God Help Us All!!!!! “Why Professional Cuddling Is Booming Under Trump”


So, apparently “professional cuddling” is a real thing ………. and apparently, Trump has created a boom in the “industry”. 

From the “Rolling Stone” no less …..

In the wake of Donald Trump’s election, people struggled to figure out how to cope – and some found the answer was as simple as human touch

On a Saturday night in Venice, California, light spills from an open door on an otherwise dark street. The space appears to be an art gallery or studio: blank walls, cubbies for shoes and personal items and cushioned mats and pillows lining half of the room’s hardwood floor.

Twelve individuals filter into the room – dressed in pajamas, yoga attire, sweatpants – some more confidently than others. There are a handful who remove their shoes immediately and find a place on the floor, blanket in tow, presumably preparing for some grand slumber party or group nap. Each visitor is greeted by a woman wielding an iPad. “Would you like a hug?” she asks.  ……

….. “This is a G-rated event,” says one organizer. “Touch stays outside the bikini area.” …….

You can read the rest at the link provided. 

I really don’t have much to say about this, other than to tell people we are in real trouble, and very soon, if this is how, much of the millenial generation chooses to cope with disappointment.  It seems we need a professional slapping industry to counter-weight this idiocy. 

Now, being a man, and taught to be a man, by a man, I can’t really relate to this.  I can draw some parallels, sort of, but, it’s not really the same. 

That isn’t to say I’ve never needed a hug as an adult, I have.  But, my guy or gal losing an election never caused such a need.  To be sure, after Romney’s loss to Obama, myself and many of my family were disappointed.  But, hugs weren’t in order for such a disappointment.  A discussion of how we get people to pick better candidates was in order.  Yes, we were disappointed, but, that didn’t stop us from interacting as a family. 

Do you know when you need a hug?  When you lose a close loved one, when you lose all of your belongings to a fire or a tornado, or when someone close to you is going off to fight in a war in some Godforsaken place, or, some such. 

Now, read the last two praragraphs …. a person should be able to gain a hug or two, when needed, from their family or very close friends.  If you can’t get the hugs from them, then, it’s probably because they’re unsympathetic to your emotionally retarded mannerisms. 

People, there is no time left.  You must tell your children or grandchildren that they must grow up!  The world isn’t waiting for the people of the US or the Western World to get their stuff together! 

I posted this on my FB the other day.  I think it’s apt here, it’s a hoot, but, watch it to the end ….. it’s real.  PS, yes Lat, the lyrics are in the song!

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12 Responses to God Help Us All!!!!! “Why Professional Cuddling Is Booming Under Trump”

  1. Latitude says:

    I wish I could hear the tune…but I got the words!

    …this is insane…and it’s true…and that makes it even more insane

    More or less started when the hippies raised their kids on Spock and no spanking….then those kids let the system raise their kids…and here we are
    One thing, they can’t stay in school forever….and an advanced degree in underwater puppeteering won’t take them far either. The problem is going to be harder and harder as they get older and older….

    They are going to be as big a problem as our inner city black ghettos…and what to do with them?

    • Remember ‘Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da’ by the Beatles? That’s it.

    • suyts says:

      The tune was from the Beatles’ “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” (life goes on) tune. But, the guy did it with some great rhythm vocals so as to cause me to have to think about it for a minute or two!
      While it’s true they can’t stay in school forever, there is a whole industry which caters to academia. That is to say, yeh, get a degree, and then become part of academia because the degree doesn’t qualify you to do anything else. …… and I’m not talking about teaching degrees.
      It is going to be harder and harder because they are emotionally retarded, in general. Perhaps, and I pray, it is a cycle. The generation before us gave us everything we needed. And, our generation took it! You and I both remember what we had and didn’t have growing up. But, we were provided with the tools to go out and get, not just what we needed, but, what we wanted, too. But, the generation after us ….. well, they simply expect to have what we went out and took, without believing one has to earn what one has. Perhaps the generation after this one will provide the tools to the next one after that to get what they need, and even, maybe, what they want.
      Collectively, they have no knowledge of how and why we have what we have. Apparently, they expect that it is a gift from a God which they don’t believe in. …….. It is a gift from God, but, he has requirements before we can have them! The first requisite is that you have to believe in Him before you can expect to reap the bounty He’s provided.

  2. Lars P. says:

    OT, but not so much…

    Don’t worry, the big problems are getting solved one by one.
    The germans are now busy tackling the equality problem where it pains: unisex toilets where women can piss like men.

    No really, this is no joke…

  3. philjourdan says:

    That is a great video! And I do tell my children and now grandchildren that. Fortunately, even with a psycho mother, they have half the sense to understand no one is going to wipe their tails any longer. They have to go out and seize the day.

    Millennials – the eternal babies.

  4. Me says:

    Never liked the Beatles, just don’t for some reason, That is all!!!

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