Just Putting This Out To People — So If Trump’s A Racist ..???


I think it’s about time to put this BS lie to bed. 

Trump has done some things I agree with, other things I don’t agree with.  While it’s too early in his presidency to come to any conclusions as to whether or not he’s a “good” president, I believe the media has blinded some of our fellow citizens.  This was to cause an emotional reaction to any and all things Trump does, rather than see the reality of his efforts.  They only see, and will only see, “racism” or some such rot. 

For instance, the proposed border was/is seen as “racism” ….. which is laughable, because, either a border for the north or the south (I highly recommend both) wouldn’t distinguish between races.  Hispanics (in most cases) are Caucasians.  …. weird!!!  I know, right?  Yeh, there’s a different word, I’ll share it with you once we get over this “racist” idiocy. 

Did I mention the “media”?  Well, yes, yes I did.  I don’t have the space, ….. well, I do, but, it just wouldn’t be right to replicate it here, and it’s lengthy.  But, it’s a definative read.  This is what an expose (imagine the tilde) should look like.

Go here to read about  The Myth of Trump and the KKK

Notice the author’s name. 

I should go on about how “peace” and “prosperity” go hand-in-hand, but, I’ve had too many.  I should go on about how open borders prevents both. 

Whether he’s doing it right or not is clearly open for debate, but, I’ve no question that Trump is working for all Americans —-  the key word being “Americans” — as it should be!

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4 Responses to Just Putting This Out To People — So If Trump’s A Racist ..???

  1. cdquarles says:

    Great article, James; and the linked piece is *exactly* the kind of report that needs to be widely disseminated. The leftist dominated media has been lying about much for over a century. Time to flush that mess.

    • suyts says:

      Thanks, cd. It is time. The leftist media are actively working to undermine this nation and her interests. Looking back, the only problem I have with McCarthy is that he didn’t go far enough.

    • leftinflagstaff says:

      People have to be willing to kill to keep land that they can call their own, on this planet. Just the way it is.

  2. philjourdan says:

    The racist will always use the term against their opponents – because they do not know how to win any other way. Trump did not become a racist in 2015. Mitt did not in 2011. But that is what they say. So why bother responding? Racist use the slur. Normal people do not bother even thinking about it. They are too busy living and working in society and do not have time to categorize each person by an arbitrary standard that has nothing to do with their contributions.

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