The Dire Effect Global Warming Has Had On Coffee Production Demostrated!!!!!!!

So, the warmists are up to their idiocy, again.  As I was reading about one of their latest scares, I thought, well, I haven’t done this in a while ….. this could be fun!  And, it was.

We’ve been told, over,  and over, and over again, that it has never been hotter than our recent years.  That global warming has kicked into over-drive over the past couple of decades or so.  Now, we also have this ……..

Coupling of pollination services and coffee suitability under climate change


Climate change will cause geographic range shifts for pollinators and major crops, with global implications for food security and rural livelihoods. However, little is known about the potential for coupled impacts of climate change on pollinators and crops. Coffee production exemplifies this issue, because large losses in areas suitable for coffee production have been projected due to climate change and because coffee production is dependent on bee pollination. We modeled the potential distributions of coffee and coffee pollinators under current and future climates in Latin America to understand whether future coffee-suitable areas will also be suitable for pollinators. Our results suggest that coffee-suitable areas will be reduced 73–88% by 2050 across warming scenarios, a decline 46–76% greater than estimated by global assessments. Mean bee richness will decline 8–18% within future coffee-suitable areas, but all are predicted to contain at least 5 bee species, and 46–59% of future coffee-suitable areas will contain 10 or more species. In our models, coffee suitability and bee richness each increase (i.e., positive coupling) in 10–22% of future coffee-suitable areas. Diminished coffee suitability and bee richness (i.e., negative coupling), however, occur in 34–51% of other areas. Finally, in 31–33% of the future coffee distribution areas, bee richness decreases and coffee suitability increases. Assessing coupled effects of climate change on crop suitability and pollination can help target appropriate management practices, including forest conservation, shade adjustment, crop rotation, or status quo, in different regions.

My bold.

Well, that’s interesting.  Assuming we’ve already have years and years of “climate change” (the evil sort), we should be able to discern what dire effects this will have on our coffee production based on the very near past experience of coffee production while the evil “climate change” was happening.  Let’s look …………


Imma just going to go out on a limb here, and say, I don’t believe there’s much to worry about.  It seems, regardless of what’s happening to the land and the bees (they’re both fine) our coffee production is going to be okay.

Sigh, they haven’t gotten any smarter since the last time I did this stuff. 

At some point, some of these dolts have to come to the realization that the earth’s plants love CO2!  And, by giving them what they love, they reward us with not only their fruits, but, also some wonderfully pure oxygen!

Increased atmospheric CO2 (evidence of man’s advancement) does nothing, but, green the planet, increase crop production, and cleans the air.  Any suggestion of anything else is simply sophistry and stupidity.

h/t Breitbart

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25 Responses to The Dire Effect Global Warming Has Had On Coffee Production Demostrated!!!!!!!

  1. Lars P. says:

    Well you don’t understand. You are showing data. Don’t confuse warmists with data unless it is properly adjusted.

    Warmists have models and projections. These models are specifically tuned with climate change special parameters: desertification and the lot, CO2 is not a plant fertilizer in models but ‘bad plants’, weed fertilizer.
    If you do not trust these models you should not fly with an airplane, those are also designed with models.
    You see, suddenly it starts to make sense. Besides you cannot expect continuous growth in a finite environment.
    Did I completely deconstruct your argument? At least from a warmist point of view…

  2. Someone says:

    I’m still waiting for those ocean level rises. If what they said was true, Padre Island National Seashore should have been the world’s largest sand bar by now, but it’s not.

    But he media drivel continues. On 60 minutes, Leslie what’s her name was following a Navy encampment doing research but not once bothered to show us those nice relatively sinusoidal graphs of ice cover published online by research institutions.

    And what about that fire hole still burning after 40 years in what was Russia?

  3. ‘Some data is “more correct” than other data’, you know…

  4. Latitude says:

    Stop growing coca where coffee grows…problem solved…

    I posted on the other thread…..we’re idiots….kept thinking the internet was wonky cause it kept going out…we have it run through the cell phone to a wifi antenna….everytime the cell phone goes to sleep it cuts it off!…..fixed the phone so it doesn’t go to sleep now

    Thank God we don’t live about 5 miles south/west further down the road….that’s the cut off point…and no one can come or go past that point..we have elec, water, internet, grocery store, drug store, gas with no lines, and a few restaurants open…
    ATT says that will be up and running by Sat… house or roof structure damage, need a new central AC…refrigerator was a mess….yard it totaled….BUT had a great trip traveling around the state trying to dodge it, visiting friends
    No tourists can be here, only locals…and we are all having a ball….
    …so are the cops…they get to play with all their lights and sirens and fly up and down the road

  5. Scott says:

    Should plot that trend as an anomaly and turn it upside down to fit in better.


  6. Latitude says:

    The obvious is that plants are growing faster…..amazing me that no one realizes what that means
    ….It means CO2 was limiting

  7. I always find it helpful to focus on the critical parts of these Abstracts:

    …little is known…

  8. Latitude says:

    This is too much for those people….there’s another hurricane going right over the same islands that Irma did………

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