The Most Clueless Head of State In The History Of The World


Intelligence Officials: Actually, the White House Approved US Spying on Foreign Allies

Yesterday, the president was all like, “who? what? me?” about revelations that US intelligence agencies have been monitoring the phone calls of various world leaders for years. He pretended that he and his inner circle were unaware of this practice. In doing so, he angered and alienated the people who know better.Push-back:

The White House and State Department signed off on surveillance targeting phone conversations of friendly foreign leaders, current and former U.S. intelligence officials said Monday, pushing back against assertions that President Obama and his aides were unaware of the high-level eavesdropping. Professional staff members at the National Security Agency and other U.S. intelligence agencies are angry, these officials say, believing the president has cast them adrift as he tries to distance himself from the disclosures by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden that have strained ties with close allies. The resistance emerged as the White House said it would curtail foreign intelligence collection in some cases and two senior U.S. senators called for investigations of the practice. France, Germany, Italy, Mexico and Sweden have all publicly complained about the NSA surveillance operations, which reportedly captured private cellphone conversations by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, among other foreign leaders.

We’ve not transitioned from “plausible deniability” to “implausible deniability”. 

Fast and furious, IRS, Benghazi, NSA spying on our own citizens, Obamacare rollout, NSA spying on foreigners, …… and on and on, I’m sure readers and list more.  But, all of these things have one unique thing in common, Zero didn’t know, or, at least that’s what he says.  Well, there is a couple of other things.  …… No one is more surprised or disappointed, and he promises to get to the bottom of it. 

At some point, the rest of the country has to see what half of this nation and the rest of the world sees.  Not only is Zero a clueless incompetent, he’s also dishonest.  It has gone beyond being able to pick one or the other, but it must be that he’s both. 

Look at how many times the NSA has popped up and surprised everyone about the scale of their spying and snooping.  Each time Zero says he didn’t know about it, and that he’s going to get to the bottom of it.  And, each time, nothing happens.  How many times can a person get up in front of the world and say he didn’t know without the entire world understanding that he’s entirely incompetent and can’t run even one office, much less the office he holds?

If you take him at his word, then he has to be entirely incompetent.  If he’s lying, and certainly he should be updated on many of these things, then he’s entirely incompetent for allowing these things to manifest. 

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8 Responses to The Most Clueless Head of State In The History Of The World

  1. philjourdan says:

    Clinton was a good liar. Obama is not. His problem is he cannot keep his lies straight.

  2. kim2ooo says:

    Obama didn’t know about the drones………….

  3. tom0mason says:

    Hopefully the next steps from “implausible deniability” is “plausible undeniability”, and on to “plausible untenability” and then out the door.

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