How Do I Show Support For The Cowboys While Still Boycotting The NFL????? Potpourri. And, Happy Columbus Day!!!!


So, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones(pictured left), had this to say, yesterday …….

“If there’s anything that is disrespectful to the flag, then we will not play. OK? Understand? If we are disrespecting the flag, then we won’t play. Period. Period,” Jones said.

I support such a sentiment, and, wish to show such support.  So, how do I do such while still boycotting the NFL for their anti-American support?  I don’t know.  I probably wouldn’t even be considering this were it not for the reaction of noted leftard, Jemele Hill (pictured center).  I suppose many would know her from her work at ESPN.  I don’t.  I haven’t watched ESPN for years.  I identified them as leftards years ago and just couldn’t bring myself to watch their drivel and advocacy towards leftarding uniquely American sports.  I’m familiar with Jemele Hill by her social media idiocy.  (Being eye candy only gets you so far with me, girls!)  Mzzzz Hill has been suspended for only 2 weeks.  Consider that.  ESPN was awful quick to fire people, in the past, who said things which offended the left.

This is how I know I’m on the right side of an issue, all the right people are screaming!  If a leftard is demanding a boycott, be it of the Cowboys or Chick-fil-A, then, I know opposing the call for a boycott is right and proper.  If people must boycott things, then, I would suggest a thing called ESPN.

You see, our left hate our God, despise our country, and, detest our notion of family.  It is, only these classical notions of God, Family, and country which allow this nation to exist as it is.

Speaking of knowing things “years ago”, for all of us who knew the green energy scam was just that, a scam, take a bow.  I think all of the commentators I’ve left on this blog knew this more than a decade ago.  We all did, expressed it as many ways as we possibly could, and, the world still had to dip their toes in the water —–  costing $trillions, destroying lives and livelyhoods.  While the effects were still devastating, it could have been much worse.  But, for the US, anyway, we’re no longer pursuing that nightmare.  Again, take a bow!

But, Trump!!!!!!!  This is most fascinating for me.  So, a Hollywood mogul, noted leftard, money bundler, Harvey Weinstein has been exposed to be a sexual predator/harasser.  The world is outraged.  Disappointed smile   I’m sorry …..  uhmm ….. the infamous “casting couch” was a secret?  FFS!!!!!!  Movies, books, stories have been written about this!  It’s something everyone in this nation knew about, but, didn’t want to talk about, because it was the wrong people perpertrating the crime!  It was the Hollywood left and their supporters!  The very ones who supposedly opposed such behavior!  The reaction from the left has only been, “but, Trump!!!”  But, you leftards knew about this behavior from your idols decades ago!  Your projection has gone full circle.  Rob Schneider says, not only does it still exist, but, it also swings both ways.  (Or, however it should be termed.)  I’m told the Dims are giving the money Weinstein donated to Dim causes, so as to wash themselves of any incriminations about accepting that dirty money.

Speaking of leftards, it turns out, Austria has fell victim to a famous leftard tactic, the “false flag”.  In days past, these ‘false flag’ tactics were easy to spot.  When there are only two or three political choices, one could easily detect a caricature of what the opposition thought of you.  But, when the opposition is universially despised, it’s hard to tell the real fascists from the other real fascists.

Here’s an example of why it’s more difficult to tell the difference, today ……..

Intentionally Infecting Others with HIV No Longer a Felony in California

Apparently, this even goes beyond sexual activity, but, to also, include lying about one’s HIV status when giving blood. ——–  Let me guess, your right to give blood and not feel like “the other” should supercede the rights of people to be free of a life threatening disease or some such rot.

I don’t know.  I was going to wish everyone a Happy Columbus day.  I shudder to think of a world which never had the US.  Or, even Canada, or even our Latin American friends.  To be certain, none of us have been perfect.  But, the advancements, not just to the land and the people of this land, but, to the rest of the world, by the entire Western Hemisphere is undeniable.  As to those who may wish to invoke the plight of many of the indigenous people who were here already.  I can say with most certainty, the ones who are here now, their lives are infinitely better than what they would have been had Columbus not discovered the Western Hemisphere.  OTOH, I’m also certain no other civilization could possibly spawn such a horrid notion that knowingly infecting others with a life-altering/life-threatening disease should be any less than life imprisonment.  I am aghast, appalled, horrified, and very, very angry.

I’ve more, but, I think I’ll end there. 

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5 Responses to How Do I Show Support For The Cowboys While Still Boycotting The NFL????? Potpourri. And, Happy Columbus Day!!!!

  1. leftinflagstaff says:

    Re: Cali/HIV–

    Violent invasion could end this madness quickly. Recover lost American soil.

    But, I know, using force is crazy-talk. At least until there’s greater degrees of crazy.

  2. Lars P. says:

    I have no skin in the game, but frankly speaking I see no value in anybody standing for the anthem because they have to.
    You either think it is of merit to stand for it or not.
    When you do it because else you would not play = get less pay… what value does it have? It shows you care for your purse more…
    Personally speaking if you like football (american football or whatever) the best would be to watch it at local level, play it with friends or watch the local college team and ignore the big shows, but that’s only me…

  3. philjourdan says:

    I do not have your problem. I can SUPPORT Jerry and still boycott the NFL.

    How? You know my intense dislike for the Cowboys. Well, I have a great deal of admiration for Jerry (I have always respected him). So I will not root against his team any longer!

    Goodell finally issued a wimpy statement. But that accomplishes NOTHING. Watch this weekend, as probably more players sit or kneel to protest Goodell.

    When the other 31 owners do what Jones did, then I will return. Not until.

    And I hope you had a Great Columbus day – or as we know it – the holiday for all of us who do not know where we are going, do not know where we are when we get there, and still come back repeatedly at great cost! 🙂

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