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Richard Muller Climate Change

Wow, it seems like just less than a year ago we put this bit of disinformation to bed.  Well, desperate measures for desperate times, I suppose.  As we watch the death throes of climate alarmism, we’ll see this sort of regurgitation.  So, I’ll cover a few issues which will certainly be brought back up after this latest round of lunacy to arrive.  For the science of it all, just scroll to the bottom of the page to laugh at the people believing Muller knows what he’s talking about. 

I’m not sure if it’s utter dishonesty or intellectual vacancy, but Muller was never a climate skeptic.  For some reason, the alarmists seem to have latched onto this bit of dishonesty in spite of being shown over and over again how wrong they are when they try to state that he was.  Of course, it could be that the simple minded alarmists are confused by the fact that he criticized Gore’s fictional film “inconvenient truth”.  You really don’t have to be a climate skeptic to point out the obvious fallacies of the film.  So, it could simply be the simple mindedness of alamists at play here.  I’ve got similar and same statements in the archives here.  Just type “Muller” in the search box. 

Taken from Steve Goddard’s……..

November 3, 2011

“It is ironic if some people treat me as a traitor, since I was never a skeptic — only a scientific skeptic,” he said in a recent email exchange with The Huffington Post. “Some people called me a skeptic because in my best-seller ‘Physics for Future Presidents’ I had drawn attention to the numerous scientific errors in the movie ‘An Inconvenient Truth.’ But I never felt that pointing out mistakes qualified me to be called a climate skeptic.”

Richard Muller, Climate Researcher, Navigates The Volatile Line Between Science And Skepticism

December 17, 2003

“Let me be clear. My own reading of the literature and study of paleoclimate suggests strongly that carbon dioxide from burning of fossil fuels will prove to be the greatest pollutant of human history. It is likely to have severe and detrimental effects on global climate.”


Now, contrast this with the lies of the HuffPo and climate alarmists

Last year, Richard Muller walked back years of climate change skepticism in light of new research. But Sunday’s comments go one step further.

Muller wrote in an NYT op-ed that after exhaustive research, he believes that an increase of greenhouse gases can be closely linked to the rise in the earth’s temperature. He explains:  …..

Of course, then there’s this little misleading statement…..

Muller, a UCBerkeley professor, founded the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature project, which receives substantial funding from GOP powerhouse donor Charles Koch.

You actually have to click on the link.  There, you’ll see that the Koch contribution is less than 25% of the funding for Muller.  And, likely is it significantly less than that now, in that the page hasn’t been updated for quite some time. 

Lastly, from the HuffPo story I picked up this little gem……

Our results show that the average temperature of the earth’s land has risen by two and a half degrees Fahrenheit over the past 250 years…..

That’s special.  Not special like precious, special like special-education is required.  Forgetting the fact that we were in the Little Ice Age 250 years ago and that we should have noticeably warmed from then, I’m particularly interested in how Muller invented thermometers where none existed.  It’s laughable.  The mercury thermometer was invented in 1714. 


The purple dots represent the world’s thermometers 250 years ago.  How stupid do you have to be to believe someone knows what the earth’s temperature was 250 years ago to a fraction of a degree?  You’d have to be near the imbecile level of mental development.  Certainly, higher functioning morons would know this is an impossibility.  You can play along with this video…..

Even if one believes we can measure the earth’s temps with thermometers, which is a dubious claim in and of itself, we see that we don’t even have good northern hemispheric coverage until about the turn of the the last century, and southern hemispheric coverage going back about 70 years or so.  And this, of course, ignores the vast oceans which have no stable or adequate coverage.  But, now I’m getting into concepts beyond the higher functioning morons, so this eliminates participation from the overwhelming majority of alarmists. 

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16 Responses to Muller…… Never Was A Skeptic

  1. gator69 says:

    Looks like Muller is going take his ball, and go home!

  2. CO2 is a pollutant. Sure Einstein.

  3. Just came from Anthony’s. Muller is a part of why it was released today. But really, not as important a part as some think.

  4. October 7, 2008, Grist interview of Richard A. Muller:

    (Q: ) Do you consider yourself an environmentalist?

    (A:) Oh yes. [Laughs.] In fact, back in the early ’80s, I resigned from the Sierra Club over the issue of global warming. At that time, they were opposing nuclear power. What I wrote them in my letter of resignation was that, if you oppose nuclear power, the U.S. will become much more heavily dependent on fossil fuels, and that this is a pollutant to the atmosphere that is very likely to lead to global warming.

  5. kim2ooo says:

    Reblogged this on Climate Ponderings and commented:
    LIAR LIAR – Pants on fire

  6. Bruce says:

    Anyone who wishes to see more about Dr Muller’s past statements and his business interests, I’d recommend reading Hillary Ostrov’s detailed examination from last year:

    Will the real Richard Muller please stand up

    I love the internet, it makes things so much easier than in the old days.

  7. Jim Masterson says:

    Often Willis makes a comment that I agree with. Here’s another one.


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