In Other Polling News…… Swing States


Apparently there’s been a plethora of polls released and posted at RCP.  Some seem pretty good, others, not so much. 

We already covered Romney being up in Ohio, so we’ll go to the rest.

CNN is reporting Romney up by 1 in Florida, (pdf) this seems a little short on Romney, but CNN is consistently so.  Again, I view Rasmussen as the gold standard, with Gallup next, but, Gallup may be slightly favoring Romney compared to other polling outfits.

ARG is reporting Romney up in Colorado by 1.  ARG seems to track Rasmussen fairly well in other polls.

Some strange Elon University is reporting a tie in North Carolina.  We can laugh at Elon, because they’re also reporting Republican McCory up by 14 in the governor’s race.  There’s no way a Repub gov is up by 14 but the Repub pres candidate is in a tie.  Rasmussen is reporting McCory up by 19, but, they’ve also moved NC to Romney. 

These were the pertinent polls released today, so far.

Yesterday, Dem PPP had Obama up by 1 in Ohio and Florida.  And by 2 in New Hampshire.   The also have Brown leading Mendel by 11 there, which no one else comes close to such a wide margin. 

Rasmussen has Repub Thompson up in Wisconsin by 1 for the senate which bodes well for Romney.  And they have Lamontagne by 2 for governor of New Hampshire.  While PPP has Hansan by 4 in the same race.

Listed swing states latest……  Everyone has Virginia tied or leaning Romney except for the Washington Post, no surprise there. 

Florida, everyone has Romney up except PPP has him down by one, no surprise there either.

Wisconsin, Rasmussen has it tied, but, recall, Thompson is up by 1.

In Iowa, PPP has it Romney up by 1, Rasmussen has it tied and Gravis has Obama up by 4.

In Colorado, the latest poll has Romney up by 1.  Rasmussen has Romney up by 4 as of the 21st, but PPP has Obama by 4.  Notably, NBC/WSJ/Marist has it tied as of the 24th. 

In Nevada, Gravis has Obama by 1 for the latest poll, the rest have a slightly larger lead for Obama

In New Hampshire, PPP has Obama by 2, Rasmussen and ARG has Romney by 2.  PPP is the latest on the 26-28th poll.

Oddly, TownHall has the Dems dispatching Bill Clinton to Minnesota!  That would be quite a coup. 

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4 Responses to In Other Polling News…… Swing States

  1. Dick Morris always says in a reelection undecideds go for the new comer. They are undecided because they don’t like the incumbent–otherwise they would already be decided for him/her.

    So the undecideds will mostly go to Romney. Tie in the polls goes to the newcomer.

  2. philjourdan says:

    CNN and The Washington Pest are going to set up a meme of voter fraud, so that is why they are skewing their polls.

  3. dan says:

    Billy isn’t happy about Hillary being thrown under the bus for Benghazi….and the independents and libertarians once made Jesse their Govinator , so I wouldn’t bet on anything . As we say out here, they’re ‘different’.

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