NFL Week One Picks!!!!!

Well, it’s that time of year!  Football!  Last year, I did “okay”, but, this year I hope to be picking over 80%.  We’ll see. 

As in all years, the season opener is a bit of a mystery.  You just don’t know what kind of team each team is going to be ……..

(0-0-0) Steelers  Well, you can be reasonabley sure of this game.  I’m excited to see what L. Bell can do with a full season.

(0-0-0) Browns

(0-0-0) Cardinals  I look for Palmer to bounce back a bit, now that most of his recievers are healthy.  I don’t expect much from the Lions.

(0-0-0) Lions

(0-0-0) Jaguars

(0-0-0) Texans  Well, you just don’t know with this one.  Both teams are liable to have many distracted players.  I’m a bit surprised that they’re going ahead and playing this game.  But, maybe some continuety is just what these people need.

(0-0-0) Raiders  I’m picking the Raiders as the team to beat in the AFC.  I think Carr will put up huge numbers this year.

(0-0-0) Titans

(0-0-0) Eagles

(0-0-0) Redskins  Well, this is a rivalry of sorts.  A yawner for most everyone else, but, I think the Redskins will get them.

(0-0-0) Ravens

(0-0-0) Bengals  Will be Bengals ever really get it all together?  IDK, but, I think they’ll improve over last year.

(0-0-0) Falcons  I don’t see the Bears being very competitive this year.  The Falcons drafted defense, which, they needed.

(0-0-0) Bears

(0-0-0) Jets 

(0-0-0) Bills  With the Pats’ loss, this is an opportunity for the rest of the teams in the division.  I think the Bills will get off to a quick start, again, this season, only to fade as the season goes on.

(0-0-0) Colts 

(0-0-0) Rams  I don’t know how to pick this one.  It’s two teams who have lately excelled at not improving at all.  Luck is hurt, so, I’ll go with the home team.

(0-0-0) Seahawks

(0-0-0) Packers  Ohhh!!!!  This should be a good one!  But, it’s the Pack at home, so I’m going with the Pack.  Though this should be a great one to watch!

(0-0-0) Panthers  This should not be a great one to watch. 

(0-0-0) 49ers

(0-0-0) Giants

(0-0-0) Cowboys  But, this should also be a great one to watch!  Will last year’s rookies have a sophomore jinx?  We’ll see.  FWIW, I think Elliot is making a mistake.  I think the NFL is wrong in the suspension, but, the risk for Elliot and the Cowboys is too great to delay the suspension.  What happens if we’re half-way through the season when the courts decide the NFL can suspend?

(0-0-0) Saints  I think the Saints will be mediocre this year.  Which is better than what I think the Vikings will be.

(0-0-0) Vikings

(0-0-0) Chargers

(0-0-0) Broncos  LOL!!!  Brock Osweiller is back at Denver and a backup, again!

 (1-0-0) Chiefs 42  The Chiefs looked fantastic in the season opener against the defending champs.  Honestly, I don’t think this was a fluke.  I’ve always stated that there is no replacement for speed in the NFL.  The Chiefs have two of the fastest players in the NFL starting on offense.  Now, though, I’m sure coach Bill will correct some of the obvious flaws in his team, so don’t expect the Pats to be doormats this year. 

 (0-1-0) Patriots 27

Miami and Tampa, because of the hurricane, are taking their byes on the first week of the season.

Well, those are my picks, what do you think?

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21 Responses to NFL Week One Picks!!!!!

  1. Latitude says:

    Ventusky has called this thing perfectly since day one….. see if they can do the picks!

    • Latitude says:

      Well, up here in Hernando….watching reporters on the beach telling us we’re all going to die if we didn’t leave,,while showing pictures of broken tree limbs and driving around in their cars………Friends in Palmetto Bay (way south Miami) are royally pissed….peacocks are still walking around in their yard and they were hoping it would blow them away…no word on the house or neighborhood so far, too much trouble for everyone to take the panels off to get out to walk around…they will later
      EYW radar is still up and running…I know that tower….thought it would go down for sure

    • Latitude says:

      One of our neighbors decided to go out and take a walk in the bay….in the middle of Irma

      • Lars P. says:

        Hey good to see you are well

      • suyts says:

        It is very good to see you well! Lat, let us know how you find the condition of your home and what you need ….. if you need anything.

        • Latitude says:

          I sent that from Hernendo….we’re back in the Keys now. Not much damage to the house at all….have elec, water, No phone internet off on off on…..have gas, grocery, and drug store…..a couple of restaurants open if you know where. Thank God we don’t live 5 miles further south/west…that’s the cut off point and no one can go past that, not even people that live there..more later…ATT says we will have internet and phone no later than Sat

        • Latitude says:

          Lot of people that have houses here…came down because they have no power in Miami

        • suyts says:

          Great!!!! You’re gonna be good, then?

        • Latitude says:

          We’re good!…read my other posts….we’re also idiots! LOL

      • philjourdan says:

        My mom got her power back Tuesday – but not Cable. So she is griping about no TV or Internet.

        My family is just glad she is ok, as I am that you are as well.

  2. philjourdan says:

    I think the season started well (Thursday). 😉

    Only time will tell how each team has fared in the off season. Your picks reflect last year’s teams, but this early in the season, that is all you have to go on.

  3. philjourdan says:

    So far you are one up on me as I did not pick the Skins, Cowboys or Rams. I am picking the Vikings over the Saints (home field advantage) so have a chance to tie you.

    If SD beats Denver, that is going to make the AFC west a nightmare! But I doubt that, so picked Denver as well.

    • suyts says:

      Well, you tied me, and SD made it a game! The AFC West is magnificent! Right now, that’s where NFL football is played! I pick it Raiders, Chiefs, Broncos, and then Chargers ….. and, I wouldn’t be surprised if 3 of them had winning records. The Chargers getting that close at Denver ….. that was surprising.

      Right now, if I had to pick, I’d say Raiders/Cowboys in the SB. I’d bet on at least one of them getting there. And, I’d bet that both will be playoff contenders for years to come. But, the Chiefs are badass, as well. They’ve got speed like no one even knows, and a cagey QB. The Broncs have an awesome defense! …… the Chargers have the will of Rivers ….. damn he tries hard!!! …… I wish the intensity could be gathered from that division to the Cowboys. They’re ready, they’re up to it, they don’t have the intensity. But, they smoke. And, where’s there smoke, there’s fire! They’ll get there!

      • philjourdan says:

        I would love to see a Raiders/Cowboys SB, but that is getting ahead of ourselves (broken legs do change plans). And while I am rooting very hard for the Raiders, KC looked down right awesome! We know that NE is at least ok. And they were spanked. We really do not know much about the other teams yet (is Tennessee any good?) other than they are a bit better than the team they beat (except the Rams. I will have to watch them – my BIL will be thrilled).

        Yes, SD made a good game of it. Now we see if they are that good, or if Denver is just not very good.

      • suyts says:

        Yeh, it’s way too early, but, ……both teams, I’ve seen them coming for a couple of years now. I think they are both poised to make improvements on last year, and if either one improves much beyond last year, they’re going to the SB. That said, I haven’t looked at the Raiders schedule, but, the Cowboys have a tough one!

        • philjourdan says:

          Sure! They play the Raiders! 🙂

          The Raiders have a playoff schedule. They have the NFC East (which I think all but maybe Washington has a shot at the playoffs) and the AFC East! (Buffalo is looking better, but at least the Jets should be a win).

          Then of course the AFC South (they need some off weeks) and the home and home with the rest of the West. So not a patsy schedule, but not 16 games against Playoff contenders at least.

          SD and Denver may be back (Denver never really left, just sank to 500 when Peyton retired). If Denver is better, then SD is a LOT better. And it is a dog fight. For EVERY game.

          For a starving Raiders fan who was kicked out the banquet last year because of the broken leg, this looks like a good year. Not from the Wins perspective (they may win a lot – if they are good enough), but from the perspective of if they make the playoffs, they will have earned it!

          We shall see. With any luck, NE will MISS the playoffs. Time for Brady to retire. They have a backup that can step in and get them to the playoffs any year (Garoppolo) SO they have a dilemma. If Brady does not retire this year, they will probably lose him to free agency.

        • suyts says:

          Phil, I don’t think NE will miss the playoffs this year. If they do, I believe Brady will retire. I think Brady will finish his career in NE ….. he’s not going anywhere else. I think Brady can play in NE as long as he wants to.

          And, yes, that’s why the Cowboys schedule is so tough! They’re playing the AFC West! There are no two tougher divisions in the NFL. As you say, we’ll see about the Chargers and Denver ….. as we will with the Redskins and Philly….. but, none of them are going to lay down for you. All of them, you have to bring it. Dallas is also playing GB, Seattle, Atlanta, and the Cards, on top of the entire AFC West ……at Denver this week!

          As you say, it’s a playoff schedule. The only teams Dallas is missing is N.E. and Pitt. ….. But, if either team gets through the schedule they have (just looked at Oakland’s) and make the playoffs….. well, then, they’re for real!

        • philjourdan says:

          I do not disagree with your assessment. This week basically affirmed some things, and created more questions! But it was fun to watch (Red Zone).

  4. philjourdan says:

    Some interesting games this week. Still too early to say who is really good or not. Still, since I never see your picks until half the games are over, I am going to put down mine now so we can laugh at them on Monday:


    You may notice a pattern. Most are home teams. Just the uncertainty of how the teams really are.

    • suyts says:

      Right ….. home teams win about 60% of the time. I’ll try to get my picks out Sunday morning …. about 7 a.m. your time …… I’ll try.

      • philjourdan says:

        It is not your schedule, but mine. I rarely have time to sit at a computer this time of year. Even yesterday (I missed the entire first week), when I tried to catch part of the Raiders game (Red Zone), the wife and cats complained! Oh well, such is life.

        We did about the same. The one away team that caught us both was the Deadskins. I do not think they are that good. The Rams are just the rams.

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