump and Black men can’t swim! Don’t believe me? Look at the Mediterranean! Sorry but that is reality! No one to blame but your selves and those taking advantage of you! Bottom line!

  12. Latitude says:

    to look after the welfare of our own peoples….

    Try getting a fish, bird, plant, animal into this country without quarantine…
    …mostly because they can carry disease/parasites etc that infect humans

    Yet we do not even require basic immunization for these “immigrants”…

    Now we have diseases and parasites again….that we eliminated decades ago…
    Measles, chicken pox, tuberculosis, polio, on and on….parasites are now in this country we have never had before…
    …the latest the CDC is warning people about public swimming pools and telling people to not get any water in their mouths

    Their going to kill us alright….just not necessarily with a bomb

  13. dirkhblog says:

    Kathy Griffin, US comedienne, shows solidarity with ISIS by posing with Trump head in hand.
    This picture makes me reconsider the wisdom behind forcing women to wear a Burqa.

  14. Latitude says:

    There’s a large part of me that absolutely adores this man………


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