CNN Has The Sadz After Special Election!!!!!


I don’t know if you guys were following this, but, there was a special election for the House to fill Price’s seat after he decided to serve in Trump’s administration.  Dims poured all sorts of money into this race.  So much so, this is/was the most expensive campaign ever for the House of Representatives.  Trump had barely won this district ….. by 1.5%.  Dims thought this would be a great one to take from the Repubs. 

But, Dims being Dims thought it would be best to run a guy no one ever heard of, and didn’t even live in the district he was running for.  Even still, all the polling had Ossoff just slightly ahead before election night.   Handel won by nearly 4% ….. still counting a few stragler votes.  

Here’s something funny …….

Democrats, meanwhile, saw in Georgia an early test of their strategy of trying to win typically Republican seats in suburban areas — districts that are relatively highly educated, wealthy and diverse.

I don’t think they’re getting the memo.  You see, the people pictured above live in a bubble.  They believe only the things which they choose to hear and see.  They believed everyone hates Trump.  But, much of the country likes Trump, mostly because of what he brings to the table, which is so desperately needed in our government. 

Here is an example of what Trump brings to the table …….

Trump Orders Government to Stop Work on Y2K Bug, 17 Years Later

You see, government bs is like a perpetual motion machine, no one ever thinks to stop doing unneccessary tasks.  They have to be told to stop once the regs are put into place.  This is the sort of thing Trump and team bring to the table …..

But, this makes people like the lunatics on CNN very sad.  Why?  Well, because they are lunatics. 

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47 Responses to CNN Has The Sadz After Special Election!!!!!

  1. Latitude says:

    That election in Georgia was the worst election I’ve ever seen…and sham..and disgrace

    Those people were electing someone to represent them, their interests, in their district. Democrats turned it into all about the democrats. $Millions came in from all over the country. All so democrats could stay in power in Washington…….absolutely nothing to do with the people that were voting. And to top it all off, all the media promoted it. Totally lost on all of them this was a local election.
    ….keep throwing your own base under the bus

    Keep doing what you’re doing liberals…you are your own worst enemy

  2. Latitude says:

    Study supports Trump: 5.7 million noncitizens (illegals) may have cast illegal votes

  3. leftinflagstaff says:

    Liberal parents. Liberal teachers thru high school. Get accepted at a liberal university. With liberal professors. Get a liberal arts degree in Communications and journalism. Get a job at liberal news network.

    Lose an election to someone that you’re convinced is Hitler, KKK, and a Russian spy. Be so obsessed in your convincing that the liberal psycho watching you rvery night on your liberal news network, decided to take you up on it.

    Liberal psycho moves into a van by a ball field.

    • leftinflagstaff says:

      Oh yeah– saw Y2K thing too….madness.

      • Me says:

        Yep! And I was at work while that was going on and how was it the libertards call it, “a big nothing burger”, Err was that the MSM? Hard to tell lately! Bwaaaaahahahahaha! But to continue it for 17 years? That is criminal!

  4. philjourdan says:

    I think everyone is following that special election. $56million does that to the country (See Brewster’s Millions).

    So 17 years after the nothing event, government finally stops looking for the repercussions. That is a first. Government never stops doing anything.

  5. Y2K! Y2K! Y2K! Y2K! Y2K! What stupidity! No one in IT was worried about it then and especially not NOW! Good riddance, finally!


    • Me says:

      The only problem I saw was most of the IT people were pushing it, it justified their jobs and made them more per-tenant, it sounds familiar with the global warming pushers!.Squeaky wheels gets the grease scenario!

      • Me says:

        And if you don’t know what I am talking about, everything was up for cuts after the Cold War, And I mean everything! No wonder Trump wants NATO to pay their fair share!

  6. Latitude says:

    and in other news…..since not a one of them are reporting anything else

    Miami is being overrun with Venezuelans and Puerto Ricans….local news reports over 18,000 Vens can in last month….
    Now this is all well and fine…..except these people have no hope of finding work here…granted it’s much better than where they are coming from….and what’s a little malaria tuberculosis measles polio and zika among friends

      • Latitude says:

        You this drives me totally insane…
        Every fish, turtle, plant, bird, animal…..that comes into this country has to be quarantined
        …and 95% of that is because they might have something that will make people sick

        At the very least, minimum, these people should all be up on their shots…
        …and the reverse of that, try going to Guatemala and not seeing a tropical disease doctor first before you go

        • leftinflagstaff says:

          When given lemons, make lemonade: I’ll bet unemployment was about zero in Europe after the plague.

        • Me says:


        • Me says:

          The Plague wasn’t a virus???? You know that right??? Errr now you do!

        • Me says:

          And just for everyone out there, you get vaccinated for viruses, you get inoculated for parasitic and bacterial infections! Differences is vaccinations mostly cures you until it mutates, but now with all the antibiotics given out there, we are at the end of what it will do! Antibiotics will only treat you once, where a vaccine will give you immunity till it mutates. That’s why they make new vaccines all the time, but now the antibiotics don’t do anything anymore!

        • Me says:

          Now some leftard is going to say do I get the flu shot???? That is a big NO! But if the small pox thang was to start spreading again will I get the shot??? Hell yeah! If you can’t see the difference then you are mindless! Bottom line! But I wouldn’t do it blindly, Ya know! 😉

        • Me says:

          And then it goes to show how many people had lime disease and were miss diagnosed with something else!!!!!!

        • Me says:

          Kinda like these jack-offs blaming malarial on global warming, And you know the one big mouth that is doing that???? They never take responsibility!!!!

        • Me says:

          So what is it now??? I already told you about the chicken pox crap, but now it is the Hip C??? and what are they saying???? Baby Boomers???? Really???? Do they know how old that demographic is???? Or are they saying how many pedos are out there??????? And the younger generation needs to look into it??????? Cause even I a’m not that old??? Baby Boomers??? This is getting really Sick????? Bottom Line!!!!!!!~ Ya know it????

        • Me says:

          But I forgot all them flower power gens of was they forgot it????

        • Me says:

          ……Or was it they forgot it……..

        • Me says:

          Or they want everyone to forget it??? Just like they want to erase the history of it??? Ya know like they are trying to do now with everything they don’t like????

        • Me says:

          So the bottom line is don’t confuse sex with hate like the left likes to do with everything. That is how they use hate to segregate and blame and control! Don’t believe me, then how is it here in Canada that all the talk of the residential schools was so bad and they wanted their own identity, but one of their own preaching that they wanted the same educational opportunities?????? Yes they were taken for that reason, but they were mistreated by those of those that thought they weren’t equal??? And we know who and the organisation they were involved with! Christian, if you want to know!!!! So it is now they want to more equal, but want the same education and want to be treated more equal than everyone else! Whey were against segregation but now want it because it is in their favor???? Sound familiar???? Why Liberal Governments!!!!! That’s Why Bottom line!!!!

        • Me says:

          Let Me put it this way, they didn’t want to be a part of society and were stuck in their ways! Like you would??? No one likes to change! But then when they were forced to! That was wrong, but the libs today would tau that was to dumb them down and keep them that way! So we saw what happened, they didn’t like the ways, some were abused and those that did the abusing deserves what they get! But now it is all about the abuse and they want to be equal with equal education???? What do they think the average white man got treated back in the day??? That teacher was the king and could beat anyone he felt like for what ever reason???? And no one could say anything about it??? More often than not it was a preacher that was teaching!!! So My Old man was treated no different than most of them, and he was a south paw too, and that made it worse for him???? Back in the day the authorities treated everyone beneath them! and everyone wanted to be treated equal, even women, even indigenous people? Well back in the day they were given an education equal and complained about it, yes they shouldn’t have had their children taken from their homes to educate them, and they shouldn’t have been abused but equally no one should be abused??? And No one should now think they have more rights than anyone else because of status…. Bottom line!

        • Me says:

          And the best part is we are part Native Canadian to do the PC thang! But get no status!!! Just because we don’t do the and lived the traditional ways! Ya know worked and paid taxes and stuff!!!!!

        • Me says:

          And in the end it doesn’t really matter! It would be nice not to but at this stage in my life, I did my service, I am broken and hurting all the time, all that other crap pisses me off to no extent on what they are given but I am broken for my service! And that is what really pisses me off!

  7. Me says:

    So if you want to talk about being a conservative, try being Me! Trump all the way, and is why I like him! He will do what he says he will! Unlike everyone else out there! Bottom line!

  8. Me says:

    And the latest lib non crap sandwich is they are complaining about Trump driving on his own green, on his own golf course????? But diddy not hear about them complaining about Zero golfing all the time?????

  9. Me says:

    And you probably already saw it but if not then now you have!

  10. DirkH says:

    O/T Band Dream Machine dropped by their label for criticizing illegal immigration, supporting ICE crackdown. Singer is female Bosnian legal immigrant to USA.


  11. >>
    But, this makes people like the lunatics on CNN very sad.

    I just re-looked at your post. What a bunch of CNN Sad Sacks! (I’m not sure everyone is old enough to get the reference.)


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