Breaking!!!!! Suyts Agrees With Andrea Mitchell!!!!! And, Leftards Need To Stop!!!!!

This is out of hand.  This is beyond the pale.  You idiots have to stop trying to claim victimization every second of the day!!!!!!


So, ICYMI ….. from Twitchy …..

In a now-deleted Instagram post, actress Heather Lind accused former President George H.W. Bush of sexually assaulting her from his wheelchair at an event for the show, “Turn.”

.@heatherglind you are strong and fearless. Love you, my friend.

— Kelly AuCoin (@KellyAuCoin77) October 24, 2017

According to Fox News, Bush touched her twice and told her a dirty joke:

Lind wrote on Instagram Tuesday that Bush “sexually assaulted” her. She said he touched her “from behind from his wheelchair with his wife Barbara Bush by his side,” told her a “dirty joke,” and then touched her again.

Lind claimed that Barbara Bush “rolled her eyes” at Bush, “as if to say ‘not again.’”

According to the post, which has since been deleted, a nearby security guard told Lind that she “shouldn’t have stood next to him for the photo.”

I don’t know this idiot Heather Lind ……….  and, I really don’t care to.  Not only did the people caring for 41 feel compelled to issue an apology to Mzzzz Lind, they also felt compelled to issue this statement …….


Andrea Mitchell, rightly, had this to say …….

Andrea Mitchell


Mrs Bush was at his side. He is in a wheelchair with Parkinson’s syndrome. Really? Someone should be ashamed and it isn’t ’41. …

Good for you, Andrea!!!!  I almost never agree with her, but, she’s spot on in this case.

Look, I don’t care that George was one of our presidents, I don’t care what party he belongs to ……  he’s an ailing 93 y/o with debilitating diseases.  Do you see the expression on his face in the pic?  He’s gone.  Whatever you thought of the man as he lived, he’s not there anymore.  Leave our old people alone!!!!!  You witch!!!!!

If you click on the link “had this to say” and scroll down, you can see examples of  the angry leftarded Twitter mob attacking Mitchell for “victim shaming”. 

Also, learn what real “sexual assault” is.  It doesn’t do any good for anyone to dilute the voices of people who have suffered real and true sexual assault with this bit of stupidity.  But, enough of this crap already!!!!  “Me too#” my arse!

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38 Responses to Breaking!!!!! Suyts Agrees With Andrea Mitchell!!!!! And, Leftards Need To Stop!!!!!

  1. Latitude says:

    This whole thing has turned into a girl competition “look at me, I’m desirable” thing..
    …notice, there’s no fat ugly chicks
    It’s a bunch of low class females trying to out compete each other…..and some guys too
    I don’t believe there’s a one of them that wasn’t on the make…just because they went trolling and caught the wrong fish…years and decades ago…
    And no, I’m not making excuses for what some of those guys did… was wrong…..way wrong….but that’s the way they roll….and these girls are trying to act like sacrificial virgins

    • suyts says:

      I believe for most, it was a business proposition, and they played the game to get where they are ……. now, they’re resentful of the game they willingly played. ……. it’s still wrong, but, they’re both wrong.

      • Scott says:


        I disagree. I don’t agree with “now they’re resentful”. Either they (a) were always resentful, or (b) have never resented it. Regardless of (a) or (b), it was intentional and a “business strategy”. And what they are doing now (crying foul) is still part of that same strategy. Doesn’t matter how they feel about it.


        • suyts says:

          You’re already where I’m trying to guide some. How can you be resentful of what you encourage? And, how do you feel about what one has participated? They project, always. And, yes, it is always a strategy. I’m beginning to hope this strategy is earmarked and recognized.

        • cdquarles says:

          There is a scene that I witnessed some 40 years ago and it still sticks, with respect to what Lat said. I am at the university and I’m going to the largest mess hall on campus. A student that was in a class I was in (advanced math) walks in. Said student was in engineering classes and was a stud. Yep, he was a star football player, too. A female student comes running at him and jumps up on him (he’s a big and tall guy, she’s petite) and kisses him while wrapped around him. He shrugs. Now, I happen to have known the female student, too, for I have had her among the students that I tutored. Same female wouldn’t have given me the time of day beyond extracting knowledge from me at the time. A couple of years pass and word gets around when certain things become known. Yep, pimply 4 eyes gets admitted to a prestigious post-graduate institution and now pimply nerd is noticed.

          Trump was right. Women, some of them at least, will throw themselves at men perceived to be meal tickets. These women are ‘on the make’ and will let a man, if said man is inclined, to ‘grab it’ and ‘get away with it’.

          This reminds me of an old proverb. There is a man who gives a proposition to a woman. The woman says “What kind of a woman do you think I am”, and the man says “That’s been established. I am now negotiating the price”.

        • philjourdan says:

          @CD – you forgot that the man offered her a million dollars to start and after she agreed, dropped the offer to a buck.

  2. leftinflagstaff says:

    If what ol’ George did was assault, I’d still be in jail from my twenties…😄

  3. philjourdan says:

    Once the flame is lit, you lose control of the fire.

    It will run its course. But those who get burned are those playing with matches.

  4. Lars P. says:

    Re-Found this link in a comment at WUWT. It refers the ARGO cooling & its disappearance about a decade ago:

    Correcting Ocean Cooling
    by Rebecca Lindsey November 5, 2008

    Sometime it is beautiful to hear it explained directly from them, the correctors. I think it is a classic, still worth a re-read.

    Josh Willis and his colleagues concluded that the world’s oceans gained heat in the decade from 1993 to 2003 (top). However, a follow-up study for the years 2003 to 2005 showed a surprisingly large decrease in heat content—about 5 times as large as the previous decade’s warming

    “First, I identified some new Argo floats that were giving bad data; they were too cool compared to other sources of data during the time period. It wasn’t a large number of floats, but the data were bad enough, so that when I tossed them, most of the cooling went away. But there was still a little bit, so I kept digging and digging
    “But when he factored the too-warm XBT measurements into his ocean warming time series, the last of the ocean cooling went away”

    • Latitude says:

      I think one of the best ones…is when a certain area has a positive anomaly for 40 years
      ..maybe just maybe it’s not a anomaly but that’s the normal temp

      • Lars P. says:

        Good point.
        Depending what the total period in the measurement is and how one defines normal.

        The part with the sea level is another red flag. They say that satellite measurements show an acceleration.
        Absolutely not true. Satellite measurements showed stationary sea level in the initial measurements:
        Here is one of the old data:

        It is still saved on Daly’s page

        Then there was a recalibration as many we have seen in climate and it was after the recalibration showing this constant 3mm rise. James had also some posts on this…
        But even with the recalibration it shows a constant value all the time. There is no acceleration, only if one would paste a data obtained with tide gauges then change and switch to satellite and ignore further tide gauges.

        • Latitude says:

          but the sea floor is sinking or rising…..something like that, I forget….

          James and I used to poke at they about sea level anomalies….when you have the same anomaly in the exact same place..for decades….like Indonesia, north Japan, Maine and Nova Scotia, etc… end up with this

        • Lars P. says:

          “but the sea floor is sinking or rising…..something like that, I forget….”
          Good point. Do you know if the satellites do also a measurement over land? I would guess so – I do not think they stop & restart them…
          @James – do you happen to know something about it?
          The idea would be, using the sea level satellites – but not the sea measurement but their land measurement – what is the situation there?
          Of course the results could vary dramatically from one flight to the other, but over the years it could give a consistent result.
          Normally we would think it should show about zero growth, raising land compensating with sinking land, but I would wager to assume that with the actual calibration it would show an overall raising of the land surface of 2-3 mm per year?
          That would be an interesting experiment…

        • suyts says:

          A little bit about it, but, I don’t believe anyone else knows much more about it ……… the thought is that the ocean floors are subsiding, which is why we have the geosat adjustment …… as I recall 0.03mm/yr on our sat measurements. That is to say, because we believe the ocean floors are subsiding, we’ll simply add 0.03mm/yr to what we believe the sea levels are. AFAIK, the entire subsidence of our ocean floors has never been demonstrated ……. regardless if it is true or not, it has no practical application in our quest to determine if the sea level is actually rising on our land. It’s simply a contrivance of the lunatics.

        • Latitude says:

          Grace didn’t measure sea level directly….they measured gravity…and didn’t compensate for increased gravity over sea floor mountains, volcanoes, etc
          Gravity pulls them down….they showed that as sea level going up
          That’s how you end up with constant positive anomalies at the exact same place for decades
          There’s some old posts here where we deconstruct that….comparing gravity maps to sea level maps to sea floor volcano maps….all three maps show exactly the same thing you can’t even tell them apart

        • Lars P. says:

          “Grace didn’t measure sea level directly”
          Yes, correct, but there were several Jason satellites & others? (Topex-Poseidon)
          The defunct Daly whose site I mentioned above describes how they work:

          “Just as satellites have created a crisis within IPCC circles as to global temperature [20], so too are TOPEX-Poseidon satellites proving to be a problem for alarmist sea level predictions. The satellite altimeters measure sea level on a global basis to an accuracy of 5 cm on each pass and compare the actual surface of the earth with a `geoid’ represented by an integration between the satellite’s orbital height and the center of the earth.”

        • Latitude says:

          Lars, look back in Jame’s blog…..there’s probably 10-12 blogs about this
          Jason’s were failing….Envisat was sent up….Envisat showed sea levels falling….they adjusted it to match Jasons….even though it was to replace Jasons because they were falling out of orbit and showing sea levels rising too fast/much…TP had the same problem…but they adjusted that out too
          Unbelievably, every bit of it is spelled out in the Envisat working papers

        • Lars P. says:

          Latitude says:
          October 30, 2017 at 3:40 pm
          “Lars, look back in Jame’s blog…..they adjusted it …”

          Hey Latitude. I know, it is only adjustments.
          The point I was trying to make is – they pretend the adjustments are right, the adjustments are needed because… Exactly as for temperature. Tony Heller is showing it again and again, the warming is in the adjustments.

          Now if the adjusted values do show land rising overall does this not contradict the whole story?
          If the land & sea is rising with about the same values… either the planet is expanding or the adjustments are wrong… Just wondering…

        • Lars P. says:

          Hey James, Latitude,
          Thanks for your answers! My point was based on Moerner’s information. He repeatedly mentioned the sea-level altimetry recalibration in 2003 which changed the trend from 0.9 to 3.0.
          See also below:
          “Satellite altimetry measurements started in late 1992. The first record was published in early 2000 [6, 22]. It gave variability around a flat zero line, marked with a red line in the figure. In 2003, the same record was tilted to a rise of 2.4 mm/yr, marked with an arrow and a ink line in Fig. 1.
          At a discussion in Moscow Academy of Science in 2005, the British IPCC group said they “had to do so, otherwise it would not be any trend”[8], which was just what I accused them fore.

          Click to access G0608014851.pdf

  5. Lars P. says:

    An interesting post from NASA:
    The first asteroid/comet detected that seems to come from outside our solar system :).
    (Due to the travel speed and trajectory it looks like it is not confined to our solar system.)

  6. Latitude says:

    Before you rent a truck….you should have to eat a BLT…….

  7. Latitude says:

    DNC hollywood and liberal media is imploding…
    …next thing you know someone will discover BLM Antifa and white supremacists were all funded by Soros and Russia

  8. Latitude says:

    Gonna be a hoot watching the DNC try to romance the Bernie supporters back into the flock after this……DNC just lost half their base

  9. Latitude says:

    was that the same Donna that gave Hillary the answers?

  10. The New Orleans Saints multiple paragraph response to retired Navy commander John Wells includes:

    We, as an organization, have decided to move on from this sad and divisive discourse and focus our attention on supporting our military and veterans.

    So who exactly is being divisive? It’s not the veterans of our nation. If you want to support our military and veterans, then stand up during the national anthem.


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