Zero Places ‘His Press’ In Timeout! ….. For Asking Questions In South Africa


Again, Zero has to remind the media of their place!

At his earlier stop in Senegal, Obama apologized to host President Macky Sall on behalf the American media.
“Sometimes my press _ I notice yours just ask one question,” Obama said. “We try to fit in three or four or five questions in there.”

“Americans, behave yourselves,” he needled Saturday as a contingent of U.S. and South African media was pulled from a quick photo op with President Jacob Zuma.

And, of course the lapdog media will comply.  They know their place, they just have to be reminded from time to time.  It is, after all, his press

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9 Responses to Zero Places ‘His Press’ In Timeout! ….. For Asking Questions In South Africa

  1. Latitude says:

    …and it gets confusing to my poor little brain

  2. tckev says:

    Keep chastising, slapping down, and belittling the lapdog long enough and it will turn and bite back.

    Geeze though, how much longer do we have to wait?

    • suyts says:

      They won’t. Leftists place ideology first, always. Some might whine from time to time, but, they’re not going to go after Zero.

    • DirkH says:

      “Geeze though, how much longer do we have to wait?”

      If you are waiting for an attack on Obama from the MSM: That attack will come exactly when it is desired by the powers in the background. As they control the MSM. Maybe the Snowden comedy it is already. The Obama myth must be destroyed in time for Hillary to play the saviour. Maybe that is why Snowden happened NOW – there was the danger that Benghazi causes irreparable damage to Hillary. This has been successfully stopped. Snowden lingered in the background as a joker all the time.

      Last year, BTW, Greenwald tried to market the story of Binney, an NSA contractor turned whistleblower. At that time, the NSA story was not needed.

  3. philjourdan says:

    YOur graphic says it all. Once you have sold your soul, you have no rights left.

  4. phvxpto says:

    Ape president

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