Obama Proving What Government Can Do For You





Kim, a frequent reader here has done a bit of research regarding a couple of claims from team Obama.  First, the claim our government is such a nice helper and business friendly to business.  And, to the fantastic claims that Romney, in spite of his stellar record of job creation here, would be an outsourcer of jobs.  Obama is just looking out for the little guy.

Yes, the government is a big helper to the little guy.  (pdf)  The SBA says they’re not so much of the helpers as Barry wants you to believe.  According to the Small Business Association, it cost American Businesses $1.8 trillion in regulatory costs in 2008 alone!

Americans spent enough time and effort complying with government regulations to total $1.8 trillion of our roughly $15 trillion national GDP. (Source: Small Business Administration). During the same year, the entire American manufacturing industry made $1.7 trillion worth of: airplanes, cars, furniture, clothes, upholstery, widgets, gadgets, wingnuts and Sidewinder missiles. Source: U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, Industry Economic Accounts (2009)   [Value Added by Industry]   

Edit note:  It was $5.329 trillion [ Gross Output by Industry]

Go here to see the numbers.    

NOTE: THIS IS BEFORE MR OBAMA’S NEW ROUND of Executive Order Fiats of Compliance – Regulatory Legislations.

First Solar—– An Example Of What The Government Can Build  <— Lot’s of links in that towards gubment failure.

The Greenies War on Green Chile Peppers  <——–  Another Marita Noon’s expose on the left’s hatred of private property ownership.

Another federally subsidized green project bites the dust.  The Amonix solar facility in Las Vegas, according to former employees, has been out of operation since May of this year. The solar facility was backed by $21.5 million in federal grants and tax breaks.sourcing”

Of course, then there’s the $billions he sent beyond our borders in the name of a stimulus package.

Here is Speaker Boehner’s web site’s take.

Did we mention the Russians recently flew one of our astronauts into space?  Seems we’ve outsourced NASA now. 

There’s so many more things we can write about to demonstrate his abject failure and lack of understanding of anything business, finance, or economics.  But, that would make for some many links and so much reading that we’d be busy past the election. 

These are the things Obama’s government can do for you.  These are the things he can build for you.  

My thanks to http://antigreen.blogspot.com/

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33 Responses to Obama Proving What Government Can Do For You

  1. kim2ooo says:

    “Obama Proving What Government Can Do For You”….

    Ha ha ha ha

    When someone tries to sell those words to you…….RUN…PUT UP YOUR BS METERS…BE VERY AFRAID!!!!

    If you believe those words – It’s because you are the uneducated illegitimate offspring of government pimps. I would say it stronger – but I understand my responsibility and enjoy posting here 🙂 …I could say it milder and call you a “socialist” – BUT because you are an uneducated illegitimate offspring of government pimps….you wouldn’t understand what “socialist” means.

    Government doesn’t exist for you…it exists topromote [ pimp] itself.NOTHING MORE!
    Obama Proving What Government Can Do TO You

    I invite any of you uneducated illegitimate offspring of government pimps, to debate me on this issue.

  2. Jim Masterson says:

    “Ability is the art of getting credit for all the home runs somebody else hits.”
    — Casey Stengel

    This quote seems to apply to many of your recent posts.


  3. kim2ooo says:

    Let me introduce you to one of Mr Obama’s ….uneducated illegitimate offspring of government pimps.


    Dear Julia,
    Do you wonder why the story starts at 3 1/2 years?

    Well, darlin’ …with abortion for convenience [ Barack Obama: I Don’t Want My Daughters “Punished” With A Baby ]….. It’s a good chance you won’t be here.

    If you do make it to birth…your uneducated illegitimate offspring of government pimps, have a gift for you….$50,000 in debt the day you are born.

    • DirkH says:

      Kim, a nice example for what government can do is this

      Google “norway butter shortage”. HuffPo doesn’t really mention it but the market in Norway didn’t react quickly to the needs of the consumers because THERE IS NO MARKET. It’s a monopoly or quasimonopoly.

      HuffPo innocently writes “”Sales all of a sudden just soared, 20 percent in October then 30 percent in November,” Lars Galtung, the head of communications at TINE, Norway’s biggest farmer-owned cooperative, told Reuters. ”

      Oh, how sweet, a farmer-owned cooperative… Actually, TINE is Big Butter, basically a union shop… of course that fat lazy outfit had neither interest nor capabilities to cope with a change in consumer behaviour…

      I was basically LMAO about this. It was a tiny crisis that didn’t get much attention outside Norway but so typically European…

      • suyts says:

        Lol, no doubt, that wasn’t even on my radar….. how is it that Norway can run out of butter? Do they have some import regulation?

        • DirkH says:

          Tariffs to protect their own dairy farmers, much like Switzerland where you pay twice as much as in Germany. Their are both not a member of the EU so they can do that.

        • suyts says:

          Lol, the milking industry milking the wrong thing!

      • kim2ooo says:

        Hiyas 🙂
        That is amazing!

        Thank you for the links.
        [ ““It’s clear the (Norwegian regulation) system hasn’t functioned well enough when we see how market regulator Tine has handled this situation, and since we offered them our import quotas in October,” Tretteteig told DN. “This is not how the market should function in 2011.” ]

  4. kim2ooo says:

    Mr Obama let’s discuss this statement made by you, “There was a great teacher somewhere in your life.” – Did you and Ms Warren actually attend class?

    You do understand the difference in promoting ideologies and true education?

    Promoting ideologies is nothing more than propaganda. Teaching what to think!

    The GREAT Teacher in my life has been RESPONSIBILITY. Teaching HOW to think!

    I challenge you to find the GREAT Teacher – RESPONSIBILITY – being taught in public schools – you see, it can not abide in the same house as ideologies.

    For example: Responsibility of doing my chores correctly – or not getting my allowance.

    PS Responsibility ….leaves little time for “roof hits”.

  5. kim2ooo says:

    “House leaders today pointed to a Small Business Administration study that found regulations cost employers $10,000 per year per employee, adding that 78 percent of small business owners believe
    regulations stand in the way of new hiring.

    Republican leaders attacked President Obama’s administration for imposing 400 new business regulations since he took office, costing more than $100 million a year, they said.”

  6. DirkH says:

    Your government not only builds your cars. No, it also makes the shares of its car-making division more affordable every day.

    • suyts says:

      Lmao….. I’m invested in GM enough….

    • kim2ooo says:

      I wonder if that is because investors KNOW it is Government Motors and have little faith in Government owned businesses?

      It sure doesn’t look good, for whatever reason.

      • DirkH says:

        No no, it’s factual. The Chevy Volt tanked, Opel causes problems.

        Ford looks a little pale around the nose as well as the Euro market collapses. But that’s nothing compared to Peugeot – they sell most of their stuff to Southern Europe and will fire thousands of workers as soon as Caudillo Hollande allows it…

        GM has Opel in Germany which has too little market share here to survive so it’s GM’s own Greece.

        Maybe I’ll buy Ford again. Last time I sold’em they were at 8.30 EUR, now this could become interesting.

        • DirkH says:

          Funny coincidence. I bring up GM and here is Breitbart. After getting their bailout, Government Motors went on an ethnic cleansing of their dealership.
          “2009 was not a good year if you were a Republican-donating GM or Chrysler dealer.

          (M)ultiple (auto bailout recipient Chrysler and General Motors) dealers who have been closed are found to have contributed millions to Republicans and mere hundreds to Obama….
          “It became clear to us that Chrysler does not see the wisdom of terminating 25 percent of its dealers. It really wasn’t Chrysler’s decision. They are under enormous pressure from the President (Obama)’s automotive task force,” said attorney Leonard Bellavia.”

        • kim2ooo says:

          Funny coincidence…..

          OOOOOOO Mind melt! 🙂

          I think these people are dream snatching us 🙂

          “And it was a problem they should have been rid of after the bankruptcy. Except the Obama Administration eviscerated 200+ years of bankruptcy law to illegally carry forward the United Auto Workers (UAW) union contracts – in tact and fully paid.

          In other words, the main thing that dragged down pre-bailout GM – is still dragging down post-bailout GM. Because the Administration wanted to pay off their Democrat cronies – with tens of billions of Taxpayer dollars.”

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