So WaPo Says White Jounos Can’t Write About Ferguson ……. A Music Post!!!

So, I’m watching a bitch fight between WaPo and Politico ……….

You can go to the link for details, but, the point WaPo is trying to make is that Politico can’t weigh in on the Ferguson stupidity because they don’t have many “black” people working for them.  …….  :|

Oh, sure, famous Washington Post writer tell us all about what’s happening in Missouri.  I promise you, white, black, or purple, most WaPo writers, as well as Politico writers had to look Missouri up on a map, much less Ferguson, which I had to, just to confirm that it was, indeed, part of the St. Louis I’ve come to know and realize I’ve never lost anything there in which I’d go back for.   I used to make an annual trek to St. Louis, and usually it was at least twice a year.  I stayed in some nice places, and met a lot of nice people.  But, that was in the confines of my reservation.  But, I’m a wanderer.  There are some places in St. Louis which are not nice.  In fact, most of St. Louis is not nice.  If you find yourself in St. Louis, whatever you do, don’t go over the bridge to Illinois.  It’s less nice than the “not nice” parts of St. Louis.  You’re not welcome there.  White or black, you’re not welcomed there.  I woke up there, once.  Not good!

But, why am I sharing this? 

Because I’ve been there.  Those bitches at WaPo haven’t.  And, for that matter, neither have the bitches at Politico.  I used to be there on a regular basis.  So much so, I know the route from my house to 3 different hotels.  I don’t need a map or a “navigator”.  Indeed, I can give you several routes to St. Louis, all of which, I can just get in my vehicle and go, without referencing a map for a place 320 miles away.

So, a more predominantly white leftarded group can’t opine on Ferguson while a very slightly less predominantly white leftarded group of people can?

Screw you idiots!  Neither of you know shit about what you babble about. 

Cue Tom Petty!


And, no, jackasses, I don’t need you to try explain this to me. 

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Amnesty International Chimes In On Ferguson While This Is Happening


#RIPJamesFoley ✔ @Cameron_Gray


Dear @amnesty: Where can these women being sold into slavery by #ISIS find you deployed – They could use some help

6:39 AM – 19 Aug 2014

Amnesty International director: Use of tear gas in Ferguson ‘clear violation of human rights’

Thanks, Amnesty, duly noted.  It’s deplorable to use a gas to make someone’s eye’s water and skin burn for a moment, while one is engaged in wanton lawlessness.  How can one comfortably spread violence and anarchy when tear gas is used on you?

But, I do want to thank you for prioritizing for us.  I mean, really, you’re an international group, so, one has to prioritize.  What’s more important?  Women being sold, or tear-gassing criminals in the US????  Clearly, the US treating their lawless anarchists better is much more important than addressing the savagery in the Mid-East, right?

Amnesty Int. is just another group of lunatics who hate Western Civilization.


h/t Twitchy

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Tweet Of The Day!!!!!!


Josh Perry @MrJoshPerry


My Governor takes a better mug shot than your Governor.

5:45 PM – 19 Aug 2014


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Breaking!!!! Destruction Of The Arctic Due To Warming Displayed!!!!

We’ve ruined the Arctic due to man-made global warming, according to the lunatics.  They repeat this mantra over and over again. 

Well, here’s the last ten years of our Arctic ice …..



Horrific, I know. 

But, that’s because it’s getting sooooo hot up in the Arctic regions!!!!

Here’s the temp anomalies since 2005.



Yep, old global warming is getting us, now!!!! 

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I Was Ahead Of My Time!!!! Broadband Surpasses Cable!



For the first time, top U.S. cable firms have more broadband customers than cable TV subscribers, according to published data from the Leichtman Research Group. 

The top cable companies had about 49,915,000 broadband subscribers in the second quarter ending in June, compared to about 49,910,000 cable TV subscribers. Although “cord cutting” of TV programing is still relatively small, widely available broadband could cause a major exit from the “boob tube” at any time. 

There’s more interesting numbers at the link.

When I was looking for, and not finding, a job, one of the first things to go was my cable, but, I had already determined the internet would be the last thing to go.  You can’t apply for a job over the TV, but, over the internet, one can get everything TV provides.  …… except maybe …..

I haven’t bothered turning the damned thing back on.  It’s vacuous.  Even the news and supposed serious shows are vacuous.  Why would I pay for that?

But, there’s one problem ………. American Football!!!!  I’ll have to check with the NFL, but, I think I can get some live, or near live stream of the games.  I hope so.  I don’t want to turn the cable back on. 

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Damn ….. ISIS Beheads American Journo ….. Threatens Another


Like the Townhall writer, I’m not going to post the video. 

BREAKING: ISIS Beheads American Journalist James Wright Foley

The terrorist group ISIS has allegedly beheaded American journalist James Wright Foley on video in Iraq in order to send a message to the United States. I’m not going to dignify the terrorists by posting the video here, you can look it up on your own if you’d like. A warning, extremely violent and difficult to watch. ……….

More from Noah Rothman:

The American photojournalist James Wright Foley was working for Agence France Presse when he was captured crossing the Syria-Turkish border in 2012. The American war reporter had previously been held for six weeks by pro-Gaddafi forces in Libya while covering that conflict. Some believed that his capture would be similarly short-lived. Tragically, that would not be the case.
“On November 22, 2012, James Wright Foley, a freelance photo journalist, was taken by an organized gang after departing from an internet café in Binesh, Syria,” the FBI noted in November, 2012. “Foley had employed a translator to help him travel across the Syrian-Turkish border. The translator was also taken, but later released.”

Swift justice is in order. Immediately. May his family find peace in this extremely difficult time. 

Meanwhile the JV terror team, I mean ISIS, is threatening to kill American journalist Steven Sotloff next.


Michael van Poppel ✔ @mpoppel


IS: “The life of this American citizen, Obama, depends on your next decision”

3:55 PM – 19 Aug 2014

There’s probably not much we can do for Sotloff.  I hope we can, and if we can, we should do what we can.  But, ISIS probably doesn’t understand how we react to this stuff.  I think they’re depending upon Zero to be true to his word, that we’ll not see troops on the ground. 

As soon as this spreads, you’ll see a very large percentage of Americans suddenly for going to Iraq and killing the SOBs.  Which, I’d be all for, if I thought we were committed to hunting these bastards down to extinction.  But, we, and the rest of humanity, should hunt them to the ends of the earth, and then put them out of their miserable existence.  Not for this instance, alone, but, for the many instances they’ve provoked humanity.

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Interesting Snippet From Fox’s Political Roundup


I won’t comment much about this.  I’ve got to digest it for a bit, but, it’s interesting.

‘Reid seethed quietly’ – From NYT: “The meeting in the Oval Office in late June was called to give President Obama and the four top members of Congress a chance to discuss the unraveling situation in Iraq. But Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader, wanted to press another point. WithMitch McConnell, the Republican leader, sitting a few feet away, Mr. Reid complained that Senate Republicans were spitefully blocking the confirmation of dozens of Mr. Obama’s nominees to serve as ambassadors. He expected that the president would back him up and urge Mr. McConnell to relent. Mr. Obama quickly dismissed the matter. “You and Mitch work it out,” Mr. Obama said coolly, cutting off any discussion. Mr. Reid seethed quietly for the rest of the meeting, according to four separate accounts provided by people who spoke with him about it. After his return to the Capitol that afternoon, Mr. Reid told other senators and his staff members that he was astonished by how disengaged the president seemed.

There’s more stuff to read at this link.

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Gems 2014 — August 19 Scripture Selection: John 3:1-15

Guest post by Jeanette Andrade

August 19 Scripture Selection: John 3:1-15

Food for Thought: John 3:1-5, 15

This scripture selection can be seen as the cornerstone of the Gospel (the amazingly wonderful, almost-too-good-to-be-true-Good News). A very studious, devout religious ruler of the Jews knew that there was something unique about Jesus and that He was sent by God, so he secretly set out to learn more about Him by going to the source. Jesus did not address his initial comment, but changed the subject to really help him understand that his religion was not enough to be right with God. He told him directly, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.”

Because religion is concerned with physical and outward appearances and human efforts, that statement completely baffled Nicodemus, just as it would anyone whose focus is on do’s and don’ts. So the Lord had to spell it out to him. There are two births, a physical one and a spiritual one, and just as you cannot see the wind, but only the effects of it, so it is when there is a spiritual rebirth (vs. 5-8). The spirit that every person is born with is contaminated by sin (We’ve all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, Romans 3:23) and simply cannot see the Kingdom of God with it. The powerful “force-field” of the perfectly holy glory of God is impenetrable by a flawed human spirit. That’s why a new spirit, joined with the Spirit of God, is what it takes. And for that, one must be born again.

We get a new spirit when we choose to let the old one die and receive new life through Christ. The Spirit Himself replaces the old spirit with a new one. II Corinthians 5:17 explains it like this: “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.” That’s REALLY Good News! Every imperfection, every mistake, every regret—GONE! Just by accepting the new life in Jesus. John 3:15 spells it out in the words of Jesus speaking about Himself: “that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.”

I’m so glad that Jesus chose a religious, “good” man to explain this to. It reveals that all our good works cannot get the job done and lead us into eternal life. And all our sins cannot keep us out, as we will see in future readings. The Lord made sure that the work of eternal life in Christ rests entirely on believing on Him. No hoops to jump through, no prerequisites, no lengthy process of earning it. Just receiving Him as our Savior.

Digging Deeper (What scriptures can further enhance today’s reading?):

Getting Personal (What has God shown you in today’s reading?):

Confession of Faith (Example: Lord, based on Mat. 1:21 and 23, I understand that Jesus is God,

Important Events on This Day (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.):

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Workers Unite!!!! Or, Untie …. Or, Something …. Unions Having A Pissy Fit Because Teachers Hate Cops!!!

image image

Ahh, and awww ….. there’s so much to say about this story!  Too much!

Teachers union backs Sharpton’s planned anti-police rally

Used to be, unions wouldn’t go against another union.  Not today!!!!

The teachers union is pitting its members against cops — by sponsoring and promoting the Rev. Al Sharpton’s anti-police rally in Staten Island next week, The Post has learned.

The United Federation of Teachers sent an “action alert” ­e-mail that even promised free transportation to Sharpton’s Aug. 23 demonstration that is billed as a march for justice for “victims of police brutality.”

Some teachers were furious that the union would take such a prominent role in the event.

“What a disgrace. What is going on with the leadership of the UFT thinking it’s OK to protest against rank-and-file cops?” asked one teacher. “Would we want cops protesting in front our schools over low test scores?”

The union is one of four sponsors of the rally, which will feature the family of Eric Garner — a 43-year-old who died last month after an NYPD chokehold during an arrest for selling loose cigarettes.

Sharpton’s National Action Network, the NAACP and local 1199 SEIU — a strong supporter of Mayor de Blasio — are also members of the coalition.

read more:…

the Police Union isn’t happy:

In an open letter to The Post, the spitting-mad boss of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association ripped his teachers-union counterpart Saturday for the “disgraceful” decision to co-sponsor the Rev. Al Sharpton’s anti-police rally next week.

PBA President Pat Lynch fired both barrels at United Federation of Teachers President Michael Mulgrew, saying, “It is absolutely ridiculous that [Mulgrew] . . . would waste his members’ dues to get involved with a march that has nothing to do with teachers or his union.

“Mulgrew knows that the UFT is under siege from all sides, and this is purely an attempt to distract attention from that mounting criticism,” Lynch wrote, referring to the union’s chronic battles over teacher tenure and charter schools as well as the “substandard” contract Mulgrew recently negotiated for his membership.

“How would he like it if police officers lined up with the activists who oppose his efforts to shield bad teachers and undermine effective charter schools?” Lynch fumed.


Aww, our public servants having a piss fight.  Sadz!!!

For the record, I’m with the PBA on this one.  The teachers union don’t like the police in NY?  Pull all the cops from the schools and from around the schools.  Have the police actually concentrate on high crime districts ….. oh, wait!!! ….

crap!!!  h/t someone!!!!  My bad for forgetting who.  :(

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A Closer Look At The Senate Elections

Well, we’re getting closer to November and some Senate races are heating up …. others, not so much.

For me, I believe this is the most important mid-term election I’ve ever seen.  I believe these mid-terms will set a chartered course for America.  Mostly, because of this grinning idiot below.


The one thing Zero has done for us is to present questions in a near Boolean sense.  For some things, there is simply no middle ground.  Zero has presented us with a clarity of choices to make. 

Are we, as a people to arm radical Islamists or not?  I would have thought the US would have learned that lesson so many years ago.  But, Reagan’s focus was to bring about the fall of the Soviet empire, and effectively so.  What’s Zero’s aim?

Are we, as a people, to stand by Israel, when she is surrounded by aggressive enemies, or not?  Most Americans are not so stupid as to ignore the constant bombardment of Israel by the extremists.  There is no common ground with lunatics who would wantonly kill innocents. 

Are we, as a people, going to ensure the integrity of our borders, or not?  If our boundaries and borders are not clearly defined, and unambiguously defined, then, there is no such thing as the US of A.  If we refuse to protect our land, then, we’re refusing to protect our people.  What good is a state which refuses to protect it’s people?

Are we, as a people, going to embrace the rule of law, or, simply apply the law when we feel it appropriate?  How many times have we read and heard the slogan “no justice, no peace” during Zero’s tenure?  But, the slogan is sophist and jingoistic.  It’s backwards.  There is simply no justice without adherence to the rule of law.  Truly, without justice, there is no peace.  But, one can’t proclaim to be for justice without adhering to the rule of law. 

We are a nation of laws, this nation, as we know it, simply cannot exist without them.  There are clearly defined manners and ways to change the laws as we, the people, see fit.  Zero has shown us an alternative way.  Simply rule by decree.  He’s given us a clear choice.  Are we, as a people, going to allow the subversion of the law, to meet our whims, or will we do our due diligence, and undergo the rigors of convincing the people to alter our laws in the manner in which this nation was construed?

Finally, are we, as a people, going to accept and embrace this economic and social stagnation?  For six years this nation has suffered under policies aimed to thwart our economy and industriousness.  Understand, when I use those words, I mean in the classic and broad understanding of the words.  The narrow understanding of the words are simply byproducts of the broader, more classic definitions.  We’re dreamers and builders of our dreams!  This is who we are and the land which we have!  WE DREAM, WE BUILD, AND WE DO!!!  Are we, as a people, willing to accept that Russia now has to ferry us into space? ….. for the right price?  Or, not?

I believe, we, as a people, are better than what we’ve had in the last few years.  I also believe these mid-terms will tell us if the American people believe this, as well.  Or, not. 

This is a defining time in US history.  We either accept that grinning idiot’s way, or not. 

Note:  I had an entirely different post in mind when I started.  But, that’s going to have to wait.  I was going to break down the pertinent Senate races.  I think there are 2 more in the bag for Repubs …… assuming.  That is to say, given Montana is going Repub, I believe there are two more which can be confidently given to the Repubs, and 6 or 7 more toss ups, as of now, assuming we won’t have too many idiot Repubs spewing political idiocy to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.   

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