Potpourri And A Couple Of Random Thoughts ……


First and foremost, Trump did his job in this one, and now it is up to Gorsuch.  He now sits with 8 other of the most powerful people in the US.  A former Supreme Court Chief Justice had once said, “the law is what we say the law is.”  May God grant him the wisdom needed to sit in such an important seat.    I had stated in the past that I would consider the Trump presidency a success if he was able to appoint a conservative to the USSC, and if he got that wall built.  He’s halfway there! 


I believe the bombing in Syria was for political expedience.  People wanted Trump to do it, on both sides, and it makes the lunatics look pretty stupid when saying Trump’s a pawn of Putin.  I believe Trump would much rather the Syrian issue go away rather than get us further embroiled in it. The problem with Syria is that there is no good side to back.  The rebels are pretty much the ISIS vein.  There’s no powerful group of moderate Syrian rebels to back.  Personally, I’d let Russia have Syria, with their promise to eradicate ISIS there, and our promise to eradicate ISIS in Iraq.


Let’s be honest, here.  No one gives a damn about the Syrian people in general.  It’s just that no one likes the optics of chemical weapons being used.  For some reason, killing people with chemicals rather than bullets and bombs is less palatable for people around the world. 


I’m sure we were all shocked to learn the Obama administration lied to us about Syria giving up all of its chemical weapons. 


LASTLY!!!  And, most importantly, I wish some assistance from the loyal Suyts readers ……

I need references and links to articles and works and pages, and hopefully with curves demonstrating the efficiency gains created by the proper use of the division of labor.  I know this sounds strange, and low level.  In fact, it is so low level in modern industrial thought I’m having a hard time finding something adequate.

The reason for this request is because I wish to write a paper in academic style and present it to my company’s VP.  This is because my company doesn’t.  They are in horrible need of a person such as myself.  This was suppose to be my “Welcome to Wal Mart”, or, “do you want fries with that?” job!!!!  I wasn’t suppose to have to think!  Just do, collect my paycheck and work on other things more dear to my heart and mind …… like starting a micro-brewery!!!! 

I work at an aerospace production plant.  The problem with the aerospace industry is that they grew up parallel with the auto industry, but, never applied the lessons learned in mass production because the demand for the various parts do not require mass production.  But, that doesn’t mean one can’t utilize the efficiency gains of modern mass production by applying the notions to specific tasks.  We simply don’t do that.  And, I can’t stand it!!!!!  It’s driving me insane!  It’s like fingernails clawing down a chalkboard every day!!!!  For example, we actually have an “assembly dept.”, but, we absolutely have no assembly line

At any rate, I would appreciate any references towards such notions. 

Thanks, guys!

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28 Responses to Potpourri And A Couple Of Random Thoughts ……

  1. Latitude says:

    Syria…double check…you’re right, Assad and Putin have been blowing them up and not a word

    ” articles and works and pages, and hopefully with curves demonstrating the efficiency gains created by the proper use of the division of labor”

    ..I’ll try to find anything/something, but honestly I’ve never seen such! has to be out there though

  2. cdquarles says:

    Maybe Human Action can help, but von Mises will not do ‘curves’, since he despised the over-mathematization of economics. Putting numbers on things that are not measurable (like our values and opinions), does not work well. Pretty graphs help get a point across, but people are far too prone to convert the abstract mathematical relationship into something that mathematics isn’t.

    • suyts says:

      LOL, the graphs are for cynical reasons. The brass loves graphs. They have no idea what meaning they hold, they just love the pretties.

  3. Brad says:

    Micro-Brewery. Yes. Paper on division of labor. No.

  4. DirkH says:

    “We simply don’t do that. And, I can’t stand it!!!!! It’s driving me insane! ”
    Well what you obviously need is not a paper on division of labor but a proper examination of your self-interest, which is, do as you’re told, cash in the wage and relax.

    The best argument for division of labor that I can come up with is, if you have one guy who can draw really well, and you’re making a comic book, then you shouldn’t waste his time by letting him color the paintings; that’s something a less talented person can do – or, maybe differently talented; one with a good eye for colors.

    Or maybe, economies of scale. If you concentrate one activity at one person you can avoid having the same tools many times and so on.

    • Known as creative designers and production designers, in my world. Though I have to cross into the latter more than I would prefer.

    • suyts says:

      Yes, economies of scale go with it. …… And, yes, self-interest. I see this as an opportunity. I just have to figure out how to communicate some notions without hurting their feelings or some such.

      • DirkH says:

        All lesser activities are opportunities to learn. As I’m ooold I am more than happy that I got some young people around eager to snap up some of the work. I give them the easier pieces until they’re more experienced.

      • suyts says:

        Yes, I’m happy to give them the work, but, I just have to show them a better way. They bludgeon while it takes a good knife to do it right.

  5. DirkH says:

    As to Syria, Vox Day remarks in his darkstream video that several US carrier convoys are in the Pacific heading to Korea, none has been deployed to Syria. At the same time, right after Xi in Mar Al Lago, Chinese deployed 150,000 troops to N Korean border.

    Something’s brewing and it’s not in Syria. Maybe N Korean regime change has been agreed. Maybe the N Koreans got a new deployment system for their nukes and are seen as a credible threat now.

    • Sounds plausible. Though I can’t escape the feeling that we’re just back to our old saber-rattling around the globe, when our real war of preservation needs to be fought here.

    • suyts says:

      I think both China and the US are sending some strong signals. It may be a regime change very soon. ….. And, Leftin, I hope it isn’t the same old, same old. You’re right, we need to focus here, not everywhere else in the world. Still, the N. Korea mess is a festering sore, left unattended for too many years.

      • If the signals from US and China are actually aligned. Those 150,000 may be in response to our signals, not in accordance with.

        • suyts says:

          Perhaps. But, China’s entire existence is completely reliant upon our willingness to buy their products. War would preclude our purchasing of their products. Their economy would collapse. Ours would expand.

        • True. They probably don’t want war. But old alliances can linger past what logic should dictate. We probably still wouldn’t let Western Europe fall to Russia without a fight.

    • Latitude says:

      Chinese deployed 150,000 troops to N Korean border.

      Dirk, I read they were medical and support personnel….China thinks there’s going to be a run for the border

  6. Latitude says:

    Federal Judge Finds Texas Voter ID Law Discriminates Against Minority Voters

    Why? because they all look alike? because they are too f’in retarded to get an ID?
    How do these idiots get away with this bigoted racist crap???


    • leftinflagstaff says:

      Because they know that the most self-defense capable populace that the world has ever seen, will never act like it.

  7. Me says:

    You already know the answer to the question you ask! If a war was to break out then you know the answer to that too, supply and demand, free enterprise. You just have to make in look and appeal in context there of!

  8. Latitude says:

    I hate google….

    They will do dancing cartoons for every non-white holiday in this world…
    ..here it is Easter….and they have the generic google page

    Happy Easter guys!

    • Me says:

      Well Easter isn’t a white holiday either, it is a religious holiday, anyone claiming it is white are what they claim others of being! But I hear ya, Google goes out of their way to prop up other cultures above where their market is, for diversity! After that you will see freedom die, and new dynasties emerge! So in the end, someone else culture must die do the endangered ones can survive. Bottom line!

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