LOL!!! Obamacare Truthers Coming Out Of The Woodworks!!! The Unhinged Are Claiming/Insinuating Sabotage!!!


Roman Perez @TheRomanPerez

@MayorBollwage @baseballcrank I guess Obamacare truthers do exist.


It’s difficult to exactly say where the consensus is on exactly how Repubs sabotaged Zerocare, but, the conspiracy lunatics are pretty sure it’s our fault. 

Desperation: Democrats Blame Obamacare Woes on GOP

That’s just one place where you can see examples of leftards blaming Repubs, you can see more here and here, and just about any other place leftarded spewing is recorded.

Some, such as Howard Dean seem to think Repubs had a hand in implementing this mess.  But, for clarity, Zerocare was passed without any Repub voting for it.  It was entirely implemented via Zero’s administration.  Juan Williams had a novel thought, it’s Repubs fault because of their opposition to Zerocare ……

“People in the White House and HHS felt there is such massive opposition from the Republicans that they did not want to say, ‘You know, we need to slow down a little bit because we don’t have the technology in order.’ So they were willing to just say let’s roll it out see how it works for now…”

In other words, because Zero is uncompromising and bullheaded, the more Repubs didn’t like it, the more Zero was willing to double down on stupid.  In fairness, it is true that it didn’t inspire Zero or his team of leftards to do any better than they did, so there’s that…..  Ezra Klein thinks we slashed the tires of the Zerocare car, or something …..

But, for the most part, they think we’re doing some Denial Of Service thing.  Which is funny that they believe we should be able to do so for weeks on end to a govt site supposedly built for millions of people on the site at the same time. 

Of course, this would also imply that the same people rushed to crash the phone system and the chat option, as well! 

The thing is, given the incompetent nature of this administration, we probably could.  But, we probably couldn’t without the NSA knowing about it.  Just guessing, but, they’d probably tip off Zero that the evil Repubs were doing their evil doings.  Just guessing, mind you. 

But, I’ll let the leftards in on a little secret.  While I do confess to a base delight in this unbelievable demonstration of inadequacy and incompetence, Repubs don’t want this to go on.  I mean, sure, I’ll write about it daily as long as this continues, and maybe even afterward, but, this isn’t the meat and potatoes of how we’re going to win the hearts and minds of the American public. 

We win by Zerocare working exactly as it is designed.  Even the lowballed prices of the administration are unaffordable for the poor.  We need them to see the real prices.  We need them to realize how little utility it is for them.  And, we need to remind them of exactly who it was that stuck up for them. 

So, yes, it’s hilarious the leftards don’t know how to build a proper site, or that they didn’t bother testing the silly thing until less than a week out.  This stuff is fun to point at and ridicule.  But, that’s not where we win.  We win by the public tasting the bitter sting of the reality of Zerocare.

In the mean time, I’ll enjoy yet another byproduct of this rollout debacle.  The exposure of the delusions leftards experience.  Get help, you lunatics. 

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22 Responses to LOL!!! Obamacare Truthers Coming Out Of The Woodworks!!! The Unhinged Are Claiming/Insinuating Sabotage!!!

  1. Swithunus says:

    Well, I’m not local to the issue, but I didn’t think that the dumbocrats required any help to sabotage it. Leftards are gifted like that, they’ve a natural talent for frigging things up. To the point that many people wonder if they can possible be that dumb, or are they topping the dumb up with spite? Who knows? They have oodles of both.

    Nice picture though.

  2. DirkH says:

    I’m so used to them creating a crisis and then exploit it -which they even brag about- that I always think they mess everything up intentionally. The German Green party has in the past repeatedly stated they want to destroy Germany (they got silent about it since being in the Schroeder government coalition); it is in the nature of the Leftist to crave for destruction of whatever his host nation is; well, Marx and Engels even wrote books about it.

  3. DirkH says:

    Number of Obamacare enrolled treated like drone strikes in Pakistan: Top Secret.

  4. philjourdan says:

    Yea, because they are pure, that is why it is republican’s fault. Because they were not involved!

  5. HankH says:

    Yeah, the Republicans forced CGI to write over a million lines of bad code. Oh the horror! Oh the humanity! Oh the… the… the… incompetence of this administration!

    • suyts says:

      I think I’ve got this figured out. As we know, leftards think advocacy is actually “doing something”. They think just wishing suffices for getting things accomplished, ergo, if we wished hard enough, they surely we caused something bad to happen. It’s just like when they prance around when a tornado hits in an area which tends to be skeptic, they think they did something to cause the tornado.

    • philjourdan says:

      See how easy it is to lead the stupid? Republicans apparently do it every time.

  6. kim2ooo says:

    psssst: I did it!

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