If You Only Listened To The Lunatic Climate Nutters, You Would Have Thought This Impossible ……. Record Corn And Soybean Harvests Expected In US!!!!


Funny, that this is found at HuffPo!!!!

Record Corn, Soybean Harvest Expected In U.S. After Ideal Summer Growing Conditions

….. The U.S. Department of Agriculture already has predicted a record soybean crop of 3.8 billion bushels. And the corn crop, it said in July, would be large but not bigger than last year’s record of 13.9 billion bushels. However, many market analysts and some farmers expect the USDA to revise expectations upward in a report based on field surveys that’s due out Tuesday.  ….

In a typical growing season, at least some corn-growing states would have experienced drought or other production problems. But the 18 states that grow 91 percent of the nation’s corn have experienced nearly ideal conditions this year, as adequate rain fell when plants emerged and cooler summer temperatures minimized heat stress. …..

….. The expected large harvest has driven corn and soybean prices significantly lower, but it isn’t expected to make much of a short-time difference in consumer food prices. However, since the grains are staples in livestock feed, lower prices could eventually lead to a decline in the cost of beef, pork, chicken and milk.

“Eventually the economics will feed through but I wouldn’t expect much relief in 2015 yet. It just takes time to go through the systems,” Irwin said.

Weather doesn’t deserve all the credit for the amount of grain farmers are getting from each acre this year.

Agriculture companies have developed genetic characteristics in seeds that allow plants to be packed more densely per acre and arm them with resistance to drought, disease, and pests. In addition, larger planters and tractors equipped with GPS programs can run at night if needed, helping farmers adjust planting when weather delays field work. …..

During the lifetime of the average U.S. farmer, who’s 58, corn yields have more than tripled from a national average of 44 bushels per acre in the 1950s to nearly 150 bushels per acre in recent years.

Average corn yields set a record in 2009 with 164.7 bushels per acre. The USDA previously estimated 165.3 bushels per acre this year, and some analysts are speculating about exceeding 170 bushels per acre.

The record soybean yield also came in 2009, an average of 44 bushels per acre for a 3.36 billion-bushel harvest. The USDA expects a national average of 45.2 bushels per acre and a crop of 3.8 billion bushels this fall.

US farmers …… making climate alarmists look stupid for centuries! 

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9 Responses to If You Only Listened To The Lunatic Climate Nutters, You Would Have Thought This Impossible ……. Record Corn And Soybean Harvests Expected In US!!!!

  1. Me says:

    Climate wearding for ya, they don’t even know, so it’s weard to them. 😆

  2. HankH says:

    I’ll take the Farmer’s Almanac any day over the IPCC’s AR5.

  3. philjourdan says:

    But it is a fake record. The models tell you so. Alarmists have not “adjusted” the numbers yet.

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