Speaking of Nails… Economics And Energy Altering U.K.’s Green Agenda?

(For Nail reference see post below this one.)

And, like every thing else, it’s all George’s fault!

No, not that George this time.  Apparently, it is George Osborne’s.  He is the Chancellor of the Exchequer of the United Kingdom.  (Compare to Secretary of the Treasury for the U.S.) 

From the Guardian…..

George Osborne’s gas push has shattered the climate change consensus  The chancellor’s push for gas power has repoliticised an array of environmental and economic issues, argues James Murray

Murray is crying because the fellow in charge of the money wants the money to grow. 

But, in the space of a few short months, Chancellor George Osborne has shattered that consensus – a consensus that was hard-won, carefully nurtured, and essential to all of our economic and environmental futures.

In attempting a coup of UK energy policy that would have foisted his vision to turn the country into a “gas hub” upon us all, the Chancellor has repoliticised an array of environmental and economic issues.

Murray later continues…..

But despite this victory it is also clear that there is now going to be an almighty row in the autumn over numerous aspects of the Energy Bill, not least the proposals for a decarbonisation target for the electricity sector, which according to spin-meisters in the Treasury will now never see the light of day. The Chancellor is effectively attempting to tear up the Climate Change Act and fire the trigger on a full scale dash for gas – the mood music for green investors is appalling…….

The green NGOs are not exaggerating: this is a fight for the credibility of the Climate Change Act, the future of the low carbon economy, and the chance to lead the world in emerging green technologies. If all barriers to gas are removed and rapid investment is authorised over the next 10 years, then it will indisputably crowd out investment in lower carbon alternatives, including nuclear and CCS, as well as renewables.

This is true.  Natural gas wins over a windmill every time.  The beautiful thing about nat gas is that it is such a flexible fuel.  It can generate electricity, fuel for heating, cooking, and one day it may even be an acceptable alternate to petroleum based gasoline.

In my estimation, a country needs two things to prosper………… a source of fuel significant enough to power themselves and the ability to feed themselves.  The rest is secondary.

So, what does this matter to a Yank halfway around the world?  The same reason that it matters what the U.S. does in regards to the climate hysteria.  I’ve stated this before, and I can’t state it enough.  This climate hysteria is nearly unique to a subset of the Western Civilization.  It is a cultural deficiency.  It is the English speaking nations of the world and Germany.  (So, I’m figuring the deficiency came from the Jutes, Saxons, or Angles or some such.) 

So, to win there is to win here and visa versa.  This is just another nail in the coffin of climate hysteria.  If you want to see more nails, go here, here, and here

Here’s what we do with nails and hammers.

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12 Responses to Speaking of Nails… Economics And Energy Altering U.K.’s Green Agenda?

  1. kim2ooo says:

    Smart man that Chancellor George Osborne.

    Dishonest spin-masters that Guardian rag and Mr Murray….. [“George Osborne’s gas push has shattered the climate change consensus‘] [ my bold ]

    The word is “agenda” not consensus, Mr Murray…There has never been empirical evidence of a consensus

  2. Ted says:

    This is beautiful, maybe the UK has a chance after all.Chancellor George Osborne had no choice he’s a realist and has very little financial wiggle room left.

    • suyts says:

      Well, they’ve a choice, proceed with the ineffectual very expensive renewables or go with the cheap, effective gas with export and commerce possibilities. During times of economic hardship, this is hardly a choice at all. As the cost of energy increases with renewable adoption the less tolerant the U.K. will be of renewables.

  3. kim2ooo says:


    [” With regard to the publication of FOIA 2011 enquiries identified that of the four websites known to have been used to signpost FOI 2011 one was administered from within the UK.‘]

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