The NFL Broke My Heart, But, Not My Spirit!

After yesterday’s NFL display of “unity”, I’m heartbroken.


As I was growing up, I kept hearing baseball as being referred to as “America’s game”.  But, even then, I knew better.  Sure, baseball is a fine game, but, it wasn’t/isn’t football.  Football, by far, embodied Americanism. 

You see, America is a collective of rugged individuals, all come together for a common cause …… the notion that all men were created equal and all that flows from such notion.  And, football embodies such a notion.  Eleven rugged individuals on the field at the same, with different talents, each of equal importance, comming together for a common cause. 

Yesterday’s exibition was an exihibition of team or league over country.  It was in response to a statement Trump made ….. “Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when someone disrespects our flag to say, `Get that son of a bitch off the field right now! Out. He’s fired! He’s fired!“

And, yes, I’d love to see exactly that. It is what should have happened the first time some SOB disrespected our nation. 

Our national anthem and our flag are symbolic of our nation.  Indeed, our national anthem was wrote because of the great and ultimate sacrifices given by unnamed men, ensuring our flag remain flying through a most horrific bombardment.  You should watch this video (the account is slightly disupted), but, it’s sentiment is entirely and exactly correct.

The video talks about the bodies which held up the flag …….. over the course of the years of this nation’s existence, that’s exactly what has happened. 

But, that isn’t all that our flag, our anthem, represents.  It is not only the sacrifices (many the ultimate sacrifice) and service our people gave, but, also the notion of this nation.  That all men were created equal, and that we can and should govern ourselves, and the feality to such notion by most Americans throughout our history.

So, we stand for our flag, and we stand for our national anthem, not only for the brave men and women to serve our nation now, but, who also served our nation in the past, we stand for the notion of this nation, and we stand for the people of this nation ………  IN DISPLAY OF OUR UNITY WITH THE PEOPLE OF THIS NATION!

In many responses from teams of the NFL to the league, the word “divisive” was used in response to Trump’s statements.  I can think of nothing more divisive in the US than to show disrespect to our Flag and our Anthem and all that it stands for.

Also, I’d like to address some of more simple minds who may read this …….. No one, and I’ll repeat, NO ONE is trying to take a first admendment right from anyone else.  Not Trump, not me, not anyone.  Yes, everyone in this land has a right to protest as they see fit (with the exception of causeing harm or damage to people and property), but, you don’t have a right to do it on my dime, or anyone else’. 

Your NFL team, or your league unity is not more important than national unity, as this man so demonstrates. (And, the hundreds of other American citizens are demonstrating in the pic)


I was an NFL fan since my earliest memories.  It is a part of me.  The first Super Bowl I remember watching my Dolphins lose to my Cowboys.  (My first peewee league team was the Dolphins, my second, the Cowboys.)  I’ve been a diehard fan ever since.  But, it strikes me …….  I was raised on Army bases.  When the flag was raised and lowered, when the horn played, everyone stopped and saluted (or stood at attention with your hand over your heart) the flag or from the direction of the music if you couldn’t see the flag.  It didn’t matter if you were driving or not.  Cars stopped, soldiers and people got out!

Growing up, I distinguished no difference between football and America, or our Flag.  I guess I’m not done growing up.  The day any team I’m on or I support has decided that it should take precidence over my flag, my anthem, my country, is the day I quit that team.  It is, after all, only a game.  A game which holds little resemblemce to the game I played, and the game I once loved so dearly. 

God, family, country.  In that order!

Join with me, if you will, in unity with our fellow Americans to send a strong message to the NFL that we won’t tolerate disrespecting our Flag, our Anthem, our Nation.  I’ll have no part of it.

Addendum …….. as I don’t have cable and cannot watch, nor would if I could, ESPN, could someone let me know if the Cowboys in any manner sat or kneeled when our Anthem is played?

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31 Responses to The NFL Broke My Heart, But, Not My Spirit!

  1. Latitude says:

    Well here we go…
    You have to look at the players…not the game
    The game has been taken over by a bunch of players that have, for generations now, isolated themselves from what we consider America. Their own culture, language, and for some part religion….
    I’m through with it…totally finished…I would no more go to a Jay Z concert…and I can no longer watch football without thinking that very thing

    Even Villanueva is back peddling now….saying he did it cause he F’edup

    • suyts says:

      Yeh, I’m over it, too. …… Just hurts my heart that these pinheads would do this to our country. I thought better of them.

      • Latitude says:

        Nothing has made “black culture” more main stream than professional sports…
        …not “Condi” Rice, Ben Carson….nothing
        ESPN, half time shows, etc have been doing this for a long time….but when the game started..the players were immune….politics stopped the second the game started
        A conservative Baptist could sit next to a Liberal atheist…both cheer the same team…or not….but both had a great time..
        …now that’s gone….they have injected hard core politics on to the field….made people open their eyes and really see what they a looking at….blacks dominate professional sports….they are realizing all the rapes, robberies, drugs, murders are for real…they are no longer “professional athletes”…..they are inner city black thugs….that are too stupid to realize their audience is mostly white working middle class

        …and they don’t appreciate one thing that has been done for them

    • leftinflagstaff says:

      Yep. Only one of many obvious symptoms of our growing cancer.

  2. philjourdan says:

    They took a knee before the anthem. But stood for it. (I did not watch)

    As I said yesterday, I am done. The NFL can go suck an egg. Trump was right. He merely voiced what the silent majority was thinking. But the left will not support these childish millionaires. Their new so called friends have been trying to destroy the game for the past 20 years! And now they are. They figured out how to do it. Drive a wedge between the fans and the teams.

    So let them all protest. Let them kneel, bendover, kiss their a$$, whatever makes them happy! They will not be wasting my time doing it. They will not be wasting my money doing it. They will be performing for the people that seek to make paupers out of them.

    One of these days intelligence will return to sports. But until that time comes, they can eat beans because I am not paying for their filet mignon.

  3. Latitude says:

    “could someone let me know if the Cowboys in any manner sat or kneeled”…..

    Straight shooters: Entire Cowboys team – including owner Jerry Jones – takes a knee PRIOR to the National Anthem to boos before standing and linking their arms during Star Spangled Banner

  4. cdquarles says:

    James, are you talking about Super Bowl III, in 1969? That’s when I began following the NFL, too; and the Dolphins were my team (Atlanta didn’t have a football team then, just their mediocre baseball team). [Recall that we’re talking the 60s! with Viet-nam or Vietnam ;p! as the background and the Boomer A’s, the ones that got publicity, were the far Left of the day.]

    • philjourdan says:

      Pshaw! 69 and you were worried about Football? That was the year of the Amazing Mets! I was living in Oceanside at the time, and of course most of the games were during the day. I had JUST gotten a transistor radio (about the size of 2 decks of cards), so between classes, I listened to the games! What a series!

      Yes, I am a Mets fan. I also know who they beat in 3 straight games to get to the series (the first League Championship series) – Atlanta Braves! (I still hate them).

      I started following Football in 67 (the first year they called it a “Super Bowl” – II). ANd I was for the underdog. 50 years of following the Raiders. But no more.

      • cdquarles says:

        Yeah. Atlanta was in the NL West at the time, if I am remembering correctly; and the team had been the Boston Braves at one point then the Milwaukee Braves. We (my grandparents) were surprised that the Braves made it and not surprised when they lost.

    • suyts says:

      Cd, I believe SB III was between the Jets and the Colts. At that time, I lived in Germany, and would have been 4 y/o. It wasn’t televised in Germany. I had to wait for Dad to get transferred State-side before I could watch American television. ……. Hmm, now that you mention it, ….. my memory must be in error. I didn’t get State-side until 1974 …… perhaps it was a taped viewing of SB VI that I watched as stuff like that was done in Germany. The first live SB I could have watched was probably VIII. The Dolphins vs. Vikings with Csonka tearing it up!

  5. dirkhblog says:

    You don’t understand. They hate elections. They *ARE* communists.

    • Well, they’d probably say they’re socialists. But, yeah, all that really is, is ‘young’ communism. It always matures into it.

    • suyts says:

      Indeed, Dirk, they are. Enabled by their globalist masters, so intent on being exterminated. And, that’s the part I don’t understand. ……. The NFL team owners are exemplar of the people these communists hate, and the team owners are enabling them. All they have to do is look to Venezuela and see what these people wish for them. It’s bizarre.

      • dirkhblog says:

        Maybe owning an NFL team is a vanity project for a billionaire who’s gotten fat off marking up toilet covers and selling them to the military at 350USD a piece. So, 100% statists.

      • suyts says:

        Well, yes, they are statists and globalists ……….. that’s the part I don’t get. The communists will certainly kill their children, even the ones who will support the communists.

  6. Me says:

    Well, I saw this coming, as I saw it with the NHL after two lockouts, I don’t watch that anymore just follow for social reasons! Red Pilled a long time ago!

  7. I remember while stationed in Bamberg Ger. a couple of guys came out of the barracks just as Retreat was being sounded. They ran back in. They didn’t know that the 1st Sgt was right behind them.Needless to say their a$$ was grass and 1st Sgt. Brewer was the lawn mower!

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