So Was Zero Being Phony When He Said IRS Actions Were "Intolerable and Inexcusable"?


Obama: IRS actions are ‘intolerable and inexcusable’ – CNN …

So remember when president Stompy Feet said the actions of the IRS were intolerable and inexcusable, and that he announced the resignation of the IRS head and that he was angry with them.  And remember when the IRS publicly apologized for for their actions?  I do.

Apparently, that was all “phony” 

Jay Carney Confirms Which Scandals Obama Thinks Are “Phony”

Mark Knoller @markknoller

Asked which “phony scandals” Pres Obama frequently decries, Jay Carney cited Benghazi and the IRS.

And, remember when Zero vowed to bring the perpetrators of the Benghazi attacks to justice. Apparently that was phony, as well.  Along with the graves and the grieving of the loved ones who lost so much.  Just phony stuff that didn’t really happen.


None of this stuff is going away. 

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11 Responses to So Was Zero Being Phony When He Said IRS Actions Were "Intolerable and Inexcusable"?

  1. DirkH says:

    “So Was Zero Being Phony When He Said IRS Actions Were “Intolerable and Inexcusable”?”

    That is not what Obama said, according to the latest adjustment to history. Wait… wikipedians still working… a moment please… Ok. Fixed.

  2. Latitude says:

    Tennessee Newspaper’s Scathing Editorial: ‘Take Your Jobs Plan and Shove It, Mr. President’

    The Chattanooga Times Free Press on Tuesday published a scathing editorial criticizing President Barack Obama’s new jobs plan.

    Actually, that’s an understatement. The paper told the president to take his jobs plan and “shove it.”

    From the editorial, written by the Free Press:

    Welcome to Chattanooga, one of hundreds of cities throughout this great nation struggling to succeed in spite of your foolish policies that limit job creation, stifle economic growth and suffocate the entrepreneurial spirit.

    Forgive us if you are not greeted with the same level of Southern hospitality that our area usually bestows on its distinguished guests. You see, we understand you are in town to share your umpteenth different job creation plan during your time in office. If it works as well as your other job creation programs, then thanks, but no thanks. We’d prefer you keep it to yourself.

    That’s because your jobs creation plans so far have included a ridiculous government spending spree and punitive tax increase on job creators that were passed, as well as a minimum wage increase that, thankfully, was not. Economists — and regular folks with a basic understanding of math — understand that these are three of the most damaging policies imaginable when a country is mired in unemployment and starving for job growth.

    (and that was before they got really wound up…there’s more)

  3. kim2ooo says:

    Click to access boustany_7_29.pdf

    In a response letter to Ways and Means Oversight Subcommittee Chairman Charles Boustany released Tuesday, IRS principal deputy commissioner Daniel Werfel wrote that in Fiscal Year 2012, IRS employees used 573,319 hours for union activities. In FY 2013 through June 2013, according to Werfel, employees have used another 399,772 hours for union activities.

    House Ways and Means Committee Republicans noted that the number of hours IRS employees spent on union activities constituted the equivalent of 23,888 days in FY 2012 and 16,657 days to date in FY 2013 — and represents approximately $16 million “taxpayer-funded wages that went exclusively to union activity.

    Read more:

  4. PhilJourdan says:

    It was serious when a couple of mid level flunkies were willing to fall on the sword. It is phony now that it is extending to the upper echelons – in other words to the white house.

    Each day a new level of sleeze. Even without the MSM, it is progressing nicely. But of course Biden is feeding the leaks. He knows that is the only way he will ever become president now that Shillary has been anointed.

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