Back By Popular Demand!!! New And Improved!!! Plus Bonus Graph Of How Global Warming Looks On A Thermometer!!!!!





Note!!!!!!  If this post is coming off too snarky or condescending, or grumpy, I’m sorry, but, believe it or not, I had a very hard time getting people to understand what I did. 

Well, I’ve been meaning to do this for some time now.  Last night, I saw a similar graph, in which I was credited for showing them how(Thanks Lat!!!).  That was pretty really cool!  I don’t remember the fellow I helped.  But, there have been many who asked me about this. 

In response to the fellow’s graph, there were some familiar questions about it.  As readers would note, I’ve added a Celsius graph!  Yeh, I don’t know why the rest of the world has to be different, but, there, that’s for them!  As I recollect, that was the biggest question/complaint to the graph.  I’m happy to oblige, even though I was very late in doing so. 

As to the boring graph format, and whatnot, I’m sorry.  This was done with Open Office.  If anyone is taking a poll, I’m against it.  But, I’d have to kickstart my old PC with MS Office on it, and I’m busy right now. 

After re-reading my last post, I realize I was probably too inebriated to be properly blogging.  Fortunately, there’s no jail time for said infraction.  And, fortunately, I’m only on my 4th or 5th beer, so, I’m good for now!

As to the other questions ….. and people interested in this graph need to pay attention ….. I’ll try to answer them as best I can.  Some of the questions which I’ve tried to field in the past seemed …….. well,  ….. instructive as to some of the people engaged in the climate debates.

The Provenance:  Let’s start with the provenance of the data.  IT’S FROM GISS!!!!!!  NASA!!!!!!  HANSEN’S BOYS!!!!!  And, yes, they’re still Hansen’s.  It’s from his babbling bs that they get their data base.  The data is here, at this link. —–  This isn’t data I pulled from my arse.  I didn’t mix or mingle anything.  I simply pulled the data from GISS.  It’s the same GISS data every one else uses from GISS, both warmists and skeptics.  Specifically, I only use one column from their table, the annual temps, January through December.  I’ll put a graphic up so there won’t be any confusion.


That column!!!  Right there with the red around it!!!!!  That’s what I use. 

The Methodology:  This leads me to another great question, what methodology did I use?  Honestly, I don’t know how to put this in any simpler terms.  I will do my best to detail this. 

The table above is in anomalies.  That is to say, the values stated are what NASA/GISS believes deviated from the norm.  The base period they used to establish their notion of a norm is 1951-1980, as stated at the link cited.  I didn’t pick this base period.  GISS did.  I’m using GISS’ numbers.  GISS believes the average global temp for said time period was 14 deg C, or 57.2 deg F.  They’ve stated this in many places and times.  Here’s one of them.  (Note their uncertainty). 

So, in order to get a real temperature, rather than an anomaly, we simply add the anomaly to the stated norm; GISS’ stated norm.  The values listed are in 1/100ths of a degree Celsius.  So, we have to divide the values by 100 to get them in proper degree format.  For the Celsius graph, then, we simply add that value to 14 to get a view of the actual temperature, rather than the anomaly.  For the Fahrenheit, it’s much more complicated.  You actually have to multiply the anomaly value by 1.8 to convert it to Fahrenheit.  I know!!!!!  It’s wild, wacky, and hard!!!!  But, really, that’s what sciency and math people do!  For those skeptical of a skeptic, simply scroll down to the bottom of the page at the link, and you’ll find those exact same instructions!

The next thing I do, I ask the graphing program of choice to graph the data.  I did the hard trick of verifying that the graphing program I used, each time, did indeed graph the data properly. 

Error Bars:  I don’t know how many times I was asked about error bars, or had people tell me it wasn’t a proper graph without error bars. 

Let me be as diplomatic as I can possibly be about these “error bars”.  ……….. There are no f’n @%#$&%*(J%($%$#$%&#$%$!@#^%$#&#$%!%#$%$~$#  error bars for simple math!!!!!!!

I’ll do my best not to repeat.  I am dividing real numbers.  I am adding real numbers.  I am multiplying real numbers.  There are no error bars to be had when dividing by 100.  There are no error bars to be had when adding real numbers.  There are no %$%&%$*$#%@^ error bars to be had when multiplying a real number by 1.8.  THIS ISN’T HARD TO UNDERSTAND!!!!!!  Quick!!!! Someone tell me what the error bars should be for 2+2?

If there were to be any error bars, we’d have to use GISS’.  Seeing that the average alarmist has no doubt these numbers are entirely correct, there’s no point in plotting any potential error, even though they themselves admit there could be a 2 degree F variance in the baseline value.  And, even though these numbers change constantly.  Yes, their evaluation of our historic data constantly changes, always, always to show more warming in recent years.

The Point:  Yes, I know these graphs do not pick up the minutia of variances of some peoples’ perception of what the global average temperatures are.  That’s the point.  I thought it well to put out a graph of data into something the average person can relate to.  The hyperbole given to the climate issue is a huge ado about minutia.  These graphs demonstrate the supposed global warming of over the last 135 years as normal people can relate to it.

Disclaimer:  I, in no way, manner, shape or form, endorse the values GISS has stated.   I don’t believe them to be any more real than the tooth fairy or unicorns.  They weren’t real to start with (by their own admission) and they’re not real today.  The notion of a global average temperature, even in the abstract, is very suspect.  In actual application, it simply isn’t possible to have one, not today, certainly not yesterday, and we won’t tomorrow. 

People must understand what a “temperature” is.  It simply describes a movement of heat, or better, energy.  A temperature doesn’t describe the movement, though.  Energy moves omni-directional.  An increase in temperature in a given place, or even a given plane, may describe a loss in energy for the whole, rather than an increase.  It may not even describe an energy change at all, for the whole, but, rather a movement of energy from one place to another, or from one plane to another. 

The fact is, these people have less coverage, globally, than is not covered and isn’t a concern for most of the lunatics.  It’s simply a metric they manipulate and use to scare people.  The supposed temperature of the globe isn’t real, it is impossible to determine.  The hyperbole and concern isn’t real.  It is simply misanthropy and self-loathing.  These graphs were made to help demonstrate these thoughts.



PS  My thanks to Ron Van Wegen for helping correct a spelling/near homophone error in the post!

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Climate Change Quote Quiz!!!!!


The question …..

Who said this? …….”As to climate change, I think the President was fairly straightforward saying we’re not spending money on that anymore. We consider that to be a waste of your money to go out and do that. So that is a specific tie to his campaign.

Give up?  Okay, I’ll let you know …… Office of Management and Budget director Mick Mulvaney.

Did something just go boom?


You can watch the whole OMB press conference here!!!  The Climate Change Q&A is at the end of the video.  The entire video is well worth the watch!!!  Indeed, it is fantastic!!!!!  I’m not familiar with this guy(I don’t know if his name is Mulcaney or Mulvaney), but, he’s bomb!


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Someone Reading Suyts’ Archives? ICYMI —– REE!!!!!!


So, many moons ago, I had written a few blog posts about REE, our irrational dependence upon it, and that we could mine our own. 

Readers here will already know the importance of REE (rare earth elements), and the economic, strategic significance of such.

Unlike other stuff we have under our ground, such as oil, gas, coal, etc ….. our REE reserves are not the most in the world.  However, we have enough to supply ourselves and more.  Why we ever allowed China to have a global monopoly on the stuff is beyond comprehension. 

Well, now that we finally have a pro-American administration …….. (my bold)

Rare change of heart: Let’s mine our own crucial metals

After years of passively relying on China to supply our military with crucial materials for the production of high-tech weapons systems, the United States is taking some important steps toward restoring its ability to harvest its own so-called rare earths.

Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., introduced a bill this week that would allocate 1 percent of the Pentagon’s Major Defense Acquisition Programs overhead budget and transfer that money to a Strategic Metals Investment Fund. The proceeds, as much as $50 million a year, would be used to aid prospective producers of the critical metals that are needed to make the new F-35 fighter jet, rocket-guided missiles, catapults that loft planes off aircraft carriers, GPS systems and other crucial weapons systems.

Bellwether previously examined our dangerous reliance on China, which currently mines and manufactures more than 90 percent of the world’s supply of rare earth. The U.S. used to have its own, secure production chain for these important products, but found it was cheaper to import them. The last major American rare earths mine and production facility declared bankruptcy in 2015.

“My bill has now got the best chance it has ever had,” Hunter told me. “I’ve got White House support. They read your articles and got in touch with me.”

Hunter credits President Trump’s team with bringing a new attitude to the importance of mining critical materials at home, instead of relying on an unreliable supplier like China. In 2010, for instance, China temporarily cut off exports of rare earths in a trade dispute, shocking commodities markets worldwide and driving prices sky-high.

Experts in the field say there has been a sea change in attitude since Trump’s election. “There’s a sense that this administration recognizes the significance of the critical metals gap that we’ve allowed to develop,” says Dan McGroarty, who maintains a Washington-based critical metals industry consultancy.

At an industry conference in Toronto this week, bankers and venture capitalists, heartened by the administration’s promises, were kicking the tires on potential startup deals, says one attendee, longtime critical metals analyst Jack Lifton. “Last year was a desert. This year, there are oases of optimism. People hope this White House is going to follow through on reducing regulations. That’s good for the industry.”

Those same dealmakers were lying low during the Obama administration, convinced that the U.S. government was hopelessly mired in reliance on China as a supplier and anticipating more of the same if Hillary Clinton moved into the White House.

With President Trump vowing to strengthen the U.S. military, and to negotiate tougher with China, entrepreneurs hope domestic production of important elements needs for weapons systems will soon be revived. It might be one of those rare times when government and common sense appear in the same sentence.

If we can follow through and follow up, this will be a huge win for America, both, economically and strategically. 

Now, it is issues such as these in which I break with the people of the notion complete free-trade is ideal.  In a total free-trade scenario, China could easily stop the US from ever mining our own REE.  All they’d have to do is flood the market and it prevents the free market from developing our own source.  Yet, it is in our nation’s interest that we do so. 

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Good Heavens!!!! Now We’re Dumbing Down Teachers!!!!


Look, I don’t care what color, race, or creed the teacher is.  It is not at all unreasonable to expect teachers to be as literate as what we expect from our high school students.  Indeed, it should be requisite. 

NY dropping teacher literacy test amid claims of racism

At a time when the United States has plummeted in the global rankings of education standards, one of the country’s largest states is poised to scrap a test designed to measure the reading and writing skills of people trying to become teachers.

Citing the fact that an outsized percentage of black and Hispanic candidates were failing the test, members of the New York state Board of Regents plans to adopt a task force’s recommendation to eliminate the literacy exam, known as the Academic Literacy Skills Test, given to prospective teachers. ……

… The tests, however, came under intense scrutiny for their alleged racial bias, after just 46 percent of Hispanic test-takers and 41 percent of black test-takers passed it on the first try, compared with 64 percent of white candidates.

Plus, critics said, the test’s $131 price tag is too steep.

Despite a ruling by a federal judge in 2015 that the test was not discriminatory, faculty members at education schools say a test that screens out so many minorities is problematic.

“Having a white workforce really doesn’t match our student body anymore,” Soodak said.

Kate Walsh, the president of the National Council on Teacher Quality, said that the reason that blacks and Latinos don’t score as well as whites on the literacy test is because of various factors like poverty and the legacy of racism. Walsh said that is the symptom on other standardized tests as well.

“There’s not a test in the country that doesn’t have disproportionate performance on the part of blacks and Latinos,” Walsh said.

Oh, FFS!!!!  The demographic makeup of the teachers workforce isn’t nearly as important as the actually literacy of the teacher workforce.  It’s not relevant.  What is relevant is the teacher’s ability to teach beyond what is expected of our students.

As to the reason why Blacks and Latinos aren’t scoring as well doesn’t have a damned thing to do with poverty and legacy of racism.  WTF?  Because someone’s grandma suffered under racism means the grandchild can’t score well on a test?  I’d venture to bet that it has a lot more to do with affirmative action than anything else.  Affirmative action requires lowering standards, thus, the people who got in (college for teaching) because of the lowered standards are probably the ones failing the tests.  If they lowered the standards to let white people in, they would most likely be failing the tests. 

Later on in the article it becomes critical of the test, itself.  It may or may not be true that the test was poorly designed.  And, also, not relevant to the larger question.  If it was designed poorly, then, design it better. 

Others in the article stated that the test was redundant.  Clearly, the other tests were not stringent enough. 

When the demographic makeup of the teaching workforce becomes more important than the individual teacher’s ability and knowledge base, then, we’re working against the student.  It’s just that simple. 

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Leftarded Hate, Intolerance, and Violence On Full Display!!!!!

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything.  Watching the left act and react to their own idiocy is like a never ending story.  There’s always a promise of more to come, so, it’s difficult to write anything, knowing there will be more idiocy tomorrow.

That said, the recent demonstrations of the left, with their vitriol and hate needs to be noted.  It’s just one after another.  Here are a couple of videos from a Louisiana Senator’s townhall meeting.  The first is the booing and jeering while a chaplain is trying to say a prayer to open the meeting.

Are you kidding me?  Even if you’re not religious of any sort, wtf is wrong with you that you can’t be quiet for a moment and let the ones of faith continue and finish with their prayer?  This demonstrates what godless people they are.  Note the roar when the name of Jesus was invoked to end the prayer.  

Of course, we knew they were godless Christian haters when we saw them attack the First lady when she led off a rally with the Lord’s Prayer

The second vid is of the same townhall, where a veteran led the people in the Pledge of Allegiance.  

Well, it kinda goes together.  Not only are the Godless Christian haters, they also loath our flag, the symbol of our nation.

But, it doesn’t stop there.


The man in this picture was present at Trump’s SOTU speech.  The child in the picture was murdered by an illegal immigrant.  When Trump …. well, I’ll let Townhall say it, my bold …..

Shaw was seated in the balcony when Trump reminded Democrats of the horrors of illegal immigration. During that portion of the speech, Democrats booed and remained seated.

Yep, congressmen and women actually booed, with the dad right there, as Trump told the story of his horrid plight. 

What sort of horrid monster must you be to do such a thing?  And, yet, our leftards elected these monstrous people to represent them, how apt. 

We’ve also seen the projection of the left’s anti-Semitism up front.  Their violence and hatred knows no bounds. 

As we told you earlier, the FBI confirmed an arrest has been made in the investigation of bomb threats to Jewish Community Centers around the country. The arrested suspect is a disgraced reporter who had worked for The Intercept and later Media Blackout USA.

After a suspect was identified, The Intercept had a headline that needed some repairs due to preconceived notions. ……

Recently, there were several pro-USA, pro-Trump rallies.  Here’s a headline the leftards should be proud of  ……..

‘They called my flag a Fascist flag!’: More scenes from Berkeley Trump protest


Here’s some more words about the same rally

Most rallies went forward without disruption, apart from in Berkeley, California, where left-wing anarchists became violent after holding a counter-demonstration.

Ten people were arrested in scenes reminiscent of protests at UC Berkeley against former Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos’s talk, while an elderly man could be seen lying in agony after being pepper-sprayed by the anarchists.

They pepper-sprayed an old man.  At a separate rally in Minnesota, ……

Violence also ensued at a rally in Minnesota, where 400 Trump supporters rallied around the state capitol rotunda in St. Paul, before being accosted by an anti-Trump counter-demonstration. According to the Minnesota Star Tribune, the conflict led to scuffles, and six counter-protesters were arrested.

These are contemptible people.  They are the scum of the earth.  They attack our elderly, they despise free-speech, they show nothing but contempt for their own country and fellow countrymen, and they’ve demonstrated their hatred towards God Almighty.  They’ve also demonstrated their racist nature and their tendency towards violence. 

People, these are our enemies.  

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Holy Crap!!!! MSN Gets It Right?!?!?!?!?!


Well, okay, they copied from “The Hill”, but, still, this is quite remarkable.

So, today the leftards of the world freaked out about the pic above.  You see, Kellyanne has her shoes on, on the couch. 

To which, yeh, it’s bad form.  But, I can see why she was caught up in the moment and wished to take a picture of this historic meeting between president Trump and the representatives of our “historic Black colleges”.  I’m sure she won’t do it again.

But, leftards being the total hypocrites that they are ………. gee, I don’t seem to recall the left being outraged the total (and repetitive) disrespect for the people’s property just a few years ago.


Oddly, this story on MSN gets it pretty much right ……

Twitter debate sparks over photo of Conway sitting on Oval Office couch

Indeed, the story is where I got the pics.  

The final comment of the story ……

Yes, that’s so much more important to note than the important guests whom she was photographing. #WhyWEWon …

Sadly, I see unemployment in the near future for whoever made the decision to run with this on MSN. 

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It seems like eons ago since the last time I posted anything regarding our climate.  And, what I’m about to post isn’t going to be news to many of the readers here.  Still, as I’m now cross-posting to my Facebook page, sort of, I may reach more readers and cause more people to know the absolute charade “climate science” has become. 

Today, Breitbart has this ….. my bold …..

H. Sterling Burnett: Climategate Redux! NOAA Scientists Fudge, Lose Data

To paraphrase the immortal words of Britney Spears, “Oops, climate scientists did it again!”

The award-winning scientist responsible for creating, collecting, and maintaining the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) data archive, John Bates, recently disclosed leading NOAA’s climate scientists violated the agency’s rules, rushing to publication data which had yet to be tested and confirmed in order to influence the outcome of the Paris climate negotiations in 2015.

In a second breach of agency protocol, the scientists involved, led by Tom Karl, failed to properly archive and store their datasets for testing and public disclosure.

Subsequently, some of the original datasets were lost when the computer used to process the data suffered a complete failure.

Karl, et al.’s 2015 “pause busting” research purported to show, contrary to every temperature dataset in existence at the time, Earth had not experienced an 18-year pause in rising temperatures, claiming instead everyone else’s data had been wrong and temperatures had continued to rise at an alarming rate right along with carbon-dioxide levels. As Bates put it, Karl’s team put their “thumb on the scale” to produce the results they wanted.

Much of the climate science community became suspicious of Karl’s claims over the months after the study was released, when it was discovered in the words of David Rose in the Daily Mail, “[Karl, et al.] took reliable readings from buoys but then ‘adjusted’ them upwards – using readings from seawater intakes on ships that act as weather stations … even though readings from the ships have long been known to be too hot.” As a result, the ocean temperature dataset used by Karl exaggerated the warming.

When you take good data and mix it with bad data and then average it, you no more produce reliable results than adding muddy river water to purified bottle water produces safe drinking water.

Karl’s actions show climate scientists wedded to the theory humans are causing catastrophic climate change learned nothing from the Climategate scandal of 2009. In Climategate, hacked e-mail exchanges between prominent climate scientists advising world leaders on climate policy exposed the scientists behaving badly.

The scientists involved used a “trick” to remove inconvenient data from their datasets to “hide the decline,” in a critical set of proxy temperatures. In addition, the e-mails showed they collaborated to persecute and have fired an editor of a prominent climate science journal who allowed articles questioning the extent of humanity’s role in global warming to be published.

The e-mails also showed the scientists actively sought to avoid releasing their taxpayer-funded data to other researchers and government bodies with oversight responsibility for testing and confirmation.

In the aftermath of the Climategate scandal, in order to ensure scientific integrity and regain the public’s trust, scientific bodies called on scientists to allow access to their raw data, assumptions, methodologies, and software and to promptly and completely respond to all Freedom of Information Act and government requests for information.

Karl and his team not only violated NOAA’s own protocols, they also ignored all the suggestions made by the scientific community to improve transparency and accountability for research. When the U.S. House of Representatives’ House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, the committee with oversight over federally funded research, requested and eventually subpoenaed NOAA’s documentation for its pause-busting claims, NOAA refused to turn over all the materials requested, citing concerns about confidentiality and the integrity of the scientific process. New investigations are being launched into NOAA’s research in light of Bates’ disclosures.

Read the rest at the link above.

Ahh, good times, good times!!!!  This is yet another example of why I’ve totally lost interest in the climate debate.  None of the data is real.  The people in charge of collecting, storing, and providing the data either eliminate the data which contradicts their world view, or they simply manipulate it to where it isn’t even close to reality. 

To date, none of the temperature gathering institutions can demonstrate any veracity towards their stated notions on a “global temperature”.  From NOAA, to GISS, to HADCrut, none of them can show any accuracy in determining a “global temp”.  Even the satellite people, UAH, and RSS can’t demonstrate any accuracy.  It’s all farcical. 

More importantly, none of them can show a proper historical context and relationship to today’s readings towards any notion of a global time in our history.  It simply cannot be done.  It wasn’t until the mid-2000s that we even got some actual temp readings from our oceans of any relevant coverage.  This earth’s surface is mostly water, and we are just now starting to get actual ocean surface temp readings with any sort of distribution and coverage.  WTF are we talking about “global warming” when there is no context to an actual global temperature of our past?  It’s all sophistry, based upon a hypothetical notion, taken as fact by a bunch of lunatics.  Anyone doubting this are free to peruse my archived posts.  At least in my mind, I’ve adequately demonstrated what I’ve just commented above.  When the historical context is simplified and boiled down to its base, this is the only conclusion a rational person can have. 

There are too many problems to have any degree of precision or even accuracy to overcome. 

Land temperatures …….. well, golly, we don’t have the same temp stations as we did say 70 years ago.  Sure, we have some which are the same, but, we have many which are not.  Even the thermometers are not the same, and they don’t measure temperature the same.  But, even if they did, it wouldn’t be right because the land area surrounding the thermometers are not the same.  Of course, all of this is known, but, the lunatics have convinced themselves and many other people that they can create a formula which makes allowances for such incongruences.  But, you can’t, because the incongruences are not the same.  It’s supreme idiocy and hubris to believe one can do so.  

What?  Because a tree ring looked one way and an actual thermometer looks differently today we can be sure we have “global warming”?  Are we f’n serious?!?!?!?!?!?!?!  Get real.  Oh, wait!!!!  I know!!!!!!  We have sediment!!!!  Which, of course, in no way presents any sort of global coverage, but, ….. hey!!!  We can average a couple of centuries and know the last 2 years were the hottest evuh!!!!!  What idiot believes that?

But, then, we still don’t have good thermometer coverage in 3 continents of the world, so, there’s that.  And, again, we have no good historical reference for most of our surface temps because, well, ……. oceans!!!!!!!  What sort of stupid thinks 10% of something means 100% of the same something is trending in the same manner of the 10%, especially with something as dynamic as temperature?

But, that brings me to the satellite temps.  They actually have the same problem, except more acutely, as one of the land temps.  That is to say, their measuring devices are not the same.  The way they interpret their measuring devices are not the same.  They continually revise their interpretations, meaning, what we’ve taken for fact from the satellites today, will be done away with tomorrow, yet, they’ve somehow managed to make people believe they can make apples to apples comparisons with the satellite readings we have today with the satellite readings we had 35 years ago.  Sure you can, buddy, sure.  Now, just slip into this nice white jacket with the funny sleeves and everything will be okay.  No, no, the belts make the outfit!!!!  Don’t worry about the belts!!!! 

It’s a farce.  It’s always been a farce.  Happily, I believe because of Trump’s election the farce will become more and more well known.  Indeed, this story about NOAA has reached a much larger audience than the Climate-gate emails ever did.  I believe very soon most people will come to regard the climate lunatics in the same way they now regard the “doomsday clock” “scientists”.     

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The Winds Of Change Are Still Blowing …… And, It’s Going To Be A Huge Tempest!!!!!


So, it’s been a while since I wrote anything.  That’s mostly because I’ve been watching, and thinking. 

With the resignation of Gen. Flynn, there’s volumes to write.  Is there a new enemy against the populist movement?

From what I can gather, Gen. Flynn violated no law.  What he did wrong was that his tight lips undermined his effectiveness and credibility.  He inadvertently made the US VP look bad.  Without credibility, he had to go.  The leaks of his conversations could have only come from what some people call the “deep state”, or, I’ll just call the “intelligence community”.  For this post, I’ll call it the IC.  But, is this a new enemy?  No, not really.  Even in the IC there are establishment people, leftards, and RINOs.  Further, I believe this attack on Flynn probably has less to do with Trump, and more to do with some people who Flynn pissed off in his own past. 

Now, sure, the media was giddy with this, but, they could do nothing without the leaks.  Personally, I don’t give a darn if he did discuss sanctions with Russia or not.  It ranks right up there with Conway endorsing Ivanka’s products on my give-a-damn meter.  One of the many reasons Trump was elected is because many of us wish for better relations with Russia. 

Now, we all knew the establishment people wouldn’t just roll over and play dead.  But, they’ll have to come around to the new realities the people are making.  Even the people in the IC. 

In the picture above, the two people in the center have already helped make new realities in their respective countries, and, indeed, helped make new realities in each other’s countries.  The two people on the extreme left and right will help make new realities in their respective countries; Marine Le Pen, and Geert Wilders.  France and the Netherlands!

It won’t be easy.  Indeed, it will be downright nasty.  Wilders’ Party for Freedom is expected to “win” his election.  That is to say, his party will get the most votes.  But, it won’t be by a large enough margin to actually run the nation.  But, winning this one is the first step.  It may be that other parties may form a government simply on the basis that they oppose Wilders.  But, if that does happen, it will be very short lived.  If Wilders and the Party for Freedom continue their path, they will inevitably be placed to form a government. 

Marine Le Pen, while leading the polls in a crowded field, is expected to lose in the runoff.  But, that’s for now.  I’m certain recent events in Paris will give her a great boost. And, she’s already on it!

Le Pen Blasts French Govt ‘Paralysis’ over Paris Riots

I think, Le Pen will surprise people much like the Brexit surprised and Trump surprised.  If that occurs, or, even if Wilders is able to form a government, then, the fall of the EU is eminent!  That would be great news for all Europeans!  (Except for the pigs suckling at the teats of the commoners.) 

But, why is this good news for Americans?  Why should I concern myself with the goings on of peoples separated from us by an ocean?  Because as the people pictured above feed from each other, so too, do our “establishment” would be rulers.  As it is today, all establishment politicians and bureaucrats, regardless of what nation they hail from, are globalists.  And, they feed off of each other, as well. 

Let me put it in a different way …….. what would the “global warming” idiocy be without an EU?  Significantly neutered.  What would this idiotic desire to have immigrants from an area constantly embroiled in war, conflict, terrorism and barbarism be without the EU?  Significantly diminished. 

Now, I’m not saying the EU caused this.  I am saying, though, the establishment (regardless of where they are from) globalists caused those messes, and many, many more.  And, yes, both the global warming idiocy and the unfettered immigration has caused innumerable crimes against humanity.

Even the notion and active pursuit of a global one-order world causes crimes against humanity.  A globalist must hate and oppose any nationalist nation.  This is why the left has sudden angst towards Russia.  When Russia was the USSR (communism is a form of globalism, both of which are totalitarian), they hated the nationalist USA.  Now, the globalist establishment of the US hate the nationalist Russia.  

I keep seeing it stated that Russia is our biggest adversary.  I wonder how?  They certainly don’t compete with the US economically.  As far as I can see, they’ve no intention nor desire to invade the US —- that was the communists, not the nationalist Russians.  Nor, do I believe they have any viable way of doing so in the near and far future.  ….. well, I could probably give them a roadmap to becoming an economic competitor to the US in a few decades, but, I wouldn’t do it and no one would listen, anyway.  We’ve no natural conflict/competiveness with the Russians as people.  There are many instances where historically there were natural conflicts/competiveness such as the Germans and the French, or the Indians and Chinese, Spartans and Athenians ……. and so on.  But, the US and Russia?  The only adversarial relationship there is ….. our establishment lunatics are globalists, Russia isn’t. 

The ouster of Flynn is the first shot fired in the struggle.  The power and commitment to the POTUS is in high question, and thus, so too, is the power and commitment to the US Constitution. 

People, the fight has just begun. 

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The Super Bowl!!!! And How It Is Like Our Fight Against The Left!!!!

image image

image image

Well, I’m late writing this.  But …….

It was kinda nice, watching the Super Bowl as a basically unbiased observer.  Sure, I don’t like the NE Patriots, any real football fan doesn’t like the Pats, other than the Pats’ fans.  I’m a Cowboy/Dolphin fan, anyone else, well, I’m  no fan.  The Falcons so rarely matter, I never really developed a dislike for them.  But, then, there were some of the leftist lunatics mad at the owner, coach and quarterback, because they are Trump supporters, so, that balanced my dislike for the Patriots as a team. 

To be honest, I thought the Pats were going to lose after the last Falcon score.  And, they should have ……. more on that in a bit.

The Falcons started off okay, as did the Pats.  But, it was early.  My perspective of the 1st qrt was that both offenses were feeling out the defenses who were playing really well.  Throughout the 1st half I was struck by the speed and ferocity of the Falcon defense.  Man!!!!  They were flying to the ball and hitting!  Their fantastic offense started to click in the 2nd qrt.  The Pat offense was doing alright, except that they would bog down as they were getting close to scoring range. 

Towards the end of the 1st half is what did it for me ……. look at the player in the lower left.  He had just intercepted Brady and took it for a score!  But, not before he started prancing and showboating before he actually crossed the goal line, giving the Falcons a 21-0 lead.  Then …… then was the moment I want the Pats to win.  And, I also thought to myself, man, that guy is setting himself up for some real disappointment.  He’s in the Super Bowl, playing against a very good team, and a very good coach with an amazing track record ……. shouldn’t be counting his chickens ….  21 points?  Sure, that’s never happened in a Super Bowl, but, it does happen often enough in the NFL, and that’s Brady and Belichick over there.  Sure, I don’t “like” them, but, I sure as heck respect what they’ve accomplished over their careers. 

When the Pats drove for a field goal late in the 1st half, I thought ….. well, this could be a game.   In fact, I was willing to bet it was going to be a good game.  Why?  Because, time is a SOB.  The Falcon’s only had 4 drives in the 1st half.  That’s because of the interception, and the Pat’s late FG.  After the FG, there was only time for a return, and nothing else.  Indeed, their offense didn’t touch the ball for the last 8:55 of the 1st half.  Their 4 drives consisted of 4 plays, 5, 5, and 5 plays.  While the Pats were struggling to put points on the board, their drives were 3, 9, 5, 3, 12, 11 plays. 

Now, the Falcons, on their 2nd possession of the 2nd half did put together an impressive drive of their own, to go up 28-3.  I thought, then, well, maybe that’s too much for even the Pats to overcome.  Brady and team did score a TD on the very next possession, but, they missed the extra-point, and they took a lot of time getting there.  And, the failed onside-kick try all but cemented their demise.  The score was 28-9, with only 2 minutes left in the 3rd qtr.  But, their defense held, and forced the Falcons to punt at the start of the 4th qtr.  Again, the Pats made an impressive drive, only to fall short of the goal line, and had to settle for another field-goal.  But, if you watched for the same thing I was watching, you would have seen it ….. I said to myself, “man, those guys (the Falcon defense) are gassed”.  Even though there weren’t any penalties on the drive you could see their defense simply grabbing the Pats trying to hold on and keep up.  The penalties would come later.  Still, the score was 28-12 and only 9:44 left in the game.  It should have been the Falcons’ game.  All they had to do was ………..

Well, first and foremost, as anyone would tell you, hold on to the ball, don’t turn it over.  And, well, on a 3rd and one, running the ball would seem a better option, especially with the good running game the Falcons have.  But, it wasn’t what the Falcons decided to do.  They would try to pass for the first down.  But, they didn’t get a chance to pass the ball, Ryan was sacked and fumbled in the process.  Now, this wasn’t the dumbest play call in the history of the Super Bowl, that would come later in the game, but, it was a pretty stupid call.  If one is going to pass, trying to gain one yard, then, make it a quick one with a very short drop-back.  Instead, the Pats took the ball, and 5 plays later, they scored a TD and also a two-point conversion, making the game 28-20 with right at 6 minutes left in the game.  That’s when one just knew the Pats were going to win it!

On the Falcons’ very next possession, they put up a very quick drive and was in easy scoring position.  I thought this was “game over”.  All Atlanta had to do was kick a field goal and with 4 minutes left, it would be almost impossible for NE to catch up.  Did I mention that keeping the ball in the field of play keeps the clock ticking and an incomplete pass stops the clock?  At this point, every one watching, even the Falcons knew they had to keep the ball, and keep that clock ticking, and simply score.  Even a field goal would put the game essentially out of reach of the surging Patriots.  And, then, the stupidest play call in the history of the Super Bowl occurred —- another deep drop pass play by the Falcons.  This time, however, Ryan didn’t fumble, he just lost 12 yards.  Making their erstwhile FG attempt much more difficult, but, still very makeable.  (about a 53 yard attempt)  The Falcons then continued with their implosion by a holding penalty, and taking themselves completely out of field goal range.  Still, they had another play, it was 3rd down.  And, they were at the Pats’ 45 yard-line.  A few more yards and they would be back in FG range.  Instead, they tried another pass, and didn’t complete it, stopping the clock.  Had they simply ran the ball, kept the clock moving, or forcing the Pats to burn their time-outs, and kicked the FG, it, most likely, would have been too much for the Pats to overcome.  So, not only did the Falcons fail to kick the easy FG, they also failed to manage the clock.  And, they did this after a 1st and 10 at the Pats 22 yard line.  That’s no easy feat!!!! 

Well, the rest, as they say, is history.  The Pats got the ball back with 3 1/2 minutes left in the game.  I think by this time, every one knew that was plenty of time for Brady and team.  The only question was if they could score another 2 pt conversion.  I’m sure it has happened before, but, I don’t recall another team making 2 2 pt conversions in the same game.  But, the Pats did on Sunday.  Then it came to the coin-toss for the overtime.  BTW, I hate the OT rules.  It seems to me, especially in the Super Bowl, each team should have the same opportunities, it shouldn’t come down to a coin-toss.  I think they should simply play an additional quarter.  If they are still tied at the end, keep doing it until they’re not tied at the end a quarter.  But, the rules in place, or the rules I believe we should have wouldn’t have made any difference in this game.  It was over as soon as the Pats won the coin toss. 

While I’ll never be a Patriot fan, I have to tip my hat to them.  Sure, they had help from the stupidest play call in the history of the Super Bowl, but, they persevered, and then conquered.   They played the game well, showed great composure, overcame adversity, and won against overwhelming odds. 

By now, readers should be seeing some parallels with the recent presidential election.  What were Trump’s odds right before the election?  Consider the bottom two pics above.  Dancing and prancing before reaching the goal line ….. and the figuratively “spiking the football” before the election was over. 

But, as the upper-right pic demonstrates, the election isn’t over for the leftards.  The pic is from the Berkeley riot when the lunatics stopped Milo from speaking.  It seems their outrage knows no bounds.  Smile  Just like it seemed the Falcons were unstoppable. 

You see, we all know there are limits to rage.  Indeed, conservatives know this all too well.  Some leftards are worrying about this, too.  Politico wrote an article fretting about it …..

The Democrats face up to their Trump problem
The base is eager to protest the president, but elected leaders worry about outrage fatigue.

Democrats don’t know how long they’ll be able to keep up the pace of protests against President Donald Trump — and they’re worried Trump and his team are counting on them to run out of energy before the White House does.

Two weeks into the Trump administration, party leaders have already reached a frantic, fevered pitch, throwing around talk of constitutional crisis and raising the specter of impeachment. ……..

Heh!!!  The “specter of impeachment” gives me the giggles!  Pop quiz for the leftards!!!!!  Where do the articles of impeachment originate?  Where would the impeachment be tried?

I really, really, really do hope they pursue this avenue.  It’s called “outrage fatigue”.  After being outraged for extended periods of time, gaining nothing, one simply resigns themselves to not being happy about whatever is happening and goes on about their life as best they can. 

Today, we are in the same position as the Patriots and the Falcons.  The left is exhausted.  This is why you see some of the most inane bs being tossed about.  They’re grabbing at anything they can, just trying to hold on and keep up.  Here are 16 fake news stories attacking Trump and team since he took office.  Mind you, it’s a dated article, it was 2 days ago, I’m sure there are more since.  Their desperation has become amusing.  Better, each time they run with this BS (equate that to a defensive holding call) they lose more credibility (equate that to the offense moving forward from the penalty).  Further, our defense is rested, alert, and able. 

Of course, this is the dilemma for the left.  The right (as we call it) likes to present reasoned and civil arguments, if not dispassionate. That’s what many of us like to do.  The left, OTOH, is almost entirely emotive.  I’m not saying there are no smart and reasoning leftists, there are.  But, that’s just not what they do.  That’s not how they make their hay.  It is, with them, always a play upon the heartstrings, outrage, and emotive responses.  They have no defense, only an offense.  Once the offense is stifled, then, they’ve nothing left. 

Sure, we’ll always have with us the people who bankroll the faux outrage.  But, each day, it becomes more and more obvious to the people.  And, each day, the people become more and more fatigued with the outrage.  At some point in the very near future, if team Trump and conservatives stay the course, most of this noise goes away.  Then, the adults can have a conversation without all that background noise, and we can finally rid ourselves of the left/right paradigm.

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Oh FFS!!!!!!! Because This Is Journalism!!!!! To The Fact Checkers, Batman!!!!!!



Sorry for all of this, but, it was necessary to demonstrate the depths our “journalists” have fallen to.

So, the ever pertinent NY Slimes had an article out about Trump …….

At night, Trump moves through the residence in a bathrobe, with Keith Schiller as only aide who occasionally pops up

— Maggie Haberman (@maggieNYT) February 6, 2017

“When Mr. Trump is not watching television in his bathrobe or on his phone reaching out to old campaign hands and advisers,” they report, “he will sometimes set off to explore the unfamiliar surroundings of his new home.”

For some idiotic reason, people picked up on this.  So much so, … well, I’ll let Twitchy tell this story ….

The detail about Trump wearing a bathrobe so enthralled the media that Press Secretary Sean Spicer addressed it during a brief press gaggle on Air Force One Monday, saying that as far as he knew, President Trump doesn’t own a bathrobe.

Media then goes full stupid and tries to call Spicer out because of the decades old photos (such as the one above) showing Trump in a bathrobe.  (Click on the Twitchy link for examples of members of the media “fact-checking” Spicer’s comment.)

Wha ….. How pathetic and small ….. Who are these …… When were these …….

Truly, the LSM has a mental deraignment regarding all things Trump. 

No one gives two sh*ts about whether or not Trump owns a bathrobe.  A 30 y/o picture doesn’t prove Trump owns a bathrobe today.  Idiots.  It is possible Trump doesn’t keep Mr. Spicer abreast of his private evening attire.   

WTF is wrong with these lunatics?  These people have entirely discredited themselves.  These supposed “journalists” aren’t worthy of a WordPress blog.  They have the mental and emotional capacity of a pre-teen. 

The only redeeming occurrence from all of this mental deraignment is that the people will finally all recognize the LSM is nothing but a collective of leftist hacks pretending to inform, while intentionally misinforming the people.  It’s all but over.  And, from the ashes, something new will come.   

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