Lapdog LSM Knows Its Place…… Obediently Does As Obama Commands, Says Nothing


This is beautiful.  It demonstrates the LSM’s complicit and subordinate nature to the current administration. 

President Zero spoke to the National Governors Association this morning at the White House.  He implored the governors to intercede to prevent the sequester cuts from kicking in.  Every major news outlet carried this.  But, here’s what they didn’t carry.  After his speech, this is what the “most transparent administration in the history of the US” said.

“What I want to do is clear out the press so we can take some questions.” —  President Zero

And guess what?  I’ve checked CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC….. not a peep about this.  They just obediently did as they were told and said nothing, like all good  ……  uhmm, lap dogs do. 

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7 Responses to Lapdog LSM Knows Its Place…… Obediently Does As Obama Commands, Says Nothing

  1. gator69 says:

    Please do not degrade dogs by comparing them to pond scum that has learned to walk and talk.

    I used to wonder how evil men come to power in a ‘free’ society. I have since seen the roadmap.

  2. HankH says:

    I love the cartoon but I would change the collar to an electronic shock collar – the kind used for training strong willed dogs.

    Here’s how it works. Dogs don’t obey orders:

    Note that Chip Reid’s career as WH correspondent was short lived following this confrontation. TV news was rocked when it was announced that Norah O’Donnell was replacing him (funny they didn’t see it coming). Helen Thomas retired shortly after amidst “controversy”.

    Zero clearly had his finger on the “zapper” button. The rest of the dogs now cower and do what they’re told as your post clearly demonstrates.

  3. Jim Masterson says:

    HuffandPuff are upset that Christie hasn’t gotten his invite to CPAC 2013.


    • suyts says:

      LOL, yeh, I was reading about that last night. Sadly, there are some Repubs pretty pissy about it as well. Trying to explain to those pinheads that CPAC is a “Conservative” organization and Christie isn’t a conservative seems to be beyond them.

  4. tckev says:

    Each presidential press release is a gravy train for the dogs, and the White House knows that for the LSM it’s “The Gravy Taste Dogs Can’t Wait to Finish.”

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