Bernie Sanders Showing His True Self


Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me”. And, we have a sitting senator (who millions wanted to be president), assailing a Christian for his beliefs.…/bernie-sanders-attacks-trump-nomin…

It’s disgusting that this can now happen in the US. People we have to take back our government to at the very least recognize and acknowledge the First Amendment.

I posted this on my FB, but, as the more I thought of it, the more I thought  it should be here.  ……. Here’s what this guy said ….

Sanders confronted Vought during the congressional hearing. The following is a transcript provided by FRC:

Sen. Sanders: “‘Muslims do not simply have a deficient theology. They do not know God because they have rejected Jesus Christ, His Son, and they stand condemned.’ Do you believe that that statement is Islamophobic?”

Mr. Vought: “Absolutely not, Senator. I’m a Christian, and I believe in a Christian set of principles based on my faith…

Sanders: “…Forgive me, we just don’t have a lot of time. Do you believe people in the Muslim religion stand condemned? Is that your view?”

Vought: “Again, Senator, I’m a Christian, and I wrote that piece in accordance with the statement of faith at Wheaton College…”

Sanders: “I understand that. I don’t know how many Muslims there are in America. Maybe a couple million. Are you suggesting that these people stand condemned? What about Jews? Do they stand condemned too?”

Vought: “Senator, I’m a Christian…”

Sanders [shouting]: “I understand you are a Christian, but this country [is] made of people who are not just — I understand that Christianity is the majority religion, but there are other people of different religions in this country and around the world. In your judgment, do you think that people who are not Christians are going to be condemned?”

Vought: “Thank you for probing on that question. As a Christian, I believe that all individuals are made in the image of God and are worthy of dignity and respect regardless of their religious beliefs. I believe that as a Christian that’s how I should treat all individuals…”

Sanders: “…Do you think that’s respectful of other religions?… I would simply say, Mr. Chairman that this nominee is really not someone who this country is supposed to be about.”

Gird your loins. 

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69 Responses to Bernie Sanders Showing His True Self

  1. Me says:

    LMAO! Warning foul language, so there is that, But funny non the less! 🙂

  2. Me says:

    And here he plays the reverse Archie Bunker, those that know, know what I am talking about! 😉

  3. Me says:

    Well it took longer for them to do this than that liberal tangerine dumpster fire for the new year celebrations???? Still won’t help their cause from what they are still doing! Have you seen lately they don’t portray their news late at night, it is some documentary crap or such,on a news network! Old crap they endorse and it is just filler! Yeah they are failing that bad and it is their own fault!

  4. dirkhblog says:

    Well Sanders is a communist Jew. Jews believe that their Messiah will come, subjugate all Goyim and that every Jew will have 2800 Goyim slaves. I have no respect for THAT religion, obviously.

  5. Latitude says:

    Can you just imagine (take off from the Twilight Zone)…..
    If Jesus did and preached the things Mohammad did….Christianity would be outlawed in this country.

    For real, I’m not kidding……..

    • Latitude says:

      ..or even better
      We can’t pray in schools, etc, can’t have the 10 commandments up, etc….
      ….if Christians demanded foot baths, prayer rooms, excused from work, school, appointments, etc 5 times a day…mutilated women..
      …and killed people for making fun of Jesus

      Sorry, but that is some cave man religion, has no place in the modern world.

      We need to stop thinking everyone in this world is watching Oprah…
      …get a grip, face facts….and admit they are wiping their butt with their hand

    • suyts says:

      Hey, Lat, OT, but you once recommended tilapia fish for my kids to raise …….. so far, the experiment is working! They have babies, were separated for fear of the adults eating them, and all are thriving……… they have a little pond where they have goldfish ….. can they co-exist?

      • Latitude says:

        Yep!….That’s great news! Problem is going to be both tilapia and goldfish are extremely messy….but they both can eat the same food. I would run a pipe from the well, do a little water change every day…..doing small water changes every day will act as a buffer and keep it from going bad all at once.
        Get a cheap pH test kit….if you see it going acid…you waited too long for a water change

        • Latitude says:

          well more……if it’s going acid too fast……you’re out of buffer……buy cheap Arm and Hammer baking soda……add a little at a time (like a 1/2 cup dissolved in water)…..test pH…..until you figure out how much you need to add each time to keep it stable.
          Somewhere around 7-8 is your target…..

        • suyts says:

          Right, will pass that along! Thanks.

  6. philjourdan says:

    Sanders needs to read the constitution again. Specifically the part about no religious test for office! Moron.

  7. Me says:

    Hey! Not getting redirected anymore??? Wonder why that is??? I think I know why!!!! 😉

  8. Me says:

    Hey, wonder why hardwired was better than their last release! Look no farther than who was not involved! LMAO! 😉

  9. Apparently the latest shooter was a Bernie Sanders fan. He was specifically targeting Republicans (the FBI claims they have no idea what the motive was). So how many of these mass murders are disgruntled Democrats? Leftists?


    • Latitude says:

      well..the guy that knifed those people in the NW was a Bernie supporter too
      Of course the media said he was some radical right wing KKK negro killer

      …the democrats are doing themselves in Jim

    • >>
      mass murders

      I meant to say “mass murderers.” And I should have left the question marks off as my questions were meant to rhetorical.

      …the democrats are doing themselves in Jim

      Did you notice that Nancy Pelosi said no one gets more death threats than she and Obama.


  10. Latitude says:

    Loretta Lynch: We Need More Marching, Blood, Death On Streets …just 3 months ago

    • Me says:

      Exactly, the hypocrisy is strong in the leftist and socialist!!! But remember a Nazi is still a socialist with the nationalist webbed in it, same with communist with with nationalist webbed within it? and then no one wants to talk about the sharia nationalism and claiming the religion of peace! It’s Bullshit! And people here wonder why I am an agnostic???? I am a nationalist because of what we built here, for the people who created it, fought and died to make what we have. for the people before us that made and paid into what we have. And now the leftards want to give all that away???? Because they feel guilty for something they weren’t around to feel guilty for nor did them selves??? The Americas were fought for and we will continue to!

  11. Me says:

    Exactly! What this is looking like is entrapment, while everyone else gets a free pass! I thought ignorance was no excuse for breaking the law! Err so I was told, But again there are special privileges for those that was deemed to have no intent! Apparently???????? Sickening!

    • DirkH says:

      Well. It’s a WaPo report. It’s bullshit. Here in Germany, the MSM is EVERY DAY reporting that finally Trump is about to be caught for something. Every day for something else. Interestingly someof my socialist coworker engineers are still able to believe the bullshit and excitedly tell me that the game’s up for Trump real soon now. Which gives me great opportunities to call them brainwashed morons and ask for evidence. They say, the FBI is looking for the evidence! I say, yes, for a year and counting now, how stupid are you?

      They’re young people, they’re socialists, and they’re complete morons.

      • Me says:

        Exactly, And what I was trying to say to you way back when, about Remembering and Nazis! You can’t defend Nazis! Same as you can’t defend Communism same as you can’t defend Sharia!, And they all want to point the finger at nationalism???? But that is what they do to paint that picture!

        • DirkH says:

          Hate to bring it to you but you obviously have no idea what the KomIntern was and what they intended to do. But, there’s the Internet. Google Kaganevich.

        • DirkH says:

          After WW2 the USA switched to anticommunism which was the Nazi position all along. Key figure is Allan Dulles, head of CIA. Who was stationed in Zurich during WW2. A string of assassinations of communist national leaders followed. Basically a seamless continuation of the anticommunist Nazi policies.

          So a lot of ppl say, but the Nazis were like the bolshevists because they were socialists. Well actually Hitler was against collectivism and German farms were not collectivized under him. Communists always start with collectivizing farms and expropriating businesses. He didn’t. And, he once said, our economic policy is that we have none. Hitler was just winging it, which worked with varying degrees of success and basically piled up a whole lot of debt for the sake of German re armament. So I won’t defend his economic policies but, they were neither communist nor socialist. The word socialism in the name of the party goes back to Stauffer who was indeed the ardent socialist in the party. He got murdered by Hitler in 1934 though and that was that for Staufferism.

        • leftinflagstaff says:

          Probably would have eventually gotten around to it. He certainly adhered to the ‘domination of others’ side of socialism/communism.

        • >>
          The word socialism in the name of the party goes back to Stauffer who was indeed the ardent socialist in the party.

          Jonah Goldberg would disagree with you: ( The Nazis may have not been socialists in practice, but they were in theory. Of course, I’m not sure the Soviets were socialists in practice.


        • Me says:

          Tis funny! Making a case for everything except that last???? And some how you all think it is different?????

        • Me says:

          Here is the dirty secret, it is all socialism, All of it!!!! Or there would be chaos everywhere, and that is what the progressives are promoting lately as socialism! Rule of law needs to be enforced, or there is no socialism anymore!

        • Me says:

          And if you think I am kidding, then look no farther than pensions people paid into? Look no farther than the veterans Trump supports now because of their duty for their country!

  12. Me says:

    Here is another thing, Remember the Hope and Change Zero promoted, well did he deliver? After saying if you want your DR. you can keep you’re DR. and If you like you’re plan you can keep your’re plan! That was Hope right??? But yet Trump hopes someone can do something and it is hell-fire suddenly by the leftards!!!!! LMAO! The hypocrisy runs deep !!!!!!!

  13. Me says:

    @ the 2:23 mark????? Who does that look like and sound like???? Just Saying?????

    Stop it!

  14. Me says:

    And, as much as I don’t like the leftards, that is their venue! Don’t intrude on their space and then you have reasons to slam them on your space! Freedom and free speech right?

  15. Me says:

    Now if you want to even the playing field to get back at them, then make a play on what Zero did and didn’t do!!!!!!!!! And take that act across the country! And play that in areas that he won the electoral vote to run it in! Just like the MSM is doing now!

    • Me says:

      Cause apparently tax payers dollars was used to fund this, the tax payers dollars can be used to make a play the leftards don’t like and make them pay for it, weather they like it or not! That’s how they like it Right??? Put James Woods in charge and watch them spin!!!!!!

  16. Me says:

    Now, if you really want to talk about things that is priceless, then this takes the wedding cake! Gay wedding cake every wedding cake! 😆

  17. Me says:

    OOPs diddy I run the comments section again? 😆

  18. Me says:

    This is the kinda stuff I watch, I thought about not because of the morons out there but the hell with them! I may not be religious but we can all learn things! And that is what matters in the end….

  19. DirkH says:

    All sorts of US PD’s are advised to avoid incarcerating masses of Black ppl because that would be racist. So , thefts under 5000 USD are not persecuted; muggings aren’t as long as there’s not a body. TAKE GOOD CARE.

  20. Latitude says:

    repeating the same thing over and over….and expecting a different result

    democrats are now 0-4

  21. Me says:

    Hypocrisy, Good buy Garry, and axellent exposure of it! 😆

    • Me says:

      Now not to confuse the leftards out there, I said “Good buy Garry” Not good bye Garry! And the hypocrisy was what he exposed in that mag, but not only that is they had a backup just in case and yet sent out their preferred copy because they believed it so so so so so much! And we saw the crying and whining and the hatred and the suicide threats and the death threats and the actual shooting!!!! By you know who?????

      • Me says:

        Now the MSN is still trying to spin this on you know who, but it is them that did did this, it is always a divert and distract and spin job, why because it gets eye attention and makes them money! Bottom line!

        • Me says:

          I have posted this here before, Way ahead of it’s time from what we see today! P.M.R.C. Look it up and who was involved! It may shine a light on who is indirectly involved! Bottom line! Enjoy!

        • Me says:

          Analogue with everything I said before, I Have no problems, Ehjoy????????

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