More Stuff In Case You Missed It Like Me.. BLS and Green Jobs

Again, time is a bit short and the piece is well written, so I’ll just draw from The Heritage Foundation.

A recent Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report defines and counts the green jobs in the American economy.  Cheerleaders for the President’s program of green jobs mandates and spending point to the study as confirmation of green jobs’ economic importance. However, analysis of the BLS data provides more data to support green jobs satire than green jobs subsidies.

The BLS study counts 3.1 million green jobs, 2.2 million of which are in the private sector. Just a little digging into the data shows that only a small fraction of the 3.1 million jobs could have been created by green subsidies and mandates. In addition, most of the green jobs in the BLS study do not fit the popular image of green jobs or jobs of the future.

Here, Dr. Kreutzer is being charitable.  Most of the jobs counted are not “green” jobs.  These are people engaged in sensible occupations which us adults do without the assistance of the green lunatics, who, would seek to end many of these jobs given the opportunity. Continuing…….

The BLS study defines “green goods and services” as

goods and services produced by an establishment that benefit the environment or conserve natural resources. Green goods and services fall into one or more of the following five groups: (1) production of energy from renewable sources; (2) energy efficiency; (3) pollution reduction and removal, greenhouse gas reduction, and recycling and reuse; (4) natural resources conservation; and (5) environmental compliance, education and training, and public awareness.

The jobs are broken down by North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes. The codes go from two-digit classifications (most broad) to six-digit classifications (most narrow). Some examples can help illustrate the problem with the BLS total.

Electric Utilities

The electric power generation industry has 44,152 green jobs. This may seem like a lot, but only 4,700 are in renewable power generation, including 2,200 in wind, 1,100 in biomass, 600 in geothermal, and only 400 in solar. Though these totals do not include jobs in the manufacture or installation of these power sources, they pale to the equivalent green jobs count in nuclear (35,755), which accounts for over 80 percent of all green jobs in electric power generation(NAICS code 22111).

………..Plus, the Obama Administration has stalled and nearly killed Yucca Mountain without offering an alternative for nuclear waste disposal. Without resolution to the waste disposal problem, revival of nuclear power and its associated jobs will be severely limited.

Fancy that.  We were green before those idiot lunatics knew what green was.  On a personal aside, I believe I’m classified as a “green” worker.  I’m so proud.  Annoyed  Imagine that.


The BLS assigns a green jobs classification to 461,847 jobs in manufacturing. What this number really means is not at all clear. For instance, broken down to the four-digit NAICS level, the largest green jobs providers in manufacturing are steel mills (43,658 jobs). Over 50 percent of all steel mill jobs are green.This high fraction of greenness is driven by the industry’s reliance on scrap steel for the majority of its inputs……..

The second highest four-digit green jobs producer is in the heating, air-conditioning, and refrigeration category (NAICS 3334) with 40,835 green jobs. But the third highest is paper mills (NAICS 3221). For most people, paper mills do not conjure up memories of lilacs and apple blossoms; nevertheless, 27 percent of all paper mill jobs are counted as green (30,473 jobs). Again, this appears to be the result of the use of recycled paper as an input.

“Jobs of the Future”?

President Obama refers to green jobs as “jobs of the future.” If so, some comparisons in the BLS green jobs report show a future that looks pretty old.

Engineering services (100,847 green jobs) and architectural services (71,891 green jobs) each has fewer green jobs than used merchandise stores (106,865), waste collection (116,293), and school and employee bus transportation (160,896). Using the BLS metric, Obama’s “jobs of the future” are more likely to be found in trash collection, the Salvation Army, and driving school buses than in engineering and architectural services.

The figure of 4,700 green jobs in the power generation industry is eclipsed by many industries of the past. For instance: office furniture (think file cabinets and desks, not computers and copiers) with 14,888 green jobs, the septic tank cleaning and portable toilet servicing industry with 13,313 green jobs, radio and television broadcasting with 9,297 green jobs, and social advocacy organizations with 20,704 green jobs.

BS from the BLS?

The BLS estimates that the U.S. has 3.1 million green jobs. However, its definition and collection mechanisms raise serious questions about how green those jobs are and whether their count can be a useful measure of the importance of green jobs to America’s economy and the effectiveness of green jobs policies. The failure of this project to provide a meaningful measure is encapsulated by this BLS statistic: There are over 30 times as many green jobs servicing septic tanks and portable toilets as there are in the solar-electric utility industry.

You just know you’ll hear this insidious lie about green jobs being successful and adding to our economy in the election campaign.  They do nothing of the sort.  And here’s some ammo for the salvo.  For our cousins north and abroad, it may serve well to look into how your nation is counting green jobs.

There are references available at the link provided.

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9 Responses to More Stuff In Case You Missed It Like Me.. BLS and Green Jobs

  1. Latitude says:

    Yucca Mountain = Nevada = Harry Reid

    • suyts says:

      Enough stated…… yep that clown is one of those communists West talks about. They hate America and subject us to their extremist ideologies.

  2. Bruce says:

    Green jobs in American Thinker today. Tale of woe of gobsmacking proportions. And I thought our lot was bad.

    • suyts says:

      Yours is bad enough…..why export prosperity to your impoverished neighbor? Preaching animal cruelty to Indonesians is…. well Our president ate dog, and I don’t begrudge him of that. I dislike him for much, but that’s not one of the top ten. Sometimes, I just don’t understand. If I had a choice, I’m pretty sure I’d pick Australia, but not because we speak similar languages. It is uncanny how the two nations share similar difficulties.

      Our mess is well beyond political posturing….. its simple lying.

  3. Pingback: More Stuff In Case You Missed It Like Me.. BLS and Green Jobs … | Green Jobs

  4. suyts says:

    Lol, @ the pingback!

    • miked1947 says:

      Do not do that sort of thing. My ribs are still healing. You made me look and the tears are freely flowing.

  5. philjourdan says:

    The “transparancy” of this administration is not in what it says. But if you dig, you can find out the truth – for now. I suspect once they realize this “hole” of truth, they will plug it. But the BLS (along with Treasury, CBO, and OMB) have a wealth of data that the media is not reporting on, and that makes liars out of every administration official. This being one of them.

    When confronted by an Obama Truther, I trot out the fact that Obama has lost 2.7m jobs, and is the only president in history to have that distinction (of losing jobs during their tenure). When challenged, I go to table A of the BLS site that shows employment levels for each month for the past 4 years. And yep! employment is down 2.7 million jobs.

    But of course the rosy forecasts do not report that, nor does the administration admit it. They still claim, and the media slavishly laps up their words as if they were a Sermon on the Mount. But I have yet to have a truther come back at me after I show them their lies with anything other than ad hominems.

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