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I’ve never sinned …. I’ve got a friend in Jesus!!!!

Whatever sins I may have committed are erased by Christ!!!!  I’m forgiven!!!!

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Damn ….. Recovery!!!!

Obama turns to economy with Illinois speech


WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama will deliver an economic address this week seeking to promote the recovery as the campaign season heads into its final weeks before midterm congressional elections. …….

Yes, “the recovery”.  In the meantime, only today, I see this …….

Pace of US factory activity slipped in September

And, this ….

US construction spending down 0.8 percent

It’s weird.  Throughout my lifetime, I’ve lived through several “recoveries”.  None of them looked like this supposed “recovery” we’re having.  Oddly, there are some people who believe, given the constant news such as the links above, we’re not really in a recovery. 

Sure, we printed money, which causes inflation, and skews the metrics, but, there is, and has been no “recovery”. 

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Full Blown Stupid Occurs!!!! Euro Economics!!!!!


I just don’t have much to say on this.  The depths of stupidity in the writing and the depravity advocated towards Europeans are beyond my fathom.  Things which I see as things which can’t possibly be, are.  The entire lack of thought is something I simply don’t understand.  Sure, if one isn’t writing about it, one can easily not think about it, but, one, indeed, many are writing this stupidity and they continue to delve deeper in their stupidity.  It seems they have a contest as to who can go the deepest into stupidity. 

As we know, the Eurozone is having a horrible economic struggle.  The reasons are many, and many of the reasons are obvious. I won’t go into them, because I’m tired of pointing out obvious truths to people who will never listen.  So, I’ll just post and then comment a little..

ECB under pressure as inflation falls again

LONDON (AP) — Inflation across the 18 euro countries dipped further toward zero in September, piling pressure on the European Central Bank to pull the trigger on its biggest stimulus weapon — a large-scale program to create new money…..

I just don’t have words.

Why don’t we all make a law where all of our respective currency is suddenly worth double its face value?  If creating new money is a solution to anything, wouldn’t that solve all of our currency problems?

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Laffer, Kansas, And Mother Jones On Time!!!!!

I love it when a good plan comes together!



So, yesterday, I gave a brief explanation of the Laffer Curve, as I see it.  And, as I see it, none of what I stated can be argued against.  If anyone wishes to, then, by all means, please do so.

But, what I stated yesterday is largely for academic thought.  But, there are real world examples of the benefits of knowing such obvious thoughts.  Present day Kansas, is one.  And, this has the leftards in a huge tizzy. 

Make no mistake, and I can’t overstate this.  The elections in Kansas, this year, will have global implications.  The arguments are basic and profound.  And while many conservatives are not watching, every leftard in the world is.  Indeed, many pretend conservatives have exposed themselves in order to attack Governor Brownback and what he’s accomplished. 

To give you a brief and incomplete history of Brownback, I’ll tell you he’s a former US Senator from Kansas.  He could still be senator if he so chose to do so.  But, he didn’t.  You see, Brownback is a supporter of term limits and after winning two consecutive full terms in the US Senate, he stepped down.  (He won a special election to the Senate when Dole stepped down)  He came back to serve Kansas as governor. 

As governor, Brownback was able to force tax cuts never before seen in Kansas.  And, was much needed.  His message has been pro-growth. 


Now, before I go on any further, I want to state this clearly.  What Brownback has accomplished cannot be seen as a confirmation, nor, a refutation of Laffer.  I cannot overstate this, either.  The fact of the matter is, Kansas doesn’t live in a vacuum.  There are external forcings beyond the control of Kansas, such as the fact we are part of the US, and therefore subject to Obama’s government hating and moving against places such as Kansas.  Kansas, being a semi-rural state is subject to global crop production as part of our economic health.  There are a plethora of other external forcings. 

All of that stated, the left is attempting to use Kansas as the “example” as to why Laffer doesn’t work. 

The lies and mischaracterizations from the left and other sources supposedly conservative has been atrocious.  This is what pisses me off about some conservatives.  THEY’RE NOT PAYING ATTENTION!!!!!  And, they go on about stupid things when they’re not watching the pea under the shell, or what the people who are the enemy of freedom are doing.

Consider a few of these things …….

Here’s what USA Today had to say about this in August …..

GARDEN CITY, Kan. — The Kansas governor’s race is like a two-part referendum.

Part one: The fate of Republican incumbent Sam Brownback.

Part two: The political impact of an economic issue that Republicans have been using for more than four decades — tax cuts.  …….

This, of course, is a complete and total lie.  For four decades, the Repubs have essentially controlled Kansas.  But, we have every tax a person can conceive.  And, while I’m sure there have been tax cuts along the way, I can’t remember any for any tax we have on the state level.  I certainly don’t recall any income tax cut, which is essentially what we’re talking about, here. 

Then, there’s this from a supposed “think tank”.

Lessons for Other States from Kansas’ Massive Tax Cuts

PDF of this report (12pp.)

By Michael Leachman and Chris Mai

March 27, 2014

Tax cuts enacted in Kansas in 2012 were among the largest ever enacted by any state, and have since been held up by tax-cut proponents in other states as a model worth replicating.  In truth, Kansas is a cautionary tale, not a model.  As other states recover from the recent recession and turn toward the future, Kansas’ huge tax cuts have left that state’s schools and other public services stuck in the recession, and declining further — a serious threat to the state’s long-term economic vitality. Meanwhile, promises of immediate economic improvement have utterly failed to materialize.

As other states consider large tax cuts, they should heed these key lessons from Kansas:

  • Deep income tax cuts caused large revenue losses.  Kansas’ tax cuts this year are costing the state about 8 percent of the revenue it uses to fund schools, health care, and other public services, a hit comparable to a mid-sized recession.  State data show that the revenue loss will rise to 16 percent in five years if the tax cuts are not reversed.
  • The large revenue losses extended and deepened the recession’s damage to schools and other state services.  Most states are restoring funding for schools after years of significant cuts, but in Kansas the cuts continue.  Governor Sam Brownback recently proposed another reduction in per-pupil general school aid for next year, which would leave funding 17 percent below pre-recession levels.  Funding for other services — colleges and universities, libraries, and local health departments, among others — also is way down, and declining.
  • The tax cuts delivered lopsided benefits to the wealthy.  Kansas’ tax cuts didn’t benefit everyone.  Most of the benefits went to high-income households.  Kansas even raised taxes for low-income families to offset a portion of the revenue loss; otherwise the cuts to schools and other services would have been greater still.
  • Kansas’ tax cuts haven’t boosted its economy.  Since the tax cuts took effect at the beginning of 2013, Kansas has added jobs at a pace modestly slower than the country as a whole. …..

Well, there’s a problem with this babbling stupidity.  Much of our schools’ revenue doesn’t come from our income taxes.  It come from our property taxes which are imposed and administered by the counties, not the state.  Another large source of income for our schools is the lottery receipts.  Most of the money to the schools, provided by the state is simply money passed on from the feds.  Our state income taxes have nearly zero impact on our school funding.  Brownback’s tax cuts had nothing to do with our property taxes.

And then, we see crap like this from Forbes …. yeh, Forbes, back in July.

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback and his state legislature have embarked on a wonderful natural experiment. Once again we are testing the question: Can tax cuts pay for themselves? The answer– yet again– is a resounding no.

We’ve tried this experiment time and again. And tax cut proponents such as economist Art Laffer continue to insist they can turn fiscal dross to gold: Cut taxes deeply enough and the resultant boom in economic activity will boost revenues. Magic. Painless. Everything a politician would ever want.

Except this is fiscal snake oil. Over the past few years, Brownback and the Kansas legislature have gone all-in on this theory. The good news: They have left little room for ambiguity (though Brownback and his defenders are scrambling to find some, given the dismal results of their ambitious experiment). …….

Again, I can’t overstate how many people are watching, lying, mischaracterizing, and doing everything they can to sway the elections in Kansas. 

As I was contemplating how to frame this post, on time, comes Mother Jones!

How Kansas Is Selling Sam Brownback’s Failed Trickle-Down Tax Cuts

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback’s reelection campaign is in serious trouble. Thelatest poll has the incumbent Republican losing to his Democratic opponent by 4 percentge points.

Read more about how Sam Brownback’s red-state experiment could turn Kansas purple.

As I explained in our November/December issue, Brownback’s woes can largely be traced back to the drastic tax cuts for the wealthy that he pushed through the state legislature. Kansas’ tax rate for top earners dropped from 6.45 to 4.9 percent, with further future cuts baked in. The cuts were even more generous for business owners, entirely wiping away their tax burden for pass-through income.

Brownback sold his tax cuts on supply-side promises of unbounded future growth, but the results have been less than stellar: While the state’s unemployment rate, like the national jobless rate, has dropped over the past few years, Kansas’ economic growth has lagged behind its neighbors’.

Despite these disappointing results, the state has settled on enticing out-of-state businesses with its low tax rate. Check out this full-page ad from the Kansas Department of Commerce, scanned from an issue of the US Small Business Administration’s magazine Small Business Resource by a reader: …… (you can read it by going to the link– suyts)

That ad’s pitch—”one of the most pro-growth tax policies in the country” leads to “a perfect state”—lines up with the theories of free-market economist Arthur Laffer, the grand poobah of Ronald Reagan’s trickle-down economics. Brownback cited Laffer’s work to justify his cuts. During the thick of the legislative debate, he flew Laffer in for a three-day sales pitch, costing the state $75,000.

When I called Laffer in August, he excitedly proclaimed that Brownback’s cuts would prove a resounding success. “I’ll make you a very large bet that Kansas will improve its relative position to the US over, let’s say, eight years, hands down. I’ll bet you with great odds,” he told me. “I feel very confident that what Sam Brownback has done is and will be extraordinarily beneficial for the state of Kansas.”

As Laffer saw it, low tax rates would entice out-of-state residents and businesses to relocate. Laffer himself had moved to Tennessee sight unseen nine years ago, fleeing from California because of the Volunteer State’s lack of income tax. “In someplace like Kansas, I don’t think the income tax makes any sense whatsoever,” Laffer said. “That’s what we’re trying to move toward in Kansas. The income tax is a killer.”

Except that magical migration hasn’t developed yet. In August, the state added just 900 jobs, with a tepid growth rate of just half a percent for the full year. Maybe I should have made that bet with Laffer.

No one ever said the effects of a tax cut would be immediately seen.  Laffer is talking 8 years and the idiot MJ writer quotes an August number.

You see what they’re doing? 

Brownback’s tax cuts started, but, don’t fully take effect until years later.  They are incremental.  None of the jackasses above, nor, any anti-Laffer idiot I could find noted this.  All of them lied and mischaracterized the cuts in various manners. 

Now to the good stuff!

Brownback was elected in 2010 when the state found us in debt for the first time in a very long time.  Odd, but, our credit rating wasn’t cut until recently.  But, where are we at now?  Well, we don’t know what the 2014 numbers will be, but, in 2013 we were $534 million to the good.  …….. We were down $27.1 million in 2010 (Sibelius), now we’re $ 1/2 billion to the good.  (official state pdf)  Yeh, poor Laffer and Brownback didn’t know about how to optimize revenue.

But, let’s look at the brass tacks.


Oh, oh!!!!  Wait!!!!  How’s that possible?!?!?!?!?

Now, mind you, the largest tax cuts started in 2012.  …… So, let’s look at how we did in 2013.


Wait!!!!  No way!!!!!  You mean we were able to make drastic cuts and still increase government revenue?!!?!??!?!?!

But, then, there’s this ……..


Uhmm…….. well, what now, bitches?  How’s that possible given all of the (false) information from the lunatics above?

Graphs and numbers provided by the State of Kansas.  (pdf)

But, what about jobs and such?  And how much Kansas sucks for that?

Unemployment Rates for States
Monthly Rankings
Seasonally Adjusted
Aug. 2014p
Rank State Rate
2 UTAH 3.6
6 HAWAII 4.3
9 IOWA 4.5
10 WYOMING 4.6
11 IDAHO 4.7
11 MONTANA 4.7
14 KANSAS 4.9
16 TEXAS 5.3
17 MAINE 5.6
21 OHIO 5.7
22 INDIANA 5.8
26 FLORIDA 6.3
29 NEW YORK 6.4
38 ALASKA 6.8
40 ALABAMA 6.9
41 ARIZONA 7.1
43 OREGON 7.2
47 NEVADA 7.6
51 GEORGIA 8.1

p = preliminary.
NOTE: Rates shown are a percentage of the labor force. Data refer to place of residence. Estimates for the current month are subject to revision the following month.


Last Modified Date: September 19, 2014

Well, that’s our feds saying this ….

Yep, Brownback’s tax cuts have hurt us so bad, we’re only #14 out of 51. 

Many leftards attempted to compare Kansas to our neighbors. To our immediate west and east, where’s Colorado and Misery (Missouri) ? 

To be sure, Kansas isn’t an economic Utopia.  We still have way too many taxes and too few opportunities for the resources we have.  But, our finances are fine, much better then when Brownback took office, our employment rate is better than 2/3 of the nation, our roads are still somehow able to be maintained, and our schools are still open and the leftards are still teaching our children. 

While the final numbers are not in, Kansas is expected to have a decrease in revenue, this year.  Leftards are pretending the Kansas elections are a referendum on conservatism, and the Laffer curve.  They are pouring every resource they have to our state elections. 

People, I’m telling you, the fight is here.  Just Google “Kansas Tax Cuts” and see how much the Left is invested in us losing this election. 

Lastly, and this gives me no pleasure in doing so, but, I’m true to my word, and I told them I would do exactly this if they continued on their idiotic path they did.  And, so, I’m obliged to follow through.

A special thanks to the jackasses who pretend to be conservative, but, failed to think, which proves they cannot be conservative.  Those would be the people of Breitbart and supposed TEA party organizations who utterly failed conservatives in Kansas.  Among these organizations, I know there are leftards pretending to be conservatives and are intentionally misleading people.  Make no mistake, you bitches, I will find you.  I will expose you for what you are. 

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Related Events? NYTimes Forced To Slash Staff!!!!


Personally, I see this as proof of the dedication the leftards have towards their cause.  We see this all over the world, and especially in the US. 

The leftists LSM is getting beat down.  So much so, they’re forced to downsize, and in many cases, simply close their doors.  But, this doesn’t stop them from spewing their nonsense, and hatred for wholesome things the US represents.  Their hatred is so overpowering, at times, it’s difficult to see these people as actual humans. 

Ben Shapiro has an excellent article noting their nonsense, racism, and hatred, which I’ll reproduce.


On Tuesday, The New York Times ran a lengthy piece ripping Israel for supposedly hiding its Israeli Arab population. Pointing out that Israel’s population authority originally left the top baby name in Israel – Muhammad – off its pre-Rosh Hashana list of top baby names, the Times suggested that racism was afoot:

Haaretz, the left-leaning Israeli daily that first reported the omission, called this in an editorial “another form of racism, which in Israel has become institutionalized and self-evident”…. Hassan Jabareen, director of Adalah, a legal advocacy center for Arab minority rights, said the episode revealed a deeper issue of invisibility for Israel’s 1.4 million Palestinian citizens and more than 300,000 Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem.

This, of course, is asinine. Israel’s population authority has made the entire list of names available to the media. Israeli Arabs represent some 21 percent of all Israelis, and the fact that there is a significant lack of diversity in Arab names means that many Muslim boys will be named Muhammad.

But the Times sees a nefarious design, and quotes every leftist Israeli available to that effect. They quote the post-Zionist leftist group Adalah to state that Israeli Arabs are underrepresented in the professoriate of universities in Israel (so are Haredi Jews, though Adalah does not note it), and quote Jabareen to state that not enough Israeli Arabs are television producers.

Only The New York Times could see racism in a list of baby names, even as the entire Muslim world rids itself not of Jewish names, but of actual Jews. But the Times understands that true evil lies with those who list Jewish names before the Jewish New Year, not with the vast majority of Israeli Arabs who believe that the terrorist group Hamas is not in fact a terrorist group.

The Muslim world is, in fact, engaged in a religious war on Jews and Christians, and anyone else who won’t submit to their views.  They don’t engage in this war by not listing names, they engage in this war by attempting to inflict terror upon freedom loving nations and people. 

Given recent events in the Mid-East, I simply cannot fathom this despicable nature of the sub-human who would write such a piece, the editor who allowed it and the publisher who pays these people to do so. 


New York Times Slashes 7.5% of Staff; Digital Platforms Fail

You make the call!

The fact of the matter is, the LSM doesn’t get to be the source of information for the people any longer.  And, the information they provide has been exposed has being hate-filled, biased, garbage.  But, they refuse to change, in spite of any person with an operating synapse knowing this.  For them, the propaganda they spew is more important than their very livelihoods. 

This is the dedication humanity is up against. 

h/t Dirk

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Gems 2014 — October 1 Scripture Selection: Ephesians 1

Guest post by Jeanette Andrade

October 1 Scripture Selection: Ephesians 1

Food for Thought: Eph. 1:3-14

This entire chapter is loaded with truths of the benefits that we have in being in Christ Jesus! First, the Father has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in heavenly places (things) in Christ (vs. 3). We could spend a lifetime discovering and experiencing all those spiritual blessings. And because we are in Christ and recipients of His love, He sees us as holy and without blame (vs. 4). It was the Father’s good pleasure to adopt us as sons and daughters (vs. 5) and make us accepted in Jesus (vs. 6). One of the ploys of the enemy is to try to convince us that we are nothing, we have no value, and that God rejects us because of our human condition. Not so! He lovingly accepts us and simply changes our human condition by His Spirit.

Verse 7 reminds us that we have been redeemed and forgiven of our sins through the blood of Jesus “according to the riches of His grace which He made to abound toward us (vs. 7, 8).” That in itself would be more than enough for us, but the Lord goes far beyond that benefit. He lets us in on His plans that will be fulfilled in the “dispensation of the fullness of times (vs. 10).”

To top it off, because we have put our trust in Christ, we have an inheritance (vs. 11), and you can bet it will not be a meager one! As the guarantee of our inheritance, the Lord has sealed us with the Holy Spirit (13, 14). The Holy Spirit is the proof of our redemption and that we belong to the Father. We carry that seal everywhere we go on our new spirit. The enemy can see it, but cannot penetrate it.

Since we have all those things, it is necessary to pray for understanding and wisdom in order to gain revelation of what to do with it all. Paul’s prayer for the believers in Ephesus should be our prayer for ourselves and other believers today (vs. 15-23). There is so much to know about the hope of His calling, the riches of the glory of His inheritance, and the great power that works for us as members of His Body.

As the eyes of our understanding are enlightened, we will walk in higher levels of glory, revelations, and accomplishments for the Lord. What a glorious life in Jesus!

Digging Deeper (What scriptures can further enhance today’s reading?):

Getting Personal (What has God shown you in today’s reading?):

Confession of Faith (Example: Lord, based on Mat. 1:21 and 23, I understand that Jesus is God…)

Important Events on This Day (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.):

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How Many People Did Obama, The Chamber Of Commerce, And Other Open Border Scumbags Expose To The Life Threatening Ebola Virus?



Tuesday during the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention press conference, which confirmed the first case of Ebola in the United States, CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden refused to directly answer if the man who traveled from Liberia to Texas earlier this month was a citizen of the Untied States.

When directly asked if the patient is an American citizen, Frieden would only say, “He is visiting family who live in this country. Do we have any other questions in the room?” 

Well,  your government just now demonstrated it’s priorities, and it’s priorities are clearly not American citizens. 

h/t Copernicus

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Again, The Laffer Curve! And A Tease For Tomorrow! Kansas Is Key!!!



So, I had a couple of things to deal with today, and I’m not feeling as spry as I wish, so I won’t get to lay out some things as I wanted to today.  But, with rain, there’s a rainbow!  I’ll split this, and, hopefully, by splitting, make more sense to the lay person.

For the people who already know of such, it never hurts to see this.

Wiki does a piss poor job of explaining the Laffer curve, but, I’ll quote a bit of it.

In economics, the Laffer curve is a representation of the relationship between possible rates of taxation and the resulting levels of government revenue. It illustrates the concept of taxable income elasticity—i.e., taxable income will change in response to changes in the rate of taxation. It postulates that no tax revenue will be raised at the extreme tax rates of 0% and 100% and that there must be at least one rate where tax revenue would be a non-zero maximum.

The Laffer curve is typically represented as a graph which starts at 0% tax with zero revenue, rises to a maximum rate of revenue at an intermediate rate of taxation, and then falls again to zero revenue at a 100% tax rate. The actual existence and shape of the curve is uncertain and disputed.[1]

One potential result of the Laffer curve is that increasing tax rates beyond a certain point will be counter-productive for raising further tax revenue. A hypothetical Laffer curve for any given economy can only be estimated and such estimates are controversial.

I do this in hopes some leftard will read the criticisms and come here to argue the points leftards attempt to make against this simple thought.

You see, leftards hate this notion.  But, the notion is logical, provable in theory, and demonstrable in practice.  In other words, by now, any other notion which can be held to such scrutiny would be declared a “law” in economic theory. 

Laffer’s curve is illustrated above.  The notion is of two parts.  One addresses tax rates and government revenue, and the other tax rates and economic growth. 

Clearly, if the tax rate of an economy was zero, then, the government would receive no money from the economic activity of said economy.  Additionally, and clearly, if the tax rate was 100%, the government would receive no revenue from the taxes because no one would willingly work for nothing.  <—-  This is really what the leftards get exercised about. 

Laffer says, paraphrasing, there’s a point between 0% and 100% which maximizes government revenue.  Again, this isn’t hard to conceive.  Any idiot would know this.  Laffer doesn’t say what percentage, but, there is a point with maximizes government revenue, the tax rate being somewhere between 0 and 100%.  On the graph above, it is represented as point “B”. 

But, as clear as point “B” being true, this also, then, states that any point beyond point “B” causes a decrease in the government revenue of said economy. 

That is to say, if the maximizing point of the taxation rate is 50%, then a taxation rate of 51% would then cause a decrease in government revenue because it decreases the incentive to work. <— Leftards hate this obviously true statement!

But, there’s more to the curve.  And, I think, this is where it gets hard for some people who don’t typically think about economics and the like. 

If the above is true, which it is most obviously so, then, there must be a point in taxation which optimizes economic growth! 

For the people who screamed, “yeh, it’s called zero taxes!!!” …….. I’m sorry, but, that’s not true.  An economy, which doesn’t provide for governance will not be an economy for very long.  Just like no one will work for nothing in an economy which taxes 100%, no one will work for an economy for nothing. 

In all economies, things must be provided and maintained.  This is true in micro and macro.  For those who screamed “tariff the imports and do away with taxes!!!” ……  A tariff is simply another form of taxation.  Sure, the importers would pay the tariffs, and do, but, the people pay the price difference.  If we decided to tariff all computer processors imported by $25, then they would sell for $25 more than they would have, had they not been tariffed.  So, anyone buying the imported good, would be the one’s who paid the tax.  If they didn’t sell, they wouldn’t be imported, and thus, no revenue gained.   Tariffs are a form of taxes.   

So, we must have taxes of some sort to maintain and provide.  By provide, I mean things such as providing for the common defense of the people, paying judges, maintaining law and order, ……  etc. …. etc. ….. these things, and much more must be done.  How much more and where to draw the line?  That’s up to the people.  But, there are things which government does which is conducive for economic growth.  Defense is primary, that is to say, if your country was frequently marauded because the defense wasn’t funded, then, the economy would not grow.  If the US, for instance, decided to no longer support the highway systems because of lack of tax revenue, then, that too, would have a negative effect on our economy. 

So, our economy must be maintained by a certain level of taxation to maximize the economic growth of the people.  The level of taxation to maximize economic growth, obviously, will never exceed the level of taxation to maximize government revenue.  Again, this is simple to understand.  If an economy raises the tax rate, and decreases it’s revenue, then, obviously, there was less money to be taxed.  Elementary math dictates this. 

Additionally, if the economy’s government isn’t properly funded, or properly managed, then we’ll see a decline in the economy.  For instance if the roads were not properly maintained. 

What does this have to do with anything? ……  Well …. KANSAS!!!!!!!!!

The world should be focused on Kansas, right now, today, and watching the left.  The left is pulling every dirty trick, pouring money in from …… well God knows where, to defeat conservatives in Kansas.  Yes, the Senate may very well be in the balance this election, but, more, Governor Brownback instilled (with the legislature) a series of tax cuts.  Unfortunately, because of the global and national economy, the projected growth didn’t happen.  The lunatics are pouncing.  And, the conservative notion that lower taxes are better is being attacked, and, poorly defended.

Tomorrow, we get to play a bit of show and tell.  It took me a while to find the official data, and I can’t help but wonder why.  But, where’s there’s smoke, there’s fire, and I’ve got some smoke.  Had I more time and feeling better, I’d light some fire, as well.  But, this should have already been done. 

While the notion of the Laffer Curve is simple, and easy to understand, it produces things which are more profound and things more complex.  But, literally, it is a notion which can grow things. 

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Yeh, No Reason To Secure Our Borders And Actually Track People In The US ……. Ebola


CDC identifies first case on US soil

Every person who opposes secured borders and much closer scrutiny of foreigners in our country are a threat to this nation, and are working, either intentionally, or through some misguided concept, to harm the people of this nation. 

It’s past time for people to start calling the pinheads out, and making them explain why introducing diseases such as Ebola to the American public is a good thing, or, that their cause is more important than the health and lives of the American people. 

Make them explain why America should have to accept human traffickers, make them explain why America must accept drug mules.  Make them explain why cheap labor is so necessary as to allow terrorists to walk into this nation undetected.  Be it Dim or Repub, make these assholes explain why Americans must accept these things. 

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Gems 2014 — September 30 Scripture Selection: Galatians 6

Guest post by Jeanette Andrade

September 30 Scripture Selection: Galatians 6

Food for Thought: Gal. 6:1-3

Well, let’s face it. Sometimes people miss it. Sometimes people get careless of their spiritual well-being, drop their guards, and find themselves far from where they should be. Thank God for His mercy and His Word that guides us and instructs us in such situations.

Galatians 6:1-3 puts it plainly: “Brethren, if a man is overtaken in any trespass, you who are spiritual restore such a one in a spirit of gentleness, considering yourself lest you also be tempted. Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ. For if anyone thinks himself to be something, when he is nothing, he deceives himself.” No pointing of the finger, no condemnation, no rejection, only restoration. The more spiritual ones should do that in humility because we’ve all had our moments of weakness, only some of ours may not be as noticeable as others. Besides, if we do not restore that brother or sister in Christ, then he or she may be left apart from the Body of Christ, our only Source of life. That would defeat the purpose of Jesus dying for that person. His will is always to find a way to bring that person into fellowship with Him, and He needs the stronger ones to do that for Him.

James 5:19, 20 has more to say on the subject: “Brethren, if anyone among you wanders from the truth, and someone turns him back, let him know that he who turns a sinner from the error of his way will save a soul from death and cover a multitude of sins.”

Our tendency is to get angry at the person who has fallen. We may even feel betrayed. Then we turn our backs on the person who desperately needs our help to get back on track. But God has a better way. It’s the very thing He did with us. He ran toward us instead of away from us. He loved us. And that’s exactly what we are to do when we find someone who has wavered or made a mistake.

Digging Deeper (What scriptures can further enhance today’s reading?):

Getting Personal (What has God shown you in today’s reading?):

Confession of Faith (Example: Lord, based on Mat. 1:21 and 23, I understand that Jesus is God…)

Important Events on This Day (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.):

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