This Is CNN ……. With AL GORE And RAIN BOMBS!!!!!!

Al Gore: A disrupted water cycle can lead to “rain bombs” — big downpours #algoretownhall

— CNN (@CNN) August 2, 2017

Rain bombs!!!!!!  Because of the old “disrupted water cycle”.  Good heavens will these people quit beating this dead horse.  Just the other day, Australia’s BOM got caught, again, lying about the temperatures

Exaggerations, manipulations,  and lies is all I’ve ever seen from the fringe lunatics who believe our climate is warming because we now drive SUVs and the like. 

But, today, and the BOM scandal are the reasons I no longer really write about this stuff.  It’s all farcical, and has been for the entirety of this scare mongering.  But, it’s fascinating how desperate these lunatics have become to preserve the cash cow of fear mongering.   “Rain bombs”, sharknadoes, and outright data manipulation (lying), all for the “common good”, if you’re a leftist misanthropist.  These people are even more pathetic than when I quit following such nonsense.

Even the notion that a warmist lunatic understands the “water cycle” is ludicrious.  It wasn’t too long ago they were concerned that we’d use up all the water

No rational person on earth can continue to take these imbeciles seriously.  It’s over.  Find something else to scare the people.  This is just becoming too pathetic.

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43 Responses to This Is CNN ……. With AL GORE And RAIN BOMBS!!!!!!

  1. Latitude says:

    Your parts came in!!….your puter is fixed……and you got your mojo back! LOL

    You’re going about this the wrong way…..encourage them to do more! You can’t buy entertainment this good…….

  2. Somehow I survived the carpet bombing while growing up in Central FLA.

  3. Latitude says:

    and the BOM scandal….funniest part….one hand does not know the excuse the other hand is giving

    First they said the thermometers were programmed to not read temps below -10…
    ….then they blamed it on faulty equipment

    Do they need a bigger shovel?

  4. craigm350 says:

    Reblogged this on WeatherAction News and commented:
    To be fair to Al Gorhythm there’s plenty more disaster porn he can and probably will come up with including rabid rainbows and decimating dew. He clearly needs the disaster cash to pay those exorbitant electricity bills and to keep flying in jets so he can preach to poor people 😱😜

  5. Latitude says:

    The new competitive application process will favor those who possess skills that will benefit the U.S. economy, can speak english and are able to financially support themselves and their families……………………………………………………………….woot!

  6. Me says:

    Well James the problem is all the liberal politicians and everything else in that umbrella, are buying it cause of PPM! Power, Prestige and Money!!! As I have said many times before!!! And it is no different than religion, just opposite sides of it!! Bottom Line!!! You can dismiss it, Spin it, or do what you want, but it’s still PPM from both sides of the coin!

    • Me says:

      And if anyone wants to claim socialism on Me part??? By the people for the people??? Is socialism!!!!!!! Bottom line! So figure it out who gets screwed and who doesn’t????

  7. Me says:

    Bottom line! I have no problem with this!!!!!!

  8. Rain bombs. Statues writing immigration policy.

    These people really are children. Or want to convince us that we are.

    • Latitude says:

      I’ve been waiting to so if the ‘news’ picked up on the rain bomb thing….
      ….not one word

      If someone from the other team had said anything close to that…they would have twisted it and every news would have it headlined

      • cdquarles says:

        Yet they called President George W. Bush dumb because he has a slight speech impediment. They called President Obama smart because he could orate well from a written speech on a teleprompter that he didn’t always write himself, yet the same man stumbles badly when speaking off-the-cuff, so to speak.

        • philjourdan says:

          Incorrect. They called Obama smart because he is a liberal. They called Bush stupid because he was not. The pattern is so plainly evident I am surprised anyone does not see it.

          Trump is stomping the crap out of them, yet they persist in calling him an idiot. Hillary is the smartest woman in the world, who got outsmarted by that idiot.

          No, the rule is simple. Liberals are smart – because they believe as we do. Non-Liberals (Bush was not a conservative) are stupid because they do not.

        • cdquarles says:

          Well, yeah, that’s what they couldn’t or wouldn’t say ;). I’m addressing what they said :P.

  9. mwhite says:

    I think Gores on the BBC next week

  10. Latitude says:

    Trumps first 6 months…

    The U.S. economy added 209,000 new jobs in July, a second straight month of robust gains. The unemployment rate dropped to 4.3% from 4.4%, matching a sixteen-year low. The senate has already approved a fifth of Trumps Federal Judgeship nominees. Trump is on a faster pace for approvals than either President Barrack Obama or President George W. Bush. Obama had no judges confirmed during his first six months in office. It took him till November 2009 to get three circuit nominees approved by the senate. Trump fulfilled a campaign promise, filling the vacancy on the bench left by Antonin Scalia with conservative stalwart Neil Gorsuch. Gorsuch was approved overwhelmingly by The Senate. The court now has 5 conservative justices, which could prove to be pivotal in deciding a range of issues, including abortion, gun rights and presidential powers. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has reached another milestone, breaking 22,000 for the first time ever. U.S. stocks have gained approximately 3.7 trillion in value since election day and 1.8 trillion since inauguration day. Analyst predict the market and economy will continue to grow, as Trump plans to deregulate Wall Street. The Trump administration has already rolled back many provision of The Dodd-Frank act, which was passed under Obama in 2010 in the wake of The Financial Crisis. Dramatic declines in illegal crossings along the U.S. Southern Border. 13 uses of the congressional review act (CRA) to abolish rules issued under president Obama. Trump has signed 39 executive orders. As of June 28, Trump has signed into law 41 pieces of legislation. SCOTUS upheld most of Trumps travel ban executive order. Trump authorized the construction of the Keystone Pipeline. Trump signed and order extending The Veterans Choose Program giving veterans the ability to receive public VA treatment or attend the private doctor of their choice. Trump imposed a measure imposing a five-year ban on lobbing the government by former White House officials, and a lifetime ban on lobbing for foreign governments by former White House officials. Trump also created a task force on crime reduction and public safety.

  11. I’ve been meaning to write this for several days, but I haven’t had time.

    This constant drumbeat about the Russian hack of our election is nonsense to me. Every Democrat dutifully repeats the talking point, and they don’t know what they’re really saying. The news media regurgitates everything Democrats say as if it were fact.

    Notice that all the Secretaries of State have validated the election results in their various states. If there is an irregularity in the results of some states, then those Secretaries of State will be in violation of their oaths of office. I doubt any official will incriminate themselves.

    What exactly could the Russians hack? The software? The voter machines? The vote count? The mail-in ballots? The voters themselves? It doesn’t ring true. The Democrats need to be careful here. If there is voter fraud present, they may be opening themselves up to exposure.

    I often wondered if the dead are voting in my state (The People’s Republic of Washington State). Both my parents have passed. You can look up people in the active voting record on-line by entering their name and date-of-birth. Neither of my parents appear active. Notice that in our state, they don’t scan the death certificates. You have to send in a notice-of-death to your local election board. It would be very easy to overlook that requirement and continue to fill out the ballots (we’re a 100% mail-in ballot state).

    Lastly, about a year ago we had a mass shooting at Macy’s in the Burlington Cascade Mall (Sept 23, 2016). The shooter mysteriously died in jail from an apparent suicide (that was on Sunday, April 16, 2017). What I find more interesting is that besides killing five people, he was also guilty of voter fraud (maybe you missed that little item in the news).

    Now voter fraud is claimed to be very rare (if not exactly nonexistent) in this state. So what are the odds of the set of non-citizen, mass shooters intersecting with the set of fraudulent, non-citizen voters? I would say pretty low (as in zero), if we are to believe the hype about election fraud.


    • Russians are the only ones not allowed to influence our elections. Illegals, the dead, etc…no problemo. We won’t even try to stop that.

      Russians must vote Repub.

      • Just before (or maybe just after) the fall of the Soviet Union, they were interviewing a number of Russians in this country. They all said what they really liked was bananas. They couldn’t get them in the Soviet Union. Isn’t socialism grand?


        • I remember a story I heard growng up in the Cold War. I don’t know how accurate it was, maybe just an allegory, but one that rings true:

          A Russian woman was touring the US. Seeing the great museums dedicated to our advancements in science, technology, the arts. Visiting many of our natural wonders. Each time, she would reply, ‘That’s nice, but we have all this in the Soviet Union.’

          Then they took her to a common, everyday supermarket. She broke down and wept.

        • I think one of the things that helped to end the Soviet Union were our supermarkets. Of course, one or two such markets would have been written off as political show pieces. But the KGB in this country would see supermarket after supermarket with shelves filled with goods. It was hard to say that the Soviet Union was better, when they couldn’t even supply their citizens with the basics. The stores in the Soviet Union had empty shelves and long lines vying for what little goods would appear. As unlikely as it sounds, our supermarkets and the KGB may have led to the end of the old Soviet Union.


    • cdquarles says:

      It sort of works that way, here, and there have been demonstrated cases of voter fraud. People did time for it. The last big one that I know of, because I lived nearby happened in the ‘Black Belt’, which is an area stretching from west-central Georgia, through Alabama, and into east-central Mississippi. It is called this because of the organic nutrient rich soil’s ‘black’ color. This was Plantation Country, many years ago. {One major US highway that runs through it, US 80, is called Blood Alley, because of all of the killings that have happened in the territory where the road was constructed. Killings that date back before the wave of European explorers and immigrants during the Little Ice Age.) This case involved a Democrat machine defrauding other Democrats who wouldn’t toe the Machine’s line. It was done by gaming the absentee ballot system and keeping people on the voter rolls that had moved away and/or were dead. Why? The system is too trusting, for it assumes that the people running it are virtuous. They weren’t.

      This case and cases similar to it were part of the foundation of Jeff Sessions’ successful career as a DA prosecuting crime and later as a state Senator. Jeff Sessions was born and raised in the area.

      Bing/Duck-duck-Go Greene County Alabama voter fraud. This case should be at or near the top of the list. The people perpetrating the fraud were active in the 1980s and 1990s. The case mentioned was tried in the 1990s. I know one of the ladies who did prison time over it. The politician that orchestrated it did not get similarly sentenced. Yes, that bit of injustice still galls me.

      [Greene County is the county that has the lowest population in the state. It is about 8500 now. A century ago, it was closer to 30,000.]

      • Latitude says:

        cd…that was amazing….I had forgotten almost all of that….thank you so much, you reminded me
        I know Blood Alley well, we called it Bloody Alley…

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