Why Don’t We Care Any More? A Question For Leftards


News media used to keep track.  How come they don’t anymore?

They don’t know, nor did they ever care about how many people died in the wars the lunatics sent us.  It was always political.  They hate Americans.  Bring our patriots home.

Does any leftard know the body count?  Why isn’t it important anymore?  Is hate too strong of a word?

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9 Responses to Why Don’t We Care Any More? A Question For Leftards

  1. Me says:

    Some things have to niped in the bud, others are for reasons of… well someone lobbied for it.

  2. Me says:

    have to be niped in the bud,

  3. Bruce says:

    And that is one of the things I didn’t like about Bush et al. They came and they stayed.

    They were very successful in the coming. The staying part was the mistake. You cannot convert a people to niceness by being nice to them while shooting the recalcitrants. They have to decide to become nice themselves.

    And if they persist in being annoying after you leave you just turn up again, smash anything they own to valueless slag, and leave again. And repeat. After a while they do get the message, like Hamas has.

  4. DirkH says:

    Vindication from an unlikely source: Harry Reid (!) admits Germany didn’t start WW I.

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