LOL!!!! Think Progress Fail!!!!


So, TP shows their uncanny knack for believing things which are not true.

CORRECTED: Bachmann And Migrant Children


The news site KCTV7 News is a parody. Rep. Bachmann (R-MN) never made the statement. We sincerely regret the error

And, then they go on to correct their fail. ………


If they can’t distinguish between a parody and reality, what on earth allows people to believe they can provide insights to other real issues?

h/t Dirk

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Lunatics Angry About The Insanity They’ve Caused, US Coal Imports To Germany Increasing!!!


There are very few things on earth more stupid than a climate alarmist. 

So, what happens when a nation decides to build too many wind and solar plants?  ….. exactly as they were warned, it doesn’t work and the nation then has to install more traditional energy plants to make up for the instability of renewable energy. 

What happens when a nation decides not to domestically use a resource in abundance in that nation, but, demanded in all parts of the world? ….. exactly as predicted/warned exports will necessarily increase. 

Oh, there are plenty other foretold consequences the lunatics ignored, but, we’ll get to a couple of them in a moment. 

Today, we have a couple of sources of information.  Let’s look an AP story first ……

US exports help Germany increase coal, pollution

LUENEN, Germany (AP) — One of Germany’s newest coal-fired power plants rises here from the banks of a 100-year-old canal that once shipped coal mined from the Ruhr Valley to the world.

Now the coal comes the other way.

The 750-megawatt Trianel Kohlekraftwerk Luenen GmbH & Co. power plant relies completely on coal imports, about half from the U.S. Soon, all of Germany’s coal-fired power plants will be dependent on imports, with the country expected to halt coal mining in 2018 when government subsidies end.

Coal mining’s demise in Germany comes as the country is experiencing a resurgence in coal-fired power, one which the U.S. increasingly has helped supply. U.S. exports of power plant-grade coal to Germany have more than doubled since 2008. In 2013, Germany ranked fifth, behind the United Kingdom, Netherlands, South Korea and Italy in imports of U.S. steam coal, the type burned in power plants.

On the American side of the pollution ledger, this fossil fuel trade helps the United States look as if it is making more progress on global warming than it actually is. That’s because it shifts some pollution — and the burden for cleaning it — onto another other country’s balance sheet. …..

“This is a classic case of political greenwashing,” said Dirk Jansen, a spokesman for BUND, a German environmental group. “Obama pretties up his own climate balance, but it doesn’t help the global climate at all if Obama’s carbon dioxide is coming out of chimneys in Germany.” …….

The contribution of this exported pollution to global warming is not something the U.S. administration wants to measure, or even talk about.

…..  In 2012, U.S. coal exports comprised 9 percent of the global export market, the most recent data available. …..

Last year, global coal use grew by 3 percent, faster than any other fossil fuel, according to the 2014 BP Statistical Review of World Energy. Some of that growth occurred in the U.S., where higher natural gas prices and a colder-than-average winter caused power plants to burn slightly more coal.

The explanation for Germany’s increase is simple: Coal is cheaper than alternatives, particularly natural gas. So, too, are the prices on the carbon market in Europe. Companies can afford to buy the right to release more pollution. And the country burned more coal in 2013 to meet rising demand for electricity in other countries in Europe. Preliminary figures for 2014 indicate coal use could be down. And Germany’s carbon dioxide emissions from electricity generation are down from their peak in 2007.

Still, Germany has built five new coal plants since 2008, adding 4,286 megawatts of new generation, according to Bundesnetzagentur, the grid supervisor. The country plans to add an additional 6,661 megawatts in coal-fired plants from 2014 through 2018, while retiring older coal plants that produced 3,779 megawatts. ……

In the U.S., the opposite is happening. Until recently, coal was more costly than natural gas, which is booming. Environmental regulations are further pushing the oldest and dirtiest coal-fired plants to retirement by adding more costs, and any new coal-fired power plants will have to capture carbon dioxide and bury it underground if the Obama administration gets its way. Few if any new coal plants are expected to be built.

But the U.S. and other countries have no problem supplying Germany and the world with coal. Last year, U.S. coal exports totaled $11 billion in revenue.

“It’s not taking responsibility,” said Thomas Power, a research professor at the University of Montana in the U.S. who has worked for environmental groups and clean energy foundations and has pushed for a more honest accounting of emissions. “It’s shifting the responsibility to someone else.”

Well, golly.  First, to correct some of the withering stupidity in the article, gas was, only for a very brief moment in time, cheaper than coal, and it was only so if the coal was transported for a significant distance.  On average, for energy generation, coal has always been cheaper than natural gas.  For a brief time, because of a glut of nat gas, it sold for less than the cost of getting it out of the ground. 

Were I Germany, I would not end the subsidies to coal mining, at least to the amount of the cost of transport to import all that coal. 

But, look at the context, and inferences of the article.  It’s some lunatics still crying about something which is good.  Germany is increasing the coal imports for two reasons.  One, there’s an increase in demand for electricity, which, alternative sources are either too expensive or too intermittent and too expensive.  Of course, this article doesn’t say anything about the instability of using renewables. 

World demand for coal is up 3%.  What this means is that more and more people are modernizing and we’re lifting them out of a perpetually impoverished state.  It also means more people are wanting to and doing more things, which is a euphemism for economic growth.  It’s weird, but, some parts of the globe are growing, economically, while nations like the US and Germany are stagnate and withering on the vine.  One of the reasons for this is because both of us have rejected a cheaper more reliable form of energy production.  In the US, we’ve rejected coal, in Germany, they rejected nuclear energy.  Because whirly-gigs and sun catchers are woefully inadequate for a national grid supply, one has to use something else.  In the US, it’s natural gas.  It turns out, it was a good investment for the natural gas energy to invest a few $million to groups like the Sierra Club.  Meanwhile, Germany is turning more to coal. 

So, the nutters have temporarily won in the US in getting some coal plants shut down and the prospects of building another are dim, under current conditions.  But, the same could have been said in Germany just a few years ago. 

And, this is the utter stupidity of the lunatics.  What they don’t understand is that the energy sources will be used.  It’s simply a matter of where, and by whom.  The dumbasses blocked the oil from Canada to the US.  So, Canada will ship it to China.  Or, China will ship it to China.  Regardless, it will be used.  So, the US has a lot of coal laying around that it’s not using, right now.  So, we’re shipping some of it to Germany.  It will be used. 

But, think of the stupidity in all of this, that the lunatics have caused.  Yes, transport increases costs.  But, transport also significantly increases energy use on its own!  The coal has to be shipped by rail to the ports, and then loaded on a boat like the one in the picture above, and shipped half-way around the world.  Canada’ oil is the same story.  The lunatics don’t like a pipeline?  So, it gets shipped by rail. 

Well played, lunatics.  Your advocacy has managed to increase CO2 levels rather than your stated goals of decreasing them.  Idiots. 

Oh, yeh, and here’s another thing not mentioned in the story …….

Germany’s green tech forces 400x increase in power rates

Coal and gas electricity companies are being paid up to 400x times the wholesale price of power, in return for helping to stabilize the German electricity grid.

According to Bloomberg, “Germany’s push toward renewable energy is causing so many drops and surges from wind and solar power that the government is paying more utilities than ever to help stabilize the country’s electricity grid.”

“At the beginning, this market counted for only a small portion of our earnings,” said Hartmuth Fenn, the head of intraday, market access and dispatch at Vattenfall AB, Sweden’s biggest utility. “Today, we earn 10 percent of our plant profits in the balancing market”.

Full story

You can read the rest of it at WUWT in the link “Germany’s green tech …..”

So, here’s what the lunatics have managed to do ….. they’ve stymied economic growth in Germany and the US (and many other places).  They’ve managed to destroy industries.  They harm the stability of energy supply to people and businesses, they’ve increased the costs of electricity, and increased CO2 emissions. 

Every bit of that was foretold, over and over and over again. 

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The Arctic Is The Fastest Hottingness Place On Earth!!!! Causing The Melting Of The Earth!!!!! As This Years Arctic Sea Ice Extent Exceeds Last Years

So, say the lunatics.  Don’t get me wrong, I think the Arctic temps did somewhat warm in the recent past.  But, in recent years, it’s stopped.  Indeed, this year, and last year’s temps were notably less than normal during the melt season. 

I’ll show RSS’s north polar region from 2005 to present(up through June), but, first, let’s look at what we might expect if we look at it again, next month.



So, if I put out the same graph next month, it’s likely to show even more slight cooling.



Oh, and the ice?



Of course, that’s the new way DMI is calculating ice extent.  For a comparison of how this year would have stacked up to other years back when the world was howling about our ice loss, we can still see it here.


It’s starting to look like another sad melt season for the lunatics. 

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Lunatics Bitterly Cling To Sophist Notion Harsh Winter Prevents Home Sales


So, we’ve more bad news on the home sales front.

Contracts to buy US homes slip in June

WASHINGTON (AP) — Fewer Americans signed contracts to buy homes in June, as the real estate market appears to have cooled off this summer.

The National Association of Realtors said Monday that its seasonally adjusted pending home sales index slipped 1.1 percent to 102.7 last month. The index remains 7.3 percent below its level a year ago.

Sales have been slowed by a mix of meager wage growth, rising home prices, and mortgage rates that rose steadily through the end of last year.

Pending sales are a barometer of future purchases. A one- to two-month lag usually exists between a contract and a completed sale.

Thank you, captains obvious for that bit of wisdom.  Here’s another one …… groceries in my shopping cart are also a barometer of future purchases!!!!  I know!!!  Weird, right?

Signed contracts in June fell in the Northeast and South. They rose slightly in the Midwest and West. Pending sales in all four U.S. regions are below last year’s pace.

Home sales had been improving through the middle of 2013, only to stumble over the past 12 months. Buying has decelerated despite a recent decline in mortgage rates and home prices increasing at a slower rate than last year.

Sales were initially disrupted by harsh winter weather, but the summer slowdown suggests that financial pressures are now keeping would-be buyers on the sidelines.

Their denial of reality is gobsmacking.  Winter doesn’t stop people from buying a home.  Sales slowed last winter because our economy sucks.  Just like that’s the reason contracts are dipping now.  Mortgage rates dropped and still sales declined! 

“The latest decline raises questions about the housing market strength after the weather-related rebound is behind us,” said Yelena Shulyatyeva, an analyst at BNP Paribas. “Housing will remain an area of concern” for Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen.

New home sales fell 8.1 percent last month to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 406,000, the Commerce Department said last week.

The Realtors recently reported that sales of existing homes increased 2.6 percent in June to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.04 million homes. It marked the first time that sales have been above the 5 million-mark since October, yet the pace of buying remained below last year’s level of 5.1 million.

Economists generally consider annual home sales of 5.5 million to be consistent with a healthy housing market.

That number, of course, should rise with the population. 

Still, there are indications that sales could pick up……

Yes, bitterly cling to that notion, too. 

The problem is that the socialists hate to acknowledge the reality of their failures.  This is why the AP is bitterly clinging to the notion of a recovering economy, when no such recovery exists.  That will all change once a conservative holds the office of president. 

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Hillary …… ‘Gaza Is A Small Country And That’s Why They Have To Hide Their Rockets In Schools’



Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told Fusion TV’s Jorge Ramos that part of the reason Hamas hides rockets in schools and civilian areas is “Gaza is small.”

“I’m not a military planner but Hamas puts it’s missiles, it’s rockets in civilian areas, part of it is Gaza is pretty small and its densely populated,” she said as neglecting the question of whether or not Hamas should have rockets in area to begin with.

Holy mother of  ….. !!!!  @#$$#%#^% 

Seriously, I think Rove was right about this.  I think her fall has rendered her little mind to even less mental capacity. 

There’s a video at the link in which you can see and hear her utter this drivel. 

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Gee ….. I Wonder Where The Thousands Of Small Arms Ended Up?


So, another inspector general demonstrates horrid waste of taxpayers money.

War on waste: Pentagon auditor spotlights US billions blown in Afghanistan

Another day, another report of rampant waste of U.S. taxpayer money in the effort to rebuild Afghanistan.

John Sopko, the inspector general charged with monitoring aid sent by the U.S. to Afghanistan, has identified potentially billions of dollars wasted in Afghanistan, including donation of planes the local government doesn’t need or can’t use, weapons that disappear as soon as they’re handed over and and construction of brand new buildings that are basically firetraps. In a steady stream of audit reports, Sopko’s office of Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, has spotlighted seemingly endless waste in the war-torn nation. ……

In addition to the recent flurry of reports, SIGAR has criticized the spending of $34 million to build Camp Leatherneck in the Washir District of Afghanistan, a 64,000-square-foot facility that was never used and sits empty to this day. Another $34 million of U.S. taxpayer money was wasted on a disastrous soybean program that Afghan farmers have rejected. In October, the U.S.-funded construction of Gardez Hospital, in Afghanistan’s southeastern Paktia Province, was found to be delayed for two years due to poor contractor work and overpayment for services never rendered. And in December, an audit discovered that that $5.4 million was wasted in construction at Forward Operating Base Sharana on inoperable incinerators, leaving U.S. soldiers to burn waste and noxious materials in open pits. …..

Nice, we’re kinda like the Chinese in that we’re building buildings which no one will ever use ….. except, the Chinese typically employ Chinese to build such buildings. 

And, what brainiac thought we could convince the Afghans to grow soybeans?  Right, they’ll fit that right in their crop rotation ….. poppy one season, soybeans the next …….. imbeciles.

“It was the subsequent approach [after military action] that has proved so problematic,” said retired Air Force Maj. Gen. Charles Dunlap, now the executive director for the Center on Law, Ethics and National Security for Duke University. “Essentially, it was thought that the best way to prevent Afghanistan from becoming a sanctuary for terrorists was to transform what is an ancient and xenophobic society into a pluralistic democracy congenial to Western sensibilities, and hostile to extremists who sourced their ideology in religious belief.”

Asking the military to use taxpayer funds to transform Afghanistan, especially with an impatient U.S. public calling for full withdrawal,was a “virtually impossible task,” Dunlap said.

Who are these very stupid people who think we can change Afghan society, and that our military would be the best social engineers for the job?  Why do we have the most mentally incompetent people spending our money?

Sopko is not shy about lacing his numbers-heavy audits with pointed criticism and recommendations. In his report earlier this month on turning over two C-130 Hercules transport planes, he methodically noted that the Afghan air force had already proven unable to adequately maintain a pair it previously received.

“Action taken now could save substantial expenditures,” he wrote. “The opportunity exists with the C-130s to ensure that the Afghans are capable of supporting what we have already given them before providing additional aircraft.” …..

But, this is the most egregious crime. 

On Monday, yet another report for Sopko’s office questioned the accountability of nearly a half-million weapons supplied to Afghan National Security Forces by the U.S. It found poor record-keeping, security and inventory of guns. Not surprisingly, thousands of weapons were found to be missing during inventory inspections at supply depots.

“This audit reveals a stunning lack of accountability over combat weapons provided to Afghan security forces,” Sopko told “It also reveals that the Pentagon continues to send weapons — even though the Afghans have 100,000 more than they need. We’re very concerned that weapons paid for by US taxpayers could wind up in the hands of insurgents and be used to kill Americans and Afghan troops and civilians.”

Townhall has more on the missing weapons.

So, the Afghans have 100,000 more weapons than they need, and we’re still sending them more and more …. oddly, records are poor for both before and after we deliver the weapons. 

I wonder what new insurgency Zero is wanting to cause, this time. 

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Gems 2014 — July 28 Scripture Selection: Luke 23:26-33

Guest post by Jeanette Andrade

July 28 Scripture Selection: Luke 23:26-33

Food for Thought: Luke 23:26

There are several participants in the account of the events leading to the crucifixion of the Lord, and Simon the Cyrenian is one who stands out, though he enters the scene only briefly. Almost definitely, he would have preferred to be anywhere else but there, doing anything else but that. What a distasteful situation he was obligated to participate in! (The Bible says “they laid hold on him,” which sounds like he was nabbed and forced to carry the cross by the imposing Roman soldiers. Simon held that cross; he felt the blood that was poured out on it; he saw the utterly brutal wounds inflicted on Jesus; he heard the agonizing cries of pain.

I wonder when Simon looked back on the wretched experience that would forever be seared in his memory, if he realized that he carried the weight of the very cross that God used to remove the burdens and yokes off of mankind (Is. 10:27, 58:6) in exchange for something very light (Mat. 11:29, 30). Could he have known that the blood of Jesus that stained his clothing was the same blood that would cover everyone who would receive Him and remove the guilty stains of unrighteousness (Mat. 26:28, 1 John 1:7)? Did he realize that, while experiencing such a horrid trauma, the Lord Jesus was paying the price so that we could have true peace (Is. 53:5)? And did he know that, though he may have watched Him die, that Jesus rose from the dead and came so that we could have life, and life in abundance (John 10:10, Acts 4:33)?

We cannot know the spiritual condition of Simon and where he stood regarding Jesus the Messiah, but his experience serves to remind us of all that the Lord accomplished on that day for Simon, for the Romans who tortured and crucified Him, for the Jews who and ridiculed Him and demanded His execution, and for you and me.

Digging Deeper (What scriptures can further enhance today’s reading?):

Getting Personal (What has God shown you in today’s reading?):

Confession of Faith (Example: Lord, based on Mat. 1:21 and 23, I understand that Jesus is God, and I receive Him as my personal Lord and Savior.):

Important Events on This Day (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.):

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LOL!!!!! Lunatics Think Getting Arrested Is A Good Way To Get A Higher Wage!!!!!!

From Twitchy, again


Fight For 15 @fightfor15


Whole convention stood up when asked if they were willing to get arrested for #fightfor15

LOL!!!!  As Twitchy said…… 

The path to prosperity: What do we want? Arrest records! When do we want ‘em? Now!

And, as Twitchy shows, the unionizers are unabashed about using poor people ………..

mindy isser @mindyisser


101 @McDonalds workers bravely took arrest at shareholders meeting in May, but that was only the beginning; we are escalating #fightfor15

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BBC Demonstrates Their Open Racism ….. Again

BBC Breaking News ✔ @BBCBreaking


Palestinian militant group Hamas declares Gaza ceasefire after Israel ended earlier truce amid rocket fire from Gaza

5:31 AM – 27 Jul 2014

Yeh, BBC, Israel ended an earlier truce, when they were attacked by rocket fire from Hamas. 

Disgusting vile racists. 

h/t Twitchy

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The Unchanging Lunacy Of Climate Crazies. Snow Extent Is Not Changing, But Just Changing Of The Seasons

I like doing this, every now and again, to remind people of the idiocy of the climate lunatics. 

Sometimes the fret because they believe we have less snow than we used to.  Sometimes, they swear climate change causes more snow than we used to have.  Yes, they have no qualms about simultaneously holding the two opposite beliefs.  They’re not very bright.

Over and over again, at various time scales, I’ve shown how our total snow extent is not changing that much, but, is actually gaining, albeit very slightly.  Here it is over the last 25 years.  (Snow extent graphs in sq kilometers)


Now, some nutters would say that the Spring snow is what is diminishing.  And, that’s somewhat true. 

Here, I’ve broken up the year in 3 month intervals where I consider March, April, and May our “Spring”.  ….. Now before viewing this graph, I want readers to brace themselves for the horrific decline seen in our Spring snow extent.


Horrible, I know.  The 3 month moving average is exactly where it was in the early 90s. 

This is funny because I would think the nutters would have shown the season with the most decline of snow extent, Summer.  Here’s June, July, and August


But, here, we see even that hasn’t changed in recent years.  Maybe they don’t whine as much about the Summer snow because it sounds stupid to bemoan the loss of snow extent in the Summer months….. IDK. 

But, we see, with Spring and Summer combined, we’ve lost about 3-4 million sq kilometers of snow coverage.

Let’s see if we’ve actually lost it, rather than simply had it on the ground at a different time of the year, shall we?


Oh, we have increased more in the Fall than we decreased in the Spring.  What’s Winter look like?

Here’s December, January, and February, over the last 25 years.


Weird!!!  We’ve increased as much in the winter as we’ve decreased in the Summer. 

Now, let’s go back to the Summer graph, because I want to point out something. 


Notice the “pointiness” in the end of Summer values.  That is to say that Augusts’ snow extent was appreciably less than July’s.  But, notice the “flatness” in it in recent years?

What this means is that our snow is coming earlier, rather than later, and thus ending earlier, rather than later.  We’re not losing freeze days, they’ve simply moved back a few days on the calendar.  

A note about the graphs ….. with the except of the Winter graph, all of the graphs have a built in bias.  Spring and Summer’s graph, if all things were equal and static would show a slight decline in the trend because the start point of each season is always more than the end point.  The reverse is true for the Fall graphs.  I should add a correction for that, but, it’s more work, and I’ve already spent too much time on this.

The point is, our seasons don’t run by our timeline.  They change, and have constantly changed.  Only through the warped lenses of a tunnel visioned lunatic would one be concerned about our snow coverage. 

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