Week Two NFL Picks!!!!

Last week, I went 9-5 in the picking …… really for the first week of the season, I’d say it wasn’t bad.  But, I do hope to improve.  Let’s see what on schedule for today …..

(0-1-0) Browns

(1-0-0) Ravens  Ahh, yes!  The old Browns vs the newer Browns.  Cleveland looks like they finally started to improve, at least, they did last week.  The Ravens OTOH, looked like they were ready to be a good football team, this year. 

(0-1-0) Bears

(0-0-0) Buccaneers  I’ve no idea what the Buccs are like, this year.  The Bears were surprisingly competitive against the Falcons, last week, so I may have this pick wrong.  But, I’m going with the home team.

(1-0-0) Vikings 

(1-0-0) Steelers  The Vikings looked good last week ……. against the Saints.  The Steelers did not look all that sharp.  But, they’re back at home.  I’m going with the Steelers.

(0-1-0) Patriots  This ought to be an interesting game.  It also figures to probably break records in the amount of passes thrown.  It’s a hard pick considering both teams starts.  I just can’t see the Pats losing two in a row.

(0-1-0) Saints

(1-0-0) Eagles

(1-0-0) Chiefs  I love these sorts of matchups!  Already separating the prentenders from the contenders!  We’ll see if the lose of Berry will be significant or not to the Chiefs D.  But, the Chiefs really looked good last week.

(0-1-0) Titans

(1-0-0) Jaguars  This is another hard one to pick, but, I like the fact that the Jags discovered that you can run and be successful in this league.  I don’t know where the Titans are.  They didn’t look very good against the Raiders, but, then, they were playing the Raiders ……. so, today will tell us more about both teams.

(0-1-0) Cardinals  This game is the opposite of separating pretenders/contenders.  This game will let us know which team is really terrible.  The Cards lost their stud RB last week.  I had thought Palmer could still throw …… after last week, I’m less sure.  Today, we get to see.

(0-1-0) Colts

(1-0-0) Bills

(1-0-0) Panthers  Another hard call …… but, the Panthers at home is usually a good bet.

(0-1-0) Jets

(1-0-0) Raiders  I think the Raiders will be too much for the Jets.

(0-0-0) Dolphins  Well, I’m probably just picking with my heart, here.  But, Miami is supposed to be significantly improved this year.  We’ll see.

(0-1-0) Chargers

(0-1-0) 49ers

(0-1-0) Seahawks  I saw nothing from SF to think they’re going to be competitive this year.  Should be an easy win for the ‘hawks.

(0-1-0) Redskins

(1-0-0) Rams  The Rams looked good against the Colts, but, it was just the Colts.  We’ll see how they do against the Redskins.

(1-0-0) Cowboys  This should be a very good game!  It’s always hard to play at Mile High …  Siemian looked okay last week, but, that was against the Chargers.  And, the Broncs running game looked good.  But, I think the Cowboys are going to be too much for the Broncs.

(1-0-0) Broncos

(1-0-0) Packers

(1-0-0) Falcons  This should also be a great game to watch!  And, I’m not sure how it will go, so, I’m going with the home team.

(1-0-0) Lions

(0-1-0) Giants  Historically, the Lions aren’t very good away from home, and I think the Giants are a better team than what they showed last week. 

 (1-1-0) Texans 13  Uhmm …… what in the world is wrong with Dalton?  Cincy has a lot to figure out and quickly. 

 (0-2-0) Bengals 9

Well, that’s how I picked ‘em!  What do you think?

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7 Responses to Week Two NFL Picks!!!!

  1. Lars P. says:

    Sorry James, O/T but I have to post it, I need a break. Found it at smalldeadanimals.com but it comes from pjmedia.
    “The gender gap in physics, and other related subjects including engineering, has long been a cause for concern. … Therefore we have to ask: why don’t young women perform as well in physics?”
    Well problem solved. You know why? Because boys pee in standing. No joke..


  2. philjourdan says:

    Ok, down 3 so far. Colts, Rams and Chargers. San Diego is a FG kicker away from the playoffs! 2 weeks in a row now. I do not think that kicker will last very long. But what about Tavecchio? I want to know how the Raiders picked up that guy basically just before the season started! It is not like there is a plethora of good kickers around the league (see Minn and SD). Guess we caught a break there!

    Dallas looked like a pretender yesterday. NE looked like it is back, but I think that is deceiving. Brady’s 2 INT (nullified due to penalties) is not vintage Brady. Even the rabid NE fan here is not crowing about the game TOO much.

    Rams were a jekyl and Hyde. They DESTROYED the Colts, and the roll over for the deadskins!

    And Seattle really looked bad in beating SF.

    The one you picked on the nose was KC and the Igles. But I think that game showed us both are contenders. Both are in first place in their divisions!

    Denver is back. Damnit! So a tough schedule for the Raiders just got tougher (I doubt Koo will last so SD will be in the hunt as well, but probably not a playoff team).

  3. philjourdan says:

    Ok, I will give you that Dallas has the WORST schedule. Only because it looks like the NFC east is merely mediocre this year. 😉

    Giants losing to Detroit shows me that perhaps Dallas’ first win was not that great. Coupled with KC taking Philly (the team to beat I think this year) and the Colts losing shows that the Rams win is ok, but not earth shattering, so the Redskin win is good, but again not great.

    So the division has 3 good wins, and 4 major losses. (Giants losing to Dallas is not major – it is division).

    It is too early to say if any of the other NFC divisions are worth a snot. That will take a couple more weeks. But the AFC West is going to be a killer for non-div teams. And murder for the teams in the division itself.

    • suyts says:

      Yeh, Dallas looked horrible. Thanks goodness its early in the season! The AFC West is bomb this year. I didn’t expect Denver to look that strong, but, their QB acted like he knew what he was doing.
      It will change as the season progresses, but, as of right now, as far as I’m concerned, the two best teams in the NFL are the Chiefs and the Raiders. Tavecchio….. yes!!!! I picked him up on my fantasy team!!!! How they did it? I’ve no idea.
      Philly’s defense looked pretty good against a strong offense. The Redskins looked pretty good. Dallas didn’t, but, they’ll be strong in the near future. The Giants, I’m not sure about. The Chargers ……. well, they’d prolly make the playoffs in another division. The Colts suck, at best, an 8-8 team. The Steeler’s D looks good, but, ….
      I look for Dallas to make a statement this week …. else, they’re not the team they should be.

      • philjourdan says:

        I have to agree with you on almost all things. If Dallas wins this week – last week was either a fluke, or I need to move Denver up! Right now, I am not discounting NE as a force in the AFC (if the Raiders beat them, that will be pure pleasure, but still not definitive – they have a weak division after all). I still see KC as better than the Raiders, but last year, the Raiders were better (until they lost Carr). So we will see. 2 top cocks in the hen house.

        All that being said, no surprise last night. Not on the score or the attendance. For the rest of the games this week I like:

        Arizona (sorry, not convinced about Dallas yet)

        The season is still 15 weeks long, so just going on gut right now for most. Somethings are constant however. Like Cleveland, Jets and Cincinnati losing most weeks.

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