A Music Project!!!!!!

I haven’t written a post on music for some time.  But, this is what is prevailing in my mind, of late.  So ……. well, I’m sharing.

Recently, a country singer named Chris Stapleton released a song called Tennessee Whiskey.  It was a cover of a song George Jones made famous.  It was written by Dean Dillon and Linda Hargrove.  David Allen Coe originally sang it.

But, that’s not what really happened.

Here’s George singing ……….

Grumble!!!!  Why is this so hard?  So, there’s a bit more to my post, I’ll try to correct this stuff ……….

I love that song!

But, now here’s Chris Stapleton’s version!

Fantastic!!!!  It’s a great song ……..  but, …..  well, that’s Etta James’ song!!!!  The provenance of Etta’s song is ….. well, complicated …… here’s how Wiki put it …. Etta James wrote in her autobiography Rage To Survive that she heard the song outlined by her friend Ellington “Fugi” Jordan when she visited him in prison.[3] She then wrote the rest of the song with Jordan, but for tax reasons gave her songwriting credit to her partner at the time, Billy Foster, singer with doo-wop group The Medallions

Anyway, here’s the song …..

So, anyway …….. that’s what I’m up to.  I think I can play these songs.  I can sing them, too.  But, I’ve also got a granddaughter who has the potential to sing like Ms. Etta.  So, I’m going to try to cultivate that.  Anyway, I’m gonna get intimate with my guitar right now. …….

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2 Responses to A Music Project!!!!!!

  1. leftinflagstaff says:

    They came up with the guitar so people like me wouldn’t try to sing. 😊

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