LOL!!!! Downhill Slalom Skiing May Be Canceled East Of The Philippines!!! Satellite Sea Level Lunatics Can’t Get Their Story Straight, Again!!!

I just don’t get out on other blogs enough, these days.  So, I thought I’d take a gander and see what the people at WUWT were up to.  Bob Tisdale was writing about what the satellites tell us is a huge rise in the ocean just east of the Philippines.  Most of us are familiar, but, I’ll post a pic of it. ….


The lunatics would have us believe the ocean has been raising by a centimeter a year for over 20 years in that area. 

Now, as far as I can remember, the scale hasn’t changed much.  I’ll have to go back and look, but, I don’t recall anyone telling us that area had been rising by more than a centimeter/yr. 

This is the problem.  We’ve seen this map for years, or very similar maps.  Has anyone noticed a significant change in the map for say, over the last 6 years or so?  Me either.  But, if the lunatics were telling us the truth, then the map should have significantly changed over the last 6 years.  Here’s why …..


The most recent 1/3 of the time frame, much of the area is reported as decreasing sea level or not changing.

Another LOL, is that in this map, the scale is different.  Look at it!!!  Jason II is telling us the spot just east of Japan has been raising by what 2.5-3 centimeters a year for 6 years!!!! 

I think a more plausible explanation, rather than global warming, is that aliens are trying to suck our oceans up and have created a vacuum over some areas.  

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Administration Demonstrates They Don’t Believe Their Own Global Warming BS — WH Vows to Boost Fossil Fuel Production – in Ukraine


WH Vows to Boost Fossil Fuel Production – in Ukraine

( – The Obama administration, no fan of fossil fuels, has delayed a decision on the Keystone XL pipeline for six years, but today it announced its support for fossil fuel production in Ukraine.
“We are supporting Ukrainian efforts to enhance its own energy production, including through technical assistance to help restructure Ukraine’s national oil and gas company, Naftogaz, and through the introduction of new technologies to boost outputs from existing and new conventional gas fields in Ukraine,” says a fact sheet released by the White House.
The fact sheet, which lists all the ways the U.S. is assisting Ukraine, was issued in conjunction with Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to that country.
There is no mention in the fact sheet of developing alternative energy sources such as solar or wind energy generation in Ukraine, as the Obama administration insists the U.S. must do.
Moscow cut off gas supplies to Ukraine over unpaid debts in June, and Ukraine is now relying on domestic supplies and shipments from other countries.
The development of oil and gas resources on public lands in the United States has declined under the Obama administration, which is making a multi-billion investment in renewable energy.
U.S. production of crude oil and natural gas on state and privately owned lands rose from 2009 to 2013 by 61 percent and 33 percent, respectively, according to the Congressional Research Service. But on federal lands and offshore areas, production of crude oil dropped by 6 percent and natural gas by 28 percent over the same period.

They simply don’t believe their own bs they spread to the world.  They know it’s all a lie. 

If global warming was such a threat, if burning of fossil fuels caused such a threat, and if there were viable alternatives, then the moral and just thing to do would be to help them have all the wonderful things renewables are giving the rest of us, right?

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Really Pretty Funny SNL Skit For Those Of Us Who Remember The School House Rock “I’m Just A Bill” Thing

Apparently, the leftards were not very happy with this skit, so it gets points just for that. 

I think many people who didn’t see the humor were not familiar with “School House Rock” stuff. 

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Now We Know Civilization Is In Decline ….. UK’s Labour Wants To Limit Beer Drinkers To A Pint A Day!!!! —– Welcome To The Dark Ages


I didn’t realize the UK went all Bloomberg on themselves. 

Now Labour wants to stop drinkers having any more than ONE PINT of beer or a glass of wine a day

Shadow public health minister Luciana Berger said she wanted to slash the numbers of people who drink more than doctors recommend.

Labour wants to stop drinkers having more than a pint of beer a day – sparking fresh accusations that it is out of touch with ordinary Britons.

Shadow public health minister Luciana Berger said she wanted to slash the numbers of people who drink more than doctors recommend.

For men that is just three to four units a day – equivalent to a pint of continental lager. Women are supposed to drink no more than a glass of wine.

Luciana Berger wants to cut Britain’s booze habit – cutting the number of people who drink more than a pint a day

Ms Berger revealed Labour’s new goal at the charity Alcohol Concern’s annual conference, the Sun newspaper revealed today.

She told the audience that she wanted ‘to reduce the proportion of the population who consume above the recommended level’.

The proposal was criticised by beer-drinking Ukip leader Nigel Farage. He said: ‘People work hard and enjoy a sherbet in the pub.’

It comes amid growing criticism that Labour is out of touch with its core working class supporters following the furore over Emily Thornberry’s ‘snobby’ tweet picturing a terraced house covered in England flags.

In an apparent swipe at Mr Miliband, the influential select committee chair Margaret Hodge said career politicians like the Labour leader were making it harder for MPs to connect with the public.

She said: ‘Alienation from the mainstream political class is huge. And it’s not about who we are, it’s about our experiences.

‘So coming into Parliament without having done anything outside politics is not a good route to connecting with people.’

But Ms Berger’s proposals to cut Britain’s drinking habit comes amid moved from the Government to reduce alcohol consumption.

Nigel Farage criticised Labour’s plan to cut alcohol consumption. He said: ‘People work hard and enjoy a sherbet in the pub’

The Government has introduced a ban on the sale of cut-price alcohol sold below the cost price.

The ban on below cost selling came into force in May and is now one of the strict conditions which licensed premises like pubs and supermarkets have to abide by.

The ban means that a can of average strength lager cannot be sold for less than 40p, while a standard bottle of vodka cannot be sold for less than £8.89.

Selling booze for any less can result in up to six months’ imprisonment and/or a £20,000 fine.

Scottish politicians have gone further – introducing a 50p minimum unit price for alcohol.

Norman Baker, the Liberal Democrat Home Office Minister, has insisted the Government is still considering copying the minimum price rules in Scotland.

He said: “Minimum unit alcohol pricing remains on the table. We can’t sensibly take it forward until the outcome of the Scottish court case. But I’m personally sympathetic to the idea.”

Despite the crackdown MPs themselves voted to freeze booze prices in Parliament’s bars until next May.

That means MPs and their guests can continue to enjoy pints of beer for as little as £2.90, with taxpayer’s subsidy contributing £7million a year to the bill.

The freeze actually works out to a cut once inflation has been taken into account, means prices have only gone up once in the past five years.

So, they’ve already gone through the “no happy hour” bs.  Essentially, this is just an attack on the pub business.  No one can really limit someone else’ consumption of alcohol.  People have known how to make their own for a couple millennia now.

It’s notions such as these which are wholly irresponsible, dangerous, overbearing, and idiotic. 

As noted, people know how to make their own.  The problem is, not everyone can.  Some people are just too stupid to do it properly, but, they will try, and they will poison themselves ….. and others.  These notions also criminalize otherwise law abiding citizens.  It also creates a demand for a criminal syndicated black market. 


The biggest failure of conservatives is that we don’t show up for riots.

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Nice Read At Breitbart —- Gibbon’s Decline And Fall And How Zero’s Amnesty Relates


I don’t have must to say on this.  It’s a nice little read.  I’m  just impressed there are some who still read the classics such as Gibbon’s Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.  It was one of my earlier and harder reads as a young person.  I would go back to it several times to digest what Gibbon had to say. 


What can a chronicler of barbarian invasions, writing in the 18th century, explain to Americans in the 21st century?What lessons can we learn today from the fall of an ancient empire? Plenty. Many.
Indeed, as immigration is a hot issue today, we might look to long-ago scholarship to remind us that the basic patriotic loyalty of the home population can never be taken for granted.  In particular, if the demography of the population changes, its loyalties will change.
Edward Gibbon’s famous work of history, The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, was published in six volumes, from 1776 to 1788.   And the first appearance of that work, of course,—in that evocative year of 1776—has led many to consider its significance to American history.  Could America ever fall like that?  Could America collapse like the Roman Empire?
Gibbon was English, and yet even after the American Revolution, his work was widely read in the new republic known as the United States; we know, for example, that George Washington included Gibbon in his library.
Indeed, Gibbon’s conservative turn of mind made him particularly popular among the American Founders, who were, after all, themselves conservative.  Yes, George Washington & Co.  were revolutionaries, but they were definitely not radicals. They rebelled in 1776 to uphold their ancient liberties, not to try new fads.

Indeed, as recently noted here at Breitbart News, the Founders looked to history to tell them what could go wrong with a government; then, with that knowledge in mind, they sought to build in protective checks and balances.  So to the Founders, Gibbon’s sober worldview—his statement, for example, that “history is indeed little more than the register of the crimes, follies, and misfortunes of mankind”—coincided with their own thinking, which began with a basic mistrust of human nature.  The world, after all, is Fallen; men are not angels.

Come to think of it, maybe American politicians today, too, should be reading Gibbon, because America today is under threat, not least from the sort of demographic transformation—some might call it an invasion—that toppled Rome. ……

Read more at the link. 

I would note, though, this isn’t only cautionary to the US.  I can’t think of one Western nation which doesn’t have an immigration problem of one sort or another. 

Maybe it is inevitable.  Civilization develops in an ebb and flow.  After civilization advances, a decline always seems to happen, with a reemergence to begin anew.  But, only after some horrid period of time, a dark age.  I think it should not be inevitable.   

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NFL Week 12 Picks!!!


(6-4-0) Browns  Well, I think I’ve missed every Brown game I’ve picked.  So, this doesn’t bode well for them, but, I think they’ll beat the Falcons (leaders of the worst division in the NFL)

(4-6-0) Falcons



(2-8-0) Titans

(7-3-0) Eagles  The NFL has shown that on any given Sunday …… but, this should be a yawner. 



(7-3-0) Lions

(8-2-0) Patriots  This should be a great matchup.  A strong defense against a strong offense.  Last week, the Pats showed they can run the ball as well as pass.  They’ve also recently signed LeGarrette Blount, a talented head-case.  He played for the Pats last year and did really well. 



(7-3-0) Packers  The Vikings are in trouble at RB.  McKinnon, a fine back is beat up, but, all the other backs are out.  They’ve picked up a warm body from Cleveland to backup McKinnon.  This means it will likely be up to the QB …… I don’t think Bridgewater is going to winning a passing contest against Rodgers.

(4-6-0) Vikings



(1-9-0) Jaguars

(6-4-0) Colts  This is another which should be a yawner.  The Colts need this win to remain ahead of the Texans. 



(6-3-1) Bengals

(5-5-0) Texans  This is a tough one to pick.  I can’t figure out the Texans.  Foster is questionable today, but, they didn’t need him against the Browns, as they dominated them.  A team which humiliated the Bengals just a week prior.  I’m going with the home team in this one.   



(2-8-0) Buccaneers

(4-6-0) Bears  Well, someone has to win this game, right?  The Bears should come to the game ready to play.  Another loss and their season should be effectively over. 



(9-1-0) Cardinals  What a difference a year makes.  The Seahawks are tough at home, but, I haven’t seen the perform at the level they did last year.  And the Card defense is smothering.  Word has it the ‘Hawks are thinking about using Sherman at the WR spot for a few plays.  Interesting.  Usually, there’s a reason why a player is a defensive player rather than an offensive one.  I look for this to be a great game. 

(6-4-0) Seahawks



(4-6-0) Rams

(6-4-0) Chargers  The Rams shocked the NFL with a win over the Broncos last week.  My impression of the two teams is that they’re very close.  The Rams aren’t any punks.  But, it’s at San Diego, and it’s a pretty talented offense, so I’m going with the Chargers.



(3-7-0) Redskins

(6-4-0) 49ers  Well, RGIIIs return to QB has, thus far, been a bust.  It’s not going to get any easier for him, today.  Heck, we don’t even know if he’ll be the starter, today.  But, it isn’t as if it’s just RGIII, their defense was scorched by a rookie WR for over 200 yards.  One of the touchdowns he caught had a linebacker trying to defend him.  The 9ers should easily win this one. 



(6-4-0) Dolphins

(7-3-0) Broncos  Did the Rams show the world how to beat the Broncs?  Well, they went 1-2 on a three game road trip, but, they’re at home, today.  The Dolphins are a decent team with a good defense, so, anything can happen, but, I think the Broncs will return to form. 



(7-3-0) Cowboys  The Cowboys had a much needed bye last week, after playing in a snoozer against Jacksonville.  If they’re focused, this should be a win for the ‘Boys.  But, it’s the Giants and they get up to play in this rivalry. 

(3-7-0) Giants



(2-8-0) Jets

(5-5-0) Bills  Funny, with Mark Sanchez’ recent success at Philly, maybe it wasn’t just him screwing up the offense.  The Bills game has been moved to Monday and moved to Detroit, because of all the snow they’re having in upstate NY.  They should beat the Jets.



(6-4-0) Ravens  Well, both teams are in a struggle to be leaders of their respective divisions.  It’s just that the Ravens are in probably the toughest division and the Saints are in the worst.  The Saints shouldn’t be overlooked, though.  Drew Brees is still a fantastic QB.

(4-6-0) Saints



 (7-4-0) Chiefs 20


 (1-10-0) Raiders 24  The Raiders screwed up and have now jeopardized their draft spot!  Could there be anything more deflating than losing to the Raiders? 


Well, those are my picks for the week.  What are your thoughts?

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Gems 2014 — November 23 Scripture Selection: James 5

Guest post by Jeanette Andrade

November 23 Scripture Selection: James 5

Food for Thought: James 5:16

There are so very many benefits provided us through the Body of Christ. The prophecy in Isaiah 53 beautifully paints the picture of all He personally accomplished when He suffered, died, and rose again. However, He continues to do great things through His Body, the Church.

The Lord defines the Church and its members as His Body in the Word is several places. For example, Ephesians 1:22, 23 says, “And He put all things under His (Jesus’) feet, and gave Him to be head over all things to the church, which is His body, the fullness of Him who fills all in all.” Later in the same book, in 5:29, 30 He tells us that “we are members of His Body, of His flesh and His bones.”

Many people do not have an understanding or appreciation for the Church and the benefits of being a member of the Body of Christ, and because of that, they do not enjoy the advantages of it. In fact, some may even lose their lives before their time because they do not draw from the power in the Body of Christ. As a case in point, notice in I Corinthians 11 that Paul was admonishing the believers who were acting inconsiderately toward their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ when getting together for communion. Some were gorging themselves and not waiting for the others. I Cor. 11:29-31 says “For he who eats and drinks in an unworthy manner eats and drinks judgment to himself, not discerning the Lord’s body. For this reason many are weak and sick among you, and many sleep. For if we would judge ourselves, we would not be judged.” Discerning the Lord’s body involves, of course, understanding the entire price His paid in His own Body, but also understanding the value of the Body that we see every time we get together with the members which have a very important function for the benefit of each one of us.

This concept is so important that in James 5:16, we are told to “Confess your trespasses to one another (We do that by first judging ourselves), and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” There is something very powerful in being able to go to a mature brother or sister in Christ and confess something we are struggling with so that they can pray for us. The Word promises that if we do so, we will be healed (made whole, set free from the bondage, whether physical, emotional, spiritual), because such effective prayers of righteous people are powerful and can accomplish much. That’s not to say that for every little thing we run to someone and confess it. We can go straight to the Father for every type of sin. However, the Body of Christ is there to support us and minister to us when we need it. And not just when we find ourselves struggling with sin. The Body is there for every type of problem and should be unified enough to pray for one another, as James 5:16 urges us to do. (See also 2 Cor. 1:11; I Tim. 2:1.)

Yes, the person of Jesus Christ and all He did for us is powerful. But it did not end there. His Body is still working marvelously today, and those who have learned to rely on it draw life from its every functioning member.

Digging Deeper (What scriptures can further enhance today’s reading?):

Getting Personal (What has God shown you in today’s reading?):

Confession of Faith (Example: Lord, based on Mat. 1:21 and 23, I understand that Jesus is God…)

Important Events on This Day (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.):

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LOL!!! Pajama Boy’s Twin Get’s Smoked On Twitter!!!!


So, one of these people, I can’t really tell them apart, and often think they’re the same person with a multiple personality disorder, gleefully reports on a “new House Intel Committee report suggesting that the White House acted appropriately during the Benghazi attacks”.  Never mind the four dead Americans…….

Christopher Hayes ✔ @chrislhayes


This is seriously the most hilarious Friday news dump ever …

Oh, yes, nothing tickles the funnybone like 4 dead Americans, murdered by acts of terrorism.  Then, Hayes decides to poke at Fox …..

Christopher Hayes ✔ @chrislhayes


My guess is that across the street at Fox they’re ripping up their rundowns to make room for this: … LOLOLOLOLOL

To this, Red Eye’s Andy Levy responds …..

andy levy ✔ @andylevy


@chrislhayes based on ur ratings i’d say maybe worry more about ur own network LOLOLOLOLOL

5:51 PM – 21 Nov 2014

Nice one, Andy!  But, Hayes wasn’t content with that little bit of humble pie.  He responds …..

Christopher Hayes ✔ @chrislhayes


@andylevy Who are you?

5:54 PM – 21 Nov 2014

To that, there were many nice responses from other people.  But, I think this is the best one …..

Tommy @FirstTeamTommy


RT @chrislhayes: @andylevy Who are you? All In Chris Hayes 122K Red Eye 170K Who is he? You can just call him “Daddy.”

Beautiful spankage!  

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Great Headline And Pic From Twitchy!!!!!

Pro-abortion president broken up by ‘ripping children’ from their parents


Pop quiz!

Can you name the event this picture was taken at?

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Breaking!!!!! Renewable Energy Found To Be Useless!!!!


Renewable energy ‘simply WON’T WORK’: Top Google engineers

Windmills, solar, tidal – all a ‘false hope’, say Stanford PhDs

By Lewis Page, 21 Nov 2014

Two highly qualified Google engineers who have spent years studying and trying to improve renewable energy technology have stated quite bluntly that renewables will never permit the human race to cut CO2 emissions to the levels demanded by climate activists. Whatever the future holds, it is not a renewables-powered civilisation: such a thing is impossible.

Both men are Stanford PhDs, Ross Koningstein having trained in aerospace engineering and David Fork in applied physics. These aren’t guys who fiddle about with websites or data analytics or “technology” of that sort: they are real engineers who understand difficult maths and physics, and top-bracket even among that distinguished company. The duo were employed at Google on the RE<C project, which sought to enhance renewable technology to the point where it could produce energy more cheaply than coal.

RE<C was a failure, and Google closed it down after four years. Now, Koningstein and Fork have explained the conclusions they came to after a lengthy period of applying their considerable technological expertise to renewables, in an article posted at IEEE Spectrum.

The two men write:

At the start of RE<C, we had shared the attitude of many stalwart environmentalists: We felt that with steady improvements to today’s renewable energy technologies, our society could stave off catastrophic climate change. We now know that to be a false hope …

Renewable energy technologies simply won’t work; we need a fundamentally different approach.

One should note that RE<C didn’t restrict itself to conventional renewable ideas like solar PV, windfarms, tidal, hydro etc. It also looked extensively into more radical notions such as solar-thermal, geothermal, “self-assembling” wind towers and so on and so forth. There’s no get-out clause for renewables believers here.

Koningstein and Fork aren’t alone. Whenever somebody with a decent grasp of maths and physics looks into the idea of a fully renewables-powered civilised future for the human race with a reasonably open mind, they normally come to the conclusion that it simply isn’t feasible. Merely generating the relatively small proportion of our energy that we consume today in the form of electricity is already an insuperably difficult task for renewables: generating huge amounts more on top to carry out the tasks we do today using fossil-fuelled heat isn’t even vaguely plausible.

Even if one were to electrify all of transport, industry, heating and so on, so much renewable generation and balancing/storage equipment would be needed to power it that astronomical new requirements for steel, concrete, copper, glass, carbon fibre, neodymium, shipping and haulage etc etc would appear. All these things are made using mammoth amounts of energy: far from achieving massive energy savings, which most plans for a renewables future rely on implicitly, we would wind up needing far more energy, which would mean even more vast renewables farms – and even more materials and energy to make and maintain them and so on. The scale of the building would be like nothing ever attempted by the human race.

In reality, well before any such stage was reached, energy would become horrifyingly expensive – which means that everything would become horrifyingly expensive (even the present well-under-one-per-cent renewables level in the UK has pushed up utility bills very considerably). This in turn means that everyone would become miserably poor and economic growth would cease (the more honest hardline greens admit this openly). That, however, means that such expensive luxuries as welfare states and pensioners, proper healthcare (watch out for that pandemic), reasonable public services, affordable manufactured goods and transport, decent personal hygiene, space programmes (watch out for the meteor!) etc etc would all have to go – none of those things are sustainable without economic growth.  ………

Well, that’s nice.  The two twits hired by Google “now know” the same thing millions of other people already knew and have explained it 15 ways from Sunday why renewables are an unworkable fantasy.  They could have learned this already by just reading a few skeptic blogs.  We’ve explained this over and over and over again.  So, these 2 PhDs are only about 5-6 years behind a typical skeptic blogger. 

Oddly, or not so oddly, as these two twits are true believers in the global warming/climate change idiocy, even though they belatedly come to the same conclusion as millions of others have, they refuse to revisit their notions of CO2 and its effect on the planet.  Well, maybe in another 5-6 years …….

h/t Delingpole

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